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  1. If you believe this suggestion is repeating a previous post or reply, just let me know and I'll delete this thread. In Rare's upcoming title, Sea of Thieves, they plan to have a "ghost ship" you visit upon death. Filled with other recently deceased players, all trying to achieve small objectives in order to return to the world of living. One of the main purposes of this feature is to generate inspiration and laughs amongst the player base. "You died, doing what?!" "I didn't know that existed, my crew and I are going to have to check that out". In Crowfall's recent update they briefly mentioned how they want to explore immersive, functional content with Temples & Graveyards. One of the most promising features of Crowfall is the Campaign World system, where each Campaign can be vastly different. A feature enabling players to learn about the craziness occurring in other campaigns, could be refreshing and rewarding. To connect back to SOT, an example of such a feature could be upon death your crow must report to your god/ or "Order, Chaos, Balance", in a netherworld shared between active campaigns. Upon arrival you are dynamically grouped with 1-2 random players, tasked with proving you have grown since your last death. It could be a simple battle, against a slightly powerful entity summoned by your god/ faction. During this collaborative fight you interact with your fellow crows, showcasing your most recent vessel build. Depending on your group's level of success, the number of graveyard locations you have access to will grow or shrink. Giving the player more options on whether they want to attempt to reclaim that previous vessel, or instead return to a safer area closer to allies. Either way death can become a valuable experience, where you can learn from the failures of others (war strategy), and also witness new skill combinations you may want to try for yourself.
  2. thanks for this awesome reply! I have full confidence in ACE, and will be excited to play the game when it is complete. I guess I take for granted being the feeling of knowing content will be posted every tuesday and thursday. I am game for small updates, if that keeps the stream steady.
  3. Love crafting, excited for more info. I don't want to come off as a negative nancy, as I understand ACE is small and I am in no particular hurry to play Crowfall. Outside of the monthly archetype update, does anyone else feel that these weekly updates make it appear that ACE is developing this game at an absolute snail pace? I mean what is with the staggered approach to releasing concept art? Is this really for marketing purposes or are they just completing concept art now? Overall I think they should use the same strategy they switch to with testing, spread out content updates but make them excitingly dense.
  4. I like the buff idea, but was hoping there would be a profession for administering combat buffs, similar to doctor/entertainer from SWG. Example buffs: - not needing food for a long duration, unless heavily damaged in combat. - quick-feet: speed boost - heavy arms: temporary increased resource inventory slots - true hero : grants x% increase to the attack speed of allies around you. The cost being, you literally have a floating target above your head.
  5. For past 3-4 months my hype for this game has suffered, because I couldn't see past its current state. Specifically with immersion and its overall fun factor. Today reading through the FAQ, the following sentences made me re-realize the scale of the campaign worlds, and the impact that will have. The zones are seamless, and the scale of the map is huge (i.e. the size of a virtual continent.) each one have a completely unique world map (mountains, forests, lakes, castles, villages, quarries, mines, mills – you name it) The “exploration” phase of the game can be different in each Campaign. The world will never be stale. We can take that initial rush of excitement you get when you enter an MMO for the first time, and bottle it. We can make it repeatable. Here is a map of Outland from BC. http://imgur.com/a/HzMrD Imagine setting up your mystical keep in a zone similar to Zangarmarsh. With access to unique resources, that allow you to build siege equipment/ fortifications that are different than what clans/ individuals in other zones are creating/ can create. i.e. walls that are shielded against poison, or walls that when destroyed the bricks tumble and release poisonousness clouds. Now imagine you (a clan from Hellfire P) expect this and plan to boil the poisonous defenses with flametrocious siege equipment. However, when attacking the Zangarmarsh keep, the Peon Clan find it is built entirely with resources from NetherStorm. These NetherStorm walls, allow the defending clan to pass through them (because the defenders are all wearing cloaks that are