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  1. I streamed at https://www.twitch.tv/thepanpear/v/80559644 . Not saving clips because laziness.


    Right near the start (3:16ish) I'm floating before the match begins. No biggie. https://secure.twitch.tv/thepanpear/v/80559644?t=03m24s


    At the end of every match you had to hit alt to hit the button to exit the game. Took me a bit, haha.


    I'm not sure if this is a bug or a feature. Around 54:38, I found I could have the type box open but still move forward when I hit 'w', thus typing lots of w's while moving. https://secure.twitch.tv/thepanpear/v/80559644?t=54m30s

  2. I played for a little over an hour and streamed it on my twitch channel. I don't think I have any bugs that need video references, but here are some issues I noticed.


    - Same as aegis9393, I noted the description for the ranger's 'controlled intentions' (and other longer power descriptions) cut off with no scroll bar.

    - Either after I pressed the alt key (or maybe after my cat walked on the keyboard haha) I noticed my mouse wouldn't respect the boundaries of the game window. I have a three monitor setup - Crowfall was on the leftmost one. If I moved the mouse to the right to rotate, eventually it would move off of the Crowfall game window and onto the next monitor. However, the character would still rotate at that point. To be able to click in the Crowfall window to do things, I had to rotate all the way back around. It made it hard to control. Pressing the alt key again did not seem to solve this issue for me.

    - I did experience a lot of lag once other teams got to mine. I was streaming and running a larger background process so I'm not too surprised by that.

    - EDIT: I noticed that flicker that Zola mentioned as well.

  3. Well I can see why, game-wise, this change does make sense. It's still quite different than we were told before; I'm not sure if I would have backed quite as much (or maybe I would have backed more separate accounts?) had I known this was the direction it was going in, but it's still an interesting concept. I think it'll still take me longer to wrap my head around it.


    This probably plays out a bit better for me, an altoholic, because then I can play lots of different classes without having to actually roll new alts with new skills. RP-wise, it's less characters to balance. I'm still a little sad it makes it harder to change out what general skills you focus in, but I think that would be a case where you'd want a second account then, which isn't too bad, especially with the credits for extra character slots.


    However, I also hope this system allows for easy cosmetic changes to vessels with ease. I can spend hours in character creation. I don't want to do that if I'm hastily grabbing a vessel I want to use in a match. I'd really like a system where you can save favorite appearances and slap them on a vessel at a crafting station or whatever without needing much skill to do so. Like, maybe you could gate some appearance things behind skill level (like super fancy hairstyles?) But I would be much happier with this system if appearance (including gender) could easily be changed when you first get a vessel.


    (I haven't read this thread, so sorry if this already came up. I think changing appearance of vessels easily would be my number one concern of this system).

  4. Today I played briefly on the West Coast server this evening, As a confessor (I know, I'm surprised too). Anyway, bugs!



    - The start of my first match had enough lag to make my movement jumpy (where the camera would suddenly swing to the wrong direction). I only observed this on my very first match. http://www.twitch.tv/thepanpear/v/29487180


    UI Bugs

    - When I hit enter to open the chat window in a game, I have to type something in it to get control of my character again. I've tried hitting alt, and I don't think it helps in this case.

    - D'Orion's portraits are incorrect (I think). They're more white rather than the green background I would expect. http://www.twitch.tv/thepanpear/v/29487740?t=11s

    - For the confessor's 'hold' spells, sometimes the cast bar disappears. It makes it hard to judge when it's completely done: http://www.twitch.tv/thepanpear/v/29488076?t=05m52s



    - I had a weird spawn point on my second game. I was off to the side of my team (at first I thought I was alone!), and I think I was floating too: http://www.twitch.tv/thepanpear/v/29487740

  5. Today I played briefly on the West Coast server this evening, As a confessor (I know, I'm surprised too). I am not a very good confessor yet, but at least I was aiming at things better this time around.


