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Found 12 results

  1. The Greed Guild is recruiting helping you mange your wealth and take others we accept new and veterans alike. Active since Alpha We're a chill laid back group of people who enjoy all things Crowfall Low Requirements - Low Maintenance - PvP - PvX - Crafting /Gathering Join the guild and seek glory in the riches taken by your hands! Active at least once a week. Freedom to be a collective part of this organization. We accept everyone with no bias, Crafters, Farmers, Cooks, Weapon-smiths, Assassins ~ All Professions have a home here, whether you want to craft/farm all day or gank and steal you're welcome here! ~https://crowfall.com/en-US/guilds/search?name=greed#Loot
  2. Looking for a fun social guild to join? Then consider Unicorn! Currently we don't have a specific goal, other then making friends and enjoying Crowfall. So if you want to play the game with friends, and you yourself don't yet know where you're are going, Unicorn may just be the guild for you. We can hang out and learn the game together, and if we get good...DOMINATE THE WORLDS. But yeah, for now lets focus on having fun. We'll paint the map with Unicorn tags later. Feel free to ask questions here or in game. You can reach me @Farskye, or feel free to put in an app in game.
  3. will the npcs always act the same given the same set or circumstances or will they sometimes behave unpredictably? IMO having devs come in game for big events to run a boss type character is the best AI.
  4. The Immortals membership is only by a short application. We do not accept blank applications because if you cant be bothered to fill out a few lines we don’t know if we can trust you to ever work as part of a guild. We do not ever ninja invite, so please do not ninja apply. See our YouTube page loads of PvP & raid videos on there Our Facebook page put a face to that dodgy voice on VoIP ..not just mine. (Our TS3 server: Our Twitter page follow to see upcoming events, news etc We have even been featured on ToRWaRs Things thats quite nice to know: List your past MMORPG experience, if any. Have you played MMO before you don't need to list them if you don't want, just nice to know what you know , don't let it worry you if you have never played one as it makes no difference to being accepted, its just nice for us to know what level you are.(in lots of ways newbies work out better than old vets like me (old being the key word there ) Web and VOIP: While we don't expect everyone to post stuff daily on our site, a intro would be nice for the other members to see who you are. We also expect all members to come onto our VOIP maybe not everyday, but certainly at sometime, and definitely for all Guild events! - Not having a Mic is not a factor so long as you can hear whats being said. General: We expect (without fail) for all members to sign up to our raid planner (game dependent). We don't have lots of hard & fast rules, but the few we do have we expect players to adhere to. We are a 18+ outfit, sorry please do not apply if you younger it always comes out. (a good deal of us are 30+ with quite a few in the upper 40's) If for any reason you feel you cant meet any of these requirements then I guess The Immortals would not be the best fit for you. To the rest Welcome to your New MMO home. To join us, we have a very short Application form, or just ask any member online to point you out to a guild officer! Email Address Location Age / / (MM/DD/YYYY) Nick Name Best Night To Play How I Heard About : Headset Application Comments There is a issue with sign ups to our website at the moment, please send me a PM or email immortals@hotmail.co.uk, with username, password and email required and we will manually set up an account for you. The Immortals We lived a thousand lives united we stand, we don't fall!
  5. With all the speculation and talk, a lot of it is about hardcore PvP. Now don't get me wrong, I love PvP. There are few things more exhilarating than finding the members of an opposing guild and wiping them out. But along with that, I also love that feeling of taking down a difficult raid boss after hours of working on the raid, figuring out the strategy of the fight and getting that epic loot. Most MMOs that I see coming out most recently seem to focus more on the PvP aspect than the PvE aspect. It is important to have good, balanced, and healthy PvP, but a game that is solely PvP will get boring after a while. If there's no PvP going on, what is there to do. With the recent MMOs, all PvE is sorely lacking. Sure there are some world raid bosses. But once that one guild takes it down, it's down for what, 2 days, what then? Not to toot it's horn, but WoW had some of the best, if not best PvE I have ever seen. Difficult dungeons and raids, where you had to have teamwork and communication to get the rewards. Crowd Control mobs, skill in a tank to keep aggro, management from the healer to keep everyone topped but mana efficiency. Small 5 man dungeon groups and large 40 man raids. Dungeons that can be done quickly, or raids that would take days to complete. I'd like to see an MMO that not only has good, fun, and healthy PvP, but also one that has challenging PvE. Not only the handful of raid bosses in the world, but instanced dungeons. And dungeons where you have to communicate. Not that, use a dungeon finder, puller a whole room, beat the dungeon type thing that WoW is now. But classic meeting up in front of the dungeon entrance after gathering your comrades, communicating what each person's role is what they will be doing. Does anyone else wish for good instanced PvE in the forms of dungeons and raids besides me?
