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Found 6 results

  1. So at a point in my life I played a strategy board game with a group of friends. One of our friends, lets call him Bob was a very competitive guy. While we all enjoyed playing the game we also enjoyed seeing our other friends win as well. Bob clearly didn't. Bob was very good at said game and crushed us every time we played even though he observed that it was not fun for us as a group. Eventually we stopped hanging out with Bob and found another game to play without him. Bob reached out to us and said why didn't we want to play with him anymore and that it was not his fault that he was so competitive and just deserved our respect for how well he played the game. We explained to Bob that while he was a competitive player we would never respect him due to the fact that he only cared about himself and not the group as a whole enjoying the game. He said that is wasn't his fault the game was made this way. We agreed and did not blame the company who made the board game but the fact that Bob could not control himself to see the group as a whole enjoy the game together. Bob only wanted respect to show how good of competition he was, we as a group just wanted to play a game and have fun. You can take this as wisdom and help the group enjoy the game or you can continue to be Bob and read this as a trash post from an insignificant player. Ball is in your court.
  2. Come one come all! [GOTR] Ghosts of the Revolution is currently looking for dedicated quality members interested in competing for end game content. We have a fun, lively social atmosphere paired with a serious, focused style when it comes to active PVP. You may know us from games such as Planetside 2 where we have become well known to that community for our tight teamwork, combat effectiveness and discipline. We carry these values with us to other games such as Warframe, Foxhole, Star Citizen, Worlds Adrift, Atlas and many others. We pride ourselves on our ability to come out on top, despite being outnumbered and outgunned, all while staying classy and not belittling our opponents with insults. We are looking to take and hold strategic assets in campaigns, but we need you and your friends! Ghosts of the Revolution has over a decade of community presence. We also have relationships with other communities we have encountered in our years and look forward to making more in Crowfall. If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact me! ** What we have to offer ** 15+ years worth of consistent community presence. Structure and room for advancement Teamspeak3 with Official forums Active Discord Your next best friend that you might have awkward moments with. Your next questionably drunkin confrontation with the person who used to be your best friend while riding donkeys that are also too drunk to keep footing. Comradery Consistent TeamSpeak and in-game presence, we always have people to talk to! Quality people! We don't accept anyone and everyone. ** Requirements ** Be Active Be a team player first Be that guy/gal people want to chill with, your time here will be much better spent. Teamspeak is required for any organized groups or operations. A microphone is encouraged if you wish to relay important intel. Our Website https://gotr.us/ Our Discord When Applicable https://discord.gg/uKzJ6mmtg4
  3. Lore Version “It was an easy choice. To chase the secrets of the universe, to see worlds beyond the one of my birth. To walk with gods. To live, learn, and fight for countless lives. Or, I could face oblivion. Who could say no? Eternity, a small price to pay.” - Conn Agon Caelus, Founder Corvus Citadel is a bastion of knowledge, a grand library among the Eternal Kingdoms. It stands as a monument to our patron, Yaga, goddess of Knowledge, All things Known and Unknown, collector of souls. Our goal, nay our purpose, is to ease the passing of worlds by preserving their memory within these hallowed walls. All manner of myths, histories, and secrets may be found here. But heed our warning: knowledge is power and the right words in the wrong ear can shatter worlds or kill a god. The Corax Council, our leaders, convene in the Hall of Ravens, atop the Citadel. Guiding the Crowguard in war and sending their Seekers to worlds on the cusp of doom. Where the Seeker's white ravens soar, the council is watching, and the Crowguard’s legions are not far behind. Though our core tenets favor Yaga, and many of us are her crows, upon the mountain you will find temples to the other Moon gods. Malekai the Whisperer, venerated almost as much as Yaga, maintains a hidden temple rumored to contain untold secrets. Seek it out at your own risk, entry will not come cheap. Cults of Illara the Traveler and Kane the Ostracized can also be found among us. At the base of the mountain, visitors will be greeted by the Jackdaw Market. Offering for trade what resources and trinkets could be saved from dying worlds. If it can be made it can be found among our craftsman's stalls, just ask the nearest thrall if you need assistance. If you seek knowledge, artifacts, or to join us in our great purpose, the way to the Citadel is open. Practical Version Who are we? We’re a group of