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  1. Across the necropolis not even a breeze dared caress the aged tombstones. No sounds or movement had been or seen in many a moon. Only memory of death and carnage persisted here as if it permeated the very earth and air with a melancholy demeanor. Ever so slowly a sound could be heard. Heavy feet and raspy breath came from beyond the necropolis gates. An Aged Orc Slowly Approached. Cane in hand where once an axe was wielded. He hobbled unsteadily yet unafraid through the central gates. It seemed he gained strength with every step. By time he strode passed the first ranks of graves haphazardly placed inside the gates he had dropped his cane as if it was forgotten he even needed it. As he passed the first ranks of Sarcophagus his speed picked up as if in anticipation. The breath no longer a struggle he finally approached the central tomb. His voice full of life deep and strong “Rise Lord Marshal of the UnDeAd Armies, Breaker of plans, Duke of Death, Decaying General!” I call on you to awaken we have more battles to wage more doom to be dealt. Old enemies to devour “he chuckled in a deeply uneasy way as he said the last.” As the chuckles echoed a dry rustling could be heard from inside the tomb. A dim greenish glow appeared and seemed to brighten slowly. With a voice like the rustling of autumn leaves quiet as death itself a figure emerged. Weaponsx you aged orc ... What is it you are babbling about … disturbing my rest. Dolmar another land awaits us to conquer more war and bloodshed you can’t sleep through this one! It is a land of milk and honey RIPE for our brand of terror! Said, the ancient orc. Dolmar eyes glowed even darker and the darkness seemed to grow solid around him for a moment. Weps old friend, your form has grown too old to continue the fight. The Tenth legion is battered and its ranks filled with fights to long in these worlds. My own soldiers sleep endlessly and in their dreams even I find it hard to wake them for battles. Both of our numbers have grown thin for such a foray. Weaponsx grimaced at the words and his back stiffened as if insulted. It is with a heavy heart that I admit the rank and file of the tenth has dwindled over the years. We lost many a good solider in the years since the last campaign. Though I feel this new land is rich with plunder, cities to destroy, clans to enslave, worlds to wreak havoc upon. That is why I am here old friend. I want you to dust off, Weaponsx chuckles out loud, the undead army, rise them from their graves and together we shall once again raise the banners of The Tenth and The Undead Army and watch this new world quake at the thought of our boots touching its soil. The vacant eyes stare deep into the soul of his old friend, Weps my friend, many a soul my warriors and I have taken, feasted upon those souls. With the Tenth by our sides we claimed even more, but I as well have to admit that our numbers have fallen through the years. Many a soul has been taken and not returned. Maybe we have slept too long, maybe it is time for the world to remember what it was like when my warriors walked the lands above ground. That is EXACTLY what I am talking about Dolmar, one more campaign, once more ride into battle, I shall go now and call my general Gracen to raise the banners and then we… ENOUGH…shouts the ancient one. You as well as I know that our numbers alone are not enough to make but a small town quake, this is a fool’s errand. Maybe, for once, you are correct, Weaponsx says with a sly grin, maybe it is time to put up our boots and live the life of the farmer. There is a way though old friend, said Dolmar through an icy grin, there is a way for your men to feel rejuvenated, to feel the strength of the young orks again, to feel the passion they once had. Oh, said Weaponsx, what miracle drug have you been hiding all these years ancient one? It is simple my friend, separate we are formidable, together, united we are UNSTOPABLE!!!! What exactly are you suggesting? Why it is simple Weaponsx, you will all have to die… WHAT, weapons hand instinctively feeling the pommel of his sword. HAHA old friend, old friend, old friend, Dolmar says, shaking his head. I mean you will all have to die and be re-born into the undead, once there we will combine our forces and not be the undead army or the tenth, but we shall be a NEW force to be reckoned with we shall be The Undead Legion. We shall go forth as one clan where there was two. We shall show these new lands that it was one thing to fear us independently, but now they will run in terror at the thought of us as one. What do you say, shall we give this world one more glance into the face of death, will we make wives widows and children fatherless, shall we ride with the wind at our backs and the enemies’ upon our blades. Weaponsx looks long and hard at the ground thinking, his knees feel the weight of his choice, his bones groan in silence as he thinks. He looks up at the cold soulless eyes of his longest friend and ally and says with a devilish grin that would even make the demons inside the general’s chambers feel uncomfortable… When do we begin? http://i1208.photobucket.com/albums/cc362/steven_doyle2/41eef353-7c8d-4f51-8d46-67103f7f213e_zps5wlvcoyx.png The UnDeAd Legion is opening its recruitment. http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/85-the-tenth/?hl=the+tenth http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/6340-the-undead-army/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/udlegion/ https://discord.gg/bmxYkmh2ae