  6. There's been a lot of talk and speculation about PvP, but in a game of territorial conquest, I'd like to hear some details about world building. The devs have implied that players will change the landscape, but that's about all we've gotten. Shadowbane's city building was impressive in 2003 --- it was a lot of fun to visit player cities. This didn't last because player's studied city building and came up with the most defensible templates within a fairly limited tool and asset set. Furthermore, I don't think the cities ever felt very alive. I'd like to see: 1. Cities self-populate with NPCs and merchants based on size and region 2. Traveling merchants who visit cities with limited player influence on this. They could sell cosmetic changes. 3. A varied toolset to build assets with a regional art style. 4. Truly impressive monuments that can grow and change. I'm thinking the imperial tower in the capitol in Elder Scrolls Oblivion --- when you saw that thing in the horizon in Oblivion, that was impressive. 5. Far fetched --- but perhaps the ability of players to produce this content through a builder's app. This presents it's own host of issues, but it would be great. If it can't be, I'd like to at least hope for a vast set of monuments and styles ready for the players, and... 6. Certain monuments and buildings are limited in their use per world. As in only 1 city can have a certain monument --- once someone has built it, it's no longer in the toolset for other cities or players. 7. Outposts and sub-city groups that organically sprout around larger player cities. These can be player made, ie subguilds, or triggered NPC reactions once a city reaches a certain set of traits: like a parked caravan of gypsies, or a small fishing village. Thoughts on world building?
  7. Just to shut people the custard up "Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising monetary contributions from a large number of people, typically via the internet. One early-stage equity expert described it as “the practice of raising funds from two or more people over the internet towards a common Service, Project, Product, Investment, Cause, and Experience, or SPPICE." Let's be clear this is not a discussion about the definition of an investor, this is about giving money towards a future product without having enough information on that product. Since the crowd funding announcement was made, I have seen on a number of threads people making the distinction that we are no longer just consumers of Crowfall but we are now potential investors. As a result of this change in position I have also taken on a slight change in mindset when approaching Crowfall. This new mindset is a much more skeptical one, and I feel that this change is for the better of the game and its future. What I specifically want to discuss with the community is the need for gameplay footage before the crowd funding campaign begins. No intelligent investor freely gives away their money to anyone with a good idea on paper. They want to see how the product/service actually looks/works, I.E. a prototype. So I am suggesting that the Developers put serious thought into giving us some game play footage of a couple different aspects of the game before asking us, the potential investors, for our hard earned cash. Personally, I would like to see some small scale duels (1v1s, 3v3s, 5v5s, if possible 10v10s), pve, city building, and a video explanation of both the UI (which can make or break a game) and the skill/discipline/promotion system. I would also like to hear more on how they plan to acquire new players and retain current players. I may be the only one that feels this way, but I doubt it. Discuss away. *Yes, I made a typo in the the thread title.*
  8. Hello fellow Crowfallers! Welcome to 'Bootleg Provisions', a guild dedicated to the fine and intricate art of smuggling, contraband, pilfering and trafficking of illegitimately obtained goods! For most, war and conflict brings along poverty and destruction; yet where others see despair, we see profit! There are weapons to be shipped, rare resources to be transported, confidential messages to be delivered, coins to be moved. We will focus on any activity that involves moving resource X from location Y to destination Z. For a price! As smuggling is often done best in isolation to avoid attracting attention, the guild structure will be quite loose. Everyone has a chance to have their voice heard and every decision will be put to the vote. There is only one rule: confidentiality is golden. Everyone's welcome to join! Hail!
