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  1. I feel the statements about Stoneborn being male(ish) 'being critical to the lore' is more of a driving factor than 'people are used to male-only dwarves'. >_>
  2. That's cool. This one seems pretty explained in lore as being all-male (well, genderless but male-looking), and there are other options for two-legged ladies.
  3. Maybe the Eternal Kingdoms isn't all the way safe? But where a lot of that 'carebear' activity would take place... under the protective watch of the ruler of your fief (another player). Maybe? Like, sorta like an alliance of guilds wants crafters to work and move materials for them, etc, but in return they have to keep up armies to stop those other kingdoms from taking their stuff. And they get money from taxes and other people get stuff from safety in numbers? And then something something venture into other realms for cool stuff. XD
  4. I was reading that more as 'depending on the condition, this is how much stuff you can actually remove'. So if you stick out for a win, you can haul more stuff away. However, I'm getting a vibe that it's harder to move between worlds (or maybe between rulesets if there are multiple worlds per ruleset) than I had thought it would be initially. Probably takes some planning on when to go, or if you should store stuff on a rulesets for later maybe?
  5. Um, yes, I would play as a 'not stereotypical beautiful female' centaur. Whatever they felt fit the best for the centaur aesthetic. I mean really. Male character designs can be 'not beautiful', why not woman designs? I'm sure I could RP as a male centaur. However, I would prefer stepping into the role of a female centaur. Just sayin'.
  6. Yeah, it wasn't quite how I was expecting the different worlds to work either. I'm wondering if the 'universe map' is indicating more than one world per ruleset?
  7. People who want to play as an opposite gendered centaur seem to care about the gender locks. >_> nehemia, I agree with many of the points in your initial post here. I think most of us who mentioned wanting to play as a female centaur did (eventually) see the dev quote, which indeed agrees with the most expensive phase you described (phase 1). I believe that we're just expressing interest in female centaurs as something we would like, certainly not a priority, since there's still so much going on with the game. And while there haven't been many other races officially announced, the centaurs was the first one where I could see confusion as whether they were a 'monster' race. This is because the upper half looks very human, and we know that humanoids get both genders. Personally, I don't think all of us are for all gender locks on monster races to be dropped. Centaurs just happened to be a particular one a fair number of people expressed interest in a female option. Heck, that's why brought me to the forums in the first place. XD Also, I disagree with your interpretation of the centaur lore as mentioned in "Phase 2". First, it states that there are indeed female centaur existing - awesome. And with a title including "She Who Could Not Be Tamed" it makes me think of her being a fighter, not someone who sits on the sidelines. So why wouldn't they be running around? Contrast this with the recently mentioned Stoneborn, a race who are explicitly cast from stone in male form. No lady Stoneborn. That's cool. I can play other two-legged humanoids who are lady-based. But there are no four-legged forms that are lady-based (yet?) So there's not a 'good' alternative.
  8. I'm a big altoholic, so I like making lots of characters in any game I play. They often aren't leveled much, as I am bad at that, but I still like making them and making backstories for them. Having a character pool to choose from for your account (the larger the better imo, but at least hopefully more in the range of 3-4) I think would be good, especially since the worlds are all different. You might want an alt to hang out more on one world than another, or have one that hops around. As for combat-jumping, if that does become a concern a timer could be a way to solve that issue, as others mentioned in this thread. As for spies... well, spies are like a mini-game in the game, right? However, if there intention is to not have spies, the 'common name' for your account would indeed solve that, as other games have done with 'shared servers'. An RP friendly way to handle that would be as a 'last name' or 'middle name', as mentioned earlier. Or just the account name handle otherwise.
  9. I too would prefer a stable core game. However, if female centaur were an option to make once the core game was stable (versus some other content), I'm pretty sure I would prefer the latter. I, and I believe others who would like to see playable women centaur, understand from previous quotes that they are not cheap to make. We're just letting ArtCraft know that there is indeed a demand for women centaur (who certainly don't have to be 'girly'). After all, it sounds like there are already some who wouldn't play as a centaur unless there was a female skin. (Though I'm sure similar discussions will come up for the other 'monstrous' races; this would be something where ArtCraft would have to weigh the popularity of the matter for each race).
  10. I can understand your sentiment, but if we just 'wait' it may indicate early on that there is -not- a demand for women centaur, which would mean even less of a chance that women centaur would get made in the future. I think having discussions about the genders of various playable races as they are announced (or at least hinted at) gives a better idea of future priorities. Feedback earlier on allows for better planning in the future, right? I think it's because the centaur story mentioned a lady centaur and the fact the upper body looks like a regular human that I was hoping for women centaur to be playable. Centaur aren't seen much in other games as a playable race, so I was looking forward to playing as one. When I play characters, I like ones that reflect my own gender, which would be female. Plus, this limits the RP opportunities presented, and what I would put for my backstory. I can understand gender-locking other races, especially since some of them will be women-only, some men-only. I hope, though, that there is convincing lore as to -why- they are gender-locked. (Plus, other gender-locked races may not look as human, and therefore is easier to accept that the other gender is not playable).
  11. Well my vote is to add in female centaurs. You don't see centaurs in other games, and it would be way cool to have lady ones, especially since they are already mentioned as existing in lore. It's weird when the other gender exists but you never see their models in game... I'm pretty sure I would roll a centaur character either way? But a lady one would definitely become my favorite, rather than 'I had to make a buff dude because that's the only way to get horse legs'. (Buff, stocky centaur lady? Yes please.) If it would make it easier for the art, I'm pretty sure I'd be cool with the horse body looking the same for both genders, and I'm pretty sure it could work too.
  12. Just because a female is mentioned in a bio doesn't mean they'll be playable, sadly. That's what I really dislike, when ladies of the race are mentioned but never seen. :/ I'd really like to play as a lady centaur, because centaurs are just not common in other MMOs at all. And as Yoh mentioned earlier, it sounds like female centaurs are out for now. Heck, I'd be fine if the horse part looked the same and just the torso changed, if that helped with saving on art. Stocky centaur ladies would be awesome.
  13. I signed up just to look at the centaur art more. I don't think I've seen any other MMO really do centaur before, so I'm definitely in! Centaur! I hope Centaur don't count as 'monstrous' enough to be limited to just male models though. I really want a lady centaur!
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