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  1. Hi fellow crows, I am looking for a family friendly Australian Guild for myself and my family to join. We are extremely casual but have been playing MMO's for several decades between us. Reach out and let me know what's the right guild for us. Thanks,
  2. Trash Pandas is Looking for Active PvP players, Crafters, Gatherers, and warm bodies. Throw yourself in with the Trash We accept the Best of the Worst, and Worst of the Best. New Players, Old Players, Mint condition Players Welcomed Casual / Goal Driven / Open Recruitment We are looking to expand our forces, increase our resources, gear quality, and gather as many expendable bodies we can to throw at our enemy. Sure, it would be easier to join a huge guild that already has everything, but there is a sense of accomplishment in forging our own paths, our own gear, and building our own stories. Here we don't expect you to slave away gathering mats, pay guild taxes, or play the game anyway you don't want to. Whatever your playstyle, there is a place for you in the Trash Panda Army. Join us on Discord at: https://discord.gg/REQJrrYnTh Join Online: https://crowfall.com/en-US/guilds/search?name=Trash#Prophecy
  3. Salut, moi c'est Rekkort 😉. Je regarde les progrès de Crowfall depuis le kick-starter et ai participé à plusieurs accès bêta il y a maintenant un moment. Mais il est temps, crowfall est officiellement sortie et français que nous sommes débarquons sur une terre de pvp à l'anglaise. Autant dire que l'on se bride en plaisir et inversement ! C'est pourquoi je vous invite à intégrer Amberfell, j'ai été chef de guilde sur de nombreux mmo et crowfall ne fera pas l'exception, néanmoins l'heure est à l'apprentissage 😁. Donc que tu sois néophyte ou que tu souhaites partager ton savoir, tu peux m'ajouter sur discord : Rekkort#0002. Sinon voici mon discord , il ne faut pas hésiter à me mp c'est un petit serveur communautaire , quelques bots etc Le channel d'arrivé est désert, voir un message tout les cent ans mais c'est normale il ne sert à rien. https://discord.gg/sV5rvqTP5s -fréquence de jeu : en journée certains travail donc pas de garantie mais l'objectif c'est d'être une petite dizaine pour faire du pvp en groupe/guilld plusieurs fois par semaine. -l'âge : on dira grand minimum 18 ans et jusqu'à 35 ans max. Effectif le 05/08 : 2/10 😉 Pavé césar à ceux qui m'auront lu 👍 Si vous avez des questions ajoutez moi sur discord ! PS: Une fois la guilde en place et d'ici quelques mois il est probable que les sessions pvp soient stream et enregistrés par moi-mêmes. Pas de prétention particulière juste de préférence venez en sachant cela Rekkort#0002
  4. PlayerKillerz "We are not a family friendly guild" 👽Click Below for our really bad video of us doing stuff👽 What we offer A place to grow, learn and form new friendships. We always have a great player base once we are established. We constantly practice PvP and becoming top tier players We always put our members first. We have been in many MMOs. We dominate in them all. An organized discord to keep in touch and communicate. An Alliance full of members. 45+ Members of PK Very active Crafters are important We take PvP serious! What we want PvPers & Crafters No cry babies. 21+ Respect the guild and it's contents (The Members) Respond to PvP. Be active in discord Team-player "TLDR: Chill people that kill people." PlayerKillerz / PlayerKillers Apply Via Discord (Tag RedLetter or Maelific in open-chat) Micky#4816 - discord user name (add me) PlayerKillerz Discord Link (Click Me) What was said about us in guild wars 2 What was said about us in Black Desert Online What was said about us in Albion online
  5. Hello Everybody!!! Knights of Ren is now recruiting with zero applications required to join! New and Existing players are welcome to join! [Will provide help to new players wanting to learn the ropes of the game as well.] We are a simple guild with laid back expectations, We're here to Enjoy the game while crushing some Foes in the process! If you like? Crafting Harvesting Pvping Having fun Then your in the right place! If you'd like to see what we are all about join the dark side and drop into our Discord: https://discord.gg/4V9UtKtSKe (Get the Leader or Officers attention and we will get you setup)
  6. What's going on everyone. My name is Cypher and I'm a big fan of PvP centric MMOs and have played pretty much every major release of them since UO. I've been looking to scratch that siege itch that DFO and DFO:UW left way back in the day and I'm hoping to find that here in CrowFall with some like minded people who play to have fun and win. Do you remember the Hyperion War in DFO? How about CotC vs the world after? Yea I do! Let's do that again! I enjoy playing support classes and plan on running an Elk Arbiter Cleric and Frostweaver after I get the hang of the game more. With that said, as real life is busier than in my grind hay days of 2007 I'm willing to fill in a role as needed. I'm also a data scientist by trade and plan on bringing that aspect to CrowFall's build system. If you'd have me, I'd love to join.