    I was quite pleased by the 'screen in alt mode' notification. Makes it much clearer of what to do. :)


    With less people on, matches were smaller. Hunger dome matches with fewer teams feel a little weird. Quite a bit of running without seeing much, followed by me dying because I panic as a confessor as to how to deal with being surrounded. :) (Note to self: hit 'c' more). This format, I think, works better with larger teams, but I think we all discussed the reasons behind less people around.


    I paid more attention to the green outline to teammates (again). I think the reason centaur are more noticeable is because the outline is on the person, not their gear (or at least not all of their gear?) So the characters that have more 'skin' showing (or a larger area of skin) are easier to see. Knights are harder to see the glow with because their cloaks don't get highlighted (as far as I can tell).


    That's all for now! Thanks! :D

  6. I only have a bit today so I'm done for the night. Testing on the US server, all Legionnaire tonight. I have streams and highlights at http://www.twitch.tv/thepanpear/profile


    Not much in the way of feedback today (shocking!), except that I'm still annoyed by the zoom in/out taking too long. And today, as it was pointed out to me that green outlines mark you teammates, I paid attention to them more and when I saw them. I presume their function is to keep an eye on your distant teammates, which is good! People are hard to monitor. It seems to be brighter or more visible on Legionnaires than other classes; Here's a pretty good example where the rest of the team is ahead of laggy ol' me and the Legionnaires stand out much more than the others: http://www.twitch.tv/thepanpear/v/28843331?t=01m04s 


    Oh, and strategies here are still working well! Today in my .. 4th match I think, knights were using their chainpull to separate groups entering the keep, having people intentionally fall to the ground while their team was moving up. Twas a good strategy. :)

  7. I only have a bit today so I'm done for the night. Testing on the US server, all Legionnaire tonight. I have streams and highlights at http://www.twitch.tv/thepanpear/profile



    Now, I am streaming all of this and I'm sure it's not optimized so I'm not surprised to have a little lag. However, my first game of the night was noticeably laggier than the remaining games. You can see me suddenly change direction due to lag here: direction changes is just about the worst part of lagging, it's very trippy.


    My first game started with High graphics, which I brought down the Medium. After my second game (which still experienced a bit of lag), I adjusted my stream to be not as fancy and I think that helped. I'll keep an eye on lag for future 'first' games though - I know my mouse always feels more twitchy in the first game but that might be because I'm just getting used to the controls again.



    Here's the usual lineup of mob issues:

    - Hellcats seem to like pacing back and forth. This is especially noticeable in combats where there is more than one target. Perhaps it's related to having two or more different teams present too? Or perhaps just an aggro thing. Here's a shot here of one case I saw: http://www.twitch.tv/thepanpear/v/28843331?t=01m54s

    - Some mobs (I think I only saw hellcats do it today) still stand after death. It usually takes them a bit to do that, though.

    - Mobs kill you after you win but if you don't exit the match. How rude. :)



    Under the sea ground

    On the start of my 5th match, I started in a weird place that I presume was slightly underground. I popped back up next to my team when the match actually started. Crisis averted. See here: http://www.twitch.tv/thepanpear/v/28844233 (You can also see that F Interact showed up in this case too!)


    I was definitely alt-tabbed while this game loaded on one screen.

  8. I used the East coast servers during testing. Stream and highlights can be found here, in general: http://www.twitch.tv/thepanpear Here are some thoughts on tonight's test.



    I've gotten the hang of combat for the Legionnaires (at least enough to use a -few- of their abilities beyond 6, haha). A lot of other people are mastering classes as well, and there is definitely recognition of certain moves and attacks that people have. The coordinated teams talking outside of the game certainly do well when organizing their attacks - I think I've been cc'd almost continuously at the end of a few fights (unless my frantic key pushing queues up lots of attacks and I get animation locked, but I don't think that's the case).


    I've definitely been in awe of confessor's fire aoe of doom. I think one of my teams was entirely blown away in melee due to a well timed one. I read some complaints about centaurs using their knockback at the end to clear people into the hunger (definitely an effective strategy).