  2. Lore Version “It was an easy choice. To chase the secrets of the universe, to see worlds beyond the one of my birth. To walk with gods. To live, learn, and fight for countless lives. Or, I could face oblivion. Who could say no? Eternity, a small price to pay.” - Conn Agon Caelus, Founder Corvus Citadel is a bastion of knowledge, a grand library among the Eternal Kingdoms. It stands as a monument to our patron, Yaga, goddess of Knowledge, All things Known and Unknown, collector of souls. Our goal, nay our purpose, is to ease the passing of worlds by preserving their memory within these hallowed walls. All manner of myths, histories, and secrets may be found here. But heed our warning: knowledge is power and the right words in the wrong ear can shatter worlds or kill a god. The Corax Council, our leaders, convene in the Hall of Ravens, atop the Citadel. Guiding the Crowguard in war and sending their Seekers to worlds on the cusp of doom. Where the Seeker's white ravens soar, the council is watching, and the Crowguard’s legions are not far behind. Though our core tenets favor Yaga, and many of us are her crows, upon the mountain you will find temples to the other Moon gods. Malekai the Whisperer, venerated almost as much as Yaga, maintains a hidden temple rumored to contain untold secrets. Seek it out at your own risk, entry will not come cheap. Cults of Illara the Traveler and Kane the Ostracized can also be found among us. At the base of the mountain, visitors will be greeted by the Jackdaw Market. Offering for trade what resources and trinkets could be saved from dying worlds. If it can be made it can be found among our craftsman's stalls, just ask the nearest thrall if you need assistance. If you seek knowledge, artifacts, or to join us in our great purpose, the way to the Citadel is open. Practical Version Who are we? We’re a group of mature (mainly in age but also a little bit in personality) players ranging from hardcore to casual that enjoy tailoring our theme and interests to the game’s lore. While we’re not dedicated in-character role-players, we do like to keep a consistent theme. We’ll be theming around and supporting the Moon faction when appropriate. We're primarily based in North America and will be playing on the NA servers, but we are open to any interested in playing on said servers. Who should join us? We’re open to those interested in any aspect of the game with any level of commitment. Whether you traditionally consider yourself hardcore, casual, or something in between; if you want to help we can find a place for you. We like to have fun and don’t mind more casual players, but when it’s go time we like to be serious too. If you’re going to participate in our higher level strategy and organized campaign efforts we expect you to be able to follow orders when the time comes. We only have three general rules: 1. Respect your fellow players (aka Don’t be a prick) 2. Respect the chain of command when it it’s time to be serious 3. Absolutely no racist/sexist/homophobic/etc... insults or commentary How are we organized? Currently we’re maintaining a single guild, Corvus Citadel, but planning for the possibility to maintain multiple core guilds depending on any guild mechanics or limitations revealed later in the game's development. The Citadel's ranks are based on purpose: the Corax Council is our highest level leadership - they guide the citadel's overarching agenda. Seekers are guild's officers: commanding troops, managing logistics, and engaging in diplomacy with other guilds. The Crowguard is our core body that not only makes up our fighting strength but also handles the majority of our gathering and manufacturing. Most of our members will be found among the guard. We will be accepting sub-guilds interested in pledging to the Citadel, unfortunately as mechanics currently dictate they will have to join us within mechanical Corvus Citadel guild. Sub guilds will have the option of being placed into our command structure or keeping their own command as auxiliaries. While we’ll expect auxiliaries to accept some guidance and cooperate with the the rest of the Citadel’s forces, less organizational demands will be expected of them. Where can you find us in game? We'll be maintaining an Eternal Kingdom, "Corvus Citadel - The Jackdaw Market" (based around a Mountain Citadel plot), as a community hub open to all. Whether you come to trade, find information, or just to hang out, the door will always be open. Many of us are very crafting minded and we hope to build a thriving marketplace right at the entrance to the Citadel, making quick visits as convenient as possible for shoppers. As the above lore section implies, we will have a strong focus on the gods of the Moon, you’ll find a set of Cathedrals dedicated to them around the mountain. Finally... If any of this sounds interesting and you'd like to join our guild or pledge as a sub-guild you can hop in our discord and drop Duffy a private message indicating your intent or drop us an email at corvus.citadel@gmail.com, I will of course also answer any questions posted in this thread. Portions of our discord are open to the general public so if you just want to hang out and say hello (or eventually maybe do some trading), feel free to stop on by. If you have already talked to one of our officers about joining and have not yet received an invite, you can request an invite via our Guild Profile.
