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Found 8 results

  1. Gday gday! We're a new guild looking for people to join us as we venture forth into the unknown Currently on the AU server but we will be going between the AU and NA servers/worlds as new worlds/campaigns are released Whatever works for us at the time. I'm aiming for this to be a welcoming and chill guild environment so I don't expect us to be super competitive I still want us to kick ass where we can but without the stress and drama yeah As a note I do stream and I do plan on streaming this game in the very near future, you are not obliged to follow that if you're not keen. House Of Shenanigans Guild Overview/Description: A chill place for shenanigans and whatnot A place for new players and veterans to hang out, chat, explore, craft, kill and conquer together No stiff schedules or intensely rigid. We'll do things as they come to us. Affiliation: Moon/Kane Rules/Requirements: Simply put, just don't be an unpleasant person I want this to be a welcoming guild so leave your salt for your food yeah Otherwise feel free to apply -> House Of Shenanigans There is a discord which I will link to you once all things are said and done. There is probably stuff I haven't thought of or missed so if you have questions or things you want to know, chuck me a message. So join us as we clusterfjuck our way to victory!
  2. I'm new here but I am really excited for this game. Heard about it from some friends and searched it up and here I am.
  3. To all of you who said my suggestions would never work in a game like Shadowbane, I'm sorry. Either the Devs disagree or this is not the Shadowbane you were looking for. My suggestions versus the info they revealed No Classes - wrong No skills shown - wrong Detailed crafting where mats change stats - bingo Territory or resource conquest - seems legit No NPCs - unsure No quests - unsure Player driven market - we will see how it's done No auction house - unsure One respawn at each faction - not sure if there are factions - (still prefer a set number of respawns only) Pretty much everything else I suggested is unsure or doubtful (or really wouldn't work in any game) You have my attention. Please, go on...
  4. This is my take on what a 'fun' crafting system would be. But before we even get started let me explain what seems 'fun' to me. I like making my own choices. I like finding different combinations/possibilities (not Rng). I like customization. This system incorporates those things. If you are in love with complete rng then it is more likely you will probably dislike this system. For so long in mmo's crafting has been click this, then your done with no real control over what you are crafting. Definitions of crafting: ;skill in planning, making, or executing ;an activity that involves making something in a skillful way by using your hands Now we can't literally make it with our hands so we'll be utilizing our mind*. Most mmos don't even have crafting as far as I'm concerned, they should rename it to 'Click, and hope for better stats". What I'm about to propose is giving the players control over the items made instead of just raising a stat through rng. This may result in losing that 'slot machine' feeling some people enjoy when partaking. But if you like to have choice over your playstyle then you might find this system more enjoyable. This will not be for everyone and thats fine, nothing on the internet is. Lets dive in. Disclaimer: Very basic idea that can and should be expanded upon. This is just an idea and any part or sections can be taken from it. Just for imaginative purposes. I do not believe this to be the end-all-be-all of the best crafting ever. Crafting Crafting is fun to me personally WHEN I can change core-gameplay (be it gathering, combat, exploring) through the crafting of items. Mechanics (followed by pictures!): Sliders that represent the amount of resources you can choose to put in to change the stats of an item. The number of sliders is decided upon by the number of attributes the item has. Each item is given attributes (placeholder attributes): Attributes include but not limited to - -Attack Speed -Damage per hit -Radius -Armor regen -Energy cost -Energy drain (for items you continually hold down to use) -Life steal -W/e you can possibly think of Notice I only listed combat attributes but this crafting system could be used for any item that has attributes. Items that could be used in this crafting - If it can have attributes, it can work in this system (see pics below). Some include - -Skills! -Weapons and armor -Axes -Picks -Boots (Kind of is armor) -Drills/pulverisers -Accessories -Food (future) -Ect, ect Each attribute is assigned to a resource chosen by developers to that specific item. Example = Sword uses iron for the damage attribute. The more of a resource is put in, the more the adjacent attribute is raised in ratio. Each attribute has a range. Example - damage for a sword swing would be 60-120 per hit. Each item has a total (100%) resource cost. This sword's is 1000. This is the total number of combined resources that needs to be used to create an item. The player has the choice of picking the # of each resource used in the process via sliders. The total of combined percentages of resources cannot exceed 100%. Pictures are guud. In the picture above, you can see a sword is going to be made. Do not pay attention to the actual resources or numbers being used, they are just placeholder for the concept. Now you can grasp the mechanics, lets see some (nowhere close to all) of the possibilities. Example #1 Sword Variant 1 [This sword leans towards a player who likes faster attacks with some extra damage and little Aoe.] Example #2 Sword Variant 2 [This sword leans towards a player who likes wide Aoe attacks with low damage and basic attack speed.] Example #3 Sword Variant 3 [This sword leans towards a player who likes hard hitting attacks with no aoe and basic attack speed.] The only way this system works is with give and take. If you make a sword that has twice the attack speed, the damage must be halved. When raising and lowering an attribute you are directly changing the other attributes on the item. You cannot and should not be able to up every attribute at once, there must be a balance. Choose slow attacks? They will hit harder at the expense of lost attack speed. Maybe you want to hit more people at once? The damage per hit will be lowered but the aoe range will increase. Now take what can be done with a single sword and apply it to every other item in the game that can have attributes. This is the premise of the proposed crafting system. ‚ÄčAnd lastly this proposal only utilizes resources (iron, metals, grass, w/e). A full version would include subcomponents to be made into full items. Some items such as swords could require the following: Hilt Blade Handle I believe crafting should involve more player thought than it currently does. Pros: Substantially more control than other systems. More choices over how you want to play, not just stat increases that don't change how an item handles. Less Rng (might be a pro only to me ) Cons: You lose the "gambling" feeling so many people love. The system would need to be balanced number wise. Maybe a loss of feeling of progression? Honestly I will leave the cons up to ya'll, because of shortsightedness and also because of differing player preferences. Extra suggestions: Player named items are awesome and create immersion in trading. Or even a "created by:'S@msonite'" tag on items. You can create legacies and business based on what you create. Thoughts? Your version of it? Suggestions? Why you hate it? Lets discuss, I am open minded and make it a point to never attack a person rather than disagree their idea.