linked to this Wall power), as if the wall itself is nothing more than a shadow. "How is this possible, how did we not see this clan transporting goods from NetherStorm? Haven't we been keeping tabs on travel in Southern Blade Edge Mountains?" What if in the northwest tip of zangarmarsh, there is a pass that leads around the edge of the southern half of Blade Edge Mountains and exits into Northern BE Mountains. Because of this pass, you decide to ally your clan with the one clan occupying Northern BE Mountains. You send a "diplomat", who negotiates a deal to pay 20% of the resources obtained from NetherStorm for safe passage through their zone. Only you and this clan know about the pass connecting your two zones... or so you think. Lastly just think about how awesome it will be, to have greater knowledge/ potentially sole knowledge of a zone like Zangarmarsh. Where the resource POI's are, and other strategic points. You already discovered them/ built mini defenses around them. Say you have to retreat, you know exactly where to retreat, you already planned for it just in case. Imagine entering a zone for the first time, not knowing where the enemy will be. Walking through a narrow pass, that triggers a silent trap you did not see. You have no idea enemy forces are closing in on you, and even if you did, you have no idea where they are coming from. This could have been avoided, if you brought one of your scouts with you, who could act as your eyes in this unknown zone they previously explored for half of a season. So you decide to bring him/her a long. It is a new season, what if seasons have the power to adjust landscape slightly/ or create/destroy resource POI's. The scout's plan of entry may have to be adjusted on the fly. Or what if the scout turns on their clan at the last moment, simply because from what they scouted they know how screwed their original clan is. So they plot with the powerful Zangarmarians, to lead the Peon Clan into a spot no one shall return from.
  6. Cool to see the technology working. Keep up the great work. I agree with everyone else that the team is making rapid progress. Here are some real world environments, used in Game of Thrones. Perhaps it could provide some inspiration, as the current environment leaves much to be desired. I personally would prefer to feel like I am traversing epic areas, instead of fighting in the nearby park. https://iso.500px.com/game-of-thrones-filming-locations/
  7. I have a couple ideas. The one I am most keen on, is using your cloak to hide larger resources until someone who can actually bring a caravan over to haul them away, or have the time to break the resources down into a slightly more realistic character inventory size. I think you could carry different shaded cloaks (for hiding different type of resources) in your inventory, that when worn provide you with different combat stats. I would prefer to not run through floating logs, and have them appear in my inventory. I would rather have to defend that area if something bulky and rare drops, or at least hide it and return to that spot later.
  8. Nice, glad to see a Zarya type archtype. Now all we need is a Roadhog Frostweaver, a Zenyatta Stalker. ... and possibly a Guinecean Junkrat.
  9. Big improvement. Not sure how I feel about the color outline signifying channeled ability, charged, instant. Could be clearer to use a dashed outline and a double outline instead of changing color.
  10. I understand the hunger is our enemy, but I kinda hope we can harvest it in some form to help make cool gear or weapons that can not be crafted in EK. Really hope the gods have greater impact on character development and look, besides just team creation and lore. Some ideas Temples that overtime grant you a buff from your god by praying or logging off in. (Somewhat remote regions of map that). Buffs change with the seasons. Perhaps logging off in certain areas could grant increased skill efficiency for offline training. Possibly impacting player movement during lull game hours, when players rush for the temple of their choice to log. Enchantment effects if they exist, such as glows, flames, and shadows, could be determined by the crafter's god choice and not just the recipes. Sorry if any of these have been mentioned before.
  11. I love the look of the distant fog over the forest, as well as the tree of life.
  12. Great work on the first siege vehicle! I agree with Nikbis that a player should push the catapult and another player in charge of triggering the weapons. Being able to see the players and disengage them from the vehicle through direct hits would be nice. I like the idea of a solo siege weapon that is expensive to make, and possibly requires a discipline to use.
  13. Edit; Siege Mechanics FAQ answered my question/ replaced the need for my PVE suggestion.
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