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Found 13 results

  1. Hey folks, I’ve gone ahead and migrated my guide to the new forums setup. I've done some minor updates to reflect all of the changes to Cleric up to 6.540. Here's hoping they don't get changed much in 6.550! If you've got any questions about this guide, any feedback, or want to chat feel free to comment below or DM me on discord. Guide Changelog: Edited 08/06/2021 - Updated title to reflect current patch, almost no significant Cleric changes in this patch. Edited 07/02/2021 - Added to the new Cleric section, updated a few builds and links. Edited 04/16/2021 - Gave a much needed overhaul to the entire guide, catching things up on over 6 months of changes. Most of the tips were relevant, but a little dated. Edited 11/08/2020 Completely modified the old guide and most things have been re-written or changed. Edited 08/17/2020 - Updated title to reflect current patch, no real changes needed. Edited 08/09/2020 - Updated TL;DR to reflect Ble's advice of finding a holy symbol, even if it isn't yours, to cast spells. Good tip! Edited 08/01/2020 - Updated Guineacean Dodge - Added new talent chart, dropping 30 SP for Anticrit and Resists. Posted 07/31/2020 ----------------------- TL;DR Don't want to read this massive rant of a guide? Here's the bare minimum you need to know as a returning healing cleric or someone new to the class: All of the cleric races are pretty good. Take the one you like the most. Spec into all of your healing stats, grab some defensive stuff, and don't forget the auras. SP > Healing Bonus > CHC = CHA > HP > Stam There are a TON of disc options through domains that are good now. I like Pixie + Sun Worshipper for most raw healing setups. On Crusader spam Tend Wounds, cast Holy Symbol and get the buff before you press your other buttons unless it is an emergency. On Arbiter spam ALL of your buttons aside from ult. Stand in your friends Holy Symbols if your symbol is down. Use your HP as a resource. You heal yourself almost as well as others. Anti-healing is far more widespread in this new patch so your job will be more annoying. Here is a Puddle Healing Arbiter Build and a Chain Healing Crusader Build. Good luck! ----------------------- TABLE OF CONTENTS Crusader vs Arbiter Talent Build Stat Priority Gear Races Disciplines Playstyle Final thoughts ----------------------- 1. Crusader vs Arbiter Choosing between Crusader and Arbiter is a bit tough currently, as both promotions bring a lot to the table. New Cleric players should take some time to try out both specs, but I’ll try to give a short TL;DR on their themes. Crusader Pros Tons of throughput, the best in the game for raw HP/s. (Icecaller edges this class out in BIG fights) Access to lots of quality healing discs and buff discs, very versatile. Very good in large fights. Cons Squishy in comparison to Arbiter. Suffers under pressure. Pick Crusader if you want to be the typical soft healer character that heals for a ton, but needs help to win. Arbiter Pros Still very high throughput, and increases the healing potential of other healers in your group. Relies heavily on HoTs in comparison to Crusader, leading to spammy and consistent healing. The utility it brings is very strong in smaller fights. Cons Needs to get into the thick of a fight to be most efficient, which can lead to deaths. Doesn't dish out as much healing. Pick Arbiter if you want to be a very annoying and strong healer for your group, if you are focusing on smaller scale content, or want to reduce healing skill requirements while INCREASING your playmaking potential with your other spells. 2. Talent Builds Talent builds for Cleric are very versatile in this patch, with no exact spec being the “best”, with a number of flexible options based on your playstyle. To start, I’m going to share the “critical” path for each healing focused Cleric to go down, I’ll then focus in on the talents that are flexible in the builds and what you may want to consider. The Critical Path These first 7 talents are required for every single healing cleric. This gives you all of your class based heals, all of the good talents for throughput, and Noble Purpose which solves mana issues while healing. The only talent here that is sort of flexible is the Holy Aura talent (+Max HP Aura for Team), you can spec out of this if you know your healing partner in your group will be taking this specific buff. If you can’t guarantee to have this buff in group, you should take this talent. From here, if you are a confident Cleric player you can branch out into a promotion of your choice and talents that suit your playstyle. I’m going to post an example Crusader spec and Arbiter spec, and then highlight the optional nodes. Light Domain Crusader - The Chain Healer This Crusader build specs into the light domain and takes the Pixie and Sun Worshipper disciplines, leaning into spammable chain healing spells and buffing those chain heals while also grabbing the best debuff cleanse in the game. This build leans into the main healer mindset that this class performs so well in. Nature Domain Arbiter - The Stake and Puddle Healer