  3. Dauntless Arrives in Crowfall for Launch Join Dauntless come build and grow with us! We've grown to be a 500+ member Discord Gaming Community that pushes forward to overcome Obstacles and Challenges together! Casual and Semi-Competitive, looking to Grow, Learn, and Thrive together as we enter Crowfall! We are a Discord using Guild! Stop by the Discord to keep up with News, Events, and Grouping in Crowfall! https://discord.gg/M4xMHGRye8 Join here! https://crowfall.com/en-US/guilds/search?name=Dauntless&language=en Who we Are? -Dauntless is a Gaming Community Established in 2020 -Growth Oriented and helping fostering the next group of Leaders -Like minded group whom keep to our namesake and keep a Remain Dauntless mindset -Helping Newer and more Casual players( Everyone has a part to play and the Policy regardless of a game is #IRL1st) Why Crowfall? -Patiently awaiting Launch for 6 years I believe💓 -PvP focused community with a love of Territory/Raiding Conflict -Old Darkfall/Mortal Online membership plus Sandbox MMO lovers -Accessibility and viability for our Casual membership to keep in stride, to make a genuine impact during our shorter play sessions as we all Age😆 Goals -Get our Feet wet in Launch, pull together, and have a great time -Nearly 450+ Guild Slots to fill up, any and all professions/class welcome -Growth and Improvement, everyone loves progression no matter how big or small -Help pay it forward to the larger Crowfall Community and help foster a engaging environment for New, Casual, and Semi-Competitive players Thanks for your time reading over the Dauntless Recruitment thread, sounds interesting? Stop by our Discord, were a very open and welcoming Group and love to chew the fat regardless of community affiliations ❤️ https://discord.gg/M4xMHGRye8 and remember to... #RemainDauntless https://crowfall.com/en-US/guilds/search?name=Dauntless&language=en
  4. Discord: Recruiter: bizarro#0850 GM: Wooglin#9783 AGM: PaleOne ( [LoTD]Pale One#7461 ) AGM: Xpade#2472 Discord Server: https://discord.gg/WfhCunn Official Guid Page: LotD – Killing with Style @ LoTD.org Vision The vision of each member of the Lords of the Dead is the same. The idea is, in simple terms, a statement of the ultimate goal that darkness demands from each of its’ order. The vision is the embodiment of the phrase “Order through Chaos.” Lords of the Dead aims for no less than the total and unquestionable domination of our enemies. Philosophy The Lords of the Dead guild dominates virtual worlds by force, manipulation, or any other means necessary. The guild’s goal is to exert a large amount, if not total, influence in the PvP Community, and other appropriate sectors of the player population. To this end, we have spies, mules, and informants everywhere. It’s all about control. Coalitions & Alliances Lords of the Dead has been known to form coalitions of other players and guilds. Alliances ensure that Lords of the Dead places itself in a position to influence a games economy, politics, and wars. Our members typically hold prominent positions so that guild interests are secured. Most coalitions are for the sole purpose of advancing the cause of evil in the game or holding other evil organizations in check. Preserving a games player vs. player balance is one of our highest priorities and Lords of the Dead will do whatever it takes to accomplish that. Membership Lords of the Dead is made up of gamers over eighteen years old, many much older than that. We value balancing real-life with gaming and try to be inclusive in our recruiting, promotion, and leadership roles. We generally have little need for moderation because we adhere to these common-sense guidelines: Respect the guild bylaws. Lords of the Dead has been around since 1995 because our members respect the rules and leadership policies are in place to deal with most scenarios. Harassment, doxxing, and general bad behavior is not tolerated. Please report any instances of the above to a Warlord or Elder, we deal with these matters seriously. Do not post not safe for work content outside of designated areas. Many of our members are working professionals and enjoy keeping in touch during our workdays. Lords of the Dead participates in pre-alpha games which have non-disclosure agreements. Please do not breach our partners’ trust and share information without seeking permission through official channels. Have fun, meet new people, play to win. Contact Us Discord: Recruiter: bizarro#0850 GM: Wooglin#9783 AGM: PaleOne ( [LoTD]Pale One#7461 ) AGM: Xpade#2472 Discord Server: https://discord.gg/WfhCunn Official Guid Page: LotD – Killing with Style @ LoTD.org
