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Found 4 results

  1. While Crowfall at heart should remain an Open World "Throne War Simulator" where the most powerful alliances should win. There needs to be more compelling small scale PvP content for the vast majority of the small and medium sized guilds to participate in. It's very difficult getting friend groups to play this game when there's nothing they can do meaningful outside of a large alliance. In this video I pitch a couple of suggestions I think would be fun for both large and small guilds.
  2. FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS Do you want friends? People to play with? Need some ... benefits? [FWB] Friends With Benefits is recruiting for our small, highly active guild. We focus on small scale (5-15 player) PVP, gold farming, harvesting, and especially crafting. We have an EK with all of the essential amenities and plenty of space for additional cottages and vendor stalls for all your economic needs. Our eventual long term population goal is no more than 50 regularly active players, as this will be essential for defending keeps going forward with the new systems being implemented. We prune inactive players each week, and as such, our member total is reflective of our actual number of active guild members. Unlike some large guilds with many inactive members, you will quickly get to know our members, many of whom can provide gear, advice, and ... dare I say ... companionship! Our guild requires no application process, simply join in game by searching for FWB in the Social Tab (press P by default.) This will place you into the Initiate role. To become a full member, please join our discord and set your /nick nickname to your in game name, so we can add your to groups easier! Mention @Trueshot and you will receive your Member Benefits role to access the majority of our channels. We hope to provide a great small-scale experience in the Shadows (FvF) and occasionally the Dregs (GvG) when we are feeling extra spicy, and to help you achieve your harvesting and crafting goals! - Trueshot, guild leader of Friends With Benefits
  3. Equilibrium seeks to grow and maintain a highly self-sufficient core group of NA players who are quick-learning PvP enthusiasts. Veteran Crowfall leadership, extensive PvP experience and deep knowledge of the game's systems. Small groups. Big impacts. Apply Now Join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/4HwtfbdRmr
  4. CYBERBULLIES Discord: https://discord.gg/zHqmemy I had no intentions of creating a guild coming into Crowfall but this type of guild doesn't exist elsewhere. WHAT WE'RE NOT! - Not a streamer guild or new player focused guild. Although you can stream and I plan on streaming myself. Just do it intelligently - Not a guild if you're looking to run around in groups "roaming" or wanting to participate in the traditional siege gameplay loop (although we will be allied with KGV) - We have zero plans of starting a guild crafting pipeline or agenda. You will have to purchase your gear from outside sources. If you want to pursue harvesting and crafting on your own then go for it. It's not worth our time to focus on this as other larger guilds will be much better at this. WHAT WE ARE - We want to essentially create a ganking network where we can very quickly scout targets and deploy the minimum amount of people needed to take the targets out. We want to have wide coverage and create systems of playing the game to minimize downtime and inefficiency. An example would be that you see 3 guys farming a war tribe camp. You post in Discord which war tribe camp is and within 5 minutes someone is there to help you kill those people. Not what typically happens where there's tons of downtime or someone never comes. - You need to be able to play in a self sufficient manner. This may mean certain classes aren't viable for you due to the fact that you're in 1-2 man groups frequently. It is very likely we could have 10 people online and have all 10 people out by themselves and only grouping up when necessary. We want wide coverage and efficiency. - There's zero mandatory activities in this guild. But there's also not going to be any scheduled "official" events. If you and your buddy want to hop on and gank some people in the woods and not interact much with anyone else. Great. If you want to be social and participate with the rest of the guild that's great too. We want to create efficient systems that people can participate in as they please. - Alternate accounts are welcome and we already have a few people planning on doing this. [CYBERBULLIES] is a great way for you to kill people in your alliance you may not care for or just be a more efficient way to gank if you're in a large alliance and hate navigating the red tape and politics of "do not kill lists". We won't judge if you're text only or use voice modification. However if you're a hassle to play with your results may vary. ECONOMY We plan on becoming market leaders for a few select commodities. These will be items that many guilds won't want to sell or will be things that a guild like ours will have an easier time acquiring. We will be compiling these select items amongst our members that way we can become a market leader and a place people can turn to when they need that item. Selling goods collectively will save us a ton of time and hassle rather than having each individual person have to deal with finding a buyer and managing inventory. All guild economy participation is 100% optional and you can sell your own wares if you like. CLOSING You may be saying "That's it...?" Yep that's it. [CYBERBULLIES] will not be expanding outside of ganking and economy. Even if we have 100 active players there will never be any focus on Keeps, Forts, or other traditional gameplay loops. We want to be REALLY GOOD at the few select things our guild is about. We will be allied with [KGV] so this will give you an opportunity to experience Keep and Fort fights still if you so desire. If [CYBERBULLIES] is something you are interested in then feel free to join up through the guild UI. We have open recruitment and you can join through the game UI with no questions asked. It doesn't matter if you're hardcore or casual or where you're at on the skill spectrum. However the guild is going to have little to no hand holding. We absolutely are willing to answer any questions anyone may have but don't expect people to drop what they're doing to help you because you got rolled by a group out in the world.
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