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Found 9 results

  1. With lag spikes heavily diminished and [low yet] stable FPS, yesterday I finally managed to capture some video I feel is worthy of sharing. Description: A bit of [mostly unedited] gameplay from the Crowfall pre-alpha combat test performed on April 15, 2016. Link. [Why we no get video embed?] /salute to oberon for making the most interesting bit of this footage as interesting as it is, LOL.
  2. Can we get staff mastery & proficiency for storm caller? Seriously, or just make the staff the base weapon for druid like it was pre-split? I just want to use happy fun stick as a storm caller, that's all. Cheers to my fellow tree hugging, harvesting, planting, and then spell casting peeps!
  3. Have been looking for a while but I dunt see any footage of the game ? Like video or gameplay ? Or is this the first time the game realease to ppl ?
  4. OK, so they revealed some concept art for the champion today: That dude is a lot bigger than the other dude. That is interesting. I wonder if scale will have an impact on gameplay. See reach, mass, warmth conversion as a ratio of the surface area of a body.
  5. basically, lets talk about skill points. this will be a simple top, nothing lengthy. as we level up, we get skill points, we can put these skill points into any skill, for limitless levels. I hate how games limit you because they think it creates "balance". balance should be done by the player. If I want to spend EVERY skill point into fireball, I should be able to. sure my fireball skill will be "overpowered" in a sense, but everything else will be lacking big time, no crafting, no defense, no passives, no other damage skills. I would be very vulnerable. now no one would really do this, unless they play as a team, which means there will always be a way to beat said team. balance comes from the players PLAYING the game, instead of the devs shoving their opinions down our throats (no offense to this games developers, I look forward to a new game that may or may not be fun to play ) but honestly, put your points into anything, anything at all, no restrictions, this way you always get what you want. on another thread (the appropriate thread) I mentioned a classless system of skills, sure you have your "starter skills" which you pick a class for, but after that you can have any skill you want and level it up to infinity. this way everyone can play how they want. which means for myself, I can spec myself out completely in crafting skills, so I can be that crafter everyone comes to for gear, because its what I love to do in an MMO. there hasn't been 1 mmo where the crafting system was worth using, star wars galaxies got close, but even then, it was too grindy and getting materials took WAY TO LONG and there was a huge monopoly and new crafters didn't stand a chance of selling their gear when higher level people could make better low end gear than you could. while this could still be the case in my ideal crafting system, a newbie could really get a foothold early on if they were good enough. go to the crafting suggestion page for that part of this idea.
  6. Here are a few questions for the Developers. Of course, I don't expect all of the questions to be answered, maybe a brief hint in it's place. What fun would it be if all of our questions were answered? 1) Will this game be free to play? *This will be the make-it or break-it for many people. 2) Will we have the option of switching to first person? 3) We've only about 43 days until the official announcement of Crowfall. Will there be any concept art for perhaps a map of the game before then? 4) Will there be a siege system? If so, how will it work? That fire mage seems to be casting quite a spell there, and those stones in the background seem to have taken quite a toll. That's all for now, but I promise there will be many more questions to come.
  7. I'm all for meta. I follow the meta in every game, and I honestly couldnt play games without it. Even though the meta is not nessesarily made by the developers, they definitely lay down the ground work of the meta. For example, the ice wizards in wizard101 are made to be tanks because of their default health that is hard to achieve for any other school. Also how in MOBA games like League, there are certain champions made to jingled, or made for top lane, but no one ever said you have to play them there. Which a brings me to breaking the meta. Breaking the meta is a concept loved by many people. I believe this is because of the idea of taking something people don't think is doable, and doing it really well. Following the meta is for people who want to feel like they're doing it right, whilst breaking the meta is for the people who want to feel as if they are achieving the unthinkable. So my question is, what would this games meta be like? I personally think that the meta would be very complicated, and I'm interested to see how it will turn out as the game unveils itself.
  8. Concept art: Two castles, and a lone warrior sitting between them. Clear life/death symbols with the only other "living" character looking like a zombie. Dudebro is holding a crown, but importantly, not wearing it. It has blood on it - CONFIRMED CROWNS AS OFFHAND WEAPONS. Also, none of the crows have fallen. Importantly - high fantasy setting with conflict Concept art 2: Fire magics! AOE, and hinting at destructible environments! We have a spellcaster, again with a cape (capes are important) able to put a hole in a castle. Also, first guy looked like a melee warrior type, and this is clothy caster. Pretty safe stuff, but also, dude has a giant book strapped to his side - CONFIRMED BOOKS AS OFFHAND WEAPONS Finally: At least 12 factions. Also, does the black dead tree on red and the gold tree on green hint at the imagery in the first concept art? Pretty normal for the most part, but the Hourglass and flower are interesting. Also Gryphon and Dragon hint at fantastical beasts - but I can't confirm that they will be offhand weapons.
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