  5. Greetings, The time has come once more, The Dregs is awash with the blood of crows flocking to do the bidding of their gods. We seek more noble souls to join us in our efforts. We welcome new players as well as veterans. The Court has been around a long time, many games, many worlds, and we plan to continue this. Contact me for more information! most of our members are 30-50 so while we do not have a rule about an age req, we do seek mature members for the guild low drama is a good thing We ask all to help in group endeavors as able, but understand you likely have your own goals as well we are glad to help new players learn the ropes, and will help get you on your feet with our skilled craftsmen We are now part of a solid alliance, and will be glad to show you glories of the pvp worlds ( shadows and Dregs) Role-play and embracing the lore are always welcomed in the court, but not required in crowfall.
  6. Come one come all! [GOTR] Ghosts of the Revolution is currently looking for dedicated quality members interested in competing for end game content. We have a fun, lively social atmosphere paired with a serious, focused style when it comes to active PVP. You may know us from games such as Planetside 2 where we have become well known to that community for our tight teamwork, combat effectiveness and discipline. We carry these values with us to other games such as Warframe, Foxhole, Star Citizen, Worlds Adrift, Atlas and many others. We pride ourselves on our ability to come out on top, despite being outnumbered and outgunned, all while staying classy and not belittling our opponents with insults. We are looking to take and hold strategic assets in campaigns, but we need you and your friends! Ghosts of the Revolution has over a decade of community presence. We also have relationships with other communities we have encountered in our years and look forward to making more in Crowfall. If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact me! ** What we have to offer ** 15+ years worth of consistent community presence. Structure and room for advancement Teamspeak3 with Official forums Active Discord Your next best friend that you might have awkward moments with. Your next questionably drunkin confrontation with the person who used to be your best friend while riding donkeys that are also too drunk to keep footing. Comradery Consistent TeamSpeak and in-game presence, we always have people to talk to! Quality people! We don't accept anyone and everyone. ** Requirements ** Be Active Be a team player first Be that guy/gal people want to chill with, your time here will be much better spent. Teamspeak is required for any organized groups or operations. A microphone is encouraged if you wish to relay important intel. Our Website https://gotr.us/ Our Discord When Applicable https://discord.gg/uKzJ6mmtg4
  7. Knights of the Golden Vessel (KGV) Preface/History: Knights of the Golden Vessel is a PvP focused guild that looks to be effective as a small/medium sized unit in the coming War of the Gods guild versus guild ruleset. The Knights of the Golden Vessel have been testing Crowfall as an official guild since early 2017 and have members that have consistently been playing Crowfall since the Hungerdome. We have weathered the Trials of the Gods in the Factions ruleset and have stood atop others in the Guild verses Guild ruleset. We eagerly await the next challenges a live and vibrant Crowfall will bring. We are seeking active and dedicated PvPers with a willingness to fight in Crowfall through launch and beyond. What you can expect before becoming a member: An initial interview with me to see how you might fit in with the group. 4-6 week trial/training period where we see if you are fit to be a Knight of the Golden Vessel and you can see if you want to make the commitment. Training and assistance with gearing up during your trial period. Insight to the Meta of Crowfall and years of in-game knowledge gleaned from testing What you can expect as a member: Personalized training and support from some of the most veteran Crowfall testers. PvP attendance requirements (why join if you aren’t going to play). Fighting within a small/medium force of dedicated PvPers and alongside their allies. Specialized Group compositions to remain effective and impactful in large combats consisting of much larger forces. Playing with guild mates dedicated to the core values of the Golden Vessel. Which are as follows- Fight with honor in the field and on the boards. Strive for betterment of self. Support your brothers and sisters in arms in battle and economic pursuits. Be a comrade and respect fellow Knights of the Golden Vessel. Remain loyal to your peers and to the organization. We choose to do these things because from our experience in Crowfall that has lead to the most fun and engaging experiences! Contact coolster50 or Cremdalacrem directly on discord or these forums to set up an interview or ask questions @coolster50#1866 or @[KGV]Cremdalacrem#6848 From the inscription above the Reliquary of the Golden Vessel A long time ago in a war torn world long since consumed by the Hunger, a knight of a forgotten realm sought to rest in a copse nestled amongst the