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Found 4 results

  1. Word has passed over the ears of a restless crew. Word of a land filled with plunder, wenches an' enough grog ta satisfy Davey Jones himself. Pirates aint be the smartest sort but we be wise beyond measure. Aint a land lubber alive dat aint quick ta boast stories 'bout krakens, unicorns, 'n all kinds of fairy tale wonderlands. These here bow legged nancies be da worst sort. Every fare skinned saddle jockey be keen ta shove thar cannon through a porthole of foundationless promises 'n fancy talk. Once yer done polishin' me mast ye tailless swine ye can show us the treasure or be keelhauled like da rest of 'em. Da Crew be thirsty me hearties. Fill arr bellies or drop yarr skirts, else ye be walkin' da plank. Arrrr! /Spit "Respect da code o' the sea, drive da lubbers into da brine, pillage and PLUNDAAAARRRRR!" ~ Captain Arnie, in rallying his crew. TSP is a pvp-focused online gaming guild committed to exceeding every goal any game presents, while consistently demonstrating expert knowledge of game mechanics, dedicated membership, superior PvP capabilities, unequaled sportsmanship and our infectious RP style. Do you suffer from the following symptoms? Lackin' a little shiver in yer timbers. Never been pillagin' fer booty. Never dropped anchor in a blue lagoon. Wishing someone would walk yer plank. Dreamed of hoistin' a jolly roger. If so, you're a landlubber. I'm afraid there's no cure. We recommend joining Winterblades or some other landlubbin', centaur ridin, tree house club. If ye like rum 'n wenches, welcome aboard me hearty. Arrrrrr.
  2. http://www.kovgaming.com KoV is a new gaming community, and a multi-fansite, and gaming blog. Teamspeak Information: ts30.gameservers.com:9364 (password = cromwell) How to apply? Applying to KoV is easy. simply click the red apply button on our website (also in the main navigation menu), and you will be directed to the application page. All you need to do is fill out the form, and wait till we get back to you. Why should I apply? KoV is a new multi-gaming community, and we are planning to play many different games, from many different genres; there's something for everyone. Secondly, as we play many games, KoV will be buying our very own servers for games that allow it, such as Mount and Blade: Bannerlord, and more! This means that you get to play on either our private servers, or be a part of a gaming community which has its own custom public servers, with special maps, items, and more. Who should apply? As stated before, we plan on playing many different games from many different genres, so I believe anyone interested in gaming should apply, as long as they read our rules of conduct. Whether you are a new player looking for help, or a veteran player looking to PvP, you will have a place in our community. We don't know much, or anything of Crowfall, so it's hard to talk about it. What is the goal of KoV? The goal of KoV is to help new players learn their respective game, PvP with the more hardcore players, and create a helpful community in any game we play. We expect all players to try and improve, and to be willing to learn. You don't have to be the best player ever, but we want players who are willing to learn, and improve in any game they play. Most of all, KoV is a community, and a place for everyone to feel at home. If you like to craft, you can do that. If you are a more PvP oriented player, like myself, you can do that with us as well. There is a place for everyone in KoV! More than just a community! KoV is also being built as a blog, in which KoV members can be a part of. Whether is be an interview with game developers, guides on a game, or streaming a game, we want everyone to be able to take part in the blog. This adds another level to the community, which members will be able to contribute to. Even if you don't join our clan for Crowfall, you can still be a part of our forum community. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for reading, and I hope you will help the KoV Gaming community grow. If you have any questions, feel free to PM here, or email me at louismatos@kovgaming.com
  3. The McFear Clan is lead by a veteran PvP and crafting MMO player (Me - McFear) and his family - Thus the family clan name! Being a family friendly guild does not mean we talk about the latest Disney films and sing "Let it go" over teamspeak, it means we don't behave like drunk truck drivers and we respect each other and behave like adults. Suitable for: - Hardcore - Casual - Family friendly (In the range of PG-13 maybe. So long as it's friendly and not NC-17 I'm probably ok with my kids hearing it.) - Crafter / Traders - PvP and PvE Not Suitable for: - Super Hardcore - Crude Disrespectful People - Gankers and Griefers The four family members represent the royalty of the clan and many positions of lordship must be filled by likeminded leaders and others who wish to contribute to the noble causes of The McFear Clan. Alliances may also be formed with other noble families if we see eye to eye and pledging feilty is not desired. All leadership roles in this guild will be granted based on performance and achievement but everyone will be a valued member capable of contributing to the group any way they like. The McFear Clan pledges to protect the honest and hard working people of the Crowfall worlds! Through swift justice against robbers, pillagers, griefers and their kin, through providing safe and fair trade routes, through crushing all who oppose the peace and order provided within the McFear Clan Kingdom, we will earn your respect and loyalty! We will have two departments: (So all play types will have a place) Crafting / Trade - For a competitive crafting and economic force! Military / Guard - To protect all members and allies of the McFear Clan! We will use a voice chat system for the guard to co-ordinate and co-operate with each other and the movements of our economic members. We will have a website, in development (we have plenty of time). We will have a tavern! Yes, where we can drink CoffeeMead, CoffeeAle and CoffeeLager between campaigns! Mature members are welcome, this is a family friendly guild with members of ALL ages who can behave respectfully. The number one rule is respect! There will be zero tolerance for drama, participation in any form of disrespectful conduct is a banishable offence. Keep to enjoying the game and no one has any problems. Wanna talk about Obama or Sexual orientation? Go to an appropriate forum and do it there. We have my son and I, my wife and my daughter. That's two hardcore gamers and two casual players, so you can feel confident that you do have a place in the McFear Clan regardless of your play style. More Details to come.... Some of our thoughts: Alliances - http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/1740-alliances-between-guilds-and-shared-victory/ Crafting - http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/1684-years-of-crafting-research-conclusion-please-no-leveling/ Please reply if you are interested in joining or an alliance or if you simply have any questions.
  4. The 7 Sins is a creative group that has factions to spice things up The 7 Sins: 1. Lust 2. Gluttony 3. Greed 4. Sloth 5. Wrath 6. Envy 7. Pride You may represent one and only one Sin but each will all stand together to make "The 7 Sins" (Obviously lol) Willing to join? ask here accepting all dont forget to pick a Sin you would like to be in.
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