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Found 10 results

  1. Quick Overview We are a game wide clan where we have members from various of different games all united to enjoy the games that we play in a relaxed manner. We're group of people who are open to any game mode whether it is serious or just strolling around to enjoy the view as the time passes by. We have a huge amount of experience in MMORPG as this clan was a part of a game of this genre. Now, we are looking to expand the guild in Crowfall! Requirements There are no requirements to join, you can be of any level, we are happy to teach each other and to improve together. If this is what you are looking for then feel free to join! Rules The only rules that are applied are the everyday life rules that we follow, such as being respectful to one another. How to Join 1. Join the guild's Discord server. 2. Join the guild in-game or using the link here. 3. Submit an application in how you found out about us and why'd you like to join including the roles you can play as. 4. Please confirm your Crowfall name when joining on Discord. We look forward to welcoming new members! 😀
  2. HEMUS "The Noble House" [EU] We are an international Guild with more then 20 years of MMO and sandbox gaming experience. Our goal is to create a Kingdom for all players to enjoy. An economic military and entertainment center in the Corwfall univese. Conquest, Crafting, Trading and Socializing are our main pillars of gameplay. We welcome hardcore as well as casual players and guilds to join our community. Our Goals: - establish a community with dedicated people which share the same goals and unite under the banners of the HEMUS Guild. - Build an open Kingdom where other Guilds, Traders Crafters Citizens and Visitors could enjoy, prosper and feel at home. - Conquer, Raid and Loot new Territories. - Guild and Kingdom Events We offer: - a place to call home to prosper and enjoy the game - pvp and call to arms events - crafting and gathering events - subguilds titles and land for our dedicated members and leaders - teamspeak (voice communication is required) - website and forum (under development) We are looking for: - dedicated players which share our goals and principles - pvp players for our military order. - crafters, traders and gatherers for our trading order Join us and become part of one of the leading Guilds and Kingdoms in the realm. Fight, Craft, Trade and prosper with us! Apply now! We use Guilded as main guild communication platform For Guilds: For Guilds which would like to take part of our Kingdom and would like to apply for land and titles and become part of the community please PM us with some more information about your goals and guild size. We would be glad to review your request.
  3. Le discord communautaire francophone mets à disposition de tout ceux qui cherchent une guilde la guilde "Communauté de l'Arbre Clair". Les communityleader sont sur le jeu depuis quelques mois voir années. Pas de prérequis, pas d'obligation de présence ( si on vous fourni du stuff, pensez à le rendre si vous faites une pause ), juste de l'entraide. Si vous voulez juste chercher des adversaires ou avez des questions, n'hésitez pas à passer.
  4. For anyone who ventures in here who is an alumni like me from SWG, it turns out a pretty solid guild is forming here (no name yet but soon!). We're crafting enthusiasts (and I'm a former city mayor/entertainer/droid crafter) and excited about other aspects of the game, and while PvP is a big part of that, it's simply not like the be-all, end-all for us. We're more interesting in building than destroying . All the same, it's the sandbox elements that drew us to Crowfall and if you're looking for someplace and it sounds like you're on the same page as us, feel free to stop by and say hi! There are a lot of guilds who have pre-built infrastructures from prior games, too. We're building that foundation from the ground up here, and all pretty much new friends because of the allure of Crowfall. Jump to lightspeed. Chewie, hit it! Edit: Our guild shifted into a newer one, link below in my sig!
  5. http://www.kovgaming.com KoV is a new gaming community, and a multi-fansite, and gaming blog. Teamspeak Information: ts30.gameservers.com:9364 (password = cromwell) How to apply? Applying to KoV is easy. simply click the red apply button on our website (also in the main navigation menu), and you will be directed to the application page. All you need to do is fill out the form, and wait till we get back to you. Why should I apply? KoV is a new multi-gaming community, and we are planning to play many different games, from many different genres; there's something for everyone. Secondly, as we play many games, KoV will be buying our very own servers for games that allow it, such as Mount and Blade: Bannerlord, and more! This means that you get to play on either our private servers, or be a part of a gaming community which has its own custom public servers, with special maps, items, and more. Who should apply? As stated before, we plan on playing many different games from many different genres, so I believe anyone interested in gaming should apply, as long as they read our rules of conduct. Whether you are a new player looking for help, or a veteran player looking to PvP, you will have a place in our community. We don't know much, or anything of Crowfall, so it's hard to talk about it. What is the goal of KoV? The goal of KoV is to help new players learn their respective game, PvP with the more hardcore players, and create a helpful community in any game we play. We expect all players to try and improve, and to be willing to learn. You don't have to be the best player ever, but we want players who are willing to learn, and improve in any game they play. Most of all, KoV is a community, and a place for everyone to feel at home. If you like to craft, you can do that. If you are a more PvP oriented player, like myself, you can do that with us as well. There is a place for everyone in KoV! More than just a community! KoV is also being built as a blog, in which KoV members can be a part of. Whether is be an interview with game developers, guides on a game, or streaming a game, we want everyone to be able to take part in the blog. This adds another level to the community, which members will be able to contribute to. Even if you don't join our clan for Crowfall, you can still be a part of our forum community. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for reading, and I hope you will help the KoV Gaming community grow. If you have any questions, feel free to PM here, or email me at louismatos@kovgaming.com
  6. The Pillars of Kings is a website that serves for the guild with the save name, although anybody from any guild can check it out and get information from it. There is also a forums, that is open to everybody. But there are some rules that if you break, can get you banned. thepillarsofthekings.weebly.com
  7. The 7 Sins is a creative group that has factions to spice things up The 7 Sins: 1. Lust 2. Gluttony 3. Greed 4. Sloth 5. Wrath 6. Envy 7. Pride You may represent one and only one Sin but each will all stand together to make "The 7 Sins" (Obviously lol) Willing to join? ask here accepting all dont forget to pick a Sin you would like to be in.
  8. As J Todd has previously stated, the team at ArtCraft hopes to see Crowfall have a brand new community filled with people from various games. No more KingsIsle gamers, no more Shadowbane gamers, no more Darkfall gamers, no more anything. All differences aside, we would come together to be Crowfall gamers. After all, that's what we're here for, right? Personally I don't know too much about Shadowbane but I have had my fair share of playing various MMO's. One thing I want to do is I really want to start meeting people in this new growing community. With that being said, let's start getting along as gamers and put our differences aside so we can all enjoy Crowfall together. What do you say?
  9. Lately I've seen a trend in MMO's. One that is unintentional, but a result of spreading things too thin. There is no community anymore (Not a big one at least). Sometimes striving to provide things like player housing, and other accessibility options work against you. Long gone are the social hubs of the Star Wars Galaxies Spaceports and the Ironforge/Orgrimmar of Vanilla fame. Players now teleport everywhere. To dungeons, to instanced housing plots, and have easy access to Auction Houses/Bazaar's. It seems so convenient, and it is for sure, but you forget what you lose. The feeling of actually traveling to a new dungeon, the crowded bustle of a busy auction scene. Levels of interaction are gone. Why build an MMO that has no social drive? Why not just build a game that you can invite friends if you like, or not, a la Diablo? Most MMO vets will tell you that their best times didn't come from staring at a LFG screen. (LFG tools are a wonderful feature, but more can be done with it to make it less impersonal.) So please, don't just 'encourage group play'. You can still respect that sometimes people want to fly solo while directing the current of the player base to have to share space with each other. Some people will complain, but I believe community carries a game between content releases.
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