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Found 6 results

  1. Where you can find our Order talking! You can make an account, talk and communicate within the guild http://thedragonbloodorder.enjin.com/?welcome
  2. Hey there! My name is Shadowhorn and I run the Crowfall Fansite/Forum known as Crush the Throne. I've been playing MMOs for nearly eight years and I can't get enough of them. Although I haven't been to active with PvP this past year, I used to partake in long PvP matches in World of Warcraft, Rift along with Lord of the Rings Online. In addition to that, I have also been in the blogging community for almost five years now. When I founded and built Crush the Throne, my vision was to have it be the central hub for all things Crowfall where you could come find guides, tips, tricks and meet other gamers all at the same time! It's been a huge success so far and I can't wait to see where it is in the coming months! I look forward to playing with you all and getting to know you. Are you ready to play to crush? -Shadowhorn
  3. http://www.kovgaming.com KoV is a new gaming community, and a multi-fansite, and gaming blog. Teamspeak Information: ts30.gameservers.com:9364 (password = cromwell) How to apply? Applying to KoV is easy. simply click the red apply button on our website (also in the main navigation menu), and you will be directed to the application page. All you need to do is fill out the form, and wait till we get back to you. Why should I apply? KoV is a new multi-gaming community, and we are planning to play many different games, from many different genres; there's something for everyone. Secondly, as we play many games, KoV will be buying our very own servers for games that allow it, such as Mount and Blade: Bannerlord, and more! This means that you get to play on either our private servers, or be a part of a gaming community which has its own custom public servers, with special maps, items, and more. Who should apply? As stated before, we plan on playing many different games from many different genres, so I believe anyone interested in gaming should apply, as long as they read our rules of conduct. Whether you are a new player looking for help, or a veteran player looking to PvP, you will have a place in our community. We don't know much, or anything of Crowfall, so it's hard to talk about it. What is the goal of KoV? The goal of KoV is to help new players learn their respective game, PvP with the more hardcore players, and create a helpful community in any game we play. We expect all players to try and improve, and to be willing to learn. You don't have to be the best player ever, but we want players who are willing to learn, and improve in any game they play. Most of all, KoV is a community, and a place for everyone to feel at home. If you like to craft, you can do that. If you are a more PvP oriented player, like myself, you can do that with us as well. There is a place for everyone in KoV! More than just a community! KoV is also being built as a blog, in which KoV members can be a part of. Whether is be an interview with game developers, guides on a game, or streaming a game, we want everyone to be able to take part in the blog. This adds another level to the community, which members will be able to contribute to. Even if you don't join our clan for Crowfall, you can still be a part of our forum community. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for reading, and I hope you will help the KoV Gaming community grow. If you have any questions, feel free to PM here, or email me at louismatos@kovgaming.com
  4. I've created a new Crowfall section on my gaming blog. I'll be updating this on a regular basis with discussions, reactions and observations in the coming weeks and months. The Wulf Den - Crowfall
  5. Hello all, It seems that almost no one has made a fan-site for Crowfall, so I decided to buy some web hosting for a domain I have had since August last year and be one of the pioneers of Crowfall fan-sites in the form of a LFG site. It is a normal website running on a fork of SMF called ElkArte. It seems this game will have a large emphasis on player politics, so it might be a good idea to find a guild now or build up your members now, while the game it still pre-release. Why not join a guild or create your own? We currently have very few rules, here are some of them: No sexism, racism, homophobia and/or sharp words. One thread per guild Don't troll or try to start flame-wars. We have sub-forums for these topics and more: PvP Guilds PvE Guilds Economical/Trade Guilds Inter-Guild Alliances General Discussion of Crowfall Feel free to post your guild listings on http://lfg.pw/crowfall/ Thanks, ~Duck
  6. We are finally up and running and ready for visitors to our new fansite. We welcome everyone. We'll be updating the site with helpful tips, guides and new content as Crowfall gets closer to beta launch. Please feel free to add information about your guild or fansite. We look forward to meeting and playing this game with a bunch of you! Crowfall Wise Ones http://crowfallwiseones.com
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