This Arbiter build specs into the nature domain and takes Lord of the Forest and Bringer of Life as well as the Fortified Stakes minor disc to lean into a “stand your ground” type of playstyle, where you place protective auras and debuffs around your group to keep them alive and healthy, while you spam Fountain of Life to keep the healing flowing and Wee-One to debuff your enemies damage output. --- In each of these builds you have two talent points that are flexible. I’m going to highlight each of the useful talents you can take below, which you can decide for yourself on what you want to take. If you aren’t sure what to take, I typically default to recommending Circle of Life and Hand of the Gods as it gives you more CC utility, and also an AOE rez to help recover your team - useful almost all the time. Strength in Numbers Really good if you plan on blocking a lot and receiving damage. Doesn't perform that well due to it basing healing off of your actual damage taken post mitigations, but does add some extra HP/s. Circle of Life AOE Rez on a 10m cooldown. Put this on your melee tray and only use it when you are trying to clutch save your team or to keep moving after a won fight with some losses. Divine Presence This talent provides you with a nice spammable damage buff and damage reduction buff for your team. It lasts a total of 18s despite the confusing tooltip provided your team is near you when you use it. Note - You must take the circle of life talent to access this node. Hand of the Gods Really nice, massive AOE root that will help you win fights. Not much to say here - quality utility spell. I don't really recommend the minor disc slot or the other talents you could theoretically access here. If you have some build or group spec that values them, more power to you! They are beyond the scope of this guide. ----------------------- 3. Stat Priority Healing Cleric has a very simple stat priority list. Support Power Healing Bonus Critical Healing Chance Critical Healing Amount HP Stamina SP Support power (SP) is the main driver of your throughput. It is a flat additive to your raw healing and is the easiest way to increase your healing output until higher gear levels. This can be said for most classes, but Cleric in particular needs SP to function well. Cleric struggles to find healing bonus outside of lucky wartribe drops in comparison to Earthkeeper or Icecaller, so you need to have a lot of raw SP to back up your good coefficient healing. Healing Bonus Healing bonus will improve your overall healing by a percentage which is extremely valuable on all healers. You can find healing bonus on Mail or Leather armor, and by pumping your intelligence - but otherwise there is very little available to Clerics outside of your raw intelligence stat. Try to find as much of this as you can. Crit Healing Chance (CHC) vs Crit Healing amount (CHA). These stats are a bit weird for Cleric. Once you get Support Power to a relatively high value (1700~/2000 roughly) these stats start ramping your healing output significantly. Basically their order is dependent on your gear, and you want to balance how much you weigh it around the buff you get from standing in your holy symbol, or your allied Crusader Cleric’s symbols. If you are an arbiter, you will want to find a Crusader friend or try to get this on crafted gear. For Crusaders, Holy Symbol grants you +20% crit healing chance and amount. Because of this, a general rule is that it is more valuable to crit heal more often than it is to crit heal for a little more, but when you are at roughly 45% crit healing chance and nearing cap, you will likely see more value come from pumping crit healing amount. Base Stats As a general rule with stat allocation, SPR comes first and INT second. Any points in INT double dip on CHA as well as Healing Bonus, so on our gear I typically value CHC most of the time. HP and Stamina HP and Stam help you live, get more of it but not at the cost of healing. On Arbiter, consider pumping CON with your spare points after you max SPR, but even Crusader benefits from the extra health. Tough choice, but if you are playing in a larger group you may be able to get away with having less overall health. ----------------------- 4. Gear Most of your gear choices are not interesting in Crowfall currently. Here's the TL;DR: Get healing stats on your chest piece. Get anti-meta resists on your secondary pieces (likely Slashing Res, Fire Res, or Lightning Res in this meta) Get healing stats on your rings and necklaces. SPR > INT at early - until you start to near the SP cap Mail vs Plate. What's the difference? This choice is all about playstyle, and partially about race selection. The difference is simply 5% healing bonus from mail, or more mits from plate. At wartribe gear levels, you should likely choose mail as the Armor difference as of 6.510 is not significant (only a few percentage points of mits), but as we transition into crafted gear plate will pull away in Armor value. You can still use plate to good effect if you plan on being up front in early gear levels as well, but it's not as good. To make the choice simple, if you are newer