    I had a lot of fun in my second match where 3 of us were centaurs and spent a lot of time hunting people down: http://www.twitch.tv/thepanpear/v/28329822?t=06m06s I definitely like the mobility of the Legionnaire, though I think that other classes have good ways to snipe or catch up to people too (the knight's charge, etc). Plus, using the Legionnaire's 'move fast everyone' ability certainly helps.


    Game Strategy

    Speaking of strategy, I see with this latest build the AI of the mobs have improved. :) Zerging the keep is trickier if the mobs keep following you the whole time. We did it in one game but had to keep moving the whole time while in there. I definitely think that's a good call, as it helped to curb the 'go for the keep, get to defensible position and wait out the stragglers' strategy. There were more fights outside the keep as well (though I did get curbstomped in some of those earlier fights whoops). Usually it's because we were fighting mobs. Which is a great time to attack. Using the confusion of an ongoing battle is pretty fun to hop into, especially if there are two other teams already engaged.


    4 or 5?

    The matches switched from 4 to 5 midway through, and since we were asked about it I thought I'd comment. Having 5 players means more interesting teamups, I think; you can have more stacked on a single role, and it made the team fights more fun. However, it exacerbated the looting situation where it's hard to share the limited resources with your team easily.


    Also, while I didn't see it much tonight, if you have a teammate who dies early or runs away from your group, I think it's easier to have a shot at winning still. Even 3 people alive on a team could likely make it, whereas if you lost 2 players on a 4 player team it would be pretty rough.



    Looting is still a struggle, though I noticed there has been improvements (such as not having to hit alt if you open a container and nothing is in it anymore). A trading system of some kind would make it easier to share among your team (long team goals, I know), or at least being able to access an empty container to put stuff in. Also, having your team stop and stand around on the alt screen leaves everyone pretty vulnerable, especially when processing what loots you should grab. Perhaps that's just part of the strategy, though it's still a bit annoying.


    Camera Zoom

    So since I mentioned it last time I played, I messed around with the camera zoom and actually got it to go far enough back on the centaur to make me happy, like at the start of this match: http://www.twitch.tv/thepanpear/v/28330791?t=18s


    I think what confused me before is that scrolling back actually made it zoom in to start with, before zooming out. Maybe something is getting stuck on my butt? I also noticed that on the Knight, scrolling back made the reticle wiggle around, rather than staying in the center of the screen.


    To improve this, I'd suggest increasing the rate at which the zoom in/out moves with the scroll wheel; I feel, in this case, the mouse is not sensitive enough.



    The distant sound of combats sounded much better this time! :D



    Gotta say, not liking some of the language and smack talk going on in just this latest test. Fortunately chats are easy enough to ignore, but it was a bit pleasanter before. Maybe it's because people are getting good at winning?


    Outlined characters?

    Green outlined centaurs - what does it mean? http://www.twitch.tv/thepanpear/v/28331586?t=48s Do they just get highlights when they're further away so you can see them or is it an after effect of a spell?

  9. I used the East coast servers during testing. Stream and highlights can be found here, in general: http://www.twitch.tv/thepanpear


    I took notes while I was playing to maybe make this faster for me to post! I played 16 matches.


    Generally I experienced very little lag. My first match had lag because I was trying out the Ultra settings. I reduced the settings to High at match 3. Near the end of the play session (around match 12 and 16 especially) I experienced lag during combat fights. 


    Character Model/Mob Issues:


    - Standing dead mobs: I saw a few of them. I think in one case the mob stood after I closed the loot window but I'm not entirely sure.

    - - - Hellcat stands after looting: http://www.twitch.tv/thepanpear/v/28329509?t=02m21s and http://www.twitch.tv/thepanpear/v/28329822?t=01m21s

    - Floating people: Usually I'd see people stuck in floating positions while watching them with the death camera. However, there was one case today where a champion floated as well.

