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Found 13 results

  1. We wanted to add our crowns to the Guild Bank but can't seem to figure out where or how that is done. How does a clan member add Crowns to the Guild Bank?
  2. I would love to see some attention given to Guild Management. I won't want to make a wordy post so I will keep it as concise as possible. Needs Improvement: Crowfall.com Guild Management Currently the guild management on the website leaves a lot to be desired. I am an officer in a larger guild, my role is Roster Management, so I spend a lot of time reviewing applications, adding/removing members, and crosschecking IGN (In Game Names) with Discord Names. This process easily takes about 10-15 hours of my time every week. Issue [Promote]: First of all, Officers cannot promote initiates to Members. This puts significant burden on the Guild Leader (Rank 1) to promote any/all members. It also defeats the purpose of having officers to assist in guild management. Solution: Give officers the permission to promote initiates to full members. Issue [Remove]: Removing players from a guild is really painful. With a guild of say 400 people the number of pages is about 40. Currently only 10 names can be shown at a time. When someone is removed, the page refreshes back to page 1. Solution: Add a select menu to show 10, 25, 50, 100, all members in a single list. Hold this value even on page refresh. Issue: [Additional Fields]: Currently the "application fields" are "Why do you want to join". For a large guild, or most guilds, Discord is widely used and typically required. There is no where to reflect that information on the application form. Solution: Give GL and Officers the ability to add additional fields to the application. This would allow for fields like Discord Name, Primary Class, Secondary Class, etc. InGame Permissions The limited functionality for guilds creates significant headache for guild management within the game regarding permissions in Dregs. Issue [Permissions]: There are limited permissions available to manage guild inventories. Most chests are public to Initiates and above, so anyone can take whatever they choose. More permissions tuning is desperately desired. Scenario: New CF member joins the guild as an initiate. They've just leveled to 30, and want to try out Dregs. They head to the guild keep, see a chest full of harvesting tools. They think "Oh, nice, free tools, this will come in handy later. They load up their bank with said tools and log out and never return to the game. Poof valuable tools gone forever. Scenario: Player comes to keep, sees a chest full of Purple Armor (intended for Dregs use) and thinks, I have 5 other characters that could use these. I'll take them. Scenario: Player comes to keep, sees a chest full of donated craftng materials. "I've been thinking of trying out crafting. I can definitely use these." Player empties chest into their bank. Guild Crafters have no mats to use. This kind of scenario plays out over and over and over and can take on any form imaginable. The reality is most people are not going to leave "shinies" alone. Solution: Give GL's and Officers additional permissions to apply to chests. Even at the basic level, let chest permissions be set to Members and above only. Or Deposit Only. These changes would provide significant quality of life changes for Guild Leaders and Officers, and would provide time saving measures so that players spend more time on the battlefield and less time micromanaging inventories and guild rosters.
  3. Join the first official Gang of Crowfall! It our goal to bring a wave of theivery and thugness that this world has never seen! Get Jumped In Looking for players to fill Gang Leader positions! Apply Now All races and preferences welcome! This is simply a fun role playing theme. We are not affiliated with any gang or criminal activity.
  4. We all know Darkfall veterans are the master race of pvp MMO gamers, but will we group up together and dominate CrowFall or will we scatter and fight amongst ourselves? It's looking like CrowFall will be the next big PVP MMO. Many mmo gamers from many different games will congregate towards CrowFall. This means there will be plenty of sheep for us wolfs to feast on. Until all that's left are wolfs cannibalizing one another. I propose that Darkfall veterans band together on the hardest of hardcore Crowfall server and dominate. What do you say?
  5. For anyone who ventures in here who is an alumni like me from SWG, it turns out a pretty solid guild is forming here (no name yet but soon!). We're crafting enthusiasts (and I'm a former city mayor/entertainer/droid crafter) and excited about other aspects of the game, and while PvP is a big part of that, it's simply not like the be-all, end-all for us. We're more interesting in building than destroying . All the same, it's the sandbox elements that drew us to Crowfall and if you're looking for someplace and it sounds like you're on the same page as us, feel free to stop by and say hi! There are a lot of guilds who have pre-built infrastructures from prior games, too. We're building that foundation from the ground up here, and all pretty much new friends because of the allure of Crowfall. Jump to lightspeed. Chewie, hit it! Edit: Our guild shifted into a newer one, link below in my sig!
