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Found 1 result

  1. PLEASE NOTE - THE GUILD AS IS, IS DEFUNCT. Anyone still around, please message me and let me know your fates. I have requested a thread lock so it doesn't continue to get new people's hopes up. Cheers! OUR WATCH BEGINS... Hello, everyone! Myself and a few others got to talking about the kind of guild we want to run. A friendly guild; one that is open to input and provides an open forum and consistent exchange between our leadership and every member. The others have asked me to take point on this effort, and I'm happy to do so. As I have elsewhere, I will continue to be the cheerleader, keep the wheelhouse going, and have lots of fun doing it. Are you looking for a mature, friendly guild? One that is strongly committed to excellence in PvP, Crafting, Roleplaying and the fine art of Hanging Out, while not requiring more of its members than they want to give? Read on, and thanks so much for stopping by! -seventhbeacon As the Hunger descends, the long watch begins. For all the power the darkness holds, it is pierced by even the smallest of lights. We must stand strong in the face of terror. The dawn will come, and with it, the darkness shall lift. Do not lose hope; the dawn will come... THE LANTERN WATCH - AN ALLIANCE OF FRIENDS Bravery. Dedication. Friendship. Respect. At the end of the day, those traits are all we need to win, no matter the changing landscape on the battlefield. Our voices and our will cannot be ignored. You are welcome to be a part of that. You are part of the reason we will succeed. We're the "Lantern Watch" and we're a Crowfall-first guild, created specifically to form a new community for an MMORPG where choices and actions matter. We're players from all around the world who want to have a friendly community that we can contribute to as well as get support from. We believe a guild can - and should - be open to people of all interests and walks of life, and that a guild that acts in an organized, coordinated fashion will get the most this game has to offer. Welcome to the Watch. Welcome Home. What essential values define the Lantern Watch? The Watch is about playing the game and having fun, avoiding drama, and generally acting like mature adults, regardless of our age. We're organized, but we don't expect you to play the game three nights a week or make any other demands apart from the Golden Rule. Play nice with others and respect your fellow players. Doesn't playing fair put you at a disadvantage in a PvP game? We distinguish ourselves by acting with maturity and not actively seeking to ruin another person's gaming experience. This does not mean you can't PvP to your heart's content, but constant griefing and bullying of another player or guild, and starting flame wars (in the game or in the forums) is not appropriate. That said, when it comes to battle, we're not afraid of a fight. As we build alliances and provide a safe haven for those who desire it, we will also prove ourselves fiercely on every battlefield. Crowfall's motto is "Play 2 Crush." We can do that, and still be civilized, even as we vanquish our enemies and celebrate our victories. What does the Lantern Watch offer that other guilds do not? Our members enjoy an open, free forum to express our interests and desires, and work together to accomplish great feats by crowd-sourcing our talents and energy. We believe every voice in the guild not only deserves to be heard, but to be engaged. Everyone is given wide freedom to play the game the way they want to play it, as long as you treat every player (in and outside the guild) with respect and consideration. Even though we thoroughly enjoy PvP, we believe that good conduct and being the bigger person are just as appropriate when playing games as it is in our daily lives. We are a friendly, helpful guild that strives for excellence in character and in performance. We aren't the only ones out there. In fact, we hope to make strong alliances and be good friends with other like-minded guilds, be they focused on PvP, crafting, RP, or any other play style. We are strident crafting enthusiasts, daring PvP players, and the biggest fans of sandbox MMOs. Our crafters seek the best recipes and materials, taking pride in superior products. Our fighters act as sheepdogs, hunting down and stomping cowardly gankers who prey on the new and vulnerable. Our loremasters weave tales of adventure and terror, tragedy and victory. You deserve to invest in your own ideas and have a part in shaping our guild's choices. You can take part in building something none of us could do alone, and you can reap the benefits that come with it. What types of players are we looking for? -People from every part of the world! -PvP Die-hards: Those of us who can lead and follow and work well with others, who like to play with the most deadly builds and design their characters to work as a unit. Those who fight tooth and nail for glory and the thrill of victory, who don't quit at their first defeat, but learn from failure and improve their skills, trying even harder in the next fight. PvP enthusiasts who are destined to have the fiercest reputation in all the Eternal Kingdoms. -Crafting Die-hards: Those who want to master their chosen profession and make the best items in the game, and want to be part of a thriving community. Crafters that want to help build up our kingdom and make it a gleaming jewel to the rest of the game world, and the center of a towering merchant empire. Master crafters not afraid to dive into the campaign worlds to best refine their trade. -Social Players, Loremasters & Roleplayers: Anyone who loves digging into the lore and developing the stories of our characters. Many of us write fiction and add our own stamp to the lore, and we enjoy the immersion. We are open to a dedicated roleplayer division and will provide many tools to help you craft your stories. Stories that help to give us our identity in the Eternal Kingdoms. -Casual Players: Can't play regularly or on a set schedule? That's totally normal, and that doesn't mean you don't have a lot to offer, or that you're any less deserving of a great support network. Your time is valuable, and you can make the most of it with friendly allies. Membership Requirements Pre-Launch As the Lantern Watch is a Crowfall-first guild, prospective members are expected to have a minimum commitment to playing Crowfall and being part of a team effort. Because of this, there are a few basic requirements to joining us that must be met: 1) Members must be a pledged contributor to Crowfall and have a forum account that reflects their pre-ordered ownership of the game. Your forum account must show a badge of "Contributor" or higher. 2) Members must keep up to date with guild updates. We prefer that you check back every couple weeks, but prior to launch at least once a month is all that is required. Players whose accounts at the guild website have not been accessed in over 30 days will be removed from the guild. If this happens, you may re-apply only once. If it happens again, you must wait until game launch to re-apply. Please note: There is an attendance section in the guild forums where you can drop a note if you must be away longer than a month. 3) You cannot be a member of more than one Crowfall guild. Being in multiple guilds divides a player's time and loyalty. The Lantern Watch is only interested in accepting members who want to be part of the team. Age Requirement - Please Read Due to the nature of the game and its heavy PvP focus, the minimum age to join our guild is currently 16 (17 as of December 2016). Naturally, like all of the other members, maturity and a degree of self-reliance are expected. Interested parties that are not yet of age are welcome to talk to us and ask any questions. Existing guild members who have family under the age limit are welcome to include them in the guild under their supervision. Thank you. Join Us! We look forward to meeting you. Please comment on this thread and apply @ http://crowfall.shivtr.com/ LEGENDS OF THE WATCH The cosmos are full of majesty and peril, intrigue and violence, and tales that grow more hushed the further they are from the Eternal Kingdoms. Below are stories written by members of our guild, brought to us by the lips of fellow Watchers from as far afield as the lawless Dregs...
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