hills. There were strange statues crumbling within the trees of beings the knight had never known. In the center where the trees grew thickest there was a statue of a woman...of Gaia...and in her hands rested a small golden casket. The knight moved forward, his hand reaching for the casket in wonder. Suddenly a sharp pain through his chest...he looked down to see the tip of a spear jutting through his chain mail... crimson with his blood. A shadow above him drew his gaze upwards. Before him stood D’Orion, the son of Gaia, the Sky Hunter.... The knight sunk to his knees with blood running through the crevices of his armor. D’Orion took the golden vessel in his hands and held it out towards the dying knight. No words were spoken but the dark gaze of D’Orion filled the knight with determination. The knight reached out and grasped the vessel drawing it close to his chest where his blood ran freely over it. As his wound spread so did his body transform. Where there were mailed boots now there were mailed hooves...His helm warped around the head of a stag...onyx horns curving to the sky. The golden vessel was gone but created was the first Knight of the Golden Vessel.
  8. While Crowfall at heart should remain an Open World "Throne War Simulator" where the most powerful alliances should win. There needs to be more compelling small scale PvP content for the vast majority of the small and medium sized guilds to participate in. It's very difficult getting friend groups to play this game when there's nothing they can do meaningful outside of a large alliance. In this video I pitch a couple of suggestions I think would be fun for both large and small guilds.
  9. Flawed group of individuals brought together by their flaws to get good and rise up against the tyranny of poor skill. We are a group focused on highly organised team based PvP. With lots of yelling, getting good and some trolls. Our PvP background stems from a competitive Guild Wars 1 GvG/HA and Guild Wars 2 WvW/GvG scene. The guild consists of some NA and AU/SEA players that play both time zones. We are looking for more players that are team PvP orientated, willing to learn and can take initiative. If you're interested in team play message Fidd via discord @Fidd#8746 or join our discord https://discord.gg/ss5bUds3Bk
  10. FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS Do you want friends? People to play with? Need some ... benefits? [FWB] Friends With Benefits is recruiting for our small, highly active guild. We focus on small scale (5-15 player) PVP, gold farming, harvesting, and especially crafting. We have an EK with all of the essential amenities and plenty of space for additional cottages and vendor stalls for all your economic needs. Our eventual long term population goal is no more than 50 regularly active players, as this will be essential for defending keeps going forward with the new systems being implemented. We prune inactive players each week, and as such, our member total is reflective of our actual number of active guild members. Unlike some large guilds with many inactive members, you will quickly get to know our members, many of whom can provide gear, advice, and ... dare I say ... companionship! Our guild requires no application process, simply join in game by searching for FWB in the Social Tab (press P by default.) This will place you into the Initiate role. To become a full member, please join our discord and set your /nick nickname to your in game name, so we can add your to groups easier! Mention @Trueshot and you will receive your Member Benefits role to access the majority of our channels. We hope to provide a great small-scale experience in the Shadows (FvF) and occasionally the Dregs (GvG) when we are feeling extra spicy, and to help you achieve your harvesting and crafting goals! - Trueshot, guild leader of Friends With Benefits
  11. Who are we? We are a mid sized Dregs-focused guild which is looking for fresh recruits. We are not the biggest guild, but we are very friendly and ambitious, and we would love to have you! What do we offer? A lot of us are players that played through the beta, so if you are a new player we are more than happy to help you get your footing in the world of Crowfall. Additionally, we are very active and consistently growing. Every new dregs campaign, our results get better and better! Additionally, we help each other in Imperium Belli. If you need help or assistance in any way you will almost always find someone to help! Who are we looking for? We are looking for active, mature, and friendly players new and old, ideally within EU time zones, who are willing to join us in growing our guild into a force to be reckoned with! Interested? You can of course apply on the guilds page: https://crowfall.com/en-US/guilds/search?name=belli#Belli But if you have any questions, join our discord server: https://discord.gg/RjXK4xXFan We hope to hear from you soon!
