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  1. Well I can see why, game-wise, this change does make sense. It's still quite different than we were told before; I'm not sure if I would have backed quite as much (or maybe I would have backed more separate accounts?) had I known this was the direction it was going in, but it's still an interesting concept. I think it'll still take me longer to wrap my head around it. This probably plays out a bit better for me, an altoholic, because then I can play lots of different classes without having to actually roll new alts with new skills. RP-wise, it's less characters to balance. I'm still a little sad it makes it harder to change out what general skills you focus in, but I think that would be a case where you'd want a second account then, which isn't too bad, especially with the credits for extra character slots. However, I also hope this system allows for easy cosmetic changes to vessels with ease. I can spend hours in character creation. I don't want to do that if I'm hastily grabbing a vessel I want to use in a match. I'd really like a system where you can save favorite appearances and slap them on a vessel at a crafting station or whatever without needing much skill to do so. Like, maybe you could gate some appearance things behind skill level (like super fancy hairstyles?) But I would be much happier with this system if appearance (including gender) could easily be changed when you first get a vessel. (I haven't read this thread, so sorry if this already came up. I think changing appearance of vessels easily would be my number one concern of this system).
  2. I definitely like the new Archetype page. But my poor centaurs are under 'Other'? D: Maybe Animalistic would be more descriptive of that group. (Unless there are actual "other" others showing up). >_> I watched the full video unlike usual; very interesting and heartfelt, Pann.
  3. I'll be streaming tonight, mostly so I can keep on eye on when bugs happen. http://www.twitch.tv/thepanpear
  4. I'm a bit surprised too! Though to tell you the truth, most of the hype/marketing for the game so has probably been more male based? I mean, I mostly backed it for the centaurs. >_> (Partially true - the concept of persistent characters and disposable worlds was interesting too. But neither of those are really to 'srs bsns pvp' vein that the taglines go for) Hopefully this imbalance will be resolved some by the time the game launches.
  5. I started to scroll down the page while reading the description and then quick scrolled back up when I saw the picture. Too creepy to have Yaga looking at me while I was reading! (But it's the present so she couldn't see me? But now that moment is past and she can! ) Very cold design, very icy! Why, it looks sorta like... The Hunger?? I mean, it could just be ice too, but illustration-wise it definitely seems to follow the theme of the Hunger in general, what with the three goddesses in three different phases. Very cool, either way.
  6. These minis are great! I play a lot of pathfinder and I'm sure I can use most of these! So happy! This is an awesome collector's edition.
  7. Awesome! This sorta makes me want to Alpha test sooner - it neat seeing things as they progress rather than beta testing something closer to what the final game will be. That way you won't get spoiled by playing the same stuff? Didn't watch all of it (silly work) but did skip from here to there; nice detail on what's currently available and seeing matches is great. I'll look forward to seeing all the footage/comments from the alpha testers!
  8. Centaurs! Barrels! Obviously needs to barrel race! Looks good! Centaur felt a little slow in the videos? Maybe because of plate? Maybe because we don't see the little peons running around trying to stop them? It's probably that. I tend to get that same 'feels like I'm walking slow' feeling on my Tauren because of size. Here we don't have direct movement comparisons. I think the blue swoosh should be glowier. Loved the ripples from the knockback stuff. Charging through barrels is A+, would charge again.
  9. I... I don't think that would ever get old for me. I think it would make me smile a little every time. XD But I can understand where you're coming from, as far as what kind of move you'd be expecting.
  10. In addition to the thoughts on WoW above, I think the most recent 'isolating' change was to give everyone a private, semi-customizable zone called a Garrison. Not too bad by itself, but much of the expansion's content is somehow tied to this private zone. It added a mini-game thing with followers that you collect and then send out on missions for rewards (so you get stuff for very little effort on playing the game on your part, including gear), tied professions and their materials very closely to the Garrison (to be harvested, and learned from Garrison buildings), and much of the content is related to your Garrison (quests originate from it, leveling quests refer to it). They gave you a hearthstone to get there too. With all the Garrison 'chores', many players would never leave the private area, meaning you wouldn't see other players on your connected servers. Even the 'hub' city didn't seem that bustling; and you never see anyone of the opposite faction. So a lot of people lost community connection because of the private world they were given little incentive to leave. As a WoW player myself, I kind of liked the follower system but I agree having your minions go get you stuff and that's all that you do isn't very exciting for normal gameplay stuff. I -do- like the conveniences of Looking for Raid (queuing up for a dungeon group with others), and even flex raiding with people on other servers that I know across the account, rather than just people on my server. I do miss the feeling of 'I know the people on my server' but I think MMOs today have moved beyond locking people from their friends because you're on different servers. With a smaller population, you'll definitely see more of the same faces as opposed to WoW.
  11. :D Oh man I can't wait to try out a Legionnaire! Doing support stuff is stuff I like to do, so this is definitely something I could see myself playing, which is good, because I'm definitely making a Centaur. Of course, I will be that person who always stands in the wrong spot and gets hit, or charges the wrong people but you know, that's just how Centaur roll (right?) XD
  12. Better - they build a system that forces you to play with your forum nemesis. >_> This all looks fun! Makes me -almost- want to be in the earlier alpha; almost. I'm not the best person for testing out games, unfortunately! I always seem to run out of time. But this system seems to work out well for getting people to log on and get to help test the combat. I did realize how much infrastructure work would be needed to get alpha testers from all over to participate in testing! (Though I suppose I should have guessed at that.)
  13. I think most of my excitement has been done already - visited my sister in Seattle and I'm going to an anime con later this month.
  14. I agree with you on the balancing part of the chart here. I was reading it as 'the armor is _____ against this type of damage', so their chart is close, but if I look at it from a weapon perspective I would want to do either crushing or piercing but never slashing, because none of the armors were weak against slashing. I'd mostly change up Leather, like so: Type Plate Chain Leather Cloth Slashing strong neutral weak neutral Crushing weak strong neutral neutral Piercing neutral weak strong neutral Though it's still a little weird to me to have leather be strong against piercing. Maybe not though! Either way, each damage type is then strong and weak against one type of armor. Also, I assume armors at some point would have resistances to other types of damages built in. But I would think that is not a base characteristic of the armor, which makes sense because they're good against the physical types of damage. This certain does put more thought into the types of gear you'd want to pick out!
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