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Found 4 results

  1. Knights of the Golden Vessel (KGV) Preface/History: Knights of the Golden Vessel is a PvP focused guild that looks to be effective as a small/medium sized unit in the coming War of the Gods guild versus guild ruleset. The Knights of the Golden Vessel have been testing Crowfall as an official guild since early 2017 and have members that have consistently been playing Crowfall since the Hungerdome. We have weathered the Trials of the Gods in the Factions ruleset and have stood atop others in the Guild verses Guild ruleset. We eagerly await the next challenges a live and vibrant Crowfall will bring. We are seeking active and dedicated PvPers with a willingness to fight in Crowfall through launch and beyond. What you can expect before becoming a member: An initial interview with me to see how you might fit in with the group. 4-6 week trial/training period where we see if you are fit to be a Knight of the Golden Vessel and you can see if you want to make the commitment. Training and assistance with gearing up during your trial period. Insight to the Meta of Crowfall and years of in-game knowledge gleaned from testing What you can expect as a member: Personalized training and support from some of the most veteran Crowfall testers. PvP attendance requirements (why join if you aren’t going to play). Fighting within a small/medium force of dedicated PvPers and alongside their allies. Specialized Group compositions to remain effective and impactful in large combats consisting of much larger forces. Playing with guild mates dedicated to the core values of the Golden Vessel. Which are as follows- Fight with honor in the field and on the boards. Strive for betterment of self. Support your brothers and sisters in arms in battle and economic pursuits. Be a comrade and respect fellow Knights of the Golden Vessel. Remain loyal to your peers and to the organization. We choose to do these things because from our experience in Crowfall that has lead to the most fun and engaging experiences! Contact coolster50 or Cremdalacrem directly on discord or these forums to set up an interview or ask questions @coolster50#1866 or @[KGV]Cremdalacrem#6848 From the inscription above the Reliquary of the Golden Vessel A long time ago in a war torn world long since consumed by the Hunger, a knight of a forgotten realm sought to rest in a copse nestled amongst the hills. There were strange statues crumbling within the trees of beings the knight had never known. In the center where the trees grew thickest there was a statue of a woman...of Gaia...and in her hands rested a small golden casket. The knight moved forward, his hand reaching for the casket in wonder. Suddenly a sharp pain through his chest...he looked down to see the tip of a spear jutting through his chain mail... crimson with his blood. A shadow above him drew his gaze upwards. Before him stood D’Orion, the son of Gaia, the Sky Hunter.... The knight sunk to his knees with blood running through the crevices of his armor. D’Orion took the golden vessel in his hands and held it out towards the dying knight. No words were spoken but the dark gaze of D’Orion filled the knight with determination. The knight reached out and grasped the vessel drawing it close to his chest where his blood ran freely over it. As his wound spread so did his body transform. Where there were mailed boots now there were mailed hooves...His helm warped around the head of a stag...onyx horns curving to the sky. The golden vessel was gone but created was the first Knight of the Golden Vessel.
  2. [LoD] Lords of Death is a NA based, PVP focused guild formed in 1997. LoD is known through our success in over 20 years of PVP MMORPGs such as Ultima Online, Shadowbane and Darkfall. LoD is one of the original Crowfall Kickstarter guilds with over 5 years experience in Crowfall. We're looking for active, skilled players who have thick skin, can follow directions and dont need their hands held. Above all else we are looking for players who put guild before self. Think you have what it takes? Visit our website, fill out an application, and join us in discord. #LoD4Life Applications must include a reference to be considered. If you know someone in LoD, have fought with or against LoD in a previous game, or have met a LoD member in Crowfall, please list that in your application to be considered.
  3. Thinking about opening a website that will allow for out of game sales for in-game gold on a website. How do people feel about this (like and ecommerce store but the currency is GOLD in game.) Here is how it would work. Have an in game EK with a vendor that sells things have an website with a ecommerce on it sell things via pic will send an email to you to let you know your buyer wants something you meet up with them in game for the sale via your EK. Second idea Create a bank that Loans gold based off interest and other variables Third Idea sell subdomains for In Game gold for people to have there own ecommerce site via my server. how do people feel about these ideas? Im open for other ideas as well maybe a transport service or collection service?
  4. See topic. This stood out to me: "Every character has the ability craft some items, from the beginning of the game. Further crafting requires the accumulation of recipes via Discipline Runestones and other gameplay mechanics."
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