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Found 6 results

  1. Major game feedback First I would like to say, that I have been playing the game for like 6 to 7 months, in beta until now, and i keep playing the game because of the harvesting and crafting system. When that i said, rest of the game is pure trash, and the reason why is YOU DEVS, make to many options and wishes for yourself that in the end kills the game. HUNGERDOME - Outdated battle royale game mode only few people want to play, that has nothing with MMO RPG to do. KINDA NO CAP ON GUILDS - You allow guilds to be massive, because you want giant siege fights that the game cant even handle, and it ruin the gameplay for small guilds. HUGE MEMBERCAP ON ALLIANNCES IN DREGS - The massive numbers alliances can pull, ruin the game again for small guilds. FAVORISING NORTH AMERICA (NA) GUILDS - Just because your companny is American. Stop favorising NA for dregs. SOLUTION DO NOT EVER IMPLIMENT HUNGERDOME AGAIN GUILD CAPS 20 TO 50 MEMBERS MAX. NO ALLIANCES AT ALL - Alliances if guildcap is over 50 ppl 1 CASTLE, 10 KEEPS AND 30 TO 50 OUTPOST PR. MAP IN DREGS - if you want all guilds in the game to content eachother no matter where. 1 CASTLE, 2 KEEPS AND 20 OUTPOST PR. MAP IN DREGS - If you let EU,NA & AUS split up so they dont content eachother. MAKE THE CASTLE THE SIZE OF THE BIG KEEP, THE BIG KEEP THE SIZE OF THE SMALL KEEP, THE SMALL KEEP SMALLER, TO FIT MORE OF THEM ON THE MAPS SO MORE GUILDS CAN CONTEST KEEPS AT ALL TIMES, SO YOU WONT HAVE 1 BIG GUILD CONTROLLING 1 WHOLE MAP. AND MAKE THEM CHEAPER TO MAINTAIN... FIX SERVERS MAKE BETTER SCREEN UI MAKE BETTER CHAT UI MAKE GUILD UI SO YOU CAN INVITE PEOPLE THAT WAY REDO MOST OF YOUR FLAVORTEXT - Make the text more understandable, and make stats more clear of what they do, so people dont misunderstand what you mean. Most of your ingame text is so badly written that it looks like a 5 year old have written it. BALLANCE THE CLASSES MORE EQUAL MAYBE MAKE THE FORTS AS SMALL KEEPS TO LET SMALL GUILDS TO CONTENT FOR CONQUEST POINTS END RESULT Your game is more dead than allive, and people keep complaining, and it seems like you DEVS dont even care about us. You keep ruin the game for everyone, and letting big guilds bully all small guilds cause they are affraid of the content you devs want to have. So all small guilds really dont like to play and enjoy your game. So try listning to your players and do some good instead of having your heads up where the sun dont shine.
  2. By: Google Tradutor PT/EN Change Suggestions and Feedback Farm Improvements * Encourage farm and group collection ( earn % more xp for being in pt, leave individual loot drop per person and not open to everyone in the group ) * Improve drop for solo players (more risks = more rewards) * Decrease mobs respaws, but increase the amount of spot. Assassin class changes. Today the game is based a lot on the assassin class in open world and farm, which is 80% of the game, the assassin class has a very broken invisible, which is based on trying to kill, if you can't then stay invisible, or if someone attacks you you become invisible, when you go to farm if you find the mob you kill and then become invisible and go look for another one. This basically proposes no pvp, it just stays invisible full time. I think the mechanic of staying invisible is cool, but having a class that is full time, which in addition to being invisible is also invulnerable, is totally anti pvp. Change in skill distance. Some skills have a totally unnecessary reach, extremely large, how can you use your two dodges, use a dash, and still have classes that with only one skill can reach you? Like, for example, the Blinkstep skill, an extremely disproportionate range. Change in portals. In some moments, people decide to get together to kill those born in the portal, without giving any chances, I think they could increase the time of invulnerability for those born in the portal, but while you're invulnerable you won't be able to use spells, but you'll have a chance to get out more away from the portal. ----------------------------- Português Sugestões de Mudanças Melhorias no Farm * Incentivar farm e coleta em grupo ( ganhar % a mais de xp por estar em pt, deixar o drop do loot individual por pessoa e não aberto para todos do grupo ) * Melhorar o drop para quem joga solo ( mais riscos = mais recompensas ) * Diminuir os respaw de mobs, porem aumentar a quantidade de spot. Mudanças na classe Assassino. Hoje o jogo se baseia