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  1. #Like Yeah, I'm hoping it isn't too overused either. But with it being a Discipline, I think you'd be giving up a lot of other options to go find pets to send out. And since pets are like mounts, they take durability loss too, or can otherwise be killed. So I guess you'd have to be good at managing them and other things. I think that would be too hard for me. XD
  2. I'm also one of those people who read it as bacon, once. >_>; Personally, I'm not a fan of the pets, but I read it more as combat pets rather than 'gotta catch 'em all'. I mean, you may have to go find something if you didn't bring any in, but that's time and effort away from other goals, and I suspect they won't bring the end all be all combat advantage (or at least I hope they won't).
  3. Get some little pet pigs to dig for truffles? XD Mine-node sensing, I dunno, badgers? It could work in theory. Haha.
  4. Whoops, this is what I get for biding my time on looking for guilds to join. XD Obviously the solution is to lurk forever.
  5. Great info! It really makes me want to simultaneously run a kingdom and then go 'wow that's a lot of work maybe I want to be in someone else's'. XD This sounds great for guilds! Speaking of guilds, the mention of a guild leader was suddenly thrown in there. I assume in that example you were equating a guild leader to a monarch? Speaking of using kingdom for guild purposes, does a monarch have an ability to stop nobles from inviting certain people? Like, having a Kingdom have a 'guild-only' restriction, or blacklisting a certain person? I really like the graphics for this stuff too - it makes it much easier to visualize the system.
  6. I agree with y'all - this is a great way to add benefit for using EK, and having people pledge to your land. If you can lead them to success, they get all sorts of blessing options for everything you do. Guilds could send different group to different worlds to get all the neat blessings things, to keep up the variety... Very interesting!
  7. WEREBEEEEEAR! (Recently in a Pathfinder game I'm running with some friends, the druid's bear did indeed get infected by a werewolf, thus creating a werebear. They healed the bear before any werebear tomfoolery happened though, haha). Knowing that you get discipline runestones from campaigns and the amount of value they carry really helps make the campaigns that much more meaningful. And I LOVE the art for this - excellent poster! Every time I see fancy new art it makes me want to make one of those characters... I am pretty sure I am going to gimp my first character soooo much, but hopefully I'll get enough practice in to figure out what playstyles work for me.
  8. I think you get value of resources for campaigns that allow you to take in items and resources. Some will be 'naked' drops in, but if you can bring stuff in you'd want comparable stuff to whatever everyone else is bringing to give you an edge. So you'd need to get resources from another campaign to make the stuff to bring into a different ruleset to get the people who went 'well, I like these rules, but I don't have stuff and I'll just go in anyway'.
  9. I agree; of the two suggested ideas, 'if activity levels remain high' sounds like the most do-able and actually 'continuous' of the ones suggested. The problem with that ruleset is that it kind of has an ambiguous end and could lead to social engineering to keep it going (by asking people to log in once a week or asking new people to join it because they want it to keep going). I like the idea of Sudden Death worlds, but it sounds more complicated to implement and possibly more rage inducing because eventually you might mess up defense and then you can't keep what you were hoping to make permanent.
  10. That would be interesting, running into friendly NPCs. "The god(s) sent us here." "Oh thank you! So you'll save us from this Hunger that has started to consume our world?" "Um yeah about that." *murders them for resources*
  11. Yeah, I'm not sure if there will be many npcs that aren't hunger infested already. Could be though? There might be ruins that have old infrastructure that you could use to craft, and with it already being built it would be a good thing to protect as a base, perhaps.
  12. I would guess not, because I think the dual-genders for those other archetypes were already factored into the plan, while the female centaur was not part of the original plan. *continues to squee about Lady Centaurs over in a corner*
  13. An in addition to what other people say, you gotta take off like 10% or so from Kickstarter fees and other fees too.
  14. FEMAAAALE CENTAURS! :D *finds more friends who could back it* Maybe Centaurs can drag around some pack mules or something.
  15. It'd be interesting to see if such campaigns would garner interest. It would certainly encourage trying out new alts. Good campaign idea: Fur-only. Better campaign idea: Centaur-only. XD
  16. Hopefully the roles are all flexible enough that new strategies can be formed with the people present, as long as everyone isn't accidentally weighted towards one playstyle. In that case, I could see bringing in an alt to a campaign would be handy... but then they are locked to that particular campaign for awhile too. I feel that in Crowfall, requiring X number of DPS or Tanks or Support won't be necessary, but we'll see. (PvP combat probably allows for a bit more flexibility than doing PvE raids)
  17. Sounds like campaigns will be from 1-3 months. With the number of initial character slots (and passive training slots), I see their design as trying to keep you invested in a single character/campaign. However, if you did want alts (like me, I'm a sucker for alts), there should be multiple rulesets to try out - and possibly in some cases multiple worlds with the same ruleset. So alts would be trying out a different style of play, perhaps? Like if you don't feel like slogging through teh Fall of your three month campaign, hop onto your alt and try out that one month faction one for a bit. In cases of grabbing a specific character to help the guild, maybe guilds would talk it out beforehand of what they're gonna bring.
  18. Hopefully you can only bring in one character into a campaign, so that way it's harder to 'switch' later on. It could lead to people just rolling Centaurs for lulz at the start, and then not even logging on later in the campaign, but I would think that would mean you don't get many, if any, rewards.
  19. Maybe if there is a queue for your current Campaign World, they could allow you to goof off in the Eternal Kingdoms? That would give you something to do (maybe monsters spawn in some EKs? Or at least talking with other people or actually fighting, depending on the EK world rules) until you can get into the Campaign World.
  20. My interpretation: Centaurs have low Hunger resistance as compared to others. Therefore, while they are super powerful in Spring, closer to Winter they need lots of resources to maintain effectiveness (like food and stuff). If they don't have that, they get slower/weaker. If your team stacks uber centaurs, you may not have enough resources to be uber at the end of a campaign and therefore lose. This may indicate that in group settings, having a nice balance of archtypes will be more efficient in combat. Or... we can all be OP fast centaurs! Yey horses!
  21. Ohh, more like saying "I don't want my (extra?) EK parcels, I would like to trade/pledge them to X's EK". Not sure if they have that in mind, considering the cash shop maaaay be selling lands and if you have friends who jsut gave you more land... But I can see the appeal of it, it would definitely create a hot secondary market. I presume once the parcels were given, you'd be not in control of them anymore either, so you can't just get a take-backsies.
  22. Thanks for the clarification! So... these vendors. Are they just like little NPC shops that sell basic materials? Or all all vendors really populated by things that players make? Like, if I set up an NPC guy, I have to give him the things to sell like swords and stuff and people can peruse them later? Or is selling done via player to player trades only?
  23. I would guess not, because of the whole 'kickstarter rewards cannot be duplicated on a single account'. However, I would suspect if a guild picks someone to manage their lands, it would be easier for them to buy more/keep the upkeep up and so on? The fealty system does lend itself to guild rankings...
  24. It probably is; if you have to expand more later and you have more upkeep costs associated with the land... well, that means you have to have enough resources, or enough people to tax to hang out there. With more tax free land, you'd still have to worry about upkeep of buildings but could lower your rates to be more competitive.
  25. True dat. I'm thinking I'll like the metagame of EK trading and stuff (or I'll just set up my pretty little homes and go to someone else's kingdom to pay taxes haha). Just hoping that in order to make a successful kingdom that you (or your guild) need to win in the Dying Worlds instead of visiting the cash shop. And reading the Kickstarter FAQ more, I see the following so that answers my own question too:
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