    - - - Floating person with death cam: http://www.twitch.tv/thepanpear/v/28329509?t=06m04s

    - - - Floating champion: http://www.twitch.tv/thepanpear/v/28331586?t=01m50s

    - I saw a confused hellcat that didn't know which confessor to attack, running between them: http://www.twitch.tv/thepanpear/v/28331151?t=05m57s

    - After 5 player matches started, a 6th player showed up on my head at the start of a match: http://www.twitch.tv/thepanpear/v/28331586?t=02s

    - Weirdly strafing during one of the matches on the centaur: http://www.twitch.tv/thepanpear/v/28331856?t=38s Right around that point I'm trying to strafe from side to side but I keep facing forward. I tried again in a later match and it worked okay then.


    UI/sound issues


    - F interact button. This issue was intermittent (It was a fixture for sure in matches 3, 4, and 11. As I had alt-tabbed a few times while the game was loading, I was wondering if those key presses were related. However, I couldn't force it to happen when I did that.

    - Static loot info: When hovering over a piece of gear and someone took it, the info would remain on the screen. It took me an hour to realize I could esc from that, but some UI indicator of closing it or auto-closing it when it's no longer under the mouse would be nice.

    - - - An example of the loot screen sticking: http://www.twitch.tv/thepanpear/v/28330321?t=05m51s I think F interact is also up during these matches.

    - Victory music at end is cut off by death cannon: http://www.twitch.tv/thepanpear/v/28329822?t=13m48s

    - Portraits over player's heads were white instead of the god's colors

  10. Testing on the East US server from MN. Streams of today's matches are here: http://www.twitch.tv/thepanpear (there are highlight videos of the matches too).


    General Thoughts Since Last I Played

    I couldn't play at all the past week due to traveling around the holidays (nor did I check on the forums for things because of reasons). I gotta say, I really love the UI and effects improvements since last I played. Combos and special attacks are much more noticeable, I can see damage and healing numbers better, and the other text is much clearer. Everything popped a bit more, and looked pretty cool.


    I also like newer movement style (though I still hear new movement style is on the way?) It's much more intuitive to have your character follow your mouse rotations.


    More Thoughts On Movement

    While the movement is improved, it still has some lag to go with it. Especially with the Legionnaire, you'll notice a slight delay in your mouse movement and where/how your character rotates. In addition, a quick turnaround to check where your team is (a common problem for us fast moving centaur I'm sure) makes everyone think you're going in a different direction. Not ideal when you're sort of leading a team. However, I still like it a lot more than the completely fixed pushing model.


    Camera Zoom

    So I notice while playing the Legionnaire that I have problems zooming in and out. It works more or less how I would expect for the confessor and other bipedal ones - scrolling back makes them look farther away. Meanwhile for the centaur, it just seems to move the reticule more than anything else. You can see my playing around with it in my first game here: http://www.twitch.tv/thepanpear/c/7052802?t=21s


    I know the reticule moves it's angle for the confessor too, but I expect more zooming away or closer to the character. As the centaur, it's hard to see things behind me when the camera is too close, especially when I might want to rear kick something. A faster, more responsive zoom would make me pleased.


    Damage Number Colors

    I think I was getting critical damange I did mixed up with numbers for damage I was taking. I'd see a red number flash and go 'oh, am I getting hit?' but it was actually a hit I was doing (I think). Maybe if crits were a different color, like yellow or orange, it wouldn't be as confusing.



    Targeting went much better this time around! I felt much more comfortable targeting in melee as a centaur - the cues of red and distance were very noticable. So much so that I stopped playing my beloved centaur and tried a confessor. I think I did better aiming with one! I definitely like the distance being on the screen, though you do have to remember the distance of your abilities. The fact I was hitting things (probably) was definitely an improvement!


    Centaurs - Let's Ride!

    This isn't really test feedback, but seeing centaurs run around really makes me want to have people ride them. You can stop waiting for your SLOW PEOPLE and let them hop on for a faster ride. Of course, I would think such a system would give you various penalties (you couldn't fight like that, for instance, or you slow down, especially if a 'heavy' character hopped on) but I think it would be super fun. SO FUN.

  11. Testing on the East US server from MN. Streams of today's matches are here: http://www.twitch.tv/thepanpear (there might highlight videos of the matches too).


