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Found 10 results

  1. Baruk Khazâd! Khazâd ai-mênu! The Mithril Warhammers Dwarvern hold is a pvp centric Dwarven themed guild with two plus decades of history. Our existence began three decades ago in the The Realm where we have been competing and having fun in almost every MMO since. We play Dwarves exclusively, when available. Some may remember us from the Death server in Shadowbane fighting for months of total war against an empire of Death, Ostermark in Warhammer Online where we united the Order faction vanquishing Chaos off the server, or Jade Quarry in Guild Wars 2 release as one of the original founders of the Jade Alliance among the various other mmos we have either tested or planted our pvp banner on as we have made eternal friends and sworn enemies across the many realms. We are the best friends you will find. An opponent not easily forgotten. We require one main raid/siege Stoneborn main otherwise alts can be whatever race/class combo you prefer. We are a standing member of the Death Alliance. May your beard grow long, your axes and hammers find their mark, and the ale never run dry in your troll skull mug. HAMMERS HIGH !!
  2. We will be around and rdy to crush you all
  3. Hi All, Was a longtime Shadowbane player as one of the founders of the Legion VII Felix Guild. Had a blast and have been looking for something similar for a long time. Hoping this is it. Nice to meet you all.
  4. Vahr'Nah ,Obh'ehra sed A smile to those who have understanding and nod to the lowborn reading this. If this project proves to be what we all hope it will be, The Court of Evermore will of course make its return. I will welcome any old souls back to our ranks including our thralls. I would love to go into more details on our plans, but as we know very little about what we will truly be getting into I shall wait for more to be revealed. Know this, if it is possible to restore the empire or reclaim the crown we once wore, we shall do so! For now. Tuel'Buannahr Galiswyn Ta'Kier Aglaeron of the Court of Evermore Ellestor of Daeriath Midranell
  5. So good to see tons of familiar faces. I can't wait to roll in with GoW in tow in an army of Mino's & Centaurs to squish some carebears!
  6. Hi. My name's John Henderson. I did a bunch of Shadowbane stuff years ago. The handle I was using at the time was "J. the Yellow". These forums look really nice.
  7. As J Todd has previously stated, the team at ArtCraft hopes to see Crowfall have a brand new community filled with people from various games. No more KingsIsle gamers, no more Shadowbane gamers, no more Darkfall gamers, no more anything. All differences aside, we would come together to be Crowfall gamers. After all, that's what we're here for, right? Personally I don't know too much about Shadowbane but I have had my fair share of playing various MMO's. One thing I want to do is I really want to start meeting people in this new growing community. With that being said, let's start getting along as gamers and put our differences aside so we can all enjoy Crowfall together. What do you say?
  8. One of the biggest and most important lessons that we can learn from dissecting Shadowbane is the failure to capitalise on the new player experience. For those without knowledge of Shadowbane, and infact most "open world sandbox"-esque MMOs, the new player experience was/is abysmal. Most of the game world is open-pvp, allowing you to kill anyone anywhere for any reason - except the starting area. It was an island entirely segregated from the rest of the world in which PvP (the main point of the game!) and all PvP content was missing. You essentially auto attacked for an hour to 3 hours to get off the island. Once off the island, you were thrown into the world with little to no direction. You had to find everything out yourself (exploring or rewarding exploration is not a bad thing, but feeling lost is), and infact the game taught you little of the reality of the game world before this point. You didn't know how to build your character, how to fight players, how to find a guild, where it might be a good idea to level, etc. Truly, only the diehard or those with friends guiding them through made it past this point. You could go outside the safezone/city and immediately be ganked by a few level 75s, promptly followed by hate tells. It was harsh for new players for little reason; ganking new players wasn't even that enjoyable for many players. The time of the "anti-PK" guilds is mostly over in this genre, and even then it was a poor band aid. All of this lead to a very, very, very low new player retention rate. Most sandbox MMOs have this problem: they focus on the gameplay post new-player experience or the "end game" but treat the new player experience as an after thought. This will always lead to the complete inability to grow as a game in terms of playerbase, and infact it quite steadily increases the rate at which a game could die. So here is some bullet pointed suggestions for the new player experience: Let it be a micro-schism of the real game, or allow new players to get into the real game un-segregated. Ensure that new players are adequately equipped to deal with the reality of the game. Ensure that the "tutorial" system is well developed and sleek. I should actually learn enough to be relatively confident in the mechanic you're showing me. Sending 10 paragraphs of text in a pop up (ala Shadowbane) and nothing else is a quick way to get me to cancel the popup. Show the mechanic in action so I understand it fully. The interfaces for character creation and general gameplay should initially be sleek and easily understood. Complexity for the sake of complexity at the start of the game can unnecessarily overwhelm new players. Trickle gameplay lessons & mechanics. Do not shelter new players from what the real game is about. It will only serve to confuse the audience you're trying to captivate: eg if it's a safezone with awesome PvE but no PvP, initially, then turning into a ravenous PvP hungry game world.. you're not exactly showing off what the game will later be or how to get involved in its content. Discuss the potential problems of higher-progressed players griefing brand new players. Wolves don't always like fighting just other wolves, and if you allow your 20,000 wolves to stand at the only entrance to the game where all the sheep come in one by one.. you're gonna have a bad time. There is minimal benefit to allowing this unabated considering the risk is just having a dead game. Do you all have any other things you think the new player experience should be about?
