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Found 2 results

  1. If you have a client crash, please contact support@crowfall.com. To report any issues or bugs, please go here: TEST Bug Reports and Legend for ACE feedback on Bugs reportedTo report feedback, please go here: TEST Feedback Known Issues There is a known issue with characters sometimes appearing invisible. We’ve added additional logging to troubleshoot this so if you encounter this bug in this new build, please send your Client logs to Support@crowfall.com Crafting Grilled Sandwich is now a Sous Chef Recipe. Grilled Sandwich now requires Produce instead of Cheese, and Ground Pepper instead of Satyr Salt Cubes. UI Added ultimate charges to the ultimate power button Powers Go For Broke will no longer trigger Righteous Parry nor will it grant the templar a righteousness pip General Fixed an issue where some campfires were invisible
  2. If you have a client crash, please contact support@crowfall.com. To report any issues or bugs, please go here: TEST Bug Reports and Legend for ACE feedback on Bugs reportedTo report feedback, please go here: TEST Feedback Campaign Updated the power tooltip for the Ballista's Ice Bolt Crafting Crafting Enchants description text now indicates the proper amounts Fixed icons not loading for arcane pistol and shield Hellcat Meat in the Crafting Wildcard UI will now display Big Cat Meat The "Economic Victory" Victory Card will now properly award credit for creating valuable items of uncommon or better quality, instead of uncommon quality only. Eternal Kingdom EK parcel tokens now display in the EK editor in the parcel list and for selected parcels. UI Added confirmation dialog before leaving guilds Tweaking UI settings to reduce aliasing effect with character and campaign lists at lower resolutions Powers Stationary buffs like Concentration and Take Root now properly apply when you start and stop quickly Duelist Duelist Dirge Keen Guard healing will now benefit from both the Healing Bonus and Personal Healing Modifier Fixed a text display error for the Duelist's Vanish power Myrmidon After applying your first talent point on a new Minotaur Myrmidon the berserk skill will be in the 4th slot instead of the 2nd Disciplines Disciplines will not be auto swapped if dropped on the wrong slot any longer Discipline powers that use pips should now use the correct pip costs. Master of Daggers The 2nd ability in the Master of Daggers combo is again called Crippling Stab Master of Focus Chaos Orb no longer deals burst of damage around the caster when the orb times out expires Master of Swords Critical Hack now applies damage properly. General 0 sacrifice value items no longer have the Sacrifice tier tag Changed the name of Respec Tome Vendor to Tomes Vendor Doobers that land near enough to the player should now automatically be picked up Fixed a bug where the Crow Release and Crow Recall actions could sometimes fail due to latency Fixed a bug where voice chat would stop working if you spam click the connect/disconnect button Fix character walk animation glitching and in combat sliding Mystery Vendor now sells advanced gear instead of novice gear Offset Weapon Weight to Basic Attack Damage statistic so that a 40 weapon weight is 0 modification instead of -20 Officers of the guild don't have option/drop down menu to leave guild in-game Recalling should no longer notify you that your bind location has changed every time you recall after changing factions. Reduced the interact hold time for Runegates from 2 seconds to 1.5 seconds Removing the feedback dialog window shown when exiting the game. As this was for alpha/beta testing feedback, it is unneeded at launch Social UI will persist even when creating a character and logging out NPE Added an image of the Guild UI to Guild Recruiter Jian's Dialog Added a new Tutorial Tip to inform players that when they drag the same items of different qualities on top of one another, they won't stack Added a tutorial event that explains how to join a guild after speaking to the guild recruiter Added a tutorial event that explains how to open the divine favor tab Added information to the hot zone quest (Hot Zones drop double the loot!) Covering the Basics quest no longer drops off the quest line after crafting a hammer for those who selected the Quarryman discipline Fixed character animation glitching while in combat Fixed issue where training dummy nameplates were appearing too low Hotzones have been adjusted. We increased the number of NPC present in each active hotzone and decreased some of the loot drops to balance it out. Lowered the nameplate of the bookshelf in the ghost village Lowered the NPC kill count needed to complete the "These Zones are Hot!" quest from 25 to 15 Moved the Level Up and Respec pedestals so the interacts feel better to use Removed the Sun Elves spawning in the camp with the Sun Elf General Plans in Gods Reach, and reduced the difficulty of all enemies in the Moon Temple of Gods Reach Returned nameplate health bars to target dummies Small and large keeps in Gods reach will now generate capture and penalty points properly The Arborium and The Lunarium now properly spawn caravan pigs in the caravan areas Updated Brak's dialogue to mention that you can unequip disciplines since you no longer need to destroy them to remove them from your vessel Updated the Runegate Keep Out Barrier so that it no longer disappears based on camera position Updated Yuri's dialogue about food to mention actual buffs you can get from food
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