  6. Is the missing button intentional or a bug? On January 11th it went missing. I've heard hearsay that a vindictive ex-moderator is to blame though I'd rather not facilitate slanderous gossip. I am a gentleman after all. I've come across a few quality posts in the Guilds forum and I have no way of letting the other person know how they made me feel in my special place. Sometimes I'd rather not comment. Simple as that. I'd rather click a button to let someone know I liked their post. Introverts Unite, Separately. I'm trying to imagine a first time poster laying their hopes and dreams into writing a synopsis for a guild invitation. The overwhelming joy and excitement of actively participating in the Throne War Simulator. Relishing in the opportunity of playing a key factor in the times yet to pass. The excruciating timely wait for a response to their inner thoughts made whole. Minutes, hours, lifetimes go by without a single reassuring indication that they are not the only one who believe their idea to be fruitful. Pain, devastation, and so very close behind, unadulterated sorrow ensues without any chance of escape. The mental anguish becomes unbearable. Self reflection occurs and resentment is disbursed throughout. If only there was a solitary button we could press to allow the newcomers to bypass their sad and endless spiral of self deprecating vitriol. Those poor children. If the lack of a Like Button is a bug, can we have it back?
  7. This is my first thread and I have terrible Grammer/formatting so bear with me. I have been thinking about this ever since seeing the alignment and world rule set pictures. I am concerned about locking characters into the god/alignment choices they may make. This concern may be mute if I am totally wrong about what I am about to write. If god/alignment unlocks certain skills/abilities this may make this game very hard to play with the people I want to play with at all times. Here's the deal. MMO's are a social game. I want to play with my friends in this game. In fact I think this game will bring a resurgence to my multi-game gaming group that has fallen into stagnation over the fact that PS2 sucks and warhammer/wildstar/swtor were not what we had hoped they would be. (right now we all play different games with 5-10 people per game) That being said how I envision this game working for us is that we all start in the GvG worlds. Allowing us to learn the game(those who don't choose to play beta) together form a bond over battles won and loss and develop strategies for attacking and defending areas. In GvG god and alignment will not matter. Its your guild vs everyone else. Very simple. Depending on the population caps per world I can see really 20-30 guilds fighting it out among each other every map. No problems here. The potential problem comes when we as a guild decide (hopefully because we are always winning) that we want a change/new challenge and want to move up to the god wars. I equate this of going from a solo corp into joining an alliance in Eve. If already locked into our god choice then a lot of the guys i just spent months playing with will no longer be able to play on my side. You see where this can turn people off to the game/playstyle. My hope is that there is no perma lock on the god/alignment. That you get to choose it at the start of each campaign allowing us to communicate to each other what team we are going to be fighting for when we enter the world and still working together (now with other guilds) to win the map. Obviously once the choice is made for that world it is permanent until the map resets to prevent people from flipping sides right before the win. This can also be good for the meta/community. Say in GvG you meet a guild of very good players who always give good fights and are challenging. You can decide to team up in the factions or god wars by all choosing the same side on the campaign start. Just some thoughts. My big hope is that there are not real benifits to choosing a god/alignment so that certain players are not forced into a certain build for GvG play that excludes them from playing with their friends in other rule sets later. JokeassJason TRGgaming.net
  8. From the hunger update (http://crowfall.com/#/news/hunger-week-its-about-time): "Players take the roles of Divine Champions, immortal participants in the War of the Gods." Does this mean guilds will need to devote themselves to a single god? It wouldn't make much sense for individual players to be devoted to deities when they'd end up fighting against others of the same faith. Do you choose a patron deity for your character at creation? Can you then only join guilds with the same patron deity?
