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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, hi, heya. Thanks for stopping by and succumbing to your curiosity. I'm a long-time video gamer, like you. I've played a few MMOs, most notably Star Wars Galaxies (launch to shutdown vet here). Full list at the end of this post. I write three blogs, co-founded a tabletop RPG company, got mugged by gypsies in a Moscow subway, and had Domino's for dinner tonight. Occasionally I'll write something clever. Most of the time, I just finger-vomit nonsense into the little text editing boxes. Oh yeah, and I'm a software engineer. Glad to meet you. As promised, list of MMOs played (because I'm bored and have nothing better to do than write an exhaustive list of every MMO I've played for at least 10 minutes): ArcheAge, Age of Conan, Star Wars Galaxies, World of Warcraft, Everquest 1, Everquest 2, Dungeons & Dragons Online, Neverwinter, Ultima Online, Wizard101, Istaria, Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, Age of Wushu, Wakfu, Allods Online, Alganon, Anarchy Online, Asheron's Call 1, APB: Reloaded, Lime Odyssey, Guild Wars 1, Guild Wars 2, City of Heroes/Villains, Champions Online, DC Universe Online, Warhammer Online, Dragon's Prophet, EVE Online, Fallen Earth, Final Fantasy XI, Final Fantasy XIV: ARR, Firefall, Lord of the Rings Online, Mabinogi, Mortal Online, PlaneShift, Priston Tale 1, Ragnarok Online 1, Realm of the Mad God, Regnum Online, Rift, Runes of Magic, Runescape, Ryzom, Second Life, Star Trek Online, TERA, The Repopulation, The Secret World, and Uncharted Waters Online. I'm currently playing Guild Wars 2 and, occasionally, The Repopulation, mixed in with healthy doses of Team Fortress 2, Tribes Ascend, and Planetside 2.
  2. The most significant thing I could tell you about myself, within the context of this community, is how incredibly unlikely it is that I find myself posting an introduction here. Not because of the game, genre, or proposed mechanics (all of which have me positively excited), but because I have lurked quietly in every bulletin board, forum, comment thread or social network I've ever connected to since getting online. You could count the number of posts I've made on the internet on one hand, yet here I am. I'm not a quiet person. Far from it, I'm often loud, long-winded and obnoxious. But like the Halfling Rogue that started my role playing, dungeon crawling and dragon slaying, I've always preferred to hide in the wings. Using the shadows as a defense between me and a strong commitment one way or the other. Letting a situation develop, free from my influence, until I can fully grasp it's intricacies. I guess I prefer to wait for all the information before I choose to dive into the fray, or skulk off in pursuit of more easily attained entertainment. Like the rogue, I've been fortunate to enjoy the fruit of others' hard labor over the years. Pen and paper role playing games, trading card games, board games, text-based MUDs, and finally more MMOs than I could reasonably play have all found their way into my collection. I don't discriminate between mediums, genres or themes, I consume whatever suits my fancy. My gaming appetite knows no bounds. Lately however, we've fallen into rather dark times around here. Picking my way through feature list after feature list and coming up with nothing but pocket lint. Following leads that never develop and getting involved in games that never pan out quite the way they were supposed to. I find my crew trying to go back and relive the glory days, when MMOs were good and entertainment came easy. There aren't any true gems in this genre anymore, so they settle for emulators and try and pawn them off as the real deal, but they lack the same luster. They don't sparkle. They go dull. Then I catch a glimpse of Crowfall. This one gets my attention, it pulls me towards it in a way I barely remember. I lose track of where I am and what I'm doing. I watch it intently, not wanting to let it out of my sight. It beckons me closer. It's... precious.
  3. Hello everyone! I'm Liar, and I just heard about this game today from a journal post by BeastofOblivion on DeviantART. It look really interesting, and heaven knows I could use a game besides Guild Wars 2 every now and then! So yeah, a little bit about me: I'm 19 years old and living in Alaska with what might be the worst internet in the entire universe (we don't even have unlimited downloads). I like Anime/manga, Homestuck, role playing, games, drawing, and wasting time on stupid things. Sadly, like many people out there, I am horrible at talking to people, and often find that my sarcastic remarks hurt peoples feelings. I am deeply sorry for offending you.. Unless I actually meant it.. Which is possible. My LOUD AND OBNOXIOUS VOICE also drives people away, even though I use it as a joke, not when I'm actually mad at someone.. If I'm mad at you, I simply wont talk to you. But deep down, I am secretly an all powerful demon princess of rainbows and love that will rule the world with the power of Mary Sue(youwilllovemeorIwillwriteyououtofexistence). I hope that we can all be great friends. I'm personally looking forward to being slaughtered by the enemy, rage quitting, and looking at scenery. Only one of those was true... It was the last one. I actually am looking forward to this game, it has nice art, the Archetypes look cool (leaning towards Stalker and FrostWeaver, ranged DPS is my favorite in most other games, so yeah), and the fact that the developers are trying to add more then just 'hack, slash, kill or be killed' to it is making me excited! Also with their 'we're not trying to make it balanced, that's up to you' attitude, I hope less nerfing will be happening to all of the skills that I and every one else happens to like. Having to think about your build and how you play will also be interesting; I know a lot of people will probably have to much lag to do a lot of it, but I hope there will be a way around that.. At least partially. I'm afraid that I am not much of a rage poster, and if I find something I don't like about the game, I'll usually just ignore it and play anyway. Same with if I like something, I'll just shrug and keep going.. It is up to everyone else to carry my weight, and for this I am sorry. But fear not! I am actually a decent team player, and while I may run off on my own on occasion, I will happily come to your aid if need be! Hopefully I will not let everyone down with my need to dig random holes in some far off corner of the map. I cant wait to see what all's possible, and hopefully my computer can handle it. Now off to make an avatar, very important business.
