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  1. I like the immersive gear too. At least, gear that makes a little more sense design-wise to get from cash shops. I don't like baseball caps in my fantasy games. >_> Sounds like you'd be just fine with the 'one training slot' on the base account then. But I do think it would be more interesting to have only one character per world.
  2. Interesting thoughts! I still think ArcheAge isn't the best comparison, as it definitely has p2w tendencies with the way land and labor works. Silly ArcheAge. I mean, when I started playing I immediately determined the game would be no fun for me unless I was subbed. I don't think that would be the case here. I think the model is something between the GW2 and Wildstar stuff, which I think both made good decisions. I really don't see the GW2 market affecting the gameplay as much. I also don't think siegeing will happen in the EK, but you're right it would be a problem if a person sold lots of VIP tickets for lots of materials to make good gear. However, I think you'd need a lot of income to do that consistently, as materials are limited by people arriving from dying worlds, and gear often is destroyed. Gear seems to be a very fluctuating kind of thing. I think the main effect would be in the campaigns where gear is allowed in. However, a lot of those are more 'group' campaigns, with guilds. Guilds may have enough combined buying/crafting power to stand up to someone who has 'bought' their gear. And an individual may have a harder time against larger guilds in guild worlds. In the end, unless the buying person has good playing skills, they'll have to either buy materials to get new gear in that dying world, or after they die, they're back at square one anyway.
  3. Yes, it might involve more thinking on how to get an item you want. Though I think you'd either amass a certain combination of items to trade for your sword (just random things you collected from a campaign or something), or you would take those random items and trade either for the 'common trading resource' or for the materials to make a sword, and then get it that way. Maybe.
  4. True; that's very likely to happen. But by providing an AH system that encourages a specific value for trade, that may encourage a homogenization of 'what things are traded for' as opposed to a more open ended trading post design. With a player driven economy, they may want to have the trading resources be determined more organically than having a mechanic that encourages one thing over another. (Though I do agree that it's very likely we'll settle on the common materials, as you said. )
  5. I like that kind of system too; I've seen it used a couple places. The only issue is that unless the community descends upon a few selected items as 'the main currency', you might be waiting a long time for someone to come along and trade your item for the item that you specify. IT might lead you to losing out on deals you would have taken had you decided to want a different, but equally valuable, item. Maybe, though, it's worth holding out for a certain item type, but I could see it as being inconvenient otherwise. This is, of course, depending on if there is mass-auctioning/trading functionality or if they want us to interact more with other players. XD
  6. Ooo, more like a trading house, where both parties would have to agree on it. More of a standing one, really, rather than something that will time out your stuff. That would be an interesting way to do it, I haven't seen that in MMOs I've played before. Wonder if we'll get that kind of tool to do trades like that or not. Or maybe someone has to build a trading house to give you that kind of tool...
  7. Ah okay. Player-made or found? Either way, an item that the community finds valuable enough to use a good thing to trade around. We'll have to see if we settle on such an item too. Not sure if it would be an enchant style item though, considering how gear is constantly destroyed; items that woudl be useful to make more gear might be more valued.
  8. I think it would also depend on how rare each of those are too. Like if gold somehow was more common than copper, I would expect the relative values to reflect that. But it could be to the point where too many people trade it instead of using it, so we switch to other materials. But it would make sense if we all gravitated toward those as a base.
  9. Like a crafting profession that makes books, probably? Yeah! Bookbinding.
  10. I'll definitely be interested in seeing if everyone sticks to the barter system or if we end up making special currency items. My guess is we'll all go for the easiest thing(s), which would be a few common resources that are super handy. Definitely harder to determine how much the VIP ticket thing would be worth without having a direct comparison to a 'gold' market! And it makes me wonder if there is an 'auction house' globally then, because you would have to list out the various ways you would want to be paid, or if it's more of a 'find people to trade with' thing. If you have to find people, it would definitely give you a reason to move to a large Eternal Kingdom (when not playing the game), because there would be more people to trade with. Making actual trading hubs. And if you made that big one and could tax... (I suppose if you pay money to make your kingdom bigger and taxes were a thing, that would be one way to pay to win, sort of? But just in the Eternal Kingdoms, where there are less resources than the dying worlds).