  7. Hi there Crows, I had a look at the existing Guild recruitment and saw a lot US Guilds but quite few EU Guilds, also I didn't see any mainly trading and/or crafting Guilds. But actually I think that there are some of you that are mainly interested in crafting, trading, gathering, scouting for resources or just escorting the payload as a fighter. So if you are one of the good guys that don't want only to destroy but also to create, you are the right guy for this Guild. EVEN IF THIS WILL BE AN MAINLY A TRADING/CRAFTING GUILD IT IS NOT IMPORTANT IF YOU ARE A CRAFTER | GATHERER | SCOUT | FIGHTER OR IF YOU WANT TO HANGOUT AT THE EK OR WANT TO BE ACTIVE ON THE BATTLEFIELD WE NEED YOU. -About us- We have 45 official Members, and we are still growing pretty fast. And so this size makes us already one of the bigger guilds. We are on the EU and everyone who is willing to invest his time and is into this Guild and is 18+ can join. The main language will be English, but we have no problem if someone speaks other languages if they understand themselves. -Our Goals- Our Goals are to build a Community/Guild/EK that will focus on trading, crafting and building a trading Network, where everyone can trade their stuff. But for this, we will need our own crafters, gatherers, scouts, warriors, ... Everyone that can craft will be important, even Geomancers that will build up our EK. Or blacksmiths that will create real good equip for our escorts and gatherers. Or Scouts that will search the map and find spots with stuff to gather. ... But remember our main goal will be gathering Minerals and create Equipment and our biggest wish is to create an EK where anyone comes and trades their stuff with us. Well if our Plans will work out we will be able to create a trading Network where anyone can buy vessels, weapons, armor, potions, and even more... Also, we will Support our War Brothers and Sisters with Weapons, Armor and more in the campaign World. We will be famous for trading and the ability to get, create, do ANYTHING, everything is possible. Because we are THE BLACK MARKET -What we can provide- Right now we aren't that big but, it doesn't mean we can't give you anything. We have a good Idea and the enthusiasm also we will invest enough time to lead correctly and give you what you deserve. We are going to build a trading EK and YOU will be a founder of it and this EK will be a place where you can get anything. That means for our traders they will have a lot of customers, the scouts will be playing a big role in exploring, the crafters will have unlimited supplies and the guards will have a good escorting job with a good payment. We won't let anyone down who need help, it is not important what kind of question or problem it is, if we can help we help. Also, YouTubers and Streamers are Welcome. -How to Join- If you join our Guild, you will be a part of it, not just a number. I will take care of you personally ^^. Leave a Reply with your Name or/and join our https://discord.gg/x8qfGeD And leave a Note. I can't wait to hear you personally. If you have a question, just ask. -PS- (Guild Name already reserved) We would love to get some YouTubers or Streamers in our Guild. Our main activities will start at the Launch. But you are free to join now. ^^ Greetings Esdeath (Pretty outdated Post, its more an archive than actual Information now)
  8. We are a community-oriented guild with an intention of focusing heavily on trading, gathering and various unique aspects of Crowfall. We will take gatherers, crafters, combatants, scouts, and all types of self-classification because we want players who are excited about what they want to do! We are looking for members who are willing to work with new players to help then enjoy the game to the best of their ability. Lion Forge is also looking to be openly interactive with other guilds promoting community and player coordinated events, events, and trading. Each campaign we plan to set a group goal to help foster a common idea over and above just contributing to our faction, this can be from creating X amount of a specific gear with certain stats, or gathering X many supplies to support our up and coming crafters and of course were always open to suggestions from our player base! As the game is just starting so are we, at present Lion Forge Guild is still getting its running start. If you would like to join now and work together to start fanning the flames please reply below or feel free to reach out to me on Discord at Altybear#1128 We do have a discord channel currently and coordinate group events, request supplies, or dictate strategies and necessary info for campaigns there in. Above all else, Lion Forge Guild is here to have fun and support each other in that pursuit. Some basic requirements for the guild will be: Activity: We just ask that ya play when ya can and try not to leave people hanging. Civility: Everyone argues or has disagreements; this is a simple fact of reality. We want players who are capable of admitting when they are wrong and are capable of holding debates rather than arguments. Helpfulness: We need players who are willing to go out of their way to help their fellow guild mates and to help new players to Crowfall get on their feet. Discord and Crowfall Website: You need to have a discord account, as this will be the primary form of in guild communication and of course we will add you to our Roster here on the Crowfall Website. Regarding in guild supply distribution and management of guild funds we operate as a self-hold collective. Everyone has their own personal stash and anything your willing to share goes into the community pot. Players found taking a harsh advantage of other guild mates generosity will be reprimanded and possibly removed.
