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  1. Came here to post on this, just watched the start of episode 2, and saw the Crowfall footage, great plug folks! (I'll be scanning the credits and hope the game is listed!_
  2. Excellent! Super happy to hear that socials, and the /chop emote will now get their focus on the work stack. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  3. Jah consumed your bundle rewards as a side dish when he was crunching on his Cheerios this morning.
  4. RIP Obs, condolences to his family both LoD, and those IRL ofc. <3
  5. When will /soc chop be added to the game? This showstopper has been pending for all too long. And, seconded on the question from @Weebles with respect to layaway.
  6. Truly devastated. After having gamed with/around/against the -W- crew for an extended period of time, Wes was absolutely one of the reasons I joined their ranks as well. Down to earth, a human, passionate, chilled, countless times that he would just chew the breeze and chat casually about anything/everything. Struggling to reconcile the loss of a 15 year friend. These kinds of posts should only be taking place in about 40-50+ years, when this group of guild members are all old, geriatric gamers sitting in incontinence diapers, collecting doobers in the "Crowfall 2057 - Platinum Return of the Guinecean overlord Edition" (tm). RIP buddy - you passed doing something as lively as we all knew you to be.
  7. Before you open up for extended periods of time, and more backers. I really, truly, think there's a few items that need to be fixed that have been around for a long time now; Some basic QoL aspects for testers, default to <ENTER> button on popup messages. Fix the frequent chat server disconnects. Double login credentials (patcher + game client). Probably the most irritating of all, the client hitches when you are mobile, chasing/running/moving, and trying to mouselook/freelook, really short period of time, but when the it frees up, you are facing an RNG() direction. Posting here, posting in the bug section, posting everywhere - as these have been around a while. IMO - on the severity/priority list - the last is huge, easy to reproduce, experienced by most (if not all), and will result in ragequits.
  8. It's GLORIOUS, the way you have setup that villa, alongside the wall of the mountain citadel Tark. Can you let me know ... did you choose the marble, over the walnut for the kitchen countertops? I find the lace coasters on the table a little overly fancy.
  9. With eye candy like this ... We dont need no purddy maps!
  10. daworf


    Welcome, here's the section of the forum where guilds are recruiting.
  11. I second Frykka's post. Iknow it's been stated that we will see great customisation. There's a tiny glimmer of this with the inbound vessels system. But, to use the Shadowbane similarity - starting runes, discipline runes, stat trains, and skill trains that can make, and absolutely break a character are part of the fun. At present, it's still linear progression and cookie cutter toons. I would give my left nut to be able to plough 100 points for strength for example, into my duelist, and see his char model grow in size ... being realistic I dont expect this, too many pitfalls (fitting thru a door, etc).
  12. Can you put another log on the fireplace please Tark. My thrall is getting chills up his kilt and is threatening to strike.
  13. daworf

    Conan Exile

    Agreed, when it runs well. It's fun. But, the running well is interspersed with alot of lag, node harvesting issues, random mob warping, couple that together with PvP encounters where folks slide into mid-air (which makes targeting a pain in the ____). But, putting all that aside, it has bewbs and schlong. +1 for the LoD server.
  14. On Monday evening, the tap (faucet), sprung a leak in my bathroom. I was sent an email to ArtCraft support, and within 11, eleven, minutes, a plumber arrived at my house - and fixed the leak. For this reason alone, I bought another imperial palace. Being serious for a moment ... +1 to the support hype train at ACE.
  15. Here's my submission, you're welcome ! Hugs & Kisses ... Dorfy
  16. No need to go crazy with the tech, just unbind the ability in the client, an grey out the functionality in the key bindings window. ...and see how we get on.
  17. daworf

    Conan Exile

    Have also spent a bunch of time on the LoD server +1 for it being the official Crowfall Exiles server. Runs well, as well as any of the other servers, given the state of the game presently.
  18. Holy stromboli! Confirmed heat output from The RatKing's rig is the reason for this ice shelf break off! ;-)
  19. daworf

    Conan Exile

    From what I saw on a video, the entire immersive experience could be spent on 1 slider for any character creation. Moving it rapidly from one end, to the other. Urahara, I think you took Rajah's point too literally :-)
  20. +1 to the salvage love. If my marriage can be included in the scope of work too please. Although that'd probably take alot more funding than ACE have. Genuinely though, awesome post and data!
  21. SockPuppet, I dont know who you are, but I like your style.

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