  11. I like the pricing model. I think the issue, if there could be one for p2w, would be the passive training. However, since everyone can do it for at least one character, if you only focus on one character, you'll be able to keep up with someone who pays either way. So it only really affects people who like playing more than one character at once, which isn't really a requirement to enjoy the game. Sure, this might effect people who start playing later, but maybe not as much as you think? It depends on what you train and how quickly that works. I don't think the selling of shop items would affect the gameplay of others though. They are cosmetic - and the gold you receive would come from players who earned it in game. The lore is awesome! I'm not really feeling the confessors myself though.
  12. Well if you start something there (or find a good story in there) let me know. Haha, yeah, my husband always laments when I do it because he sees even less of me. Though really, since I write on a laptop in the living room as opposed to playing games on the desktop up in the office, it's like he sees more or me, right?
  13. I didn't back the kickstarter for Storium, but I did get a subscription to it. I joined one Story and then it kinda petered out. Whoops. >_> (It was probably because it was around NaNoWriMo times).
  14. Wildstar has the 'blind' type of mechanic, where if you got blinded your screen would be partially covered - good luck dodging those incoming attacks! And then disorient would actually redo your keybinds for movement. T_T I do like the concept of slowing people down, but I think that would be the most frustrating one because then people might not be able to tell if it was lag or not, if everyone else moved by quickly. I suppose in theory it would be like a movement/casting/action speed slowdown rather than your ping, though, so it would be easier to deal with. Or you could buff yourself to speed all your things up!
  15. #LIKE I also have used Roll20 and it is definitely a good service for online D&D campaigns. They make improvements fairly often.
  16. I backed it on the Kickstarter and man, were the updates hard to follow. I was pretty surprised they started to charge during this 'Early Enrollment' phase and then wanted me to pay them more money to play their beta now. I'll probably try it out when it gets to open enrollment, since I paid for it. Assuming I haven't missed the chance to sign up with my kickstarter keys because they gave confusing instructions on how to redeem things. XD (Also, I am lazy).
  17. I do enjoy playing Necromancers in game (despite me leaning towards healers, I have a standard Necromancer character I go to when the option to summon undead minions in available...) I like the idea of interacting with Hunger too. Maybe it would make scaling harder later on, or maybe a Necromancer would just accelerate hunger in the corpses they brought alive? I could see issues with balancing and making a 'pet-based' class though. More models, more issues in PvP with a pet that is too powerful or too weak to be helpful. However, since the game isn't going to have 'balanced' archetypes, it may be possible to add such a thing in. As long as the number of summoned things was limited, just to avoid having a player wandering around with 20+ minions hogging up the rendering resources.
  18. Can't blame you there! Even shinier stuff awaits!
  19. Something something pre-alpha? >_> More seriously, I think it might be because they're focusing on getting the character models down pat. As a player, I think I'm more interested in how my character looks (at least initial impressions!). Once they get further into development I would suspect they'll have more people to work on environmental textures.
  20. I really love the art direction as well. It reminds me of a few different games that I've also really like the art style (at least concept art); Guild Wars / Guild Wars 2, Myth (board game), some of the cut scenes of Arche Age (sorta, kinda)... A very paint-like feel, floaty but it still has crisp lines. Makes me want to paint too, haha.
  21. I definitely agree about the guild stuff; You can throw it onto armor, capes... I know Wildstar gave you holograms on your character that worked in a similar way, perhaps also similar to Warhammer trophies? However, speaking from experience when running without name/guild tags in some games (for RP, yo), I can tell you I get very lost and very confused about who people are without tags. It's an easy shortcut to see who is on your side or not, and an easy way to parse people you know. Otherwise you'll have to recognize their general appearance, not to mention the clothes they have on that day which might change. And if there isn't -that- much character customization, tons of clones of your friend may be running around! Then again, maybe harder is better.
  22. panpear


    I'm also leaning towards either 'same idea, different worlds' or two different subclasses of rich people of the human race, but not actual subraces of humans. Unless hair color is indeed restricted, at which point subraces would make more sense. (I think the only reason I could see limits on hair color is to try and differentiate the different humans classes at a glance.) More likely, I would think having consistent hair color in the art right now makes it easier to quickly group together the pictures for concept art.
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