  9. RC OFICIAL 7792303 Olá, o intuito principal to tópico é de achar outros brasileiros que estão aqui, na expectativa de um jogo que parece ser a salvação do tédio na área dos MMO's. Antes de decidir criar um clã ou não, preciso saber se existem outros brasileiros ae fora nesse mundão, se tiver mais gente, fechou ! fazemos um grupo, se tiver MUITA gente, fazemos um clã ! Enfim galera, se voces estão ae fora escondidos, apareçam e vamos conversar Hi, i'm just looking for more brazilian players XD if you know some, please send this topic to him haha thank you !
  10. PLEASE NOTE - THE GUILD AS IS, IS DEFUNCT. Anyone still around, please message me and let me know your fates. I have requested a thread lock so it doesn't continue to get new people's hopes up. Cheers! OUR WATCH BEGINS... Hello, everyone! Myself and a few others got to talking about the kind of guild we want to run. A friendly guild; one that is open to input and provides an open forum and consistent exchange between our leadership and every member. The others have asked me to take point on this effort, and I'm happy to do so. As I have elsewhere, I will continue to be the cheerleader, keep the wheelhouse going, and have lots of fun doing it. Are you looking for a mature, friendly guild? One that is strongly committed to excellence in PvP, Crafting, Roleplaying and the fine art of Hanging Out, while not requiring more of its members than they want to give? Read on, and thanks so much for stopping by! -seventhbeacon As the Hunger descends, the long watch begins. For all the power the darkness holds, it is pierced by even the smallest of lights. We must stand strong in the face of terror. The dawn will come, and with it, the darkness shall lift. Do not lose hope; the dawn will come... THE LANTERN WATCH - AN ALLIANCE OF FRIENDS Bravery. Dedication. Friendship. Respect. At the end of the day, those traits are all we need to win, no matter the changing landscape on the battlefield. Our voices and our will cannot be ignored. You are welcome to be a part of that. You are part of the reason we will succeed. We're the "Lantern Watch" and we're a Crowfall-first guild, created specifically to form a new community for an MMORPG where choices and actions matter. We're players from all around the world who want to have a friendly community that we can contribute to as well as get support from. We believe a guild can - and should - be open to people of all interests and walks of life, and that a guild that acts in an organized, coordinated fashion will get the most this game has to offer. Welcome to the Watch. Welcome Home. What essential values define the Lantern Watch? The Watch is about playing the game and having fun, avoiding drama, and generally acting like mature adults, regardless of our age. We're organized, but we don't expect you to play the game three nights a week or make any other demands apart from the Golden Rule. Play nice with others and respect your fellow players. Doesn't playing fair put you at a disadvantage in a PvP game? We distinguish ourselves by acting with maturity and not actively seeking to ruin another person's gaming experience. This does not mean you can't PvP to your heart's content, but constant griefing and bullying of another player or guild, and starting flame wars (in the game or in the forums) is not appropriate. That said, when it comes to battle, we're not afraid of a fight. As we build alliances and provide a safe haven for those who desire it, we will also prove ourselves fiercely on every battlefield. Crowfall's motto is "Play 2 Crush." We can do that, and still be civilized, even as we vanquish our enemies and celebrate our victories. What does the Lantern Watch offer that other guilds do not? Our members enjoy an open, free forum to express our interests and desires, and work together to accomplish great feats by crowd-sourcing our talents and energy. We believe every voice in the guild not only deserves to be heard, but to be engaged. Everyone is given wide freedom to play the game the way they want to play it, as long as you treat every player (in and outside the guild) with respect and consideration. Even though we thoroughly enjoy PvP, we believe that good conduct and being the bigger person are just as appropriate when playing games as it is in our daily lives. We are a friendly, helpful guild that strives for excellence in character and in performance. We aren't the only