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Found 21 results

  1. What is up everyone? I am here with my blog for Crowfall. Don't worry it will be great when there is more fun and awesome seeing on the game so why not come and join the wonderful fun on sharing your love to the game by sharing it to other site! My Blog - Crowfall Good luck finding all of your friends! Note: If you like to subscribe to the blog, scroll down to the bottom and sign up from there. ----------------------- Also started the forums on my blog. They will be connected when they are. Forums
  2. Why does koster get ball washing from the fans, and yet jacobs gets trashed for warhammer and it's failure? Did nobody here play SWG ? How about beta test it? The game should of been delayed, but Koster pushed it out.. see what i did there? Yep, same thing with Jacobs, EA forced warhammer out. EA like Sony ruined the game and forced them out way too early. So again i ask, why ball washing Koster but Not Jacobs? I am a supporter of Camelot Unchained, and i will be a supporter of this game if i can get further proof that it's a MMO and not a Lobby game. I know lobby game is offensive, did you think it wouldn't be included in this soon to be trolled thread? It's a bit presumptuous at this point to call it a Lobby game, But if the world is not static and what you "do in the world" disappears 1month 2 month 4 months later, it's considered a lobby game. Just like Guild wars 2 resetting the World vs World Vs world matchups. Why do you think that failed? It wasn't static, and of course they took the DAOC RvR and essentially showed us how a developer can take the most widespread PVP "mechanic" introduced to mmo's and RUIN IT. I don't think that can be said for many other games hyped so much. And Guild wars 2 is considered sucessful Anyway flame on fanboys. Flame on. And remember the taint.
  3. Artcraft visit Pax East in Boston 2015 in march (6-8) in that weekend. )) http://east.paxsite.com/
  4. My mam have a grey kitty, furry his name paw. can I play with kitten?
  5. Hello there Crowfall community! I have a question for you about what kind of loot system you want in Crowfall (player loot/PvP loot systems) We do know that there will be some kind of full loot/partial loot system but from what we can see in these pictures the loot system seems to be changing depending on the season in the game.. Pic 1 http://community.crowfall.com/public/Crowfall_WorldRules_1.jpg Pic 2 http://community.crowfall.com/public/Crowfall_WorldRules_2.jpg on both of these it seems to be 100% inventory loot and thats good but at the same time there 0% equipment drop chance and then 20% and i just wish it was 100% of both no matter what season it was ingame or what part of the map you are on.. I think it brings so many cool elements to a game when you know that if you die, you will lose everything you have on you. that adrenaline rush you get when you have been out farming for like 1h and you have been telling yourself just one more mob for the last 10min and then BAAAM! a player jumps you.. you try to play your best to get away/to kill the player that jumped you and your heart is pouding like never before because deep down you know that if you die now you lose you gear and the mats/gold you have been farming for the last hour and that feeling is just epic! but thats just my opinion and i know alot of people share it but i wanted to make this poll just to see how many people want full loot and how many there is that want something else like wow loot or some kind of partial loot system. Another thing that i hope for is that we can have full loot servers for the people who really want full loot (like myself). We have talked about perma death servers and i hope those will be full loot and that we will also have full loot servers that will last for 6months to 1year. Discuss in the thread of why you want the loot system that you voted for!
  6. Hi Leute ! Da ich bisher kaum deutschsprachige Beiträge gefunden habe, geht es hoffentlich in Ordnung hier mal eine kleine "Sammelstelle" zu eröffnen. Sollte bereits so ein Thread existieren, lasst es mich bitte wissen. Ansonsten ein dickes Moin ! und lasst mal hören was euch in das Forum von Crowfall gebracht hat ?! Beste Grüße .......................... Kürzlich bin ich via Twitter auf diesen Titel aufmerksam geworden und aktuell täglich hier unterwegs. Seit einigen Jahren suche ich DIE ablöse in Sachen MMOs und würde gerne mal wieder mit Herzblut in eine neue Welt eintauchen. Vergleichbare Titel haben es in vergangenen Jahren leider nicht geschafft diese Liebe am Leben zu halten. Seitdem suche ich ...