    Here are bug-like things:



    I can hear combat clearly but I cannot see combat. This might be intentional to draw you close to people fighting, but it seems overly loud for the apparent distance.


    F to Interact

    We meet again. (It stays on the screen sometimes when it shouldn't. Not all the time; I notice it hovering when I'm by corpses that don't have anything in them)



    One person on my team had a different color shield nameplate than the rest of my team. It was just one the god-shield above their head, not in the party info side column. They were still friendly to us though. I apparently didn't record this one.



    They are mostly staying put now, which is good! I did have a hellcat bound away from my team when it was low on health, like it was tethering even though we had been fighting it there for awhile. It went -very- far. We chased it down, and then it just stood there as we hit it.


    There were a few other mobs that stood against walls again, but no instant deaths this time.


    Legionnaire Rear Kick

    I think the rear kick action triggers even when something isn't behind you but attacking in front of you. I think it happens here: it hard to determine if you should hit it the button to kick or not. I think I did successfully rear kick one thing today, so I'm putting that in the win column.


    Knight on my Head

    Got a Knight stuck on my head as we vied for space to attack a mob: http://www.twitch.tv/thepanpear/c/7052868?t=6m03s



    There were a few momentary lag spikes in one of the games I played. I was sitting at reasonable numbers most of the time, but the spikes went past 2k. (I'm not sure if I got that one on video).


    Floaters In Deathcam Mode

    People would float when viewing them in the death cam on occasion.

  12. The Champion 4 ability when used properly works for this purpose. I was run down by two champs while playing a knight today.


    Agreed. I feel like running away should be a viable option, as most classes can try to deal with it if they want to hunt down a lone player.


    Knights - chain pull thing (aimed)

    Confessors - ranged attacks (aimed), the roll away mechanic

    Champions - the 4 ability as mentioned above to gain distance

    Legionnaires - run faster than you (I mean, unless hunting down of Legionnaires but really you probably shouldn't chase on your own unless there is low health or you have friends)


    Of course, I am bad at aiming, so the first two I think I'd have troubling pulling off. So fast moving centaur it is for me.


    @wyvernwulf, I definitely agree with much of your post, especially points 4 and 6 about the UI and such. :)


    1. The Rear Kick combo for the centaur has refused to work for me. Maybe it's just me, but seeing as how all other E-key combos work except that one, I don't think it is. Either that or it is extremely quick to disappear and I'm not fast enough. Always a possibility :P



    I think I've been fast enough to get the rear kick combo maybe once so far? I think I might notice it time to hit the button but the character is mid-animation so they can't do it.


    I played only for the last hour, on the US server. I streamed again tonight for my reference, over here: http://www.twitch.tv/thepanpear

    Match 1: http://www.twitch.tv/thepanpear/v/27207536

    Match 2: http://www.twitch.tv/thepanpear/v/27207779

    Match 3: http://www.twitch.tv/thepanpear/v/27208082


    Server Login

    I had an issue (didn't catch it on the stream) that if I logged on and selected a server, I had to log off to the username/password screen and log in again to access the server and lobby. Maybe I'm missing a button to push or something.


    Sprinting Animation Loop

    I'm finding the centaur will have a hiccup in the running loop when sprinting. I think it might be caused by putting away a weapon. I might be accidentally letting go of the shift key, but I'm usually pretty sure I'm compressing it fully the whole time. There's probably an example of this in one of my streams (especially from Friday) but I couldn't find one right now. I'll see if I can recreate in future tests, perhaps.


    NPC Chain Insta Kill Again

    I think this is old news by now, but here's another shot of a champion dying to an NPC in one hit: http://www.twitch.tv/thepanpear/v/27207779?t=04m15s


    F Interact

    It remains up at all times during matches.