ones out there. In fact, we hope to make strong alliances and be good friends with other like-minded guilds, be they focused on PvP, crafting, RP, or any other play style. We are strident crafting enthusiasts, daring PvP players, and the biggest fans of sandbox MMOs. Our crafters seek the best recipes and materials, taking pride in superior products. Our fighters act as sheepdogs, hunting down and stomping cowardly gankers who prey on the new and vulnerable. Our loremasters weave tales of adventure and terror, tragedy and victory. You deserve to invest in your own ideas and have a part in shaping our guild's choices. You can take part in building something none of us could do alone, and you can reap the benefits that come with it. What types of players are we looking for? -People from every part of the world! -PvP Die-hards: Those of us who can lead and follow and work well with others, who like to play with the most deadly builds and design their characters to work as a unit. Those who fight tooth and nail for glory and the thrill of victory, who don't quit at their first defeat, but learn from failure and improve their skills, trying even harder in the next fight. PvP enthusiasts who are destined to have the fiercest reputation in all the Eternal Kingdoms. -Crafting Die-hards: Those who want to master their chosen profession and make the best items in the game, and want to be part of a thriving community. Crafters that want to help build up our kingdom and make it a gleaming jewel to the rest of the game world, and the center of a towering merchant empire. Master crafters not afraid to dive into the campaign worlds to best refine their trade. -Social Players, Loremasters & Roleplayers: Anyone who loves digging into the lore and developing the stories of our characters. Many of us write fiction and add our own stamp to the lore, and we enjoy the immersion. We are open to a dedicated roleplayer division and will provide many tools to help you craft your stories. Stories that help to give us our identity in the Eternal Kingdoms. -Casual Players: Can't play regularly or on a set schedule? That's totally normal, and that doesn't mean you don't have a lot to offer, or that you're any less deserving of a great support network. Your time is valuable, and you can make the most of it with friendly allies. Membership Requirements Pre-Launch As the Lantern Watch is a Crowfall-first guild, prospective members are expected to have a minimum commitment to playing Crowfall and being part of a team effort. Because of this, there are a few basic requirements to joining us that must be met: 1) Members must be a pledged contributor to Crowfall and have a forum account that reflects their pre-ordered ownership of the game. Your forum account must show a badge of "Contributor" or higher. 2) Members must keep up to date with guild updates. We prefer that you check back every couple weeks, but prior to launch at least once a month is all that is required. Players whose accounts at the guild website have not been accessed in over 30 days will be removed from the guild. If this happens, you may re-apply only once. If it happens again, you must wait until game launch to re-apply. Please note: There is an attendance section in the guild forums where you can drop a note if you must be away longer than a month. 3) You cannot be a member of more than one Crowfall guild. Being in multiple guilds divides a player's time and loyalty. The Lantern Watch is only interested in accepting members who want to be part of the team. Age Requirement - Please Read Due to the nature of the game and its heavy PvP focus, the minimum age to join our guild is currently 16 (17 as of December 2016). Naturally, like all of the other members, maturity and a degree of self-reliance are expected. Interested parties that are not yet of age are welcome to talk to us and ask any questions. Existing guild members who have family under the age limit are welcome to include them in the guild under their supervision. Thank you. Join Us! We look forward to meeting you. Please comment on this thread and apply @ http://crowfall.shivtr.com/ LEGENDS OF THE WATCH The cosmos are full of majesty and peril, intrigue and violence, and tales that grow more hushed the further they are from the Eternal Kingdoms. Below are stories written by members of our guild, brought to us by the lips of fellow Watchers from as far afield as the lawless Dregs...