  7. Hi. My name's John Henderson. I did a bunch of Shadowbane stuff years ago. The handle I was using at the time was "J. the Yellow". These forums look really nice.
  8. http://www.kovgaming.com KoV is a new gaming community, and a multi-fansite, and gaming blog. Teamspeak Information: ts30.gameservers.com:9364 (password = cromwell) How to apply? Applying to KoV is easy. simply click the red apply button on our website (also in the main navigation menu), and you will be directed to the application page. All you need to do is fill out the form, and wait till we get back to you. Why should I apply? KoV is a new multi-gaming community, and we are planning to play many different games, from many different genres; there's something for everyone. Secondly, as we play many games, KoV will be buying our very own servers for games that allow it, such as Mount and Blade: Bannerlord, and more! This means that you get to play on either our private servers, or be a part of a gaming community which has its own custom public servers, with special maps, items, and more. Who should apply? As stated before, we plan on playing many different games from many different genres, so I believe anyone interested in gaming should apply, as long as they read our rules of conduct. Whether you are a new player looking for help, or a veteran player looking to PvP, you will have a place in our community. We don't know much, or anything of Crowfall, so it's hard to talk about it. What is the goal of KoV? The goal of KoV is to help new players learn their respective game, PvP with the more hardcore players, and create a helpful community in any game we play. We expect all players to try and improve, and to be willing to learn. You don't have to be the best player ever, but we want players who are willing to learn, and improve in any game they play. Most of all, KoV is a community, and a place for everyone to feel at home. If you like to craft, you can do that. If you are a more PvP oriented player, like myself, you can do that with us as well. There is a place for everyone in KoV! More than just a community! KoV is also being built as a blog, in which KoV members can be a part of. Whether is be an interview with game developers, guides on a game, or streaming a game, we want everyone to be able to take part in the blog. This adds another level to the community, which members will be able to contribute to. Even if you don't join our clan for Crowfall, you can still be a part of our forum community. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for reading, and I hope you will help the KoV Gaming community grow. If you have any questions, feel free to PM here, or email me at louismatos@kovgaming.com
  9. The Pillars of Kings is a website that serves for the guild with the save name, although anybody from any guild can check it out and get information from it. There is also a forums, that is open to everybody. But there are some rules that if you break, can get you banned. thepillarsofthekings.weebly.com
  10. Towards the end of the Legionnaire page he mentions "Valkyn the All-Father". In the Cryptic Tree image the name Valkyn is also present, and it is the largest shield positioned at the very top of the tree. This leads me to believe that the Cryptic Tree is infact a list of all the gods present in the Crowfall universe, Valkyn being the most powerful similar to Zeus or Odin. The gods on the left side with the sun might be gods aligned with good virtues which is supported by their symbolic animals; Gryphon, Unicorn, Squid and Eagle. The gods in the middle might be neutral, unwilling to side with either. Their symbols also further this. And finally we have the "evil" side with the moon and its respective gods. Their symbols are (what seems to be) a Wolf maybe?, a Spider, a somewhat corrupt looking tree and a Snake. I also think that each god is in charge of a certain virtue which their symbol is typically associated with, this proven mostly by the nuetral god Kronos with the symbol of the hour glass, which thanks to Greek Mythology we can safely assume means he will be the god of time.
  11. So, you know how we saw the custimization screen screenshot with the creation point spending part. What do you think of this idea: each skill of power you choose with the creation points, changes something in your character's looks. For example, poor eye sight might make the pupils dilate. Demon blood gives the character a harsher form of face. Giants blood makes the character appear a bit taller/bigger. It could really be anything! Just these slight changes that might not be too noticable, but still interesting to spot. Just an idea. I would love to hear your thoughts on this one!
