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Found 18 results

  1. I have been loving the bigger maps and the fact that they are global. I now have a wider range of time that I can find PvP to participate in. But with larger maps comes another issue, even though there are more forts/keeps for me to assault/defend, I can't actually make it to most of them before the battles are over with. I feel like this is something all of us might have experienced, constantly chasing the battle and not actually getting to them. I think this is more an issue of Crowfall's lower population than anything, but sometimes there's only a single battle for a fort before 1 team gives up. If you arrive too late, you're left wondering why you ran across the world. My suggestion is to have a second teleport that is always bound to your faction temple. What this will do is allow people who are in a US East zone to quickly dispatch to a US West zone for a battle. It sounds radical at first, but when you consider that you will only have 1 teleport to temple available on a longer cool down, it could definitely be handy a couple times a day to catch a fight you would otherwise miss. This will also help the current issue of not being able to swap disciplines in your keep. For me, I want to be bound to my keep 100% of the time, which means that I have to run through 2 zones to swap disciplines.
  2. 1) Hunger "Gates" Coming from Albion Online, the main small scale "competitive" content came from Hell Gates. It's a 5v5 PvX instanced content that players accessed by killing a Demon and spawns a portal for players to go into. This concept can be easily translated into Crowfall and that can be done with the theme of Hunger. Hunger Mobs and Thrall Mobs can be the monsters inside these Gates and two teams of 5 or 6 fight for the resources inside and for the PvP content. 2) Crystal League Albion Online has a "MMR" based Arena that is full loot and generated Season Points depending on the progression of MMR. Adding some sort of end-game small scale content for hardcore players would not only generate skill development, but could also launch Crowfall into e-Sports. This concept can be applied for any type of game mode, whether it's Team Death Match / Domination / Capture the Flag / etc.
  3. The maximum amount of chests allowed on an Eternal Kingdom is set to 100 regardless of the number of Parcels, this number is WAY to low. Any guild, small or large that designates an Ek as their focal point, fully utilizes the system of Nobles and Vassals will quickly cap out on the number of placed Chests throughout the EK. If one was to just allow a Grassland with a Cottage that can hold 1 chest to each guild member, that is 438 potential chests, yet you only provide 100 chest for the whole EK. This is a problem that divides guilds rather than unite them. At a minimum 500 chests should be the target if not more. Another option is to set the total chest allowed to the type of Parcel like the building and defense tokens and not have a max cap for the EK. Parcels can hold multiple buildings that have their own max chest amounts, for example a Keep that can hold 8 Chests each, so why not base the cap based on the Parcel and Building limits instead.
  4. EKs allow for unlimited collection of the three poor quality resources -- slag, cobblestone, and knotwood. Knotwood especially is easy to collect infinitely with no risk, and no decay of your axe (since you can craft a new basic one out of knotwood), or your gathering equipment (if you have a stoneborn relic). This is a mostly braindead activity that takes you out of the game world, but it's a necessary and optimal one for bulk fuel creation. I think it would be interesting if, as a combination of a (wealth?) campaign reward and a stonemason crafting process, you could add a thrall lumber mill to your EK. If placed on certain parcels, like a woodland grove, this thrall lumber mill would passively provide knotwood over time. This would add value to EKs, create a lucrative campaign reward for economy-focused guilds, and spare people some time in EKs that they could otherwise be out in the world PvPing (or at least being PvP targets). A similar thrall quarry could be interesting for cobblestone, which is also often used in fuel combines. The fuel itself would still be throttled by dust (and is often the biggest consumer of dust in any given item recipe), so this wouldn't be a "free fuel machine", it would just alleviate some of the tedium of the zero-risk-just-time poor quality resources involved. Knotwood and cobblestone are both poor quality resources that have no value outside of fuel, so this wouldn't generate useful crafting resources beyond just this purpose.