to Arbiter or like to play upfront pick plate - it will give you the most Armor. If you are more passive in your playstyle and don't soak much damage (a mistake, in my opinion) you should 100% choose mail. Ultimately this is a philosophy question and a group assignment question. If you are healing a frontline group of melee and are likely to get targeted you are going to want to be wearing plate, but if you are assigned to a ranged group and will not be taking the brunt of damage wearing mail is a good idea. Try both playstyles out and see what fits you best. ----------------------- 5. Races There are a lot of good race choices for crusader cleric right now. Here's the breakdown. Centaur Pros: Strength of the Legion Aura - passive 75 AP/SP for the group. - BUFFED in 6.200, as AP is harder to come by. Horseshoe slot. High racial CON - more HP. 20m Dodge. Bunny hopping. Cons: No healing base stat increases. Large body. This makes you more likely to be targeted. Really strong cleric race, brings a lot of team buffs and is tanky. Strong frontline cleric choice. Elken Pros: Racial 10% CHA passive. Elken Charge mobility. Gestalt for anti-stealth. Cons: Bad healing stat spread outside of +CHA. In previous patches, I hated Elken for Cleric. In 6.510 I actually put a lot of stock into the Elken Charge power - making this a strong choice in my eyes. Retaliates got nerfed in this patch, and so having access to mobility will increase your survivability by a lot if you use it effectively. Guinecean Pros: Excellent throughput base stats (+DEX and +INT) Burrow Bonus ring slot. Small body. 20m Dodge Paragon Disc - allowing you to run Vengeful Aura which was removed from the normal talent tree. Cons: Lower HP and Stam Is noisy as custard. Excellent cleric race. This is a good choice if you prefer to play less on the frontline or be more difficult to hit. Half Giant Pros: Makin' Me Mad passive - increased healing bonus when hit. Blood of the Giant power - on demand barriers, +5% Healing and Damage bonus per activation (2x max). High racial CON - more HP. Cons: Large body. No healing base stat increases. This is likely a good cleric race for a frontlining cleric, but it falls short in comparison to the Stoneborn. There is probably a place for this race in some playstyles, but sub-optimal for now. Human Pros: Pain Tolerance passive - increased mits. Extra minor disc slot. 11th Bar Slot Guardian Rhythms Minor Cons: Medium tier stat spread I guess? Humans are a great Cleric choice. They are super strong and well suited to the role, if a little boring. They gain an extra bar slot and the Guardian Rhythms minor without needing the music domain which is really nice. 10% bonus Personal Damage Modifier for the whole group, a nice bonus bar slot to run it in, and a bonus minor slot to slot it in. Very strong race. Stoneborn Pros: Excellent healer base stats. Blood of the Mountain passive: +15% PHM I Get Knocked Down passive: +Healing Bonus after knockdown. Cons: No significant boosts to your team. Stoneborn is a great race for front line healing, and a slightly more selfish playstyle. They have a lot of buffs for themselves but not much for the team. Choose this race if you want to be up front and tanking damage. Strongly recommend this for Arbiter as it gets so much +PHM from it's healing, which combos well with their passive. Conclusion on Races Basically every cleric race is playable for crusader. I find it difficult to select a specific race to recommend, but if I had to I’d say go for Centaur or Human. Both are very valuable to their teams and play well, but the other races are all pretty strong too. Pick what you like! ----------------------- 6. Disciplines Crusader Cleric has a TON of options to consider now due to the Domains change in 6.200. This means that I won’t be able to outline every single disc available to you, and you’ll need to do a little digging. For now, I recommend using the Crowcaine Wiki or the Crowpedia in game (bottom right of the Talents Page) to look through all of the discs. In previous iterations of this guide I would recommend different majors or minors to pick from, but at this point the choices you make are less simple. Many of the discs have been improved, and there is an argument for most of them depending on your playstyle. In the Talents section above I selected minors and majors for the builds I suggested, you can base your choices off of them if you’d like specific recommendations. Experiment around with different build ideas on the TEST server to try out different disc combinations and playstyles. For Crusader, go Pixie, Sun Worshipper, God’s Reach and Toughness. For Arbiter, go Lord of the Forest, Bringer of Life, Gods Reach and Fortified Stakes. Healing Discs are all really well balanced and roughly equal to one another. Go experiement. ----------------------- 6. Playstyle Cleric is a class that is excellent for a beginner, but has a lot of opportunity for optimization in both straight healing and absorbing damage on the field. If you just spam all of your healing on cooldown you will keep your group alive fairly well (and it is optimal on Arbiter), but if you use your