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Found 7 results

  1. Flawed group of individuals brought together by their flaws to get good and rise up against the tyranny of poor skill. We are a group focused on highly organised team based PvP. With lots of yelling, getting good and some trolls. Our PvP background stems from a competitive Guild Wars 1 GvG/HA and Guild Wars 2 WvW/GvG scene. The guild consists of some NA and AU/SEA players that play both time zones. We are looking for more players that are team PvP orientated, willing to learn and can take initiative. If you're interested in team play message Fidd via discord @Fidd#8746 or join our discord https://discord.gg/ss5bUds3Bk
  2. Prends ton arme et ta pioche, camarade Tu aimes l'odeur de la bouse d'Auroch au petit matin ? Tu dors avec ta pioche et tu manges avec ta dague ? DAMN recrute des combattants et des crafteurs motivés pour suer au labeur et défendre sa couenne ensemble. Pas de pré-requis à l'entrée, pas d'obligation hormis la bonne humeur et l'envie de partager et de jouer ensemble. Panthéon : Kronos (Earth) Recrutement : ouvert On cause : en French Viens donc nous parlez sur discord ici : https://discord.gg/XKN2359Z
  3. Un pour tous, Tous pour un ! Objectifs : Les Mousquetaires du Clic forment une guilde compétitive autonome tout en restant fun et familiale. Qui sommes nous ? Les Mousquetaires sont un rassemblement de joueurs s'étant connu sur le discord communautaire et dans la guilde communautaire, jouant ensemble depuis plusieurs années, mais désirant un environnement plus compétitif et justement moins communautaire pour la release. Qu'est ce que la guilde a à apporter à ses joueurs ? Jouant depuis de nombreux mois et années pour certains, nous avons une assez bonne compréhension du jeu et de ses mécanisme. Nous avons une organisation démocratique, permettant de garantir la pérennité de la guilde et une gestion commune du craft et de la récolte. Qu'est-ce que les joueurs doivent à la guilde ? Une présence régulière est requise. Une taxe hebdomadaire sera requise pour payer les crafteurs, les investissements pour les campagnes. Afin de garantir un aspect convivial, un bon état d'esprit est requis. Un mois de probation sera requis. Social : Discord : https://discord.gg/bX2U9Zgz5z Règlement Complet :
  4. Hello Everybody!!! Knights of Ren is now recruiting with zero applications required to join! New and Existing players are welcome to join! [Will provide help to new players wanting to learn the ropes of the game as well.] We are a simple guild with laid back expectations, We're here to Enjoy the game while crushing some Foes in the process! If you like? Crafting Harvesting Pvping Having fun Then your in the right place! If you'd like to see what we are all about join the dark side and drop into our Discord: https://discord.gg/4V9UtKtSKe (Get the Leader or Officers attention and we will get you setup)
  5. Hey hey! Black Sheep (BSheep) is looking for more members to get together and help each other out with PvP, gear, and getting into the game. Submit a request to join or let me know and we would be happy to have you along as part of the team. We have and use Discord often, but not required. ~baspaw
  6. Good Souls Everyone! The Balance is always looking for new members.. We welcome those who hunger for organized PVP/PVE events to reach out and join our ranks. I must say..It is good to see some familiar guilds posting on these forums and TB would be honored to discover this brave new world with all of you! Kind Regards, Ralin IronWolf GM - The Balance - Est. 97 Equilibrium - SB / Dark Isle - Mourning Server
  7. A lot of the time I see guild recruit spamming forums that might as well say “INSERT TEMPLATE RECRUITMENT POST HERE” for all the originality that they give. It’s always something along the lines of: ​ <Knights of Templar> is now recruiting! Casual, fun guild looking for helpful people who hate drama so much that they kill theater majors on sight. Must be a warm body to bolster our numbers, conversation and participation optional. To entice you, we have the same exact guild features — bank, hall, cloak/tabard/shield/standard/hat/fanny pack — that everyone else does! PST to join! And really, how could you not want <Knights of Templar> sullying your character’s name by floating like a vulgar statement right below it? How could you not want to join this elite order of obviously casual AND fun folks who aspire to the knightly code of combat? In all seriousness, about 95% of recruitment messages on forums get views because they already have a following or get lucky that internet users open their thread enough times to have "HOT" next to their title. Most are as forgettable as the guilds they advertise. There may be lots of different flavors of guilds, but there are only two categories: casual and hardcore. And the hardcore folks don’t use just forums to pull in their recruits — you have to hunt them down, sign up to their website, submit and application and blood sample, undergo a lengthy interrogation and a 14-month probation period before being allowed into their hallowed company. In comparison, most casual guilds don’t care about quality, they want quantity. They have a churn rate of departing guildies that have to be offset with incoming ones, and for your basic level casual guild, the only meaningful aspect to them is that they have a critical mass of bodies to keep chat alive enough so that it doesn’t appear dead (and thus lose even more folks). Now, there are exceptions in the casual guild market where these groups are not only picky about quality but sometimes go just as far as hardcore guilds in their application process. They might not be above using the chat channel for recruitment messages, but they’re going to try to offer you a reason why they’re better than the others, and to give you a reason to notice them (as you should do in kind when it comes to throwing your name into their hat). I always respect guilds that take the time to (a) have a decent, interesting guild name, (b ) come up with a captivating/funny/different recruitment message, and (c ) have some standards of quality during the application process to weed out players who are leechers, malcontents, immature or non-participatory. Consider this write up my opportunity to complete a, b, and c. If I have your attention thus far send me a pm or reply to this thread and we can see if we can grab enough interest from the "Oran Thull" (lol) or the "Original" Knights of Templar to get this show on the road. I leave you with this quote from some guys pretty invested in Crowfall. Thanks!
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