  12. 1) Hunger "Gates" Coming from Albion Online, the main small scale "competitive" content came from Hell Gates. It's a 5v5 PvX instanced content that players accessed by killing a Demon and spawns a portal for players to go into. This concept can be easily translated into Crowfall and that can be done with the theme of Hunger. Hunger Mobs and Thrall Mobs can be the monsters inside these Gates and two teams of 5 or 6 fight for the resources inside and for the PvP content. 2) Crystal League Albion Online has a "MMR" based Arena that is full loot and generated Season Points depending on the progression of MMR. Adding some sort of end-game small scale content for hardcore players would not only generate skill development, but could also launch Crowfall into e-Sports. This concept can be applied for any type of game mode, whether it's Team Death Match / Domination / Capture the Flag / etc.
  13. [LoD] Lords of Death is a NA based, PVP focused guild formed in 1997. LoD is known through our success in over 20 years of PVP MMORPGs such as Ultima Online, Shadowbane and Darkfall. LoD is one of the original Crowfall Kickstarter guilds with over 5 years experience in Crowfall. We're looking for active, skilled players who have thick skin, can follow directions and dont need their hands held. Above all else we are looking for players who put guild before self. Think you have what it takes? Visit our website, fill out an application, and join us in discord. #LoD4Life Applications must include a reference to be considered. If you know someone in LoD, have fought with or against LoD in a previous game, or have met a LoD member in Crowfall, please list that in your application to be considered.
  14. Unsere Gilde Riesenwuchs sucht nach sozialen Mitgliedern für Farming, Crafting und ab und zu auch World PvP! Wir sind eine kleine, familäre Gilde. Interesse? Schaut doch mal auf unserem Discord vorbei: https://discord.gg/v7Ex7F6y9M Wir sind anfängerfreundlich, hilfsbereit und suchen freundliche Mitstreiter. Unser aktuelles Projekt: Aufbau unseres Gilden-EK. So findet ihr uns: https://crowfall.com/de-DE/guilds/search?name=Riesenwuchs Anspechpartner für eure Bewerbung: Thambark (Gildenmeister), Masterofdears (Gildenarchitekt), Hishnik (Gildenmoderator) Wir freuen uns auf euch! - Thambark
  15. Trash Pandas is Looking for Active PvP players, Crafters, Gatherers, and warm bodies. Throw yourself in with the Trash We accept the Best of the Worst, and Worst of the Best. New Players, Old Players, Mint condition Players Welcomed Casual / Goal Driven / Open Recruitment We are looking to expand our forces, increase our resources, gear quality, and gather as many expendable bodies we can to throw at our enemy. Sure, it would be easier to join a huge guild that already has everything, but there is a sense of accomplishment in forging our own paths, our own gear, and building our own stories. Here we don't expect you to slave away gathering mats, pay guild taxes, or play the game anyway you don't want to. Whatever your playstyle, there is a place for you in the Trash Panda Army. Join us on Discord at: https://discord.gg/REQJrrYnTh Join Online: https://crowfall.com/en-US/guilds/search?name=Trash#Prophecy
