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Found 2 results

  1. Just curious, if it is or ever will be possible for people who weren't backers early on to get the crafting bonuses in their EK. If not, big sad. Thank you
  2. I've spent a LOT of time in games working crafting systems in many games to turn a profit and make the "Crafter" a viable play style. Some games made it fun/enjoyable and some made it lucrative but most simply fail and the crafting system is the exclusive domain of each guilds assigned crafters. My biggest success was Coff33B33r in SWG... Not because it was a high level consumable or a rare drop recipe, because it was hyped on the forums before the game launch for many many months! If I were not able to NAME the product because of SWGs amazing crafting system, it would never have been so successful. The last 3 days grinding away at the crafting system in another PvP type GvG game that is currently Alpha testing brought me to a conclusion that I hope the developers of this game can appreciate. A starting crafter cannot make a living making his wares because the market inevitably becomes saturated with the objects they can make by all the other crafters who are also trying to level. This goes to the point where the crafted items are being sold for half what it costs to make the items or even less. A guild subsidized crafter will be able to spam to the next level and sell off his junk for pennies because he can now turn a profit from the next level items that no one else can make yet. Once the other crafter crowd finally makes it to the next tier, the guild subsidized crafter can then crash the market for those items again, selling them for pennies and moving on to the next tier... etc. etc. rinse and repeat. All the while, regular crafter types cannot make any money by playing the game the way they want to play the game. The one thing most common in all crafting systems that cause this failure is leveling requirements. Assuming: 1) All products have a decay system that either requires characters to get a crafter to repair their item at a cost or materials and money OR requires characters to scrap and buy new replacements. 2) Crafted consumables give effects worth the expense of having them and using them at all times. These consumables should cost very little to make if anything at all. Tea, collect leaves, water, boil and serve... No cost at all except the use of a fire. This way the crafter sees pure profit even if only for 1cent a cup. 3) Some/Most items are badly ruined when killing a character (armor has been wrecked if a sword has skewered its wearer) and require repair before becoming useful again. Looting cannot be a bypass of the crafters goods. I would propose a system without leveling and grinding. In real life we learn how to make things by being taught or teaching ourselves through experimentation. I learned how to crack an egg from my mother, I learned how to fry the egg the way I like it from doing it myself a few times. Picture the following... 1) All recipes are available to everyone always. 2) Recipes are learned by paying to be taught (Maybe by other characters or NPC trainers or both). 3) If there is a tree relationship from one recipe to another, you can discover (chance to learn through experimentation) the next one in the tree just by making things below it in the tree many many times, BUT! Anyone could be taught any recipe anywhere in the tree if they find someone to teach them or pay to learn it. After all, I don't have to know how to fry eggs in order to make quiche. 4) The higher the quality or "level" of a craftable item, the more complex the recipe becomes. Requiring more ingredients and less common ingredients. Some may require more time or other specialized crafting tools to make. The point here is that crafting better items takes more effort. This will slow the crafting churn and deter non-crafters from just doing their own work on the side while they hoard treasure chests full of gold. 5) Allow the interaction with a crafter to be quick but the crafting should be more involved and time consuming. By this I mean allow the crafter to make armor repair kits that they can use in seconds when approached for repair services, but make the kits take a few minutes to make so that non-crafters are more likely to choose the services of a crafter over just doing it themselves. In this system, with supply attached to demand rather than the need to level, no one has to keep grinding out items and selling them below cost. If a guild chooses to flood the market with low priced goods, they are finally doing so at their own expense without benefit. A crafter who chooses to do so will find themselves bankrupt and go find wealth in a different way. The true crafter will be a valued and important part of the economy and be able to compete at fair prices and amass wealth like the merchant class should! Now, I hope I can serve CoffeeMead and Hot Crow Wings at McFears Tavern in this game...
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