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  1. I thought the Knight was directing that line at another 'immortal'. Since these backgrounds are presented more as 'sample characterizations' rather than 'this is who the Knight is', I am still of the opinion it's not really a MOBA at all as far as character selection goes. I think that whatever class(es) we choose is how we, as players, manifest in the game, just like other MMOs. As for what we are, I'm leaning towards 'our character is an immortal in service to a God to fight the Hunger' or something like that.
  2. Nice! And we can have free soundtrack music? Yey! (The brass part near the end sounds like it would be really hard to play!) Lady Knight looks awesome! *eyeballs avatar* I just might have to switch out to that one... Bangs be cool. Plus, it's fun imagining her as the one giving the backstory speech, hehe. (And I was thinking that the Knight was sounding like a lot of people in the forums, asking for more meaning behind the combats. >_>; ) Very interesting then, to hear that in some (all?) cases the mortal races have people chosen by the gods to fight against the hunger. I suspect for some of the immortal races (the stoneborn, perhaps?) they don't need to be summoned after death maybe?
  3. FYI I did unsign up from the guild site, so don't put me down as a member in the thread or anything (yet). I think I'll keep lurking on all the threads for awhile, though. I do like lurking.
  4. I thought the stilt/spike thing was weird too, but then I noted in the main concept art that the stilts are helping the hell cat move through the snow by piercing it. It adapts to the winter condition. I thought that was pretty cool. And isn't this the first time we've seen a moving model? Pretty sweet.
  5. Thanks for the welcomes, all. Ooo, cookie! *nom* Mmm, pie. Very tasty! My name is a silly little contraction between Panda and Pear (which is what I named my stuffed animal Panda waaaay back in the day). So thinking of delicious pear food is right on! I just had a Pear Champagne Creme Brulee the other day, it was tasty.
  6. Hello all! Been lurking 'round here, but I'm definitely interested in joining your guild. Applying on the guild website now.
  7. Only reads title to thread and writes blistering response to the title (that contradicts the actual topic as laid out in the first post).
  8. For the concept artists - How many iterations does it take to craft the images used for the various archtypes? Are some easier to place than others? Which (of the released ones so far) have been the hardest to work on? And since the 3D models are closely related to the concept art, does that make it easier to create the models or harder? I assume there are challenges either way. Thank you!
  9. As far as high heels go, these particular high heels seem practical, at least. The heels aren't too high, and are wide. It's the spindly super tall high heels that make me wince.
  10. Both of the concept artists on the staff page are women. >_> Also I wouldn't call the fae assassin a feminist at all. XD
  11. It sorta reminds me of The Giver (which I read in 4th grade). Of course, in The Giver the 'kill at birth' rate would be much less than it would be here, unless fae birth rates are usually skewed toward the lady side. It's not often I see backstories written that have a definite tone that... confronts our societies' normal sensibilities like this. You know?
  12. I am pretty sure that line refers to her mother killing her brother as a baby. Because they don't tolerate male offspring. >_>;
  13. If they really want to monotize having more than one character, it'd be easier for all if you just bought character slots. The only reason to not do that if it is really -really- important that each person have only one character, and I'm not too sure that is the case.
  14. That's what I was thinking too. It seemed to be more of a Fae thing rather than an assassin thing. Now... since they have wings, can they fly? Because I'm all about flying (or gliding. Gliding is cool too). I would guess that there are comparable archtypes that allow for male characters, hopefully. With various races being gender-locked, I would hope that similar playstyles are allowed across multiple genders, even if you cannot be a particular race.
  15. Well the warm color hair are complementary to all the blues from the hunger. >_>
  16. Because, in theory, if you bring in your super awesome stuff to a world that allows it, other people who have won campaigns will also bring in -their- super awesome stuff. And maybe it only conveys a slight advantage at the start of the campaign. I presume that's what the 'roughly' stands for.
  17. Yeah, that's why it probably wouldn't be like that, because of all the edge cases. (Though if they did have login at EK, I presume there would be a timer before that would kick in).
  18. I presume you would show up in the Eternal Kingdom, likely with a 'lose' condition applied from being booted from that world (unless, somehow, you managed a win condition even though you didn't do much while there, which is probably nearly impossible).
  19. Huh, that actually makes sense to do that. Let's you pop into the map when needed. But if a campaign world is around for so long, it still might make sense to continually show up there, even if you get ganked all the time. >_>; If you did get to go to the EK a lot, I think there would have to be control of if you could 'hearth' there at any point during the campaign ("oh crap, they're coming for me! Time to run to the EK!" is probably not a good playstyle). And what you could access, since gear and such is limited to your campaign world. So it may be more hassle than just saying "You live on this world now. Hope you got someone managed your kingdom!"
  20. Yeah, that sounds like a reasonable number to stop too much campaign hopping. I, as an altoholic, think that's a little low, but still reasonable. Just one character with all the options presented would make me sad. D: I'd be fine if they couldn't join the same campaign though, that would be a bit weird if they could. I'd also be for buying more character slots up to a limit, because I am one of Those people who just make new characters all the time. >_>;
  21. I still don't think so. The lack of levels saved across campaigns and the lack of character customization go against that, as well as the scale and randomness of the maps.
  22. I definitely would like to know this as well. I could see it being an issue if you made tons of characters and just hopped from campaign to campaign on all the new ones, but some variety would be nice if you're in a good spot in one campaign with nothing much to do at that time and wanted to experience that Fresh World Feeling with an alt. And as a person who really likes alts... well, I'm all for multiple characters, especially with all the varied playstyles and races. Having multiple accounts is more of a drag, because of managing them - and possibly, for some types of realms, it would be like making spies (not that that would stop some people; it is deterred by having initial game purchases/gametime costs, though).
  23. Maybe that's how initial ownership is determined? It was clear to me how an eternal kingdom is first set up. Does everybody get a world? Seems a bit weird if everyone had one. Though if there were a limited number of them, it would be awkward if everyone got locked out of them. But assuming limited, maybe there's an initial siege where you see who gets to rule it. After that though, it's unclear if you could continue to siege. Probably not, even if FFA pvp is turned on.
  24. I'm pretty sure I'll be backing your game, especially if the rewards are decently priced, for, say, playing a beta and such.
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