brain a little and execute some basic concepts you will be a top healer, and in later gear levels I don't think Cleric can be touched. Basically what people miss about Cleric is that it is actually a combo class, without the pips. The TL;DR of this entire section is: If you are a Crusader, cast holy symbol, step into it, spam your other spells, body block as much as you can, win. Prioritize your group first. If you are an Arbiter, cast Pixie Dust on as many people as possible, spam your spells, body block as much as you can and win. Spam your debuffs and knock downs on focused targets and groups of players. Alright now let’s nerd out. Cleric Spells Clerics only have a few simple spells, but they work really well together. Tend wounds: Spammable single target HoT with good throughput. Maintenance heal. (Note: Arbiter’s Tend Wounds lasts 2x as long, and provides a PHM buff for half of it’s duration. This is your best heal, spread it). Holy Symbol: Spammable AoE chain heal with good throughput. Maintenance heal, combo piece, group healing. (Note: Arbiter’s Holy Symbol knocks down enemies. Try to place this to heal your friends, but also knock down your enemies.) Illuminate: Large group heal + HoT + resource regen. Save and combo this heal with Holy Symbol on Crusader, and on Arbiter spam this thing off cooldown as it improves PHM and doesn’t heal as much for you. Blessed Protection: Group wide barrier for group members. Spam this. Crusader only. Spiritual Presence: Pulsing AOE heal, damnation DOT for enemies, and exhaustion debuff for enemies. Spam this. Arbiter only. Miracle (Ultimate): Massive group heal + PDM + resource regen. Your largest save and a combo heal. Your discs will also provide more healing. I’m not going to dig into all of the spells but they follow pretty similar principles. Let’s talk about the core spell that brings the clerics kit together. Holy Symbol Usage This spell is what separates the mortals from gods. With the Blessed Symbol talent when we step into our own Holy Symbol we receive the Blessed Symbol buff that increases our Critical Healing Chance and Critical Healing Amount. This not only increases throughput but makes it more predictable. You will always want to cast heals with this buff up, but unless someone is going to die you should never cast a larger heal without having Blessed Symbol on yourself. This spell creates a ton of combos that you need to be rotating through while healing and being mindful of. Comboing your spells At all times on a crusader you should be looking to chain your spells together as efficiently as possible. You should only be spamming Tend Wounds at all times, and otherwise looking to create combos. Here's a basic flow: Is someone in YOUR GROUP in trouble? Cast holy symbol on you and your target. If you can’t do both, just you. Cast Illuminate now that you have the sick crit buff. Are they still in trouble? Use any single target save spells you may get from your discs. Cast Miracle if multiple players are in trouble, or you can't target the endangered player. The combos are basically the same when healing outside of your group. Just remember that Illuminate and Miracle only heal inside of your group. Group Coordination Try to coordinate miracle or other healing cooldowns with your partner healer in your group prior to combat. Who should ult first to save someone? Who is purging first? Who are you pocketing in your group, if at all? Working with your healing partner will make both of you more efficient and will keep your team alive a lot longer. Positioning This is where your combos and your personal skill can really shine. You can do a lot of really excellent things with your positioning to otherwise mitigate damage. If you are playing a mail wearing cleric you can still apply these principles, but you should be far more conservative with your positioning overall. Clerics benefit from the fact that almost all of their healing applies to them as effectively as it applies to their target. With that in mind, to be optimal in your cleric play you should be taking close to the same damage as you are dishing out in healing. This does not mean you should be making yourself an opportune focus target as you are very susceptible to sustained damage, but you should be trying to take a little heat off your friends. Some practical applications of this concept are doing things like body blocking for your team. The easiest way to do that is to literally stand on top of the focus target of the enemy, making them miss hits on the focus target and instead hit you. The other way to do this is to put yourself in front of the enemy main damage dealer and just be annoying and block them. Any damage you mitigate this way and ultimately heal on yourself is damage you are preventing, while also annoying the enemy and making their job harder. The combination of putting your body on the line while also healing your team is what the Cleric was built for, so go get it. Experiment with your positioning and try to fight as much as you can so you can learn your limits and how to best play around the guild. ----------------------- 7. Final Thoughts Cleric is sick.