  12. Basically, I hope to run Crowfall on my laptop that has Quad Core 1.8 Ghz 2GB Ram Intel HD Graphics card (I know it's pretty pathetic but it can run skyrim on high options) I hope the game will be well optimized ;____;
  13. I had a fantastic day! A lovely SB player was kind enough to walk me through downloading and setting up the Shadowbane emulator, AND generous with the time and expertise in helping me build a perfect starter character, a healer of course. I am grateful for the informative tour and help with learning how to train and use powers and training points, not to mention the excellent company. It was the strangest experience. I immediately felt right at home in the game environment. There are so many ways in which I see subtle reminders of the Great Spiral. The world is a very familiar place, right down to the style of the art of trees, architecture, statues, etc. I felt like I was traveling in a merged world of Wizard City and Grizzleheim with all the forests and stone walls. The lighting and mood are similar to Grizzleheim, reminiscent of Mirkholm Keep and Ravenscar. Regardless of the tooniness of W101 and the realism in SB, the resemblance was uncanny. The character development system blew me away, mainly because I already knew what to do to maximize my build. Any wizard or pirate who can gear up with competitive stats will find this system intuitive; you already know what to do. The difference is that the starter stats are customizable, unlike the starter builds in W101 & P101, which makes playing a noob so much more fun! No waiting to level up to get better gear, because you start with inherently good stats. Think universal resist, heal boosts, accuracy, damage, etc. Like that WW gear in Wizzie? Build a character with similar stats in SB and you’ll find the performance is pleasing to your magical gamer soul. Leveling up to 20’ish was practically instantaneous; I think it took all of an hour and a half, including my wild gallops into the woods and subsequent rescue by my guide. In that time, I became comfortable with choosing powers, equipping gear, scavenging loot, and killing mobs. Plus, I did master the click/travel thing, sort of. I did accidentally run right into a camp of giants there at the end. I did not die. I really like the customizable screen with all the widgets for various systems. I noticed that gameplay takes very little viewable space on the screen, which leaves lots of options for how to set up a personalized set of tools. Wizards and Pirates, we aren’t familiar with this option, as our items are locked in place on the screen; think friend list, power/skill bar, spellbook, mana/health, etc. Now think of how you might choose to lay out that screen. Yeah, it’s cool. I had a hard time conceptualizing the single player travel system. I didn't anticipate the click n walk/run/gallop method because I’ve been navigating with arrow keys for so long. LOL, I kept galloping around and getting lost in the woods until I understood how to walk in an organized fashion. Fortunately, my guide chose to drag me along with him as we traveled. I love the ability to add 10 people in a group driven by one player. Very efficient, especially when dealing with the directionally impaired, such as myself. The necessity for a mouse caught me by surprise. I play Skyrim, Tera, W101, P101, etc. with my track pad and arrow keys. Fortunately, Surly Teen found a wireless mouse for me to use. Heh, Idk why I was so surprised. Surly Teen has been griping at me for years to get a mouse. Fine, I now have a mouse. Score one for Surly Teen. My next lesson will include traveling in PvP areas and fighting other players. I’ll write about that when the time comes. Here’s a very clumsy comparison and list of elements I like in all three games, and what I’d like to see in Crowfall: ( I know full well that I don’t speak for anyone other than myself.) Shadowbane -- Skills training system, generous training points and gold, character customization for stats and skills. This seems to be the superior character creation system. What I want to see in Crowfall: I like the intricate character customization. I like that some characters can fly I like the speed of my centaur. I like the range of healing talents. I like the target and attack mechanism. I like the travel options, including teleportation and group travel. I like the ability to share gear items between players. I like the fact that my new SB centaur is a millionairess. Give us the monies, lots of the monies! I like the lack of a skill/powers bar at the bottom of the screen. Instead, the ability to drag specific powers onto the screen is appealing. Pirate 101 -- The skills training is very similar to that of SB, companions in P101 are trained like playable characters in SB. The best way to describe it is that the P101 training system splits the SB system