  9. The 7 Sins is a creative group that has factions to spice things up The 7 Sins: 1. Lust 2. Gluttony 3. Greed 4. Sloth 5. Wrath 6. Envy 7. Pride You may represent one and only one Sin but each will all stand together to make "The 7 Sins" (Obviously lol) Willing to join? ask here accepting all dont forget to pick a Sin you would like to be in.
  10. http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/907-012015-character-creation-preview-runes-runes-runes/ From the latest update, we got a great, little hint at the land and siege system. I think tying the land and siege systems together is not only a good idea, it is necessary to building an end-game conflict system that can provide endless fun and destruction, while curbing the harshness that destroys servers and player bases. When the land itself provides benefits to the resident players, it gives the local residents an advantage over outside enemies. And when you tie lands together through fealty systems, you create natural bonds that help build allegiances which can provide large scale protection (without artificial faction systems or hard coded barriers). So what I want to briefly detail here are some ideas for benefits that land ownership (and the things that land ownership enables, such as player built assets like temples, granaries, barracks, etc...) and fealty to land owners can give. First, going back to the Fealty Chart, it seems like there will be at least five separate fealty ranks (King, Archduke, Duke, Count, and Baron). Only a small percentage of players will ever get to fill these roles. The rest of us will play as non-landowners. Lets assume that to get the "benefits of society" non-landowners have to swear fealty to a landowner. Not sure how this is done, Perhaps the guild leaders are the land owners, and the build members are sworn to the leader... but however this works, you would be associated with a Baron or Count and the lowest level, and also every person above them in the chain of commend, up to the King or Queen. Depending on whose land you are sworn to, you will get certain actual in-game benefits based on the land that they own and the fixtures that have been built on it. So if I am sworn to a Baron, and the Baron has working farms on his land, then I might get a health regeneration boost. If my Baron builds a barracks, maybe I get a slight defense boost. A thieves guild house? Bonus to sneak... and so on. If my Baron has sworn to a Duke, I will also get the benefits for anything that the Duke builds. For example, a library could provide a bonus to intelligence, while an gladiator arena boosts your critical hit chance. The difference between the benefits provided by the Baron and the Duke are that the Duke has access to a different (better? larger?) selection of building types and bonuses. Perhaps even more important, these bonuses are tied to the land itself. So the Baron's fixtures would only apply while I am in the Barony. The Duke's fixtures, however, would give me a bonus in Barony AND the rest of the surrounding Duchy. Assuming there is a King above the Duke, the King's fixtures help me so long as I am anywhere within the Kingdom. There is huge potential for a system like this. Certain types of fixtures could have multiple purposes, some of which would be very specific, and can tie directly into the siege system. For example, if a large percentage of each Barony, Duchy, County, etc... in a Kingdom builds temples to the god of fire (which normally just gives a bonus to fire resistance), then it will allow the Kingdom to summon powerful fire elementals to help in the defense of any sieges waged against a city within the kingdom. Another example could be that having a certain number of libraries enables the building of a university, which in turn enables the kingdom to build better defensive and offensive war machines. The system also offers a lot of tie-ins for serious PvE. For example, in order to summon the fire elementals, you have to sacrifice an item that requires a high-level dungeon crawl. Anyway, that's way more than I intended to write, but it really just scratches the surface of the possibilities that the system offers. We definitely saw shades of this in SB, especially as the game matured. It would great to see a lot of this built into Crowfall from the start.
  11. Join this guild for Glory and excitement! We split all lot depending on how many members there are, any Hacking, Betraying, Dishonsted, or Double Crossing is prohibited and will lead to be an automatic leave from the guild.
  12. Join the blood knights we are a group that is active and with more then basic gaming experience.
  13. We know little about this game as I write this, yet here we are. Many of us the first. I may not intend to stay with this game or be the best player, but I intend to leave something behind in it. Thus, I am making legacy, a guild which I will cultivate and that I will ultimately pass on. My hope is that we, as a guild, will leave a mark. Interested? May we live on, Motte, moth lord.
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