  9. Destiny has a system of "Exotic Items" which are like the rare items with some additional bonuses -- and you can only wear/use 1 at once (1 gun and 1 armor). If the game heads to full loot, you do potentially turn off a large sect of the PvE item collecting crowd. However, if players could equip 1 exotic, and the "thing" about exotics is that they do not drop on death -- you'd create a bit of a compromise and an opportunity. Like in Destiny, players will not pick their exotics and stick with them, they'll end up collecting them all. So, youve created a metagame of exotic collecting. This gives you opportunity for PvE rewards. These items should not offer additional PvP bonuses over crafted gear, but perhaps unique cosmetics and PvE bonuses such as bonus damage versus the undead (thus not usurping crafted gear in battle). I actually really enjoyed collecting exotic guns in Destiny and would consider myself in the PvP crowd. This would also help ensure a healthy population of the raid-pve folks, who are by far the best to pk.
  10. Intro From what I know, most games have zones of PvP and PvE with a process built into the character creation grind that rarely shared the same grounds with each other. As I lay out my own vision it will look and sound a lot like the presentation of Archage and sometimes care-bearish. Mind you I am a hardcore PvPer but understand that without a solid PvE format the population will remain limited. I will be using history/reality as a guild and Shadowbane as a reference since that is the only MMO I truly know. I completely understand games can only go as far as the programmers take it and the technology of the time. I would love to discuss these ideas in length with others because the wall of words below is a mere summary of my vision of a PvP-centric game. Shadowbane in a nutshell The process of warfare generally started in the leveling zones, then would lead to "camping cities", and eventually dropping a bane stone to begin the siege. The economics of the game sourced exclusively from mobs and mines with only a few shallow layers of service and sales between players or select vendors. Leadership and responsibilities was a zero sum game of getting these players to log into the game to provide for maintenance costs and usage of collected assets. My suggestion submission The world At the technical level, playability, and the esthetic challenges of the world is probably one of the tougher balancing tasks in game design. I will always believe the larger and more expansive the world the better, with the caveat being that there is something interesting with most of the landscape. Monsters should have a certain amount of randomness and movement to create a hunt, and the expanse of the cities should mirror the power and wealth of the controlling empire. The geographic restrictions should be that of a sphere of influence from the participating players and not that of a grid built into the terrain. The cities can grow under the umbrella of the power structure generating marketplaces, housing, and security for the city/empire. In SB the player had complete control over building placement, vendors, and resource management, and that should remain but with added consequences. With that idea in mind there could be a computer generated economy that produces wealth for the regional power via taxation and access to refined resources. Taxation can also play into the consequences of guild management, in that high taxation will reduce the computer generated security buffer for the players (crime, riots in the streets, etc.) and economic activity for the guild. Too little taxation will cause decadence in the computer population also reducing the security buffer but causing an economic boom that increases the sphere of influence. Character creation and life More customization in my mind is always better. Yes this will more than likely cause a never ending scream of balancing from the masses, but the creativity of the individual player must be rewarded. In Shadowbane the reward of good character creation had a scaled range of the created toon competing in 1v1's to the player becoming a spec toon creator for a guild. In human history the reward ranges from a comfortable living to an empire that crosses human history. For example you can easily pay a fee to a game vendor for repair a service but you should also have a way of learning this skill as a way for the player to provide for themselves. Maybe continue with this idea and a player can become a merchant that provides that kind of service to many players to generate an income to possibly fund a brick and mortar location that generates the income for the player (risk: business/building can be attacked by another player). I terms of endgame character creation, I dont think there should be a hard cap on this and I dont believe a character should remain sharp and honed if left unused for long periods of time. In SB the only penalty to training was the cost of gold. The penalty of training should also cost effort, deterioration and failure like it does in real life. A sharpshooter was not born with the ability to hit a target at 1000 yards. It took time, effort and practice. That sharpshooter did not simply buy a 50cal to hit that target. The sharpshooter had to fire many rounds to possibly obtain that skill. Some people who sought to become a sharpshooter never became one due to a lack of effort or because of a physical attribute. Basically the cap should have a degree of diminishing returns that goes beyond the cost of creation points granted by experience bars filled. Finally there should be a deterioration of skills that are unused. If a sharpshooter goes without firing a round for a year or two, that sharpshooter will have difficulty reproducing the same results from the past while also retaining a certain amount of muscle memory of the skill. The same should also go for in game abilities. Where I am going is if a player does not sign onto a character for a long time and use those skills learned there should be a more dynamic penalty. Currently the penalty for most games is simply getting use to the button mashing combos and should consist of