    Global Chat

    When someone speaks in global chat and you haven't brought up the chat window before, it doesn't jump to Global chat nor gives you indication that someone spoke there, other than the chat noise. Took me awhile to realize I should switch it over. I think a glowy indicator should let you know what chat window someone talked in when you open up chat if you aren't already on that window. (See here where I hear the chat noise and then have to fuss to find where the messages were: http://www.twitch.tv/thepanpear/v/27208082?t=04m57s )


    Standing Dead Critters

    I looted him but this hellcat was too cool to lie down: http://www.twitch.tv/thepanpear/v/27207536?t=02m40s

  14. Here are some issues I encountered during tonight's test.


    Floating people

    I saw it on occasion, though it didn't happen to me. See: http://www.twitch.tv/thepanpear/v/26868625?t=45m28s (I was observing)


    Clingy People

    As mentioned here, teammates could easily push one another around, and we'd sort of cling together. Not sure if that's intentional or not.


    Lingering Effects

    At one point a confessor's flame was just hanging out for awhile on the ground, looking like a cute little fire tornado. (See: http://www.twitch.tv/thepanpear/v/26868625?t=01h17m33s . I think I go back and look at it a bit too, here: http://www.twitch.tv/thepanpear/v/26868625?t=01h18m03s )


    Monsters Gone Wild

    - Hellhounds would dash all around like mad. Mad, I tell you! Couldn't tell if that was on purpose or not; they were moving fast enough that it would difficult to catch them. (See: http://www.twitch.tv/thepanpear/v/26868625?t=01h00m48s )

    - A zombie sat in the fire. We watched it burn and then killed it. It probably shouldn't walk in the fire.

    - Monsters sometimes one-shotted people (see the champion here: http://www.twitch.tv/thepanpear/v/26868028?t=17s ) Someone in chat mentioned it might be the monster pull combined with your own approached = physics damage to the max?

    - Dead monsters occasionally floated above the ground, and I think sometimes monsters looked like they were alive but were really dead.

    - Sometimes monsters just clung to walls and didn't notice you unless you walked pretty close to them.


    Minor Things

    - There are Too. Many. Beeps. when counting down the start of the match. >_>; (see here: http://www.twitch.tv/thepanpear/v/26868625?t=05m22s )




    Also! The "F" UI button appeared on my screen for several matches and it wouldn't go away.

  15. This is my first time in the hunger dome - whoo! I streamed it all here for reference: (Mostly) Full Stream Part 1: http://www.twitch.tv/thepanpear/v/26868625  Part 2: http://www.twitch.tv/thepanpear/v/26868028


    First Logging in thoughts:

    - It took me awhile to figure out where all the chat pings noises were coming from.

    - The intro video cut off and I wasn't sure if I had clicked something or not.

    - I really really really want to rotate the characters on the select screen.

    - The cheat sheet videos were quite handy, as was the pages explaining abilities.


    First match And Control Thoughts

    (video of start of first match around here: http://www.twitch.tv/thepanpear/v/26868625?t=05m22s )

    I have having a lot of trouble figuring out how to move. The Centaur felt a bit off or clunky when I was moving in the first game. But I got the hang of it after a bit. I think it's because I try to 'zoom the camera out' to see more of my character but it doesn't work for the centaur like it does the other classes. I noticed later it moved the target up/down/sideways. I think some of my problem is that the movement/targeting isn't like other mmos at much, so it's a bit different to get used to a more 'over the shoulder' feel. I think Elder Scrolls sorta has the centered targeting, right? I didn't much care for how that one worked, but I like this one.


    I also spent many of the matches pausing my movements to check for where my party is. I know there's a compass to tell me where it is, but I'm not sure how far away they are. There's no good way to look quickly behind you (unless there is and it's not well broadcasted). Seeing if the group is traveling with me, the fast one, is quite helpful.


    Speaking of control keys, I wasn't aware of alt being used to toggle to UI elements until after I got hungered in a match because I couldn't move after looting (whoops: I feel like loot windows should close a little more automatically, or there should be a key to close all windows and send you back to free movement. Or the screen should indicate another way you're in free mouse mode. It's hard to notice the darkened screen if you didn't see it dim earlier. Having a key to close most or all windows would help out with UI; it felt a bit clunky to be clicking around to close inventory (you can hit i, but the you're character equipment page is still up and I don't know the keybind for that). Also, maybe an option to open up the chat window automatically if someone types in there?