  2. Hey Crows! Here's a quick build for folks new to Crowfall coming in on Launch that are interested in playing a super tanky knight that also happens to explode for 3 - 5k damage every 30s in an AOE. This spec is crazy fun to play, and is often overlooked by new players because it requires a bit of a weird disc setup. Crowcaine links and screenshots below. The Wreckutor (Note, any race works here. I prefer Human or Stoneborn.) Build Notes This build is viable in all scales of combat. It provides excellent control, consistent surprise damage, and has a simple flowchart ability rotation with opportunity for large impact on a skilled player who knows how to control a fight. Gear Normally I don't include this as it's obvious, but on the Wreckutor it isn't so clear. You really want to run Plate in this build but you can get away with Mail if you're ballsy, and your main hand weapon matters. You can go for Sword or Mace in this build - ideally you pick something that is getting buffed from your friends damage ramp discs like Demolisher for crushing. Your Combo This build is all about comboing stackable barriers together and detonating them on your enemy. Normally you want to Ult so that you can't be CC'd out of your combo. Here is your combo: Source of PDM (Redirected Strikes or Knight Ult) > Oath of Will > Blade Turning > Wreckoning To maximize this combo you want to hit your primary target with a shield attack (bash or illusory shield) to apply the spiked shield debuff to them, then begin your combo. You can detonate your full combo every 30s, and you can squeeze in a smaller Oath of Will > Wreckoning bomb inbetween large damage spikes. Try to coordinate your spikes with your team as much as possible. During downtime, go for hooks on out of position players, maintain shield bash on the called target so they can't dodge away, and try to be as annoying as possible to the enemy. Have fun!
  3. Hey Crows! With launch coming up I wanted to post a build for folks to check out if you're new to Crowfall and are interested in playing an Inquisitor, one of the strongest small scale and pocket healers in the game. This build grabs all of the "Default" healing nodes for this class, and what I consider to be the strongest healing discs for it's role. Most of the build diversity for healing focused Inquisitors are found in domains and majors specifically - so feel free to change stuff up to best fit your group and playstyle. So long as you are dishing out healing there are very few wrong answers here. Aura Platform Inquisitor Build Notes This build is an evasive timing based main healer, that also wants to spend a good amount of time basic attacking and providing CC. All of your spells provide some amount of healing, so stay mobile and output as much healing as you can while staying safe. The critical thing about playing inquisitor is ensuring that your most valuable heals, Fervor and Fire of Life, are casted uninterrupted. Make sure you are positioned where it is unlikely that you drop these cooldowns or you will fall behind on healing. Hellfire Aura provides good tick healing, and the Tornadoes, especially when shotgunned, can heal a lot but those are mostly for your own personal healing and to smooth things over. Always make sure you stand in a spot where you can fully channel your fervor uninterrupted but still in range, and cast fire of life when you are unlikely to be CC'd. Fire of Life should be used frequently either as a single target save or to catch your group up. It's ideally used around 60% HP, as it can heal for 3 -4k very easily even with minimal gear. Other than that, which is advise for all Inquisitors, make sure you are running Divine Aura and popping Pack Avatar and Toughness frequently with damage spikes/pushes. Have fun!
  4. Hey Crows! With launch coming up, I thought I'd share another build for the Fanatic to get folks into the game and pumping out some sick damage. This build is a semi-support Fanatic that really pairs well with another fanatic to buff each other up, but does fairly well on it's own. If you are the only Fanatic in your group, use this as a template to modify your own build - you won't need Transcendent Warrior but there are like 20 other discs available to this class that fit well as well. Check it out. Pickoff Fanatic - Aura Platform (Race is flexible, so are minors) Build Notes This build plays the flank of any large or small fight, looking to identify an open target and either put them into kill threat range or kill them yourself. In a single combo you can easily deal well over half of someone's HP, and if given more time you can solo kill anything that doesn't have a defensive cooldown available. Combo is: Fire Bolt > Redemption > 3 Basics > Absolution Use your tornadoes up close to "shotgun" enemies and hit them many times. Use Fire Wave after you prep the enemy with AOE fire damage to try to get extra auto crits. Focus on finding targets for your main combo while you spread AOE damage. Note on Fanatic This class is extremely flexible, with a lot of options for personal expression. Use this as a starting point and build out the spec that works best for you. In particular, I think Magma Ball is a great spell, and you can find many things within each of the domains available that may change how you allocate talent points - just use this as food for thought if you aren't playing this specific build.
  5. Hey Crows! Here are a couple of Radical Cleric builds. Radical is in a weird spot right now where it absolute bangs out damage but is very slow, and has very little way to keep itself alive. Check out this class if you are interested in seeing if you can kill your enemy before they kill you. I've got two builds for this class to share today. I'll start with the Turret Radical, and then post the Soul Stealing Puddle Radical after. Turret Radical Build Notes This build is the true turret radical. You have very little defense, and insane offense. Spam the hell out of your basic attacks, drop your holy symbol to try to apply AOE elemental breaks and hold that left click down like your life depends on it. Make sure you prioritize using Searing Light whenever possible, but never clip your third basic attack for it as that provides a free stun under ult. Only use Chaos Orb in prepration for a push on defense or offense, or while your ult is down. While your ult is up you need to be throwing as many basic attacks as possible. --- This build is very simple to play - kill or be killed. Not much more to say about it. Soul Stealing Puddle Radical Build Notes This build is basically the same as the one above, but you take Exorcist and Runecaster to help keep yourself alive and your team alive. Standing in the Sanctuary Field will make you (and your team) significantly tankier, and the Soul Steal puddle will help you keep yourself topped up by getting free healing. Do not mistake this build as "survivable" however. The Radical's base kit is not designed to keep you alive - it's designed to make many other people very dead. Be careful and expect to be punished if your positioning isn't tight. --- Fun class, despite the downsides. Go have some fun and make some plate wearers rage as you burn them down as fast as everybody else.
