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Found 6 results

  1. Here a hot take: losing in PVP because you are outnumbered is not fun. Fighting 100 vs 40 is not fun. It doesn't feel like you could practice more and get better. It doesn't feel like "oh if we catch them off guard next time we might win." No, the result should always be the same 40 lose to 100. In this last campaign I was part of an alliance that had a 100 man alliance attack it during every keep window. The end result was, of course, that the 100 man alliance eventually prevailed, as expected and as I believe they should: 100 should beat 40. A byproduct of this is that most of my guild went to New World, because why bother trying when things are so imbalanced. Sure we could have continued to be a thorn, using gorilla warfare, poach outposts, and play the game like that, but as a 40 man guild with harvesters and other logistical requirements, fighting for and owning a keep for ease of organizing was optimal and had been practical in previous campaigns. Here's where I think the problem is and why I think Artcraft is going in the complete wrong direction with their game. Two campaigns ago, we had a dregs world that was something like 11 zones with each zone having one or two keeps. Lets say 18 keeps for argument sake, because I don't recall the exact count. All these keeps went live at the same time: 9 pm local time. They were spread across, I believe, three different siege, day of the week, schedules (Friday&Monday for example.) So on any particular night there were ~6 keeps live simultaneously to fight over. This past campaign, while maybe well intentioned, was a big step in the wrong direction. You split the keeps to different time zones which made it so that there were fewer simultaneous keeps going live. For eastern time zone there were now only eight keeps going live at 9pm EST. Then you split this number over the three days of the week schedule and you only have two to three keeps live simultaneously. If I'm understanding correctly, this will be reduced even further, to four keeps per time zone, in the next campaign. If there are only four keeps then you will only have one or two live during any particular night of the week. Why is this a problem? It is a problem because the outcome is certain (Big guilds will own everything and smaller guilds have no fighting chance to own anything,) the rewards are only for the few big alliances, and it forces guilds into a concurrent members online arms race. You have predetermined that Uncle Bob will win before even sitting down to play, so why be content for Uncle Bob? The answer is many are leaving and letting Uncle Bob play by himself. I will present two scenarios and let you pick which is best for the game. Constants: There are two 100 person alliances, four 40 person alliances, and ten 20 person alliances. Scenario one, forts and keeps do not overlap, you have 2 keeps go live on any particular night of the week. Number wise, the two biggest alliances can show up to both keeps with 50 players each or go to a single keep with 100 players. Either way the top two alliances will outnumber any other alliance that shows up. If the two alliances simply each take one keep and defend with 100 it would take a concerted effort of at least three other alliances joining together to mirror the numbers at a single objective. In this scenario rewards and fun are enjoyed primarily by the few big alliances, no one else has a fighting chance at owning any territory. Scenario two, forts and keeps overlap, you have 8 keeps and 12 forts go live simultaneously. The two biggest alliances can fight for as many objectives as they want, however each additional objective spreads their numbers down to the point where they quickly reach equal numbers with the smaller alliances. If each of the big two alliances takes two keeps, that dilutes their numbers down to a much closer fight with the four 40 man alliances and that still leaves four other keeps and 12 forts to be fought over by the rest of the community. Here you will have more even number fights, fewer zone caps, and rewards for more or most. In closing, the direction that Artcraft has been going in, by narrowing down the simultaneous objectives each campaign, is hurting the game by forcing alliances into a concurrent players arms race, promoting things like zone capping, and making what most players list as their most liked aspect of the game in Tigg's surveys, skill based similar number fights, few and far between.
  2. Here are my suggestions for improving the Knight classes: For knight talent tree skills: combine the effects of Shield Swipe, Noble-Blood and Onslaught to all have -1 button press. The extra GCD and tempo loss feels bad, make them easy to interrupt and allow for fewer to be executed during an immunity period. Ex. for the Into the Fray talent, remove the second stage of the combo. Go right from Onslaught to either Shockwave or Obliterate. Remove and replace retribution strike. Thorns are under tuned and very defensive, this talent is especially out of place on the top half of the knight talent tree. Alternatively, it could be swapped with "shield bash," though I would then still argue that the talent is under tuned and being forced to take it even on the bottom half of the talent tree is also bad, just slightly less bad because it would be on theme. Resolve is redundant, replace with one of the following: Lowered stamina cost for blocking Healing over time applied to player at conclusion of blocking 35% of damage taken healed to the player's group. Revert the nerf to pursuit and increase pursuit speed. I feel that making some of these small tweaks could make the knight gameplay feel smoother, quickly putting the knight into a better place without altering the overall theme and feel of the class.