muito na classe assassino em mundo aberto e farm, que é 80% do game, a classe assassino tem um invisível muito quebrado, que se baseia em tentar matar, se não conseguir então fica invisível, ou se alguém te atacar você fica invisível, quando você vai farmar se você acha o mob você mata e depois fica invisível e vai procurar outro. Isso basicamente propõem o não pvp, apenas fica invisível full time. Acho legal a mecânica de ficar invisível, mas ter uma classe que fica full time, que além de ficar invisível ainda fica invulnerável, é totalmente anti pvp. Mudança na distância de habilidades. Algumas habilidades têm um alcance totalmente desnecessário, extremamente grandes, como você pode usar as suas duas esquivas, usar um dash, e ainda ter classes que com apenas uma habilidade pode te alcançar? Como, por exemplo, a habilidade Blinkstep, um alcance extremamente desproporcional. Mudança nos portais. Em alguns momentos, pessoas decidem se juntar para matar quem nasce no portal, sem dar chances nenhuma, acho que poderiam aumentar o tempo de invulnerabilidade para quem nasce no portal, porem enquanto estiver invulnerável você não poderá usar magias, mas terá chance de sair mais longe do portal.
  3. Welcome new Crows and Vets! In a Galaxy far, far away (and many other games I worked on), I would post a weekly Top 5 for feedback and bugs from the Community. This would help me in providing feedback to the team (in addition to all of the other feedback posted on the forums) and also let us know where we are doing good. So I'd like to start doing this weekly with you, my murder of Crows. I've even included a place where you can provide me feedback about this thread, (you may want to see a different question listed or want to offer suggestions for a question of the week). This is separate from our feedback posts we have for Live and Test, as those are more for the patches at the time. Please do not hold discussions in this thread, this will help me in gathering feedback quickly. I'm on vacation until next week, and when I return I'll lock this thread and parse the information for the team. Thanks for playing Crowfall and for providing feedback. Top 5 Crowfall likes (things you feel we're doing great on). I like XX and this is why (be constructive) Top 5 Crowfall dislikes (what you feel we could be doing better on or a pesky game mechanic that you don't enjoy) and how can we make it better? I dislike this and this is why (be constructive) and this is how it could be better. Top 5 bugs on LIVE (that we may have missed and wish would be fixed). Please be specific and constructive. If you could ask the Team member one question, what would you like to know? Be nice, seriously don't be a jerk. Feedback for Tiggs on this forum post or other things you'd like to see on the forums.
  4. Enjoying the game so far, but posting some of the things that I feel the need to warn my friends about when suggesting the game to them. 1) Not being able to respec new characters without VIP is painful and punishing, especially with a lot of build traps and potential to waste your ability points and such. A periodic free respec on a long cooldown, or free respects for characters on starter vessels, or something. This seems to be a big sticking point for several people I've introduced the game to. Sidenote: It would be nice if assigning ability points was a two-step process with +/- buttons on the abilities and then an "apply" button to actually lock them in. 2) I'm sure I'm not saying anything new here, but to add my voice to existing feedback: the chat system is very unfriendly and I see a ton of complaints about it. MMO chat seems like a "solved problem" and I'd like to see CF take cues from other games in this respect. At the very least, the ability to combine tabs and customize what goes in what tabs, and the option for popout windows or some system for whispers. 3) The bank needs more customization tabs and/or better search. Grouping crafting components and sacrifice items on their own tabs would be a huge help. Also it would be nice to be able to search by type or slot (something like "slot:head" for everything that goes in the head slot, for example). 4) This isn't really a cautionary tale or warning but being able to manually set a waypoint on the map for yourself or for your group on the map would be hugely helpful. Personally I'm having some great fun with the game and I've gotten a few friends into it as well, I just wish I didn't have to warn them about these things in the process.