mature (mainly in age but also a little bit in personality) players ranging from hardcore to casual that enjoy tailoring our theme and interests to the game’s lore. While we’re not dedicated in-character role-players, we do like to keep a consistent theme. We’ll be theming around and supporting the Moon faction when appropriate. We're primarily based in North America and will be playing on the NA servers, but we are open to any interested in playing on said servers. Who should join us? We’re open to those interested in any aspect of the game with any level of commitment. Whether you traditionally consider yourself hardcore, casual, or something in between; if you want to help we can find a place for you. We like to have fun and don’t mind more casual players, but when it’s go time we like to be serious too. If you’re going to participate in our higher level strategy and organized campaign efforts we expect you to be able to follow orders when the time comes. We only have three general rules: 1. Respect your fellow players (aka Don’t be a prick) 2. Respect the chain of command when it it’s time to be serious 3. Absolutely no racist/sexist/homophobic/etc... insults or commentary How are we organized? Currently we’re maintaining a single guild, Corvus Citadel, but planning for the possibility to maintain multiple core guilds depending on any guild mechanics or limitations revealed later in the game's development. The Citadel's ranks are based on purpose: the Corax Council is our highest level leadership - they guide the citadel's overarching agenda. Seekers are guild's officers: commanding troops, managing logistics, and engaging in diplomacy with other guilds. The Crowguard is our core body that not only makes up our fighting strength but also handles the majority of our gathering and manufacturing. Most of our members will be found among the guard. We will be accepting sub-guilds interested in pledging to the Citadel, unfortunately as mechanics currently dictate they will have to join us within mechanical Corvus Citadel guild. Sub guilds will have the option of being placed into our command structure or keeping their own command as auxiliaries. While we’ll expect auxiliaries to accept some guidance and cooperate with the the rest of the Citadel’s forces, less organizational demands will be expected of them. Where can you find us in game? We'll be maintaining an Eternal Kingdom, "Corvus Citadel - The Jackdaw Market" (based around a Mountain Citadel plot), as a community hub open to all. Whether you come to trade, find information, or just to hang out, the door will always be open. Many of us are very crafting minded and we hope to build a thriving marketplace right at the entrance to the Citadel, making quick visits as convenient as possible for shoppers. As the above lore section implies, we will have a strong focus on the gods of the Moon, you’ll find a set of Cathedrals dedicated to them around the mountain. Finally... If any of this sounds interesting and you'd like to join our guild or pledge as a sub-guild you can hop in our discord and drop Duffy a private message indicating your intent or drop us an email at corvus.citadel@gmail.com, I will of course also answer any questions posted in this thread. Portions of our discord are open to the general public so if you just want to hang out and say hello (or eventually maybe do some trading), feel free to stop on by. If you have already talked to one of our officers about joining and have not yet received an invite, you can request an invite via our Guild Profile.
  4. Dregs Evikony (EU) Campaign Schedule (6 player groups) The Dregs Evikony (EU) Campaign Starts: Sunday, August 15th, 7 PM CEST (Noon CDT) The Dregs Evikony (EU) Campaign Ends: Sunday, August 29th, 11 PM CEST (4 PM CDT) Imports & Win Conditions for those Fighting for Victory! Embargo Imports: 30 (Equippable items only) Embargo Exports: Unlimited Win Conditions & Conquest Points The faction or Guild earning the most Conquest Points by the end of the campaign is declared the winner by the Gods! Additional rewards will be rewarded to Guilds, and their members, that earn the top scores in Divine Favor categories: Glory, Wealth, and Power. See the Rewards tab of the Campaign for details on winners and rewards. Fight for the Gods as you set a path to victory! You must be Level 30 to enter this Campaign!
  5. Dregs Njalea (US East) Campaign The Dregs Njalea (US East) Campaign Starts: Monday, August 2nd, 4 PM CDT (11 PM CEST) The Dregs Njalea (US East)) Campaign Ends: Sunday, August 29th, 11 PM CDT (August 30th, 6 AM CEST) Imports & Win Conditions for those Fighting for Victory! Embargo Imports: 30 (Equippable items only) Embargo Exports: Unlimited Win Conditions & Conquest Points The faction or Guild earning the most Conquest Points by the end of the campaign is declared the winner by the Gods! Additional rewards will be rewarded to top Guilds, and their members, for achieving the top scores in Divine Favor categories: Glory, Wealth, and Power. See the Rewards tab of the Campaign for details on winners and rewards. Fight for the Gods as you set a path to victory! You must be Level 30 to enter this Campaign!
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