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Found 2 results

  1. Test Patch Notes, and Legend for ACE feedback on Bugs reported Please share any bugs you noticed while playing the game, these are objective issues with gameplay. Overall feedback or opinions on systems should be directed to Test Feedback If you can provide us with the steps you used to create the bug (reproducible steps), an image or even a short video clip that would be ideal and aid us in getting the bug entered properly into our tracking software. Additionally, if you run across a bug on LIVE, can you please try to reproduce it on our Test server as well and let us know if you're successful. If you encounter disconnection problems, showstopper bugs, or any other issues preventing you from entering or playing the game, please send an email as well as your client logs* to support@crowfall.com. *Client logs can be found here: C:\Users\[username]\AppData\LocalLow\Art+Craft\Crowfall
  2. If you have a client crash, please contact support@crowfall.com. To report any issues or bugs, please go here: TEST Bug Reports and Legend for ACE feedback on Bugs reportedTo report feedback, please go here: TEST Feedback The Shadow Campaigns The Shadow (Faction vs Faction) Campaigns return! The Shadow Campaigns are Faction vs Faction campaigns where followers of the Sun, Earth, and Moon pantheons compete for Conquest, Glory, Wealth, and Power. Unlike The Dregs, The Shadow allows guilded and unguilded players alike the opportunity to capture strongholds, siege objectives, construct and upgrade buildings, and earn end of campaign rewards. The Shadow is intended to provide a means of progression for players bridging the gap between God's Reach and The Dregs. The Shadow Campaigns have a minimum level of 25 to participate and has NPCs level 29-33 When you first enter The Shadow Campaign, if you are not guilded you are given the option to join a faction If you are a member of a guild, your Patron Deity determines the faction you are a member of The Shadow Campaigns are Embargo Campaigns. When you join the campaign with a character you can import a set number of items into the campaign. Until the end of the campaign, you must 'unlock' your character from the campaign in order to join a different campaign or access your Eternal Kingdom. At the end of the Campaign, Rewards are given for members of Factions based on their Faction's standings in the Campaign Similar to the Strongholds that are found in The Infected zones of God's Reach, the building options in Strongholds are predetermined. Duelist Balance Changes Talent Tree has been updated - Dirge and Vanguard Scout tree positions have been swapped along with other powers moving their placement around. Impale – Replaced the impale specific bleed with a standard Bleed Rapid Shot – Now hitting 5+ targets activates 20% Crit Amount buff for 15s, removed Exposed punish and Crit increase on each hit Flintlock Shot – Now, if Exposed, Knock Down, Removed the need for the enemy to be attacking Lunge – Now activates 2000 Armor/Cap buff for 10s, removed Exposed punish Cheap Shots – Now activates 10% Crit Chance buff for 15s, Replaced the Crit on Exposed with, if Exposed each shot spreads Exposed to a nearby enemy within 5m Keen Guard – Now activates 50 Stamina Regen over 10s at 5 pips, stacks with Revitalize Ambush – Now teleports caster up to 10m, activates 10% Bonus Damage/Cap buff for 10s, Replaced the Knock Down if Exposed and attacking with, if Exposed, root Snipe – Now activates 10% Bonus Damage/Cap buff for 10s, Replaced the auto Crit if Exposed with, if Exposed, root Trip Shot – Single Target Attack, 25m, 23s CD, Knock Down, generates 1 pip Flip Shot – Single Target Attack, 15m, 15s CD, Execute, Flash Cast Graceful Swipe – 180 AoE Cone melee attack, 6m, 5 targets, 23s CD, applies Exposed to bleeding targets, activates 5s CC Reflect Buff Ricochet – Your basic pistol attacks now hit an additional target. This overrides Spirit Whip. Sweet Victory – Now heals the Duelist for 750 when they Hard CC an enemy, ICD 5s Hunter – Basic attacks add a stacking 1% PDM reduction on target, stacks up to 10 times, and lasts for 10s, Flintlock Shot adds 2 stacks Cloak of Shadows – Now also adds a 10% Bonus Damage for 10s Into the Shadows - Now also adds all Duelist Buffs when used. 10% Bonus Damage/Cap buff for 10s, 10% Crit Chance buff for 15s, 20% Crit Amount buff for 15s, activates 50 Stamina Regen over 10s, activates 5s CC Reflect Buff, and activates 2000 Armor/Cap buff for 10s. Inconceivable - Power Removed Buckshot - Power Removed Slayer - Power Removed Slayer Enhancement Changes Rapid Shot: Has a chance reset Flip Shot, when attacking targets below 50% health Removed Keen Guard Enhancement Dirge Enhancement Changes Keen Guard: Removed the Heal from this enhancement Assassin Balance Changes The talent tree for Assassin has been updated. Backstab – Raised base damage, lowered behind target multiplier if Exposed always counts as from behind Sneak Attack – Now teleports caster 10m, activates Instant Poison buff Shiv – Now comes with old Poison Mastery buffs by default, refresh Instant and Deadly Poison buffs if active, if Exposed, refresh Exposed