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  1. I'm really liking this full FAQ - it solidifies a lot of the ideas about the world and I think addresses many of the concerns that people were mentioning in the forums (of course, maybe not in the way that some would prefer, but still! Mentioned!) I really like the Eternal Kingdoms idea - I'm pretty sure some people might make those places their homes permanently. But hopefully the campaigns keep people interested.
  2. I actually interpret her narrative as explaining how she first started, and how she's now transitioned into role as an immortal. She doesn't call out the immortal bit definitively, but at the end: Even as my world crumbled, I did my best to fight the Hunger. I fight it, still. For my mother, for my father and for the World that I once loved. She states her world crumbled (due to the Hunger they were fighting, one sign of which was the zombies showing up, including her mother). And now she fights it still. How? As an immortal, going to worlds where the hunger has just started to show up and trying to stop it, or slow it down. The very last phrase indicates by this point, her world is now gone. Of course, it doesn't explain how she became an immortal, but I think this story shows her past training on her now dead world rather than how she continues to fight.
  3. Ah I see. Yeah, the 'winner' demands you to kneel. Mechanics-wise, if 'partial faction' kneels happen, I would think you would leave the world with your current holdings. It wouldn't make sense to lose your stuff if you knelt and then lost your stuff to an attack anyway. I would argue that it may have to be all or nothing for kneeling. Maybe all other factions kneel or you fight it out? The way the info is worded, it indicates you have some time to decide - maybe for a faction to kneel there has to be a vote? That may be time to gather up your last resources to take with you if you do kneel. Maybe kneeling sends you off planet with what you have currently, while the rest of them can still fight for what you left behind...
  4. Then there's a reason to want resources, isn't there? And it seems not all worlds have this rule. It seems more for the 'group' style worlds. I think it would help skip a stage in combat. If you don't like naked pvp, you would prefer places where you start with gear. If you like the naked and scavenging for clothes while being attacked by people sort of game (that eventually turns into making better gear as time goes on, based on what you find), then you may prefer worlds where you start with nothing. Starting with gear versus starting without changes your priorities when starting in a new map, even if it's just by a little bit. Starting a fight geared makes it more about securing full areas of resources, rather than trying to improvise weapons.
  5. I'm still of the opinion that 'kneel' is a state at the very end of a game, whatever the end condition ends up being. So you can't just have players, or even a single faction out of three, decide to take 'kneel'. In the above scenario, hummies wouldn't have the option to kneel if the other faction didn't. Of course, I'm reading 'kneel' more as 'tie', which could indeed be wrong. Perhaps in your scenario, if 'kneel' was admitting defeat to another faction, you would join that other faction in battle. You wouldn't get the full rewards of winning, since you didn't start on their side, but you could then try to fight off the other team that would lose. But then why wouldn't everyone kneel at the last moment? That's why I'm leaning towards it not really being an active choice to 'game the system for more rewards'.
  6. If gear can't be exported, you would have to make your gear from the resources you exported. If you win more, you have more resources, which you can use to make awesome gear to bring into the worlds that allow gear to start with. That's my guess for that.
  7. My guess is that there would definitely be different worlds with different rulesets going on at the same time, as some people may only play in certain rulesets. As for the number per ruleset, I would guess that depends on overall population, whether there would be enough demand to start up a new world with the same ruleset.
  8. My guess is the 'kneel' is like a tie, perhaps agreed upon by all 'sides' in a fight. (Which is why it only showed up on the guild/faction screenshot, right?) So you, as an individual, can't 'kneel' out of a fight, but if it ends up as a stalemate you get the 'kneel' amount. I don't think it would make sense to have individuals bow out and get more loot than if they would have lost.
  9. You mean the time limit? 'Cause for all we know the worlds could be round and circle back on each other. Not very arena like. I think arenas for purposes of battling in have to be small, or at least smaller. If you have an entire world to romp around in and you might not even run into an opposing faction, depending on where you go, that doesn't seem very arena to me.
  10. I think it would make more sense to have random worlds generated to keep things fresh. If it's the same few world maps every time, there's no sense for a fog of war, you'll eventually know where everything is or could spawn (assuming places like mines could be easily shuffled). Just find one spot and then you know where the rest could be. Random resource locations could help keep things interesting, but a really random map would be awesome. I imagine it could be like civ generated maps, you know? And I don't think a random map generator would be out of the realm of possibility? Make large hexes, randomly distribute, add mines? Sure, complicated, but working in sections makes it easier. But who knows? However, I do think they have thought about the actual execution of what they are doing. I don't think you'd get this far along snowballing out 'ideas' to us and then go 'wait, that's way out of our budget scope I guess we'll scrap it and we shouldn't have told you this key concept of the game'. Probably. XD