  5. I think these are creative twists on old ideas in all RPGs: Here are a few of my previous posts: http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/99-combat-system-preference-vote-now/?view=findpost&p=3303 http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/125-party/?view=findpost&p=3335 http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/116-class-or-classless-system/?view=findpost&p=3374 http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/109-what-type-of-movement-system-would-you-like-to-see/?view=findpost&p=3425 http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/145-one-server-or-many/?view=findpost&p=3449 http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/202-cheating/?view=findpost&p=3488 http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/139-looting/?view=findpost&p=3515 Other's ideas: http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/174-crafting/ http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/201-pve-wishes/ I'm sorry if this is more of a redundant post, but I want to emphasize my idea a little and get feedback
  6. Want something new? When you die, you are sent to the spawn point for the faction you belong in. One spawn for each faction over the whole game. Talk about risk/reward. Raids would have consequences beyond just losing a few pieces of gear. Permadeath wouldnt be needed because the 'corpse run would be incredible. OoOOOooOOOOooOoO all the way home
  7. As stated in General, here are many of my ideas for the game that would solve some problems, create new ones, give the world a reason and keep everyone on fairly even ground. 1. No NPCs of any kind. We rely on the more than we admit. How does the NPC shopkeeper have unlimited coin AND a full stock all the time? 2. No coin. Barter for goods, haggle, interact with players. This gives access to new player types like merchants. If coins are added, have each faction have their own. Trade caravans and exchange brokers would bring more life to things. Again, interact with people. 3. Mobs drop only what make sense. Rabbits drop meat and fur. Goblins drop sticks, rocks and bones. Why would a kobold have +3 armor and NOT use it. I see bandits as NPC types so refer to number 1 4. Add a intricate crafting system similar to one I descibed in a different post. This would give resource gathers and crafters a real meaning along with number 3 5. Resources like a grove of better wood or an iron mine should be scattered and able to be utilized. Gather the mats and transport them. Add mobs that make sense to the area and once wiped out, the players can defend the area. This also gives explorers a wonderful opportunity to show off their skills. 6. World 'Bosses' travel. Have them move around, rest in a nice area and move along. We'd never know how many are out there and if they were coming our way. 7. Mobs interact. If the boss walks through an area with mobs, have the mobs defend just the same as if we did. Tactics would change a lot. 8. Houses or buildings can be built using crafted or gathered materials. Make a lean-to and wait out the storm. Build a fortification at the mine. Make sure its all able to be torn down as well. Raids should have a cost to both sides no matter the outcome. 9. Make respawning the castle/starting point of each faction ONLY. Death would mean more, spawn campers would be less of a hassle and wars, raids would be worth more to the winner. Killing a mob would be an accomplishment to be proud of rather than another yawn. 10. Full loot with a small caveat. Looting takes time depending on what is there to be taken and where it is. Removing a ring takes less time than removing pants from a corpse. Mounts, sure. Each has their own stats and can be bred as well. Before that starts, someone woukd have to catch and tame them. Could even have people able to take a passenger along or pull a wagon. Trade caravans that could be ambushed. If the mount gets killed, the wagon needs to be pulled by hand or the items looted. 11. Items have weight and bulk that effect your actions. Full armor while carrying a chest and still able to outmanuver in a fight would be gone and people would be responsible for their choices. 12. Classless system and stats hidden from the player. Let deeds speak louder than stats. No min /max. To find the perfect build. Use a skill to get better, only we wont know the exact ammount. Magical healing drains 'mana' from the one being healed first. Want to be healed magically more than bandages, work with magic to increase it's effectiveness. I'll stop for now and come back with another set later.
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