  6. Hey Crows! Here's a quick build for aspiring Barbarian players coming into the game on launch. This build is designed to run in, CC the hell out of the enemy, and buff your team with Free Action. It also brings Frighten - an excellent cone healing and Damage debuff for your team. Barbarian has some of the most build flexibility in the game, so use this template as a starting point and change things up to suit your playstyle. Free Action and Debuff Platform Barb Build Notes This class is insanely easy to play at all scales. Run at the enemy, CC as many of them as possible, and buff your team with free action as often as possible. You will do a decent amount of damage as well, but keep the CC flowing liberally and the debuffs out and you'll create some advantage for your team. Best paired with a DPS that can capitalize on all of the CC you are throwing out. This is probably the most fun class in the game - go play it.
  7. Hey Crows! Here's a quick build for the Archmage Frostweaver, designed to dish out as much AOE damage as possible and take advantage of the Frostweavers kit. This build PUMPS in large fights, and can work in small scale if you have a group that supports and provides space for the Archmage to function. If you are focusing on small scale encounters in the field, this build can serve as a good starting place but you may not want to run Chaos Orb as it is definitely more 10v10 oriented. It can still slap in smaller 5~ player type content but you'll have trouble hitting thick orbs. Archmage Orb Lord Build Notes This talent path is what I would consider the "default" path for Archmage. Blizzard is an optional talent here, but I would strongly suggest keeping Black Ice in the build as it is one of the best healing debuffs in the game. Playing this spec is easy, but it has a bit of a positional and timing requirement involved with it that separates spammers from uhh... God Spammers. You spam your AOEs out onto the enemy, only stepping forward to place them optimally but otherwise play safe in the middle of your group. You can extend to the flank for executing targets of opportunity. Use your ult liberally to refill your ice stores and reduce your incoming damage. Be careful, if you get caught you can die easily. Example rotation: Shatter Storm > Frigid Ground > Free Weave and Spam Volatile Ice to 1 remaining ice store, ult. Cast death shard on frost bitten enemies, use execute on targets below 50% HP. Prioritize AOE damage while you scan for a pick off target. Your execute is very costly in terms of time and mana, so when you use it you need to make sure you are effective.
  8. Hey Crows! With launch coming up, I think this is a great time to post a build that can quickly get you into Titan if you are new to the game, and serve as a great starter template for you to create your own builds off of. Titan has a ton of customization available to it, and it's a really fun skill based class that you can just dumpster people on if they don't know how to counter you. A well played Titan is an absolute beast in small scale, but I wouldn't recommend this build in large scale unless you have Staff sized balls (interpret that however you'd like). Lawnmower Titan (Note, Minor Discs are personal preference. Majors are too sort of, but I like this pairing.) Build Notes This build is a little complicated, but basically you use it to rush down isolated targets with large single target damage. You can help peel or pick targets with net pull, and have a ton of mobility available to you. Combat looks like this flow chart roughly: Do you have free action? Yes Use Berserk, Press Free Action > Do damage and freely mitigate the crash. If no, do you have ultimate? Yes Use Berserk > Do damage freely and EVALUATE if you need to ult your crash (>40% red on the berserk bar is scary, think about ulting or evading to pulverize) Don't have free action or ultimate? Play safe Use berserk if you need help catching up on healing, or feel that you can escape a crash. At 5 - 6s left on your berserk timer, evaluate if you should start using movement or getting away from the enemy so that you don't risk crashing and dying suddenly. Your damage rotation relies on a priority system. It looks like this: On entry, berserk > free action > whirlwind until at least 10 titan stacks are built (+30% damage to basics and neck slash) Single Target rotation: Verify that the target is bleeding (Prior basic 3's or a whirlwind tick) > Berserk > Serrated Blades > Neckslash > Basic Attacks into Neck Slashes > Pulverize with < 1s on the timer. Multi Target rotation: Berserk > Whirlwind to apply bleeds/build stacks > Neck Slash > Serrated Blades called target > Basic Attacks into Neck Slashes on called target > Pulverize with < 1s on the timer. As needed use net pull and colossus smash to lock down targets and reset your neck slash cooldown. This build takes a lot of experience and time to get good at, but when you get it to work you will be a very mean melee DPS and a nightmare for the enemy to deal with. Beware players who know how to count to 10. New Players Note on the Titan Community In order to play Titan, you need to be a little dumb and a bit of an unpleasant person. The berserk mechanic really leans into some macho dumb mentality, and every Titan player has a chip on their shoulder. Think of them like the guy in Gym class who tried a bit too hard all the time in a desperate attempt to get some attention and recognition in a place that really didn't matter. With that in mind, there are a ton of different ways of approaching this class and playing it well - but I expect a little hostility in the replies. Play Titan in whatever way suits you best. If you want to go all in on single target, don't run whirlwind. If you want to run the Gore Execute, probably skip serrated blade and go the bottom line. Battle Scream in the middle is also a great talent.