    Also I felt like I was the only one who used sprint a lot (even as a two-legger). Maybe there should be a general 'here are generic UI keys'


    The Environment

    Looked great! Loved the texture! Next time I'll see if I can turn my settings up (not that it would show much on the stream). I especially liked the cannon and names in the sky touch - very cute. Makes it much more concerning to hear tons of cannons at the start and go 'uh oh how many monsters are out there?'


    And the music was very good too. :)


    Sometimes I'd get almost trapped outside the keep with the hunger closing in because there's only one door. Evil!



    They were tough! You definitely needed a group for them. Quite a few times we'd lose someone to monsters, or we'd pull too many. However, it does add some fun in when you see a group fighting monsters and you run in to disrupt them. :) There were a few bugs that I think made people get insta-killed by them.



    As I tend to spam buttons, sometimes I got locked doing actions not corresponding to what I wanted to actually be doing. Either I need to slow down my clicking, or maybe have the animations get interrupted some or not queue as many? Unsure if this is a me thing or not - just something I definitely noticed. Maybe because I'm unfamiliar with the animations I don't know when to let one of them finish properly to start my next one.



    Easier to spell than Legionnaire, amirite? Anyway, after reviewing their skills I like the choices they have. I don't think I can yet keep in mind more than 3-4 buttons, but even with just those skills (mainly click, 4, 6, and sometimes 3) I usually felt like I was supporting my team well enough (unless I ran away haha).


    I feel like the horse part doesn't quite move horse-like enough when walking, but a bit better when running. Maybe it's because I can't see them from the side while I'm controlling them.



    I had fun, but I'm not particularly good at aiming from range, it seems! I don't think I'm quite getting their skill combos down right to be effective yet. I think I forgot about a few key buttons while playing.


    Champions and Knights

    They both felt fairly solid characters. I think I did fairly well as Champion, though I didn't play either this classes as much as the Centaur. Melee damage seems to be something I can handle better with this combat system.



    Every now and then I'd get a team where someone would go off on their own. I don't know why. It's weird. Is there some way we could ping something to get people's attention? We have chat but it's not as quick to type some directions there and then figure out how to read the compass (the struggle is real).

  16. <5% females?!?? Wow I didn't realize we were that under represented.


    I'm a bit surprised too! Though to tell you the truth, most of the hype/marketing for the game so has probably been more male based?


    I mean, I mostly backed it for the centaurs. >_>


    (Partially true - the concept of persistent characters and disposable worlds was interesting too. But neither of those are really to 'srs bsns pvp' vein that the taglines go for)


    Hopefully this imbalance will be resolved some by the time the game launches. :D

  17. I started to scroll down the page while reading the description and then quick scrolled back up when I saw the picture. Too creepy to have Yaga looking at me while I was reading! (But it's the present so she couldn't see me? But now that moment is past and she can! :o


    Very cold design, very icy! Why, it looks sorta like... The Hunger?? I mean, it could just be ice too, but illustration-wise it definitely seems to follow the theme of the Hunger in general, what with the three goddesses in three different phases. Very cool, either way.

  18. Awesome! This sorta makes me want to Alpha test sooner - it neat seeing things as they progress rather than beta testing something closer to what the final game will be. That way you won't get spoiled by playing the same stuff?


    Didn't watch all of it (silly work) but did skip from here to there; nice detail on what's currently available and seeing matches is great. I'll look forward to seeing all the footage/comments from the alpha testers!

  19. Centaurs! Barrels! :D Obviously needs to barrel race!


    Looks good! Centaur felt a little slow in the videos? Maybe because of plate? Maybe because we don't see the little peons running around trying to stop them? It's probably that. I tend to get that same 'feels like I'm walking slow' feeling on my Tauren because of size. Here we don't have direct movement comparisons.


    I think the blue swoosh should be glowier. :o Loved the ripples from the knockback stuff. Charging through barrels is A+, would charge again.

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