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  1. I think most of my excitement has been done already - visited my sister in Seattle and I'm going to an anime con later this month.
  2. Time for me to apply! Application incoming shortly.
  3. #Like Yeah, I'm hoping it isn't too overused either. But with it being a Discipline, I think you'd be giving up a lot of other options to go find pets to send out. And since pets are like mounts, they take durability loss too, or can otherwise be killed. So I guess you'd have to be good at managing them and other things. I think that would be too hard for me. XD
  4. I'm also one of those people who read it as bacon, once. >_>; Personally, I'm not a fan of the pets, but I read it more as combat pets rather than 'gotta catch 'em all'. I mean, you may have to go find something if you didn't bring any in, but that's time and effort away from other goals, and I suspect they won't bring the end all be all combat advantage (or at least I hope they won't).
  5. Whoops, this is what I get for biding my time on looking for guilds to join. XD Obviously the solution is to lurk forever.
  6. Well if you start something there (or find a good story in there) let me know. Haha, yeah, my husband always laments when I do it because he sees even less of me. Though really, since I write on a laptop in the living room as opposed to playing games on the desktop up in the office, it's like he sees more or me, right?
  7. I didn't back the kickstarter for Storium, but I did get a subscription to it. I joined one Story and then it kinda petered out. Whoops. >_> (It was probably because it was around NaNoWriMo times).
  8. #LIKE I also have used Roll20 and it is definitely a good service for online D&D campaigns. They make improvements fairly often.
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