Kidney Shot – Now if Exposed, generates 1 pip Garrote – now also activates Deadly Poison buff Blink Step – Now also activates Instant Poison buff Blur – Increase in combat movement speed by 40% and PDM by 30% for 10s, 30s cooldown Decimate – Now if Exposed, generate 1 pip, increased base damage, decreased weapon damage Dagger Storm – Point blank AoE attack for 8m radius up to 7 targets, damage scales per pips, deals extra damage to Bleeding targets, Gain a Barrier. No longer a combo. In the Zone - Power removed Efficient Poisons – Now also has, gain a stacking 5% Poison Penetration buff for each active Poison buff Poison Mastery – Replaced previous power with, Crippling Poison now also removes barriers and if the target is Blocking, they gain an Exhaustion Schadenfreude – Replaced the Heal on Stun with a Hard CC that grants you a 10% Damage buff for 10s Yaga’s Gift – Replaced previous power with, Applying or refreshing a Poison Buff, heals the caster for 250 Health Irresistible – Applying CC to a target also applies an Exhaustion (this is currently removable via the various Cleanses) Resourceful Tactics – Replaced previous power with, Recon can now be used from the melee tray. Blink Step now gives 5% life steal for 10s, if Exposed, Root the target ShadowStep cost increase to 750 Increased the damage of Instant and Deadly Poisons Most Class Ultimate powers no longer clear the Exposed condition Reduced the duration of Exposed to 20s Cleanse, Cauterize, and Purgative now also remove Exposed Moved Power Damage Bonus: Behind +10% from In The Zone to Stat Bundle 5 Moved Power Efficiency +25% from In The Zone to Stat Bundle 5 Cutthroat Promotion Adjustments Blink Step - Now, if Exposed, generates 1 pip Sneak Attack - Now, adds a barrier when used Backstab - Removed the reduced cooldown, Now if Exposed, Execute Removed the In The Zone enhancement Removed the Kidney Shot enhancement Vandal Promotion Adjustments Kidney Shot - Removed the increased damage and instead, Now also breaks Block and applies the stun Recon - Recon is now a targeted AoE Backstab - Removed the Suppress and instead, Increases damage to Stunned Targets Removed the In The Zone enhancement Vandal promotion now causes basic attacks to deal Poison damage instead of Weapon damage Blackguard Promotion Adjustments Blur - Now immune to CC while Blurred Garrote - Is now an 8m AoE, up to 7 targets Removed the In The Zone enhancement Blackguard can now equip plate armor Campaign Adding back the Woodworking Table to the Engineering Works which disappeared at Rank 2 Added hint to the campaign launch screen to show the restriction icons have tooltips Added several badges for campaign rewards Clarified the Highway Robbery victory card descriptions to state that it requires unique player kills Fixed a bug that was preventing visual effects from playing on the zone map to signify upcoming, active, and conflicted siege events or hot zones Fixed an issue with the ballista's Magic Shield power Fort circle capture times have been changed. The time it takes to capture a fort with 3, 4, or 5 players has been reduced. The max number of players that can contribute to the capture circle is 5 Packpigs will now drop Ethereal Dust on death and skinning has been fixed for them The Castle is now less Conquest points and increased penalty points as the campaign goes on Updated Campaign Populations to more accurately reflect the population of the campaign Updated the message that pops up when you log out in a stronghold to “You are logging out in a siege location. If this stronghold is lost before your next login you will be moved somewhere safe.” When a ward is destroyed at a keep or castle, there is now a toast message displaying to players within the area Crafting Added an icon from the building UI with a tooltip that explains that higher-quality resources can affect the recipe progression Added Cocoa Beans and Water to Scavenging Cupboards Crafted campfires should now properly give the resting buff Fixed an issue where the Dwarven Blacksmith Stall was not interactable by players that did not place it Fixed issue with Metal Bar: Electrum & Steel outputs being switched Gnocchi properly indicates it is a food Guild member Chests can now be crafted, find the recipe with the rest of the Stonemasonry Chest recipes. Increased resource costs of Noble and Vassal Chests Moving while the crafting window is open will now force the window to close Parcel and Backer Parcel recipes should sort in the recipe book from smallest parcel to the largest parcel in the list Players are now able to use Woodland Grove parcel to craft a Woodland Hills Parcel Updated the tooltip of Energetic Harvesting with the correct Stamina regen amount Updated Wood Grub icon We will not show +0xp for harvesting plants or when at the level cap Eternal Kingdom Added a new day/night EK toggle Added missing stairs to some of the guildhalls Created stone and wood castle wall ramps for EKs EK Vassal Commands now have the correct messages when they fail due to the player being on the starter parcel or on a world edge parcel Fixed an issue where parcels couldn't be dragged in the EK editor if it was opened right after placing a building Fixed an