  5. A Feedback section with sub-forums for specific elements. IE UI, Crafting, Guild, etc. The chat needs to be changed. I want Guild, Local, Say, DM in one window. I like having Guild dedicated tab as well so that I can swap to it to see anything I missed. The IRC system worked in Eve but doesn't work here. I need a way to show a chat bubble over my head when near someone so I can get their attention, either to group up or to just assist them. Someone died and I had to use Zone chat to convey that I was mad I couldn't use a bandage or something to get them up. I didn't know if a person talking back was the person that died or not. Inventory could some way to filter. We have multiple kinds of Crafting resources and I need a way to see only x when crafting. Ideally tabs to the left of the inventory section that can dim/remove the other items. Armor/Weapons/Siege/Food/Crafting(would have Wood/Metal/Leather/Essence/etc as additional filtering). Additionally if we could filter sub-sets of Armor by AC (so cloth/leather/mail/plate) - Inventory bags could use a search function if the above filters wont be added. - Bank would use a way to show crafting items separate from other stuff. - Search needs to improve. I want to search for my "Mounts" and nothing shows up. Crafting UI would be perfect if I could click a resource square and see all of the resources that would work in that slot. Here's 3 options [https://i.imgur.com/2bEaHZA.png]. The items can be in a square/rectangle box or in a straight line below the box or a straight line that covers the box. This isn't the only way to handle it but it's just to give an idea. Launcher needs to keep me logged in with 2FA, at a minimum, remember it for a day. At best, if I have 2FA then let me skip logging in for a week. - It shouldn't close when it says "game is in maintenance". If it says that then I want to use the social shortcut to head to the forums. - The launcher closes when the game closes. Might as well just close it after the game launches (or you know, keep it open so I can start the game faster). - I've use Blizzards launcher and it's about as perfect as I like it (well the new redesign that mimics discord sucks but I digress). Talents/Builds - I'd love a way to save a build, including Disciplines, Talents, and bar layout (although optional). - I'd love a way to post my build on the forums or for guildies so they can quickly import that build. - If I could see a list of saved builds so I can swap as needed would be a great QoL too! - With the limited number of character slots a quicker way to swap builds would be a great way change the way I play the game. I could have a solo/group/siege build(s). Keybinds need a way to merge some keys together. The one button per action isn't great. IE I use 2 buttons for looting, but the button for interacting isn't a loot all. These 2 same keys could be used to progress the Quest dialog, instead of Y/N. - A dedicated key for Energic Harvesting would be great. My Druid doesn't really have bar space to keep that ability on all the time. Ring/Necklace would be great if we could craft some common (no gem) solid band to provide a little bit of stats. Let the gems grant the best stats. Tray swap seems a little difficult to get. I hit my key to change trays (on my Druid) and I only see the + at the top. When I swap to death I expect to see the lightning bolt on top! Logout takes 20 seconds while in a Temple while out of combat. Would be great to shorten it. Esc key doesn't back out of some UI's. IE I clicked on the new GvG and can't hit Esc to go back.
  6. Hi Crowfall folks & team, After many years the game has finally launched, being one of the few recent backer-based projects to actually make it into a live release. That's some really solid and great work from the whole ACE team. What concerns me, however, is that the game in the long run will need much more marketing. These are some of the options that I would recommend: Setting an official, employee-owned ArtCraft Entertainment Discord with an available URL pinned by the member. This allows for a real-time chat and people have a strong preference towards official channels than fan-made solutions and this shows engagement from the team. Attempting to push the game out on Steam, which is the largest platform on which games are being sold, with seasonal discounts happening every now and then which are a nice poke at the potential players to try out such games, and one of them could be Crowfall. Besides that, Steam tracks active Steam-only users so highly popular games can appear on charts and gain additional recognition (as it is unable to track non-Steam ones). Speaking of discounts, the 39,99€ base pack could use a discount to two prices: 29,99€ (every now and then) and 19,99€ (occasionally). For many people the current price is a big stopping point that pits it against at least one AAA fund-sized game with a similar price tag, which might discourage a few potential players from this great game with a lot of potential. Working on cattering to the needs of additional audiences, for example the prominently rising category of casual players, as many of the current 'casual players' are actual veterans that are most likely working in a full-time job instead of simply going to school. (What I'm talking about is 2001-2012 period of time where many games had plenty of players dedicating a lot of their free time to them, and now these people have most likely gotten many new responsibilities). I'm also pretty sure there would be many folks intrigued by the game lore, and from what I'm hearing many people absolutely love the artworks. I believe that taking a look at each of these wouldn't hurt, and it most definitely would be wise to consider especially the point about a Steam release. Thank you for reading through my feedback, I appreciate your time. I'll gladly respond to any questions and join in further discussion.
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