  9. PlayerKillerz "We are not a family friendly guild" 👽Click Below for our really bad video of us doing stuff👽 What we offer A place to grow, learn and form new friendships. We always have a great player base once we are established. We constantly practice PvP and becoming top tier players We always put our members first. We have been in many MMOs. We dominate in them all. An organized discord to keep in touch and communicate. An Alliance full of members. 45+ Members of PK Very active Crafters are important We take PvP serious! What we want PvPers & Crafters No cry babies. 21+ Respect the guild and it's contents (The Members) Respond to PvP. Be active in discord Team-player "TLDR: Chill people that kill people." PlayerKillerz / PlayerKillers Apply Via Discord (Tag RedLetter or Maelific in open-chat) Micky#4816 - discord user name (add me) PlayerKillerz Discord Link (Click Me) What was said about us in guild wars 2 What was said about us in Black Desert Online What was said about us in Albion online
  10. Hello there! I have started this guide in an attempt to help those who are suffering from things such as inadequate performance, odd artifacts, and so on. Taking care of your Windows Windows, and especially the ones after Windows 7 (8, 8.1, 10...), can be a finicky being. Oftentimes many problems, including the performance ones, originate from the operating system itself. In order to do a basic troubleshooting of your system and take care of any potential files, including libraries that are critical to running various applications, please do the following: Open cmd.exe (as Administrator) Type and press enter: DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /StartComponentCleanup When it's done, do the same for: DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth Reboot the PC Open cmd.exe again (as Administrator) Type and press enter: sfc /scannow Reboot the PC Running Crowfall as an Administrator With how complex the system permissions became after Windows XP (Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10...) it is surprisingly beneficial to run at least some of your applications as an administrator. You can do this by right-clicking the app and selecting the 'Run as Administrator' option. Even if you are the administrator yourself, it does not mean that the apps you're using are running in an elevated mode. Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2015-2019 Crowfall requires Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2015-2019. Please make sure that these are present on your PC in order to run the game properly, and in case of any issues you may also try to use their repair function, or even reinstall them. Download page: Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Resolving minor network issues If you are experiencing an odd connectivity, chances are the below steps might resolve that for you: Open cmd.exe (as Administrator) Type and press enter: ipconfig /flushdns Type and press enter: ipconfig /release Type and press enter: ipconfig /renew Miscellaneous advice Make sure you're not running more than one anti-virus / anti-malware software on your PC. This can happen by accident, as many apps tend to bundle various bloatware into their installation process with a potentially easy to miss checkbox. It is a healthy practice to have around 5-10% free disk space at all times and not having it fully occupied. GeForce Experience seems to be conflicting with the game, if you're running into any trouble try to uninstall your NVIDIA drivers and do a clean reinstall without that specific software. Thank you for reading. I hope that my guide has helped you in resolving at least some of the difficulties that you might have been experiencing due to various technical reasons. Feel free to comment, discuss, and leave your feedback! I am also open to any questions, should they arise.