  4. My name is Samuel, I am new to CrowFall and am in need of some guidance at the start. Please treat me well!
  5. Hey there! My name is Shadowhorn and I run the Crowfall Fansite/Forum known as Crush the Throne. I've been playing MMOs for nearly eight years and I can't get enough of them. Although I haven't been to active with PvP this past year, I used to partake in long PvP matches in World of Warcraft, Rift along with Lord of the Rings Online. In addition to that, I have also been in the blogging community for almost five years now. When I founded and built Crush the Throne, my vision was to have it be the central hub for all things Crowfall where you could come find guides, tips, tricks and meet other gamers all at the same time! It's been a huge success so far and I can't wait to see where it is in the coming months! I look forward to playing with you all and getting to know you. Are you ready to play to crush? -Shadowhorn
  6. Hello everyone So excited for Crowfall as it stands its def a game i been looking to play for a very long time and i cant wait for Alpha testing! That being figured i would go into my gaming experience and such. Been gaming since i was very young started off with Sega Genesis for me, primarily sonic and NBA Jams I later started getting into MMORPGs after i played Runescape in highschool and kinda went on from thar. My first real taste for PvP (if you can call it that lol) came from a game called Mabinogi where i would rez camp nibs just to troll them since in Mabinogi after you died in elf vs giant pvp you came back to life in the same exact spot so you just spammed 1 skill on someone over and over again till they alt+f4, was so mean back then it would go on sometimes as long as an hour lololol. I was in a guild called Bliss who ran one of the servers channels (7) and if one of us would get attacked a simple message in guild chat would cause players from Bliss to come outta nowhere and KoS all players in the area to the point where no one would be allowed to turn on pvp or risk getting camped by the entire guild, often times wars in the main town would erupt was amazing fun when such events happened. Ive never had so much fun in a game going guild vs all to establish dominance over a territory or channel(7) in this case. It got to the point where multiple guilds would create secrete alliances to raid us to try to take control over the channel. Of course thar was zero reward for this type of pvp win or lose it was done 100 percent in fun or trolling or hate against us for some lol. Few years later i played Aika in beta and had my first proper taste of RvR style combat and was instantly attracted to it. I joined the Feonir faction and we were being lead by our Lord Marshal Sektor who imo at the time a great leader. Thar was so much faction pride in Aika. Was just amazing to see someone lead masses amounts of people on relic runs pushing through the enemy lines and putting up bits of motivational speeches every now and then in chat. Was the most incredible feeling. But because its insane grind i was turned off by the game and left soon after our Lord Marshal Sektor was banned (accused of botting to level since lvling was such a pain). I then played a bunch of random games and landed on GW2 after hearing about that. The mechanics of that game were amazing, so i stuck with it since beta till now. I would go and xfer(server transfer) about, learning from top tier guilds, and how they ran and communicated with thar guild and alliances, and watching what tactics they used on the enemy. After a while i figured thar was things i could do much better then most and decided i wanted to lead my own group and started a guild called Better Metal Snake [bMS] which later renamed to Always Attack [ATK](and nowIN 2015 went back to our original name BMS ). It was the best gaming experience of my life. Leading men who trust you in the battlefield and coming out victorious. Sadly though GW2 has seen no real updates to WvW and alot of the best guilds have retired from gw2 along with my own, though many of my guildies still stay in contact with me and each other from the bonds we made. These experiences are what have me so excited for Crowfall in particular everything that has been said about it has peaked my interest. And playing a game focused on RvR style pvpwhere i can actually enjoy all aspects of the game. This is exactly what im looking for rather then playing in a small themepark like GW2 or ESO where all i did was RvR and missed out on 90 percent of the game because of it. Very much looking forward to learning more about Crowfall and testing it when i get the opportunity. ______________________ TL:DR Very excited for Crowfall, cant wait to test it and find out if ima bring my guild Better Metal Snake [bMS] here! I also have lots of faith in the developers to make this the type of game i been looking forward to for a long time.
  7. Good day fellow travelers! My friends call me N3rdix, and my fiance calls me, David. I've said hello and goodbye to multiple MMO titles in the past, and never really could call any of them...Home. I'm hoping this game will change all of that. Intrigued by what I've seen so far, and god, that art style, loving it. New to the whole "Sandbox MMO" so bare with me as this noob is setting sail into Crowfall. Can't wait to meet you all in game!
  8. The word 'exordium' is often used in context of the beginning a speech or treatise, and seeing the community for Crowfall happened within the first days of 2015, it can even be related to the beginning of a brand new experience, just waiting - like a resolution of sorts - to be tested for strength and balance, anxious to be bettered and made legendary. It's definitely exciting to see so many new names and faces, is it not? But me? Unfortunately, I have resolutions, not games (though I'm sure I can leave that to the devs). In short, my number-one this year is not to break. In fact, I'll be playing to crush, and to go as far as that resolution takes me (and farther still). We've all got quite the adventure ahead of us, no? ...hey, everyone. I'm Soultamer. It's nice to meet you all.
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