into two parts: 1) Character, 2) Companions. Not exactly, but close enough for example. What I want to see in Crowfall: Pet training system like that in P101 I’d like to see the SB training/powers system put back together for our characters in Crowfall. More generous allocation of training points for characters. W101 -- The environment is very similar in look and with notably similar structures, including trees, architecture, statuary, and pets. It’s downright odd, really. I feel like I’ve traveled through SOMEONE’s visually artistic mental space. Did I mention TREES. We wizards know a thing or two about sacred trees… About combat, using powers and skills: Wizards, think deck build. Instead of setting up a deck for battle, you drag choice powers onto the game window so that they are ready at hand. What I want to see in Crowfall: Pet genetics and talents. NOT the W101 training system. Protected gardening for crafting materials and other loot Crafting, of course! BUT crafted gear items must be clearly superior to dropped items Share items with others. Travel system; I don't mind using a mouse, but I’d like an unobtrusive quest helper to keep me from wandering off into the woods so much, especially when the world map is new. Getting lost over and over sucks. I hate the map and quest helper systems in Skyrim and Tera. Gimme a little tiny arrow at the bottom of the screen, plz. My personal little dream: I want to build a sacred space in the woods, a protected space for my Green Lady to practice her white magic. If summoned to protect the guild, she will teleport into battle, heal, spread the light, and then retreat to her secret haven. I’m sure this will come as a surprise to a lot of peeps, but Shadowbane, Wizard 101, and Pirate 101 carry a distinctive shared set of various mechanics, character abilities, and styles of art in architecture, setting, etc. The adjustments to be made aren't so much gamer skills but instead lay in the interpretation of powers, stats, and training pathways. I fully expect Crowfall to carry forward a blend of all three systems, hopefully the best of all of them. This could be an amazing game. I just can’t wait for beta! Warmest Regards from Aerynth, Io Sophia Moon
  14. Hey folks. I noticed on the homepage of this game it said for the next month and a half they want us to keep speculating on what this game is going to be. However, all the threads I've seen so far have been suggestions and no real speculations (Right away anyways. I have now found them ). So, I guess I could be the one to start the first thread on speculations purely based on the clues they have given/will give us. I know, I know. We don't exactly have... well, anything to work with yet. But on the homepage, we do have some art and little hints at what this game may offer us. So, let's begin Let's start by dissecting that banner on the home page first of all. In it, we see a warrior sitting down, with an army to the left of the image, and despair to the right. Now, this wasn't apparent to me when I just took a quick glance at the image, but in his left hand, you can see him grasping onto a gold grown, with jewels dotting around it. Now, this man is the emphasis of the banner (hence why he's at the center of it), but what could this mean? Is this going to be an NPC, a man who happened to stumble upon it... or is it going to be YOU? A player? What I think they're trying to hint at is that players will be the ones directly ruling this world rather than NPCs. Hell, that would sure make sense considering one of the things they stated; "Something deeper than a virtual amusement park. More impactful than a virtual sandbox. More immersive. More real. A game where decisions matter." Yeah, that seems pretty fitting considering what they said. But, why is there an army to the left, and despair to the right? Well, let's dig into the title of the game a little bit first. Crowfall. Why name it Crowfall, out of all the names they could choose? Is it a town within the game, the name of the land, or even the name of a symbol within the lore of this world? Well, crows may often represent many things... They can represent mystery... discovery... and even death... I think the meaning is a double-edged (or triple-edged) sword in this case. It represents all three of them. This world is going to be large enough where many parts of it are going to be very mysterious to everyone (initially at least). But, through work, time, and effort we can discover these things. Craft new things. Learn new skills. (((Sidenote; This would also suggest VERY deep mechanics in-game, but to what end will currently be a mystery until they drop more hints. If I had to guess, I can confidently say that we can be expect some very extensive crafting and a wide variety of skills))). But then there's also death... As you likely recall from what I predicted