issue where the camera could go under the world during placement in EKs Fixed an issue where the incorrect error message was showing when an invalid token was entered in the /ekincrementvassaltokencount command Fixed an issue where the incorrect message was showing for the /ekdisplayparcelowner command Fixed an issue with Metal Bar: Electrum & Steel outputs being switched Fixed an issue that was causing thrones to rotate weirdly when attempting to socket them Fixed an issue that was preventing parcels in the EK editor from being dragged when clicking on the parcel icon Fixing the number of sockets available in Guild Halls to be five and it should be more uniform with two on each side of each doorway (besides the West wing, which has one socket) Improved server stability when loading and unloading EKs Loot no longer drops on death in EKs Removed the Alliance Management UI in EKs There are now Guild Chests that can be crafted and placed in EKs UI Added +/- expansion buttons for inbox entries that contain multiple items Added more visible online and offline tags to the social menu to better differentiate between online and offline players Added UI notifications when you join an embargoed campaign so that it is clear your character will be locked to the campaign Disabling the "Show Locations" option in the UI settings will now entirely remove the location HUD from the upper right of the screen Fixed a bug causing the chat panel to open each time the player sent a Murder invite Fixed a scaling issue with the Build Timers Fixed guild icons on nameplates sometimes appearing incorrectly Group UI debuffs now shows stack count Input mappings when using QWERTZ and AZERTY keyboards now show the correct key in most cases. The ` and ö keys on QWERTZ will act as the same key and display as ` and the ù and ! keys on AZERTY will act as the same key and display as ù Made reticle target unit frame be more responsive when showing buffs Provided some protection against choosing graphics settings that can cause some players to crash Receiving a Friend Invite will no longer put the user into cursor mode The "Coming Soon" banner is now displayed in both the Faction vs Faction and Guild vs Guild bands, if there aren't any campaigns currently running Powers Arrow damage now properly updates on Chaos Orb, Ranger Retaliate, and Ranger Traps Better aligned the projectile to the damage timing for Hellcat Fire Spit NPC power Fixed a display error on the bleed damage for Garrote Fixed an issue with shrapnel where it was splitting damage instead of applying the same damage to each target hit Large power cooldowns will now show minute timers Opening the social menu for a nearby friendly player (to invite, trade, or whisper) will now break stealth Performing a deathblow on a fallen enemy will now break stealth Stealther Ultimate powers now properly removes the Dirge of Dissonance DoT Thorns damage now shows what ability the player with thorns was attacked with, and correctly states that the other player was damaged by the thorns Updated several powers to reference that Toxin is an item you equip that is needed to activate poison buffs Updated several ranged powers to use a down to up camera shake Updated the power term to state thorns only works when your health takes damage, which excludes damage taken when barriers are applied. Updated the visual effects for several powers Assassin Added a new animation for Shiv Blur will now place you into combat when used Decimate power has been updated to list the correct amount of pips regained for striking an exposed target Diffusion description has been updated to fix an issue with the dynamic tooltips Shadowstep will now properly prevent Damage Over Time effects from being applied while you are entering stealth Sneak Attack no longer applies exposed every time is used on a target Sneak Attack no longer deals damage twice when used on a target Updated the description of Septic Strike to note how long the Blackmantle that is applied to your targets lasts Cleric Blessed Protection now has a unique animation Divine Presence power now has a unique animation Word of Wrath now has a unique animation Champion Demoralizing Shout support power debuff now applies properly when the target also has the Lament of Sadness debuff Updated Vicious Stomp VFX Confessor Fire of Life now properly heals the targets after preventing their death Reduced the healing done by Fire of Life by 20% Druid Blight and Overgrowth now use unique animations Nature's Grace and Grasping roots now use unique animations Updated Alter Reality to be available on both the Life and Death tray for druids Updated Gaea’s Growth animation Wicked Winds now pushes the target an amount consistent with other pushes in the game Duelist Dynamite will now move the duelist when used while CCed Flintlock Shot will now grant pips in the proper amount of time after initiating the attack Go For Broke and Pepperbox shot will now hit targets on a slope Graceful Swipe Buff FX no longer is removed when you dodge Hunter passive description has been updated to state the max stacks and duration New Duelist power icons have been hooked up to Trip Shot, Graceful Swipe and Flip Shot Rapid Shot