  11. Not all campaigns would have you starting naked. That's where resources can be used to craft you good starting gear.
  12. Well, they're saying that games that don't reset the server stagnate and this is their design solution. I think that if people are aware that the world can and does go away, they won't be as upset. I'm sure if I had gotten land and spent a lot to build it up and then randomly it got destroyed by a server reset I would be upset. However, if I built the place to defend resources that I could bring back and I knew that someday it would go away, well, I'd just go with it. Like in ArcheAge, I have a bit of land which is harder to come by; if the server reset I would be upset because there goes that land. However, in this game, -everyone- loses the land as the world goes away; you'll have to just build it better elsewhere. And if you did well and got lots of resources to build stuff up, you'll have more to take away to the Eternal Kingdoms where they can be put to use permanently, I would presume.
  13. They pointed out that having conquered areas that are kept forever by the most powerful guild is -also- stagnant and repetitive, so they are trying something different by resetting those. Hopefully the stuff you -can- gain after a reset would be enough to keep the game from being stagnant. It really seems to be more about letting things go and not caring as much for the material but for the thrill of the conquest, rather than showing off your castle that can always be defended. Now, I could see an argument that the world shouldn't die, and you could keep it, but then whoever controls it would be sitting there with no one else who would attack them, right? Because everyone else would see it is too hard to defend and go off to a new world. So why not just reset entirely?
  14. For some that wouldn't be immersive enough? It would become just a pure lobby, with no connections with other players outside of the dying worlds? I know I'd like it for RP purposes, or hanging out with guilds.
  15. I think trophies are just a part of it. You need a place to store your loot that you are able to take back from the ended worlds as well. Why not a game world? And you may need to get resources to actually build the land for your guildhall, or what have you, so more reasons to go out into the Dying Worlds. I presume the look of the world would be similar to the spawned worlds anyway, so it probably wouldn't be much different than the assets currently being made?
  16. I dunno, it sounds like you can place whatever you want wherever you want. The example given just makes it seem like a more strategically sound decision to guard a good resource area. Of course, the world will eventually disappear, but until then you'll own a neat fortification and you can work on getting resources that you can eventually take some of back with you to the Eternal Realms (depending on your world's ruleset).
  17. I'd consider it more of a test from your god, to see if you can survive The Hunger and claim resources for their glory with nothing on your person.
  18. As some other people have mentioned, it may be you can join at any time. Or maybe it would make sense that you could join during certain phases, like during Spring/Summer only, to stop extra reinforcements during the end game. Or maybe bringing in extra people at the end-game would be a strategy to boost your side, but since they wouldn't have the resources you have, you would need to give them stuff to be effective.
  19. I'm running a bit behind on posts but... yes, I agree, crafters will be important! They will still need to get resources from somewhere/someone though, to be effective on a new world, so it would take them a bit to get set up!
  20. I was also thinking it could be a starting world. But I was thinking that once you leave the starting world you cannot go back, and it would have negligible items you could export, if exporting would be allowed at all. Just a PvE place so you can try and figure out how your class/playstyle works before going into the real game. Of course, it may not be the best idea to keep everyone sequestered away from the real game to start with, so maybe it is as others suggest, some sort of FFA area / an even cooler 'rare material' type area.
  21. Well, to the left everything is light, warm colors, and to the left everything is cool, dark colors. I associate the warmer colors with order (behold, the organized troops), and the darker colors with chaos (remains of battlefield, gnarly tree branches). But that's just me. Also, the tree has the 'order' to the left, and 'chaos' to the right, which matches the alignment of the background image.
  22. It's even reflected in the background image for the forums. Light and Dark, on either side.
  23. For the gods (which I may have missed in earlier discussions)... do you make that choice as an individual when you create your character, as to which god you are aligned with? Is it assigned based on race? Faction? (do you pick factions too, or is that also race based?) Is it possible to switch gods? (Given the lore for the Stoneborn, it seems they, at least, would not.)
  24. There could be a case where there are still plenty of bigger worlds, but resources of the worlds get depleted. Eventually you are left with no resources and lots of towns. Maybe people will stay to craft there with the infrastructure built, but resources are hard to import. But look - that world over there is still pretty empty and full of resources... groups of players self-migrate there to take what seems to be ripe for the picking and rebuild, leaving behind husks of their former fortresses. At that point, with no resources maybe a world could even collapse! Players must flee to other stable planets, upsetting the balance of the warlords who have been farming them in peace... etc.
  25. From previous screens explaining how servers/worlds work, it seemed to be more of a web than a linear progression. However, it is true the most recent ones seem to be in layers. My guess is that there's a 'home' one (the Eternal Kingdoms perhaps?) and then you can go to whichever one(s) you want without any order needing to be taken into consideration. As for the sixth world mentioned previously, maybe that's the starting world where it's safe for new players?
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