  11. Word has passed over the ears of a restless crew. Word of a land filled with plunder, wenches an' enough grog ta satisfy Davey Jones himself. Pirates aint be the smartest sort but we be wise beyond measure. Aint a land lubber alive dat aint quick ta boast stories 'bout krakens, unicorns, 'n all kinds of fairy tale wonderlands. These here bow legged nancies be da worst sort. Every fare skinned saddle jockey be keen ta shove thar cannon through a porthole of foundationless promises 'n fancy talk. Once yer done polishin' me mast ye tailless swine ye can show us the treasure or be keelhauled like da rest of 'em. Da Crew be thirsty me hearties. Fill arr bellies or drop yarr skirts, else ye be walkin' da plank. Arrrr! /Spit "Respect da code o' the sea, drive da lubbers into da brine, pillage and PLUNDAAAARRRRR!" ~ Captain Arnie, in rallying his crew. TSP is a pvp-focused online gaming guild committed to exceeding every goal any game presents, while consistently demonstrating expert knowledge of game mechanics, dedicated membership, superior PvP capabilities, unequaled sportsmanship and our infectious RP style. Do you suffer from the following symptoms? Lackin' a little shiver in yer timbers. Never been pillagin' fer booty. Never dropped anchor in a blue lagoon. Wishing someone would walk yer plank. Dreamed of hoistin' a jolly roger. If so, you're a landlubber. I'm afraid there's no cure. We recommend joining Winterblades or some other landlubbin', centaur ridin, tree house club. If ye like rum 'n wenches, welcome aboard me hearty. Arrrrrr.
  12. We will be around and rdy to crush you all
  13. Where you can find our Order talking! You can make an account, talk and communicate within the guild http://thedragonbloodorder.enjin.com/?welcome
  14. Last Call (http://lastcall-cf.shivtr.com/) I've left this here as a memorial. But this guild is currently closed. Maybe I'll restart it after the release of the game. Best luck to you all! I'm seeing all these guilds around, trying to hardcore recruit players and get a large guild. It reminds me of a certain.. Thread with a lot of good points stating.. "A lot of people will probably give up on the game" and "A lot of new people will join when the games out" etc.. Well, while people leave and join, and the game eventually comes out and more new people join and make guilds not posted here.. I want a group of friendly peoples who are willing to stick it out and see how the game is.... We're just a group of good peoples. (Maybe not very humble there) (Thanks to SeventhBacon for making my hard work writing a manifesto useless, here it is just for you I put your version here instead of mine.. ) Who are we? Our guild is called Last Call. . We're players from around the world who want to have a friendly community that we can contribute to as well as get support from. We believe a guild can and should be open to members of all interests and walks of life, and that a guild should be organized to get the most effective use of the game by acting in a coordinated effort. What are we about? Playing the game and having fun, avoiding drama, and generally acting like mature adults. We're organized, but we don't expect you to play the game three nights a week or any other demands apart from the Golden Rule. Play nice with others and respect your fellow players. What makes our guild different? Most of us don't "drink the tears of our enemies" even if some of us thoroughly enjoy PvP. We believe in good conduct and being the bigger person is just as appropriate when playing games as it is in our daily lives. And we are indeed a friendly, helpful guild. We aren't the only one out there. In fact, we hope to make strong alliances with other like-minded guilds, be they focused on PvP, RP, or other aspects of the game. Much of our ranks are filled with crafting enthusiasts, but we also have a strong group of PvP players, especially the ones who act like sheepdogs, hunting down cowardly gankers who prey on the weak. How do you respect others in a PvP-centric game? By acting like a mature adult and not actively seeking to ruin another person's gaming experience. This does not mean you can't PvP to your heart's content, but constant griefing and PKing of a weaker enemy and starting flame wars (in the game or in the forums) is not appropriate. On the same note, when it comes to PvP and GvG, we're not about turn the other cheek. Even while we prefer alliances and nation-building, it doesn't mean we won't fight hard and seek victory. Crowfall is about "Play 2 Crush." We can do that, and still be civilized, even with blood on our swords while reveling in our victories. So, if people want to join me on this long run, start posting here. We'll get our stuff sorted out and be in it for the long haul. And hopefully get some interesting discussions going :3
  15. Hey everyone! Just wanted to stop by and say hey. We have quite a bit of our members looking forward to what the team has in store. Check us out at http://mhguild.com Until then, Cheers! Bwaite43
  16. Hello everyone! Wanted to get this out there cause I didn't quite see it. Looking for roleplayers interested in Crowfall. Or.. looking for Crowfallers interested in roleplay. Seems like this game has alot to offer an RP community, so I wanted to start collaborating with other like minded individuals. If you are interested leave me a response. If you know of others already working on related projects, let me know about that too. Thanks and I hope to hear from some people!