  16. Salut, moi c'est Rekkort 😉. Je regarde les progrès de Crowfall depuis le kick-starter et ai participé à plusieurs accès bêta il y a maintenant un moment. Mais il est temps, crowfall est officiellement sortie et français que nous sommes débarquons sur une terre de pvp à l'anglaise. Autant dire que l'on se bride en plaisir et inversement ! C'est pourquoi je vous invite à intégrer Amberfell, j'ai été chef de guilde sur de nombreux mmo et crowfall ne fera pas l'exception, néanmoins l'heure est à l'apprentissage 😁. Donc que tu sois néophyte ou que tu souhaites partager ton savoir, tu peux m'ajouter sur discord : Rekkort#0002. Sinon voici mon discord , il ne faut pas hésiter à me mp c'est un petit serveur communautaire , quelques bots etc Le channel d'arrivé est désert, voir un message tout les cent ans mais c'est normale il ne sert à rien. https://discord.gg/sV5rvqTP5s -fréquence de jeu : en journée certains travail donc pas de garantie mais l'objectif c'est d'être une petite dizaine pour faire du pvp en groupe/guilld plusieurs fois par semaine. -l'âge : on dira grand minimum 18 ans et jusqu'à 35 ans max. Effectif le 05/08 : 2/10 😉 Pavé césar à ceux qui m'auront lu 👍 Si vous avez des questions ajoutez moi sur discord ! PS: Une fois la guilde en place et d'ici quelques mois il est probable que les sessions pvp soient stream et enregistrés par moi-mêmes. Pas de prétention particulière juste de préférence venez en sachant cela Rekkort#0002
  17. Equilibrium seeks to grow and maintain a highly self-sufficient core group of NA players who are quick-learning PvP enthusiasts. Veteran Crowfall leadership, extensive PvP experience and deep knowledge of the game's systems. Small groups. Big impacts. Apply Now Join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/4HwtfbdRmr
  18. Do you have the grit to play on whichever faction has the least amount of players. Are you a hardened soul looking for a skill based PvP guild. Do you have an unyielding passion for going against the grain. Are you tried of being a number in the enfeebled zerg of ignorance. Do you find yourself fighting your inner masochist. Well my friend look no further. Are you a Templar , Confessor , Cleric ? Then we want you! Spectre Legion is recruiting. Also accepting NEWBIES New Players : We will guide you and teach you the ropes of PvP. Class Preferences Templar, Confessor , Cleric, Frostguards Rest of the classes are welcome but the big 4 fit into our style better but we'll make it work. Clan Size : Small (Hardcore) / Casuals Welcome . Most of us have been together for 12 years+ Status: Active Region : NA Requirements : Guilded Thick Skinned (You will need this in Comms and for PvP) PvP mindset if you can't PvP well we will help you (See above line) Contact: MrErad or Audin for more info
  19. Sanctus is a guild/community that has been around since Alpha. We have a very unique hierarchy being built that will allow members to choose their playstyle and also how they interact with the guild as a whole. HIGH DEMAND SPECIALIZATIONS - ALL GATHERING SPECS, STONEMASONS, WOODWORKING, JEWELCRAFTING Apply here now! The Plan Sanctus will house not only dedicated players but also different content creators & their loyal viewers. We hope to build one central Eternal Kingdom (EK) where all members of the guild will be able to benefit from the bonuses of having a large EK & dedicated guildmates. Land will be given to high ranking members which can then be past down to their respective supporters. At the release of Crowfall our EK will be restricted to Sanctus members only, but will later open up to a wider range of players and eventually the public. How to Join Simply click HERE and request to join. Lastly, if you are a content creator and will be focusing on Crowfall now or in the future, we would love to have you in Sanctus. Not only will it allow you to be backed by a great group of players, but it will help increase your overall audience. We hope to help big & small channels grow by supporting each other while playing this amazing game! Contact Me If you have any questions you'd like to ask, you can find me in our Discord. For most general questions about Crowfall, they have a huge FAQ that will probably have your answer. Thank you for your interest in our guild & we'll see you on the battlefield!