power description has been updated to be correct Snipe now properly Roots the target only if the Exposed status is on them Duelist Flip Shot will no longer auto-reset when used right after the Rapid Fire cooldown Elken Head Butt will now properly display the Knocked Down fly text from the caster's perspective Fae Fae Jump Combos will no longer be interruptible by interrupt powers. Fae Glide activate now has a 1-second cooldown. (It should be now more beneficial to just glide and not spam the jump key as gliding) Frostweaver Added more information about Knocked Down to the Frostweaver Power Ice Weave Icecaller's Cool Ice can no longer be flipped to Stable Ice by Ice Weave Ice Sunder passive power has been updated Updated Freeweaving animations Half Elf Wildkin's Retort will now properly heal when you are rooted Knight Valorous Strike combo now benefits from the Call of Darkness buff Minotaur Bloodthirst now displays the correct debuff icon when you crash Bull Rush will now properly display the Knocked Down fly text from the caster's perspective Changed the description of the Minotaur's Bloodthirst power to better convey its effects Nethari Call Flames DoT will now do Holy damage when used while Holy Warrior is active Ranger Alertness now adds an immune to Exposed for 30s to the caster (Shadow Alertness changed to this as well) Cross Slash now adds a Root, removed the bleed from the first power in the combo Cross Slash now properly displays the correct amount of bleed damage for the bleeds on the powers Cross Swipe (Cross Slash combo) is now a 90 Cone AoE Attack and still applies a Bleed Fixed an issue where the Ranger's Rapid Fire would fail to cast when you held down the button while it was still on cooldown Fixed an issue which caused a Warden's Concussive trap barrier buff description to say that it only granted 20 barrier Ranger Sustain had its cost increase from 500 to 750 Reduced the duration of Trap Master from 30 seconds to 25 seconds Surprise Strike now has a unique animation Surprise Strike now teleports caster 10m and applies Suppress in addition to the bleed Updated the Barrage animation Templar Blinding Light now has a unique animation Devotion is now properly be capped at 200 health per heal for the Paladin promotion, before Healing Bonus and Personal Healing Modifiers for each target Reproach no longer casts twice when you have a parry active Updated the Righteous Defense talent node icon has been updated Blinding Light now has a unique animation Disciplines Discipline Socket Unlocks now indicate how/what level they unlock in the tooltip at the top of the Discipline Socket Bloodletter Fixed typo in Exsanguinate Purgative now removes the Dirge of Dissonance DoT and grants a short immunity when it does Class A Engineering Added to the Engineering Works description that explains that you need a siege engineer discipline equipped to gain access to the recipes Hydrologist Updated visual effects for the Water Spirit power Field Surgeon Field Surgeon now properly heals the targets after preventing their death Forest Creature Slow Stake debuff tooltip now shows the correct value for the debuff Master of Focus Chaos Orb's cooldown has been increased to 16 seconds Poisoner Poisoned Blade description has been updated to better clarify the Deadly Poison buff that is applied Updated the Poisoned Blade power to tick its damage immediately, in addition to its persistent tick, to ensure it applies the poison even if you continue attacking the target. Reality Tripper Alter Reality now properly hits the correct targets when it explodes Alter Reality and Throw Illusion Shield now are properly effected by ranged distance stat increases Runecaster Sanctuary description has been updated to better describe how long the area lasts that will protect allies Runescarred Gladiator Updated the visual of the Reprisal power Song Twisting Hymn of Restoration no longer counts a second time to trigger Song Twisting before the original buff falls off Underdog Underdog's Attack Power buff on being knocked down or stunned no longer stacks. This means that the maximum Attack Power that can be gained from this passive is now 100 General A character's equipped vessel is now viewable when hovering over the vessel details in the Character Window Active hot zones should now grant additional experience from killing mobs Added additional campfires to Urgu camps to provide more light Added/improved lighting in adventure villages Added sound for a flawed assembly Adding a tutorial tip about having to rebind to a hero statue when logging out of a campaign A toast message now appears whenever a Ward is built Added backers to the credits Adding advanced armor/weapon vendors in the Safe Zone Low Sec Keeps Adjusting the Sky Point map to be more balanced and removing the Auroch/Muskhogs surrounding the Wood Laden Pigs in the Moon Temple of Godsreach Banewood and buff timers now show minutes and seconds when less than 5 minutes are left Fixed an issue when sometimes the player would fall through the world when a building is built Fixed an issue where some animals' corpses changed their texture after looting them Fixed an issue where the level Up effects sometimes show