  9. I had a fantastic day! A lovely SB player was kind enough to walk me through downloading and setting up the Shadowbane emulator, AND generous with the time and expertise in helping me build a perfect starter character, a healer of course. I am grateful for the informative tour and help with learning how to train and use powers and training points, not to mention the excellent company. It was the strangest experience. I immediately felt right at home in the game environment. There are so many ways in which I see subtle reminders of the Great Spiral. The world is a very familiar place, right down to the style of the art of trees, architecture, statues, etc. I felt like I was traveling in a merged world of Wizard City and Grizzleheim with all the forests and stone walls. The lighting and mood are similar to Grizzleheim, reminiscent of Mirkholm Keep and Ravenscar. Regardless of the tooniness of W101 and the realism in SB, the resemblance was uncanny. The character development system blew me away, mainly because I already knew what to do to maximize my build. Any wizard or pirate who can gear up with competitive stats will find this system intuitive; you already know what to do. The difference is that the starter stats are customizable, unlike the starter builds in W101 & P101, which makes playing a noob so much more fun! No waiting to level up to get better gear, because you start with inherently good stats. Think universal resist, heal boosts, accuracy, damage, etc. Like that WW gear in Wizzie? Build a character with similar stats in SB and you’ll find the performance is pleasing to your magical gamer soul. Leveling up to 20’ish was practically instantaneous; I think it took all of an hour and a half, including my wild gallops into the woods and subsequent rescue by my guide. In that time, I became comfortable with choosing powers, equipping gear, scavenging loot, and killing mobs. Plus, I did master the click/travel thing, sort of. I did accidentally run right into a camp of giants there at the end. I did not die. I really like the customizable screen with all the widgets for various systems. I noticed that gameplay takes very little viewable space on the screen, which leaves lots of options for how to set up a personalized set of tools. Wizards and Pirates, we aren’t familiar with this option, as our items are locked in place on the screen; think friend list, power/skill bar, spellbook, mana/health, etc. Now think of how you might choose to lay out that screen. Yeah, it’s cool. I had a hard time conceptualizing the single player travel system. I didn't anticipate the click n walk/run/gallop method because I’ve been navigating with arrow keys for so long. LOL, I kept galloping around and getting lost in the woods until I understood how to walk in an organized fashion. Fortunately, my guide chose to drag me along with him as we traveled. I love the ability to add 10 people in a group driven by one player. Very efficient, especially when dealing with the directionally impaired, such as myself. The necessity for a mouse caught me by surprise. I play Skyrim, Tera, W101, P101, etc. with my track pad and arrow keys. Fortunately, Surly Teen found a wireless mouse for me to use. Heh, Idk why I was so surprised. Surly Teen has been griping at me for years to get a mouse. Fine, I now have a mouse. Score one for Surly Teen. My next lesson will include traveling in PvP areas and fighting other players. I’ll write about that when the time comes. Here’s a very clumsy comparison and list of elements I like in all three games, and what I’d like to see in Crowfall: ( I know full well that I don’t speak for anyone other than myself.) Shadowbane -- Skills training system, generous training points and gold, character customization for stats and skills. This seems to be the superior character creation system. What I want to see in Crowfall: I like the intricate character customization. I like that some characters can fly I like the speed of my centaur. I like the range of healing talents. I like the target and attack mechanism. I like the travel options, including teleportation and group travel. I like the ability to share gear items between players. I like the fact that my new SB centaur is a millionairess. Give us the monies, lots of the monies! I like the lack of a skill/powers bar at the bottom of the screen. Instead, the ability to drag specific powers onto the screen is appealing. Pirate 101 -- The skills training is very similar to that of SB, companions in P101 are trained like playable characters in SB. The best way to describe it is that the P101 training system splits the SB system into two parts: 1) Character, 2) Companions. Not exactly, but close enough for example. What I want to see in Crowfall: Pet training system like that in P101 I’d like to see the SB training/powers system put back together for our characters in Crowfall. More generous allocation of training points for characters. W101 -- The environment is very similar in look and with notably similar structures, including trees, architecture, statuary, and pets. It’s downright odd, really. I feel like I’ve traveled through SOMEONE’s visually artistic mental space. Did I mention TREES. We wizards know a thing or two about sacred trees… About combat, using powers and skills: Wizards, think deck build. Instead of setting up a deck for battle, you drag choice powers onto the game window so that they are ready at hand. What I want to see in Crowfall: Pet genetics and talents. NOT the W101 training system. Protected gardening for crafting materials and other loot Crafting, of course! BUT crafted gear items must be clearly superior to dropped items Share items with others. Travel system; I don't mind using a mouse, but I’d like an unobtrusive quest helper to keep me from wandering off into the woods so much, especially when the world map is new. Getting lost over and over sucks. I hate the map and quest helper systems in Skyrim and Tera. Gimme a little tiny arrow at the bottom of the screen, plz. My personal little dream: I want to build a sacred space in the woods, a protected space for my Green Lady to practice her white magic. If summoned to protect the guild, she will teleport into battle, heal, spread the light, and then retreat to her secret haven. I’m sure this will come as a surprise to a lot of peeps, but Shadowbane, Wizard 101, and Pirate 101 carry a distinctive shared set of various mechanics, character abilities, and styles of art in architecture, setting, etc. The adjustments to be made aren't so much gamer skills but instead lay in the interpretation of powers, stats, and training pathways. I fully expect Crowfall to carry forward a blend of all three systems, hopefully the best of all of them. This could be an amazing game. I just can’t wait for beta! Warmest Regards from Aerynth, Io Sophia Moon
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