  11. Guide to the Crowfall Forums [WIP] You want to know more about the forums, or need help with something forum-related? You came to the right place! Ok, so lets get started, shall we? Table of Contents: 1. Posting 2. Your profile 3. Other members 4. Important links 5. The game 6. Miscellaneous 1. Posting and Navigation Posting isn't too hard, once you get the hang of it (I can do this, right? ). We'll start out easy. To reply to a post by another user, you scroll to the bottom of the page on the selected thread. This is called quick reply. There should be a box that says "Reply to this topic". In this box, you simply click, type your text (Make sure it follows the forum rules), and click post. If you click "More reply options", you should come up with the "normal" reply box. You can also navigate to this type of posting by clicking "Reply to this topic" near the top left of the thread. Now, moving on to navigation. At the time of this posting, there is only 10 subforums, but note that as the title says, this is still a Work in Progress, or WIP. To navigate between threads and make sure your topic is in the right section (Or as close to right as possible, there is not a guides section yet, so could a Moderator move this when there is?), you will want to start at the main page, community.crowfall.com. Once there, select the subtopic you want. For this post, I chose General Discussion. However, if your post does not fit into any other topics, or is not about Crowfall, you might want to look into posting it in Off-Topic, Hardware, Shadowbane, or Other Games. If you would like to post an image, there are two ways. First, you can use the button that says "My Media". Through here, you can upload images or videos into your post. The second way is through "Image". Click that, and simply paste the image URL. To get this, right click the image and click "Copy Image URL". To quote others in your post, click the "Quote" button in the bottom right of their post. Once there, post as normal, and their post will appear as quoted in yours. To multi-quote, you do the same, except you use the MultiQuote button. 2. Your profile Your profile. The first thing I went to edit once I joined this site. Like posting, this is fairly simple and can be done in less than two minutes. To begin, click on your username in the top right corner. For me, this would say onebalancewiz. To view your profile, click My Profile. To edit your profile and make it purdy, click My Settings, to take you to your User CP. Woah. That's a lot of options, right? Most of them can be ignored, or chosen to be ignored. If you click "Change my photo..." that will edit your avatar. For defaults, that would be an outline of a person. Mine is currently set to a picture of my Pirate101 character, that I made into an avatar while I was bored. In Time Zone, you can set it to the timezone that is closest to your area. This changes what displays in the timestamps on your and other user's posts. For Comments and Visitors, I would recommend checking the first and second boxes. The third one could get kind of annoying, you having to approve people's messages to you. The rest, is ignore-able. There should be a navbar on the left. I know what you're thinking, MORE OPTIONS?!? If you would like to ignore these, you can skip to the third part of this guide. If not, pay attention c:. To customize your profile background, click Choose File in the Choose Background section. Select a file that you have saved on your computer. Mine is currently a tiled starry background from Wiz101. The rest is ignore-able, unless you would like to change your password, notifications, etc. 3. Other members Other members. This is where the rules come into play (Play by the rules people! It's worth it to stay on forums if you plan to play!). If you want to read more in-depth, read the Forum Rules, there is a link in section four. It's pretty much self-explanatory, or you should know them if you have used other forums. Don't spam, accuse others, or troll users. One of the most important ones: if you value your account, don't tell others your information! 99% of the time, they will wreck your account. All of the following are the worst rules to break, and will result in IMMEDIATE banning. To friend other users, go to their profile by clicking on their username. Once there, click "Add me as a friend", and they will be added to your list. The only use I can find for this is quick access to their profile. Threats against anyone or any group. Viruses, malware, worms, or Trojans. Sexually explicit content. Sharing personal information about ArtCraft volunteers, employees, or any other individuals. Hate speech, including the degrading or vilifying of a particular race, religion, ethnic group, gender, sexual preference, or sexual identity, as well as any members of these groups. Evading suspension through account hopping. Impersonation of an ArtCraft employee or community member. Promoting or linking to exploits, cheating programs, piracy, or any sort of illegal activity 4. Important links Forum Rules by TullyAckland: http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/332-forum-rules-of-conduct/ Welcome! By JToddColeman: http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/5-welcome/ Welcome to Crowfall! By GordonWalton: http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/4-welcome-to-crowfall/ 5. The game I won't really have much in this section until the game is released. If you want to speculate or theorycraft, be my guest. Since there is no theorycrafting section, I would post it in the General Discussion OR the Suggestion Box, if it is a suggestion for ArtCraft staff members. 6. Miscellaneous
  12. Ladies and Gentlemen, gamers of the world. I am proud to introduce to you the first Crowfall Forum, Crush the Throne! Crush the Throne has been under development since the announcement of Crowfall and I am glad to finally share it with you all! At CTT you are able to interact with other gamers, discuss all things Crowfall related, find guides, and discuss and publicize your guild! With a custom Forum Shop, Guild of the Month section, access to numerous resources, Crush the Throne is the place for you. My goal is to have Crush the Throne be the central hub for anyone looking for anything Crowfall. If you are interested at all, please check us out! We would very much so appreciate it I hope you all find CTT to your liking and that it offers everything you look for in a forum/fansite and more! See you there! Shadowhorn
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