when resurrecting Fixed an unnecessarily capitalized S in Gaea's Chorus Fixed Character Create icons for Stoneborn and Half-Elf hair that were showing beards and eyebrows Fixed collision on Gryphon, Bear, and Hellcat Daemons, which was causing them to get hung up on objects in the environment Fixed input bindings getting stuck when setting movement to a mouse button when it is not assigned to anything Fixed the blue tinge that was sometimes visible on the portraits of new characters Fixed weather sounds persisting through zones Grave weak point nodes were appearing outside the actual hit range for the harvestable object. This is now fixed and every single weak point will appear inside the harvestable Outpost fire rings should now render correctly on uneven surfaces Players should no longer be able to attempt to drag an item to a group member multiple times, during periods of high latency Players should now be able to import Malekai Obsidian Statute & Totem Players should now be able to import the Hero Crow Sigil Players should now be able to import the Hero's Throne & Zealot Sigil Players should now be able to import the Bloodwine Drinking Horn Relic Removing the campfire recovery tooltip from the game, as campfires should no longer heal you while you stand near them Restored world band names on return from viewing a campaign map/rewards/etc. Slag now uses the same damage FX as Cobblestone The Gryphon sigil will now appear correctly Updated Gods Reach Minor Discipline vendor's listing to be properly alphabetical Updated harvesting VFX Updated mount names to better differentiate between variations of the same type of mount Updated multiple relics, so that assets appear correctly, without any floating Updated Sh'akkan's dialogue to give better directions (Gloomwing's hunting grounds are southwest instead of just south) Updated the button on the character select screen to read WORLD SELECT Updated the error message that displays when your inventory is full and you try to pick up an item Updated the tooltip of Serious Disease (applied by some NPCs) to no longer have incorrect text Updated the warden's description to mention that they are trap masters Updated translations for German, Spanish, and French Updated Vendor names in the temples Victory card animations should now properly animate NPE Adding a quest reward to talking to Guillermo at the beginning of the NPE so players have a reason to open their inventory Added additional NPC guards to prevent enemy factions from entering Safe Zones Allowing players to interact with the Wood Laden Pig spawn pedestal during the Delivery Time quest Ambassador Dolag has been made easier to interact with Changed the target dummies to an enemy faction in the ranger sanctuary Changed the text in the tome of unlearning to say "talent points" and "talent nodes", rather than calling them "training" nodes and points Fixed typo in Colonel Norrek's dialogue Fixed typo in Corpseweaver Q'enna's dialogue Fixed a typo in the Lord of Time and Space quest Fixed typo in Overseer Ayda's dialogue Fixed typo in Fort Captain Vess's dialogue Fixed typo in Morrigan's dialogue Fixed typo in Guard Captain Claurent's dialogue Fixed typo in Taryon's dialogue Items given by a quest are no longer hidden by quest dialog Leaders of the Wartribes quest no longer lists Kings or Heralds in the quest objective Removed all Heralds and Raid Bosses (War Tribes and Monsters) from Gods Reach and Infected Removed redundancy in Kedar's dialogue Return to Brak Lionshield quest in the NPE after crafting an intermediate harvesting tool will now grant an experience reward Taking the Huebald quest after reaching level 25 before completing the main questline up to that point will no longer cause a quest to maintain in your tracker Updated Fiamma's dialogue in GR3 to tell the player to get a pig if they lost it along the way Updated the Cover the Basics quest dialogue to mention the ability to fix flawed assembly with ethereal dust Updated the dialogue to not tell the player to bind to the statue in the moon temple, as that's kind of a death sentence Updated the images in the "To the Outpost" quest dialogue Updated the interaction for the refinery in GR2 Updated the reminder text in the Join Your Faction quest to state which faction owns what zone Updated the reward of the quest: Victory through Crafting Updated the text on the objective for killing 10 players to direct players to Sky Point Updated the "Tools of the Trade" quest so that it will auto-complete if a player already has a shovel Yaga Outpost in Moon Temple of GodsReach is no longer capturable You should now be able to use the Runegates in the Earth Temple in the starter worlds if you are a crow and you meet the level requirement for the Runegate NPCs Added Fire Crowns to Heralds and Sun Elf Bosses Adjusted collision of daemons to stop getting caught terrain Duelist NPCs will now move the proper distance when dodge rolling towards you Fixed an issue which caused the Elk's Snownado projectiles to fire in the wrong direction New Elemental NPC Enemies! NPCs should now show an indicator on their Nameplates that they can see stealth
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