training and working to rehone the outer edges of those learned skills. This will also cause guilds to run spec groups as a norm instead of when a certain situation presents itself. For example, a band of fast moving gankers can’t just log a different toon that hansn't been used in a month to leverage what the victim have to offer after the initial engagement. In turn the gankers need to think about the possible consequences of their actions. The PvE experience. Because I don't have a lot of PvE time in the gamer universe ill keep this short. It is obvious that a Diablo/WoW style of PvE will cater to the masses and keep the player population up, but this is where we can implement a crime system, grieving, and pre-siege tactics to generate loot/XP for successful actions. The tougher the task should always result in a greater reward, but should have a limited frame work. No one should expect to loot gold or a magic weapon from a wild boar, but taking down a computer generated criminal may provide both of those rewards in a single engagement. Even though the boar will not produce a gold drop, the benefit could be the safety of the wilds from higher level PvPers. In turn, the computer generated criminals can be found in areas populated by higher level PvPers that can gank that loot from you. Also without a hard cap even the power leveler/PvP protection can receive a benefit from the process albeit smaller than the target benefactors. The PvP, griefing, and sieging experience I am not a fan of protected low level areas with zone restrictions. The protection for low levels should come with penalties for harm to younger characters (removing exp pts, loss of rank, etc.) but reward low level success on higher leveled characters (with limitations to prevent exploitation). PvP with low levels also should have very few limitations and penalties for both the victor and victim. Another nice reward that can be rolled into the leveling process is thwarting an ambush/gank from an enemy could result in something of a timed accelerated leveling period or a greater loot drop. Griefing should not only consist of killing enemy players, but also include the killing and looting of the computer generated city environment. This should also result in a warning system to the guild under attack so that they can respond to the griefing. Siege should be the pinnacle of this style gaming experience while also producing the greatest rewards and penalties. In shadowbane a successful siege resulted in the capture or destruction of a ToL and the offerings in the shrines. While the buildings and other assets remained largely out of control. In human history empires would often fall to a single battle/siege but life would go on under the new ruler. Also siege can be a massive undertaking in itself that requires great coordination to succeed and is often due to the natural protections granted by geography or size of the civilization. A great example is when the Mongols were at war with the Song empire the Mongols attempted to break through what we now know as the Great Wall of China many times and when they did break through they continually conquered large cities believing they had conquered the Song only to discover later they have not destroyed the powerbase/capitol city. If a large world is able to be deployed the length and effort in the sieging process should mirror the power and wealth of said guild. Weeks/months/years of nation development should not disintegrate as quickly as it did in past games without a drop in play participation.
  11. Hello all! I have been thinking about PvE a lot recently, and have really been wondering about the E part. How is a big Instanced area really battling against the environment? Shouldn't big boss encounters be between the hero (you), and whatever villain the world has created for you? Should the showdown really have to include 10+ people? I find that it makes your character less important in my opinion. Another thing I have been thinking about is how ilvl for big bad raids is really just a tool to not include people, and shouldn't a game about grouping be as inclusive as possible? Sorry if this turns out being a rant, but I myself cannot find the time or the energy to get 10+ people together to go have fun. So my idea would be more 3-5 man content. Just think if a game launched with 30+ 3-5 man dungeons, and after you completed those a company would put out a new 15 or so dungeons every six months to a year? I would totally be game for that! I can get 3-5 friends together to do end game content like that! Heck for the more experienced players you could even do a scaling difficulty! After you and your friends complete the normal modes they could unlock challenge modes! Look as a former raider I can understand the thrill of downing a raid boss, but I think those encounters should be out in the open, and as inclusive as possible. I just think the system is old, tired, and to time consuming and costly. I think smaller group content would make a lot more sense. Tell me what you think.
  12. I'm all for meta. I follow the meta in every game, and I honestly couldnt play games without it. Even though the meta is not nessesarily made by the developers, they definitely lay down the ground work of the meta. For example, the ice wizards in wizard101 are made to be tanks because of their default health that is hard to achieve for any other school. Also how in MOBA games like League, there are certain champions made to jingled, or made for top lane, but no one ever said you have to play them there. Which a brings me to breaking the meta. Breaking the meta is a concept loved by many people. I believe this is because of the idea of taking something people don't think is doable, and doing it really well. Following the meta is for people who want to feel like they're doing it right, whilst breaking the meta is for the people who want to feel as if they are achieving the unthinkable. So my question is, what would this games meta be like? I personally think that the meta would be very complicated, and I'm interested to see how it will turn out as the game unveils itself.
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