  5. 1. Auto-stacking is a function that works great in your bank and in your bags. It also semi works in chests if you drag an item to the name at the top of the chest and drop it, it will auto stack IF there is a partial stack in the chest and their are no spaces between the top left slot in the chest and the location of the partial stack. This functionality needs to be adjusted to allow both right click and drag and drop to auto stack regardless of empty spaces. Inventory Management is hard enough without having to hunt and peck for partial stacks. 2. The ability to split stacks inside the bank in the campaign is a great function that is not a function in your person bank, You have to move the item to your inventory and then split the stack and then move back to your inventory what you plan to save. Can we please get the split function in our personal banks also? 3. Guild bank - We desperately need a Guild bank in the menu to allow donations to the guild by guild members. Similar to how the Campaign bank works with exports, guild members should be able to transfer items to a Guild back rather than having to run to an EK and deposit in chest which we are limited on (100 per EK) as this requires either an alt or unlocking your character just to clear out the Dregs bank. 4. Search function - We are in need of more search meta tags on items, not just based on names. For example you should be able to type in stone and filter on the various stone types. Type food and any ingredient used in cooking is filtered. Type disc and all Major Minor or Explorer discs are filtered, additionally typing minor, filter only minors. Additional filters should include a check box of usable by class, equipment type, equipment slot. Functionality to search on player made only items, player made items custom names. So on and so on, you get the idea. Any or all of these would be a huge quality of life improvement.
  6. At the moment there is only an NA and EU guild recruiting section on these forums. Given that the Australian server is now experiencing the campaign server, is it possible to have a section for Oceanic and South East Asia? There is currently this for an "Australasian" Crowfall community: https://discord.gg/pfTSjVwNvQ Are there other hubs that are being used? It would be good to consolidate for promotion and growth into the future.
  7. In this thread I'm going to examine what I believe to be a high level design problem that is endemic to crowfall's poor player reception, and propose a high level and relatively low effort change to the core progression model that I believe would alleviate it. I really like crowfall, and I like the people making it, but I think it is a game which in many ways fights with itself. I also believe it doesn't have to fight with itself. First I'll begin with some core assumptions upon which my argument rests: Crowfall's original vision was to "fix the problem of open pvp worlds by using the campaign model to eliminate uncle bob. Crowfall's core design assumes that players have as their primary goal to enter campaigns and win campaign rewards. Crowfall expects that the core long term loop is for players to prize these campaign rewards for the purposes of personal progression and EK progression. Progression is designed as a social rather than personal system, where player interactions of multiple combat builds or multiple harvesting/crafting types are essential to the progression of any single player. In short, Progression is designed as an activity for groups of people rather than individual players. If we consider these three statements true, crowfall's current design deviates in the following ways: Progression functions on an individual level completely separate from campaign rewards. You gain your own vessel XP, and proc your own exploration discs. While exploration discs can be traded, accelerating progression this way necessarily requires a transfer of progression status from one player to another. Progression at its core is a personal system. You can skip it, but only if someone else "donates" their progression to you. Competing for campaign rewards is entirely optional and not tied to progression. You can farm all the xp and discs you want while completely ignoring campaign goals, and are encouraged to do so as the most efficient means of progression. While campaigns do reward progression items the scarcity of those rewards, competitive nature of campaigns, and frequency with which they are rewarded if you win them makes relying on campaign rewards the least efficient method of progression. The campaign systems are designed to put players in to conflict with no accounting for their progression. This, combined with the personal nature of progression and how trading progression value advantages larger groups of players creates a powder keg where uncle bob is not only present, but has an even more outsized impact on progression than the games crowfall attempts to "fix" by using the temporary campaign model. So, lets say you agree with my assessment of how the intent of crowfall and the implementation of crowfall are in conflict. How would we bring them in to alignment? PopeUrban's armchair designer progression rework based on playing crowfall and complaining about the progression in crowfall: High level goals: Format crowfall progression as a social, group based activity that is still achievable by individuals. Maintain the economic balance of gear acquisition and decay Make campaign goals central to crowfall progression, and other economic activity as explicitly in service of campaign goals. Decouple personal specialization from progression in favor of group based progression to significantly ease logistics among all sizes of organization and promote group play and EKs as social hubs for any type of