previously, this land will be ruled by US. The players rule this world. Nations that players spend countless days, weeks, or maybe even months to build can fall just us quickly (hence the word "fall" at the end of the title). There's lots to support this theory, such as Coleman's track record (Shadowbane for instance), but let's focus more on another work of art on the home page. On the very bottom of that page, you can see a banner spread across the screen with the flags of various factions. Most of you may be thinking, "Oh, those must be the factions we'll get to be a part of in game." But, if these factions were so important, why are there the two on each side that are just cut off halfway through like they're insignificant? I don't believe those are THE factions. I believe they are OUR factions. That would also suggest we get to create our nation's flags, which also suggests some fairly decent customization in-game in other areas of the game (Character, tailoring, housing, etc.). Another thing I noticed was the picture just before the very last one. It shows a man (or woman) in a robe, projecting some fiery spell/glyph. This practically confirms the existence of magic being in this world, and also reinforces what I said earlier about there being many skill available for us to use in game. One last thing; On each side of the first picture, we see two different landscapes. A lush and vibrant kingdom, and a cold and deadly arctic region. That could suggest multiple types of regions as well, or even go as far as to state just how dynamic this world is going to be. Maybe we could have the power to chop down entire forests, or use magic to turn what was once a beautiful field into a frozen wasteland. Well, that's all I've noticed so far to safely speculate on. If anyone can find/think of anything else with at least SOME evidence/explanation of how you came to think of it, please speak up . Also, if anyone thinks some of what I'm speculating is a bit far-fetched, well... they did say they're willing to bet we'll all be surprised once they unveil this game, so I don't think anything is quite out of the question yet.
  15. I been given a warning Via email for saying this game is going to have trolls in post. Really? Not threatening anyone is anything just pointing out you cant stop the trolling just let it fly.
  16. Hello all, It seems that almost no one has made a fan-site for Crowfall, so I decided to buy some web hosting for a domain I have had since August last year and be one of the pioneers of Crowfall fan-sites in the form of a LFG site. It is a normal website running on a fork of SMF called ElkArte. It seems this game will have a large emphasis on player politics, so it might be a good idea to find a guild now or build up your members now, while the game it still pre-release. Why not join a guild or create your own? We currently have very few rules, here are some of them: No sexism, racism, homophobia and/or sharp words. One thread per guild Don't troll or try to start flame-wars. We have sub-forums for these topics and more: PvP Guilds PvE Guilds Economical/Trade Guilds Inter-Guild Alliances General Discussion of Crowfall Feel free to post your guild listings on http://lfg.pw/crowfall/ Thanks, ~Duck
  17. Hello everyone! Really excited to play this game, already looks great from the art I see. Im going to make videos on it on my youtube channel, I heard its very pvp based so thats perfect. Hopefully the fam can make its return on this game.
  18. We are finally up and running and ready for visitors to our new fansite. We welcome everyone. We'll be updating the site with helpful tips, guides and new content as Crowfall gets closer to beta launch. Please feel free to add information about your guild or fansite. We look forward to meeting and playing this game with a bunch of you! Crowfall Wise Ones http://crowfallwiseones.com
  19. Hey! Starting a guild simply called 'The Guild of Crows'! Care to join? -crow
  20. What do you think this game is about? Base on the words we were given, like betrayal, conquest and such? I wanna hear everyone speak their opinions. Do you think, we have clans? We have castles of players battling others? Adventuring with one and another but have the ability to defeat each other? Some kind of demonic actions will happen? What do you think this game is mostly about? Vengeance? Speak up
  21. So if this game basically makes u into anything you want, where you can do anything you want to try to be the best of the best players, then does that mean there will be a ranking system? Do the higher ranks give you new sets of powers, or will there be a scale and percentage of certain people with the highest spots to the top getting certain extra abilities. Or maybe, will it all just be givin to the best player, or nothing?
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