  20. Die deutschsprachige Gilde Riesenwuchs sucht nach sozialen Mitgliedern für Farming, Crafting und World PvP! Wir sind aktiv auf Discord unterwegs: https://discord.gg/v7Ex7F6y9M Unser vorrangiges Ziel ist es, ein vollständiges Farm- und Craftingkonzept zu entwickeln und umzusetzen, um unsere Unabhängigkeit als Gilde zu wahren und uns für die gelegentlichen PvP-Aktionen zu rüsten. Aktuell sind wir beim Aufbau des Gilden-EK und freuen uns auf die Unterstützung bei der Mitgestaltung der Gilde. Wir sind anfängerfreundlich, hilfsbereit und suchen freundliche Mitstreiter. Interesse? Schaut doch mal auf unserem Discord vorbei: https://discord.gg/v7Ex7F6y9M So findet ihr uns: https://crowfall.com/de-DE/guilds/search?name=Riesenwuchs Anspechpartner für eure Bewerbung: Thambark (Gildenmeister), Masterofdears (Gildenarchitekt), Hishnik (Gildenmoderator) Wir freuen uns auf euch! https://imgur.com/ZBgicj4 https://imgur.com/ZBgicj4
  21. Bound by Oath, Sworn in Blood The Oathsworn are a collective of mature gamers. Playing competitively, but casually. We don't have requirements of hours played per week, or some exam to test your knowledge of the game. We respect that folks have a life, and Crowfall is indeed a game. We play to have fun, learn, and grow friendships. If you're looking to join our guild. We ask that you stay respectful of others, and simply enjoy the game. We are recruiting all walks of life, all playstyles, also noobs and veterans alike. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message in game or here on the forums. You can also send a message to @Nuhallis or @Mazterj0587. We live by Wheton's Law. Simply "Don't be a D!ck". We take everything in stride, and keep things fun and simple. As we learn the game together we like to keep an open mind. As we engage in PvP activities, we keep a level head and leave the salt on the dinner table where it belongs. Every death is an opportunity to learn. Every success in a mission is a cause for celebration. Regardless of the day, we are ultimately here to have fun. Having fun is the goal. However our focus in game is to be totally self-sufficient through the various crafts, and to be able to respond to siege wars and help the Sun Faction win. Until we grow large enough and strong enough we aren't aiming to be major competitors in The Dregs (Guild vs Guild). Our Eternal Kingdom has a lot to offer. We have many large buildable areas including an Imperial Palace on a Caldera parcel. The EK will be the home of events, both in PvP sparring/arena/tournaments, and also in RP should we have members looking to participate. Also we have Officially Licensed Crowfall shirts! A portion of the profits goes to ArtCraft Entertainment to help develop the game further! ~Fin~
  22. Prends ton arme et ta pioche, camarade Tu aimes l'odeur de la bouse d'Auroch au petit matin ? Tu dors avec ta pioche et tu manges avec ta dague ? DAMN recrute des combattants et des crafteurs motivés pour suer au labeur et défendre sa couenne ensemble. Pas de pré-requis à l'entrée, pas d'obligation hormis la bonne humeur et l'envie de partager et de jouer ensemble. Panthéon : Kronos (Earth) Recrutement : ouvert On cause : en French Viens donc nous parlez sur discord ici : https://discord.gg/XKN2359Z
  23. PlayerKillerz "We are not a family friendly guild" 👽Click Below for our really bad video of us doing stuff👽 What we offer A place to grow, learn and form new friendships. We always have a great player base once we are established. We constantly practice PvP and becoming top tier players We always put our members first. We have been in many MMOs. We dominate in them all. An organized discord to keep in touch and communicate. An Alliance full of members. 45+ Members of PK Very active Crafters are important We take PvP serious! What we want PvPers & Crafters No cry babies. 21+ Respect the guild and it's contents (The Members) Respond to PvP. Be active in discord Team-player "TLDR: Chill people that kill people." PlayerKillerz / PlayerKillers Apply Via Discord (Tag RedLetter or Maelific in open-chat) Micky#4816 - discord user name (add me) PlayerKillerz Discord Link (Click Me) What was said about us in guild wars 2 What was said about us in Black Desert Online What was said about us in Albion online
  24. What's going on everyone. My name is Cypher and I'm a big fan of PvP centric MMOs and have played pretty much every major release of them since UO. I've been looking to scratch that siege itch that DFO and DFO:UW left way back in the day and I'm hoping to find that here in CrowFall with some like minded people who play to have fun and win. Do you remember the Hyperion War in DFO? How about CotC vs the world after? Yea I do! Let's do that again! I enjoy playing support classes and plan on running an Elk Arbiter Cleric and Frostweaver after I get the hang of the game more. With that said, as real life is busier than in my grind hay days of 2007 I'm willing to fill in a role as needed. I'm also a data scientist by trade and plan on bringing that aspect to CrowFall's build system. If you'd have me, I'd love to join.
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