  3. The old seal runecrafting mechanic was in my opinion superior to the new RNG enchant drops from PVE. This change removed a major use of the runemaking profession. It also eliminated one major use for high level stone. Worst of all, it changed a deterministic system into another skinner's box. If you want to also keep the enchants as RNG drops from PVE okay, but they should not have been removed from the runemaker's profession. Please add enchants to runemakers.
  4. I feel like my time spent in a loading screen is way too high in this game. I was just brainstorming ways to solve different reasons why I am in loading screens. Reason 1: Traveling to Sky Point I come here often, because I'm a pleb, and it just seems absolutely silly that we hit 2 loading screens every time you're heading there from the Earth Temple. Solution: I feel like adding another portal in the portal room at Earth Temple, that took you directly to Sky Point, would be a low budget fix. Maybe even re-purpose one of the disabled portals that usually lead to another factions starter zone? Anyway, I don't know how many times I make the travel from Earth Temple to Sky Point a day and this fix would immediately cut my loading screen time in half. Reason 2: Swapping Between Characters at Banks Swapping between characters to pass items, disciplines, whatever, gets really out of control sometimes. Especially once it gets late, and I am pretty stupid, and I keep forgetting items that I meant to swap. There's also the "oh, I guess I need that item too now.." **logs out for 6th time** Solutions: 1. This isn't exactly a low budget solution, but I had an idea of if you logged your character out in a bank (or some rules around where you log out) then any other character you are logged into could access that character's inventory while they are also in the bank. I think this could be a decently cheap solution performance-wise as well. On-load you could check if any of the account's characters have an "atBank" flag, and if so, load their inventory into a tab at the bank. 2. Create a building for the Eternal Kingdoms that allows you to do the same thing as my first option. I guess both of these could exist at the same time, really. Reason 3: Shopping at Eternal Kingdoms I actually don't even shop anymore, even though I'd like to. It's not just the loading screens here that are the problem. It's the running around these custom build kingdoms trying to find where they put the vendors. When you finally load in, find the vendor, you find out that they definitely don't have what you're looking for. Solutions: 1. This isn't a low budget solution either, I know, but I think it would be amazing if you could select an EK and instead of entering the kingdom, view a screen that shows it's vendors and their inventory. This could work in a variety of different ways. Being able to purchase straight from the lobby screen with any gold you have in your vault would be the dream. But I also think simply seeing the inventory list would be enough to drastically reduce wasted time. I don't mind, and actually like, going into players kingdoms, but the experience becomes ruined by the amount of time you feel like you waste when a kingdom doesn't have anything you want for the Xth time. 2. Add free markets to the starter world servers as well. To be completely transparent, I haven't even gone to a DREGS free market lol, but I know it exists. If it works how I think (I may be wrong), a player can walk up and drop down a vendor and start selling stuff immediately. This would be great learning experience for new players trying to sell their crafts as well. I think servers are about up, so I'm out. Post your ideas, critique mine, whatever! They probably won't have the resources to implement these for a long time anyway
  5. I'm wanting to hear what people's opinions on this are. People keep bringing up that "guilds will still ally", but I don't see that as a problem, since they also have to deal with friendly fire. That feels like it's inline with the original Kickstarter marketing campaign of betrayals. I believe this game would be much more engaging if it was centered around smaller guilds that any group of friends could create and grow, rather than these very large guilds that leave the mainstream of players feeling unfulfilled. The two big design changes of deleting the alliance system and dropping the guild cap to 50 would do exactly that.
  6. I really should leave some room in the description, shouldn't I?... huh. Anyways, as the subject proclaims! What kind of race/class/role/character type are you hoping to play? Is there a specific character of yours you're hoping to play? What inspires you to play this character? Is there a backstory behind them? I'm hoping for the opportunity to play something akin to a Swordmage, stereotypically speaking. More accurately, one who can augment his combat prowess with magic to make him rather unpredictable and versatile. This fits along the lines of a current RPG Character I'm playing in a Dungeons and Dragons game. Back when I played Shadowbane, my main character was an Elven Rogue>Bard with the Bladeweaver Rune. He was pretty beastly, I had that class down to an art (pun mildly intended). I was a member of DHL until they disbanded and then from there, HCOM. I've kind of always had a passion for this kind of playstyle of blending Swordplay, Magic and Art/Music and character type, being an artsy fellow. Likewise I was/am a sucker for the Bladesinger class from Dungeons and Dragons Complete Book of Elves if anybody remembers that haha. being able to quickly charge into battle, unleash a whole lot of melee punishment while slinging spells about like a caster all while 'dancing'. It really was the best of both worlds, but I lean more towards the swordplay style. I still haven't had a chance to cure that itch, and am hoping I get the opportunity in Crowfall to play that character. I'm hoping to bring my currently favorite character, Nimsul en'Iralenorei (White Wind of Eternal Vengeance). And here's a quick sketch, because I'm better at describing visually. Common is a second language. What about you guys?
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