  17. The Immortals membership is only by a short application. We do not accept blank applications because if you cant be bothered to fill out a few lines we don’t know if we can trust you to ever work as part of a guild. We do not ever ninja invite, so please do not ninja apply. See our YouTube page loads of PvP & raid videos on there Our Facebook page put a face to that dodgy voice on VoIP ..not just mine. (Our TS3 server: Our Twitter page follow to see upcoming events, news etc We have even been featured on ToRWaRs Things thats quite nice to know: List your past MMORPG experience, if any. Have you played MMO before you don't need to list them if you don't want, just nice to know what you know , don't let it worry you if you have never played one as it makes no difference to being accepted, its just nice for us to know what level you are.(in lots of ways newbies work out better than old vets like me (old being the key word there ) Web and VOIP: While we don't expect everyone to post stuff daily on our site, a intro would be nice for the other members to see who you are. We also expect all members to come onto our VOIP maybe not everyday, but certainly at sometime, and definitely for all Guild events! - Not having a Mic is not a factor so long as you can hear whats being said. General: We expect (without fail) for all members to sign up to our raid planner (game dependent). We don't have lots of hard & fast rules, but the few we do have we expect players to adhere to. We are a 18+ outfit, sorry please do not apply if you younger it always comes out. (a good deal of us are 30+ with quite a few in the upper 40's) If for any reason you feel you cant meet any of these requirements then I guess The Immortals would not be the best fit for you. To the rest Welcome to your New MMO home. To join us, we have a very short Application form, or just ask any member online to point you out to a guild officer! Email Address Location Age / / (MM/DD/YYYY) Nick Name Best Night To Play How I Heard About : Headset Application Comments There is a issue with sign ups to our website at the moment, please send me a PM or email immortals@hotmail.co.uk, with username, password and email required and we will manually set up an account for you. The Immortals We lived a thousand lives united we stand, we don't fall!
  18. I dont have any experience creating a guild ive never created one im my life but im really hyped about this game and the mmorpg sub is too! so why not make a guild!! this is a happy guild where we are gonna have fun and play together i dont really have name for the guild yet so please help me find a name and i wish you all a happy gaming experience Ps:Sorry for my english im brazilian ( also if anyone knows how do edit pictures please help with a cool picture for the guild) oh and please post suggestions for the guild name bye!! and always have fun!!
  19. FUtilez.com ★ Homepage ★ Facebook ★ Twitter ★ Youtube ★ WHO ARE WE We are collection of adult gamers who have come together under the same ideology and the real strength of our guild lies in the positive attitudes and the dedication of our members. Our mission is to achieve great things through teamwork while at the same time providing a fun gaming experience. We strive to be the best in everything we do including having fun and laughing at ourselves even when we really aren't the best. A good sense of humor will get you far and looking after your fellow members is key to success in the guild. GUILD HISTORY The guilds roots started back in 2003 with Lineage II and other games after it, though our main policies and structure began in 2006 with "Dark and Light" where we were known under the EGG guild name. In 2007 we lost our old domain and forums so we decided to start from scratch as FUtilez. Since 2007 more than 3000 users have registered at our forums, speaking volumes about the impact we have had among the MMO player base worldwide and of which we are very proud of. In May 2008 we started a new chapter in Age of Conan and quickly became the dominant guild on the server. When servers merged, we moved to the Fury server and stayed the dominant force in both Sieges and PvP. The guild was closed in February in 2009 for a summer break and to try out Aion. We then returned to Age of Conan for the PvP updates and the Kithai expansion in February 2010 and once again became the dominant force until we closed the AoC section down in August 2010. In 2012 we created a multi-guild alliance for Guild Wars 2 WvW warfare.We setup the alliance website at www.pevepe.net where all organization and planing was done and as well hosted TeamSpeak server with 512 slots. At the Guild Wars 2 launch, we moved the entire alliance to an empty server Seafarer's Rest and during next the few months we fought our way up through the rankings all the way to highest number 1 spot. Shortly after that we closed our GW2 section because a lot of our members had lost interest due the lack of any of the Guild vs Guild content that was initially promised. WHATS EXPECTED While gaming to be on team speak, always sign up for guild events (available/not available), intense participation in mass guild events and having fun in such an environment, be active in community forums and self-motivated to take initiative. We are here to have fun and to increase our enjoyment through the guild. If you have any questions you can ask them in public forums and registration is not needed. DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES ? We are looking for members with the following characteristics: Dedication,Determination,Charisma,Knowledge and above all an OPEN MIND. There are many forms of attitude that we expects from our members. These include such things as the ability to take criticism, working as part of a team and many more. As Futilez member you're expected to be on the ball, be on TeamSpeak3 and be a team player. Likewise whilst we are unmerciful and evil gits in game, we always play hard but fair, cheaters need not apply. If you feel there is one or more point you don't meet in the criteria, please reconsider applying to this guild. Check our youtube channel
  20. Ladies and Gentlemen, gamers of the world. I am proud to introduce to you the first Crowfall Forum, Crush the Throne! Crush the Throne has been under development since the announcement of Crowfall and I am glad to finally share it with you all! At CTT you are able to interact with other gamers, discuss all things Crowfall related, find guides, and discuss and publicize your guild! With a custom Forum Shop, Guild of the Month section, access to numerous resources, Crush the Throne is the place for you. My goal is to have Crush the Throne be the central hub for anyone looking for anything Crowfall. If you are interested at all, please check us out! We would very much so appreciate it I hope you all find CTT to your liking and that it offers everything you look for in a forum/fansite and more! See you there! Shadowhorn
  21. Get on board, protect your guild and guild mates and do it while having the most fun possible, not a crazy guild but just want to have as much fun as possible you know how its done.
  22. Welcome to Keineid http://keineid.com Crowfall promises an open world, endless adventure, limitless possibility, and the ability to leave your mark in so many different ways. Keineid is a community that plans to dive head first into this amazing experience, and provide a home for those who want friends and comerades to explore with. Our goal in Crowfall is a multi-faceted community that counts casuals and competitors, fighters and crafters, competitors and cooperators amongst its ranks. Who is Keineid Looking For? Players whose goal is a community in and of itself. While the roadmap for Keineid is to conquer realms, craft treasures, and generally be a force to be reckoned with, these are all results of the focus on playing in a community we all enjoy. The best communities are so much greater than the sum of their individual parts, and every single member has a better experience for that! Generally, we're looking for mature players who can communicate with others, and care about doing so. Let us know what interests you in the game, and generally how active you hope to be. Something big come up, or feeling burnt-out a year into the game? No problem, just let us know so that your friends and teammates don't just suddenly notice you've vanished one day. How Does Keineid Work? By the people, for the people. As part of a member-centric community, we encourage every player to pursue what interests them. If there is a large group of members who have a great interest in seriously competitive PvP, we will put the resources behind them to encourage and enable their efforts! At the same time, we will find ways to encourage and foster those in the community with more casual play styles, or crafting-based interests. When everyone is honestly playing in ways they enjoy, good things happen on all fronts. As the Keineid community grows in Crowfall, leadership will arise organically from the existing members. This process will be shaped via both the innate systems of Crowfall as they're revealed, as well as the social activity and goals of the living community. How Do I Get Involved? Well, there are a couple of ways! First, and most efficiently, head on over to http://keineid.com/application, and fill an app out! You'll hear back from active community members quite quickly this way. In a more round-about fashion, feel free to stop by http://keineid.com (and then http://keineid.com/forums) to see the existing community in action with other games we play. If you like what you see, head back up to that application page and send one in! We also use a real-time chat app for mobile and web browsers that keeps folks in touch with up-to-the-moment conversations and group planning. Of course, always feel free to post here, ask questions, or generally just shoot the breeze! Making sure this thread stays relevant will ensure lots of potential community members see it and have the opportunity to consider Keineid for their Crowfall home!
  23. Not long ago, the mighty Knight and Mage battled the great dragon of the sky and the earth. They battled with every single ounce of strength in their bodies. In a swift and powerful breath, the dragon blew searing fire at both the Knight and Mage. The Mage knew that they couldn't last much longer and so with his last ounce of strength, he cast a great but deadly spell that engulfed them all – ending their lives in the most heroic way possible. The Knight and Mage bravely sacrificed themselves to save the people of the land from the greatest foe that had ever walked the earth. To this day, that land remains barren, scorched by the dragon's fire and the final stand from mage. All was gone except for a single dragon rose – one that reminds us that even from death, hope still grows. Our guild has been created by the players who have experienced casting spells in Wizard101 alongside battling great foes in Pirate101. We are determined to build a great supporting base for us all to succeed in Crowfall. In addition to this, we also have a site for our guild which can be found at http://www.dragonroseknights.com. Come join us and together we will be as valiant and brave as the knight and the mage.
  24. Site (сайт): http://watercrow.ru/ Branch (направление): RU Join (вступить): url Ventrilo: - IP: - Port: 7905 На русском: In english: My skype (скайп для связи): justbekami Join (вступить): url
  25. this is a guild made by a twizard if you want to join commnet on this post and if you want any info come and talk to me at twitch.tv/self_supporting
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