organization, from megazerg, to landlord/tenant to tight family sized guilds. Eternal Kingdoms and residency: No longer optional, but the focus of all crowfall progression. The core gameplay loop is doing campaigns to get EK progression items and materials. Relics grant their progression to every resident of that EK, across all characters. Players can only be a resident of one EK at a time, either their own or someone else's. Players can change residency once a month, to prevent "residency hopping" Players must define their residency in a structure. All structures can support as many residents as they do chests. Owners of structures that support multiple residents can grant residency to other players, who must then accept it by interacting with the building. Players are given a small cottage structure for free with their account, which they can place and use as a residence in their their own or another EK. Resident status is separate from noble or vassal statuses. You can own property, parcels, vendors, or be a landlord in as many EKs as you like, but you only truly "live" in one of them. Costs for stonemasonry are drastically altered. Cosmetic structures still require massive piles of mats, but parcel creation and basic mechanical structures like chests, crafting decks, and basic cottages are in stead crafted from a new resource, Favor Tokens, that can only be obtained via campaign rewards. Eks now publicly display their Favor Level, an accounting of the total favor token value of everything in the EK. This value is used as a "matchmaking metric" for campaign access and for no other purpose. Simply put, your home EK defines your level or progression, and your level of progression defines the campaigns you have access to. This allows guilds to onboard new players and have them be instantly useful, rental empires, and players self selecting their own "matchmaking level" Favor tokens: In addition to the "hard rewards" of relics, cosmetics, and other tiems in the guildmaster's chest, Favor tokens are granted to players individually when campaign rewards are claimed. Individual players can acquire tokens without being in a guild by helping their faction earn rewards in faction campaigns. Favor tokens can be traded or sold. In addition to their use as progression items, favor tokens can also be traded for account bound cosmetics, badges, belts, and back slot items. This implementation allows players to make slow and steady progress even if they find themselves unable to top campaign scoreboards, have items to earn if they're happy with their current progression, or opt to prioritize personal wealth or rewards over progression if they see fit. Relics: Relics are now the focus of all campaign rewards. Most mechanisms currently moderated by discipline upgrades are in stead moderated by relics. Relics are closely related to the type of campaign reward acquired. For instance, winning wealth rewards will reward crafting related relice. Relic levels in your resident EK determine the effectiveness level of their associated discs. For example, if you are a resident of an EK with a purple Mining relic, your mining disciplines function as purple mining disciplines. Every discipline in the game has an associated relic. Enchantments have their own endgame "super relics" for true endgame progression. Relics are awarded fully formed as campaign rewards, but can also be crafted from Favor Tokens. Relics for different disc types function differently (see below) Relics are considered the property of their owner and require appropriate EK permissions to place. The number and level of relics in an EK is added to the EK's favor value to better assist in determining favor placing for campaign access. Core exploration disciplines/relics (vendor acquisition, group progression): "Core" refers to all exploration disciplines for crafting and harvesting found on the temple vendors. Core exploration disciplines are acquired the same way they are now, from a vendor. Core exploration disc's rarity level is tied to the rarity of level of their associated relic in your residential EK. E.G. if the EK you are a resident of has a blue alchemy relic, your alchemist disc functions as blue. Core exploration relics can not be upgraded, and must be replaced. Core exploration relics can be acquired as campaign rewards or purchased with favor tokens. All tiers of core discipline now grant factory usage, all recipies, the belt slot, and use the minimal values of material requirements for all crafts. This removes the grind gate from essential crafting functionality and allows EKs at lower progression tiers to successfully utilize the lower tier resources found in their associated campaigns. Advanced exploration disciplines/relics (Personal acquisition, group progression): "Advanced" exploration disciplines refers to drop only discs like foreman, lookout, etc. These discs are acquired in the same manner as they currently are, from drops. Your advanced discipline runestone is considered common rarity unless there is an associated relic in your resident EK. If a relic is present it functions at that relic's rarity. Advanced exploration relics can be crafted by consuming one discipline runestone. Advanced exploration relics can be upgraded by sacrificing any advanced exploration runestone to the relic. At each "level up" the relic is upgraded by one rarity level. Harvesting and crafting toolbelts (personal progression): Toolbelts are acquired from the temple vendors as they are now. Toolbelts are soulbound on equip Toolbelts are upgraded by combining the existing token and the appropriate number of Favor Tokens at the proper crafting station. Domination dust is taken out back and shot, burned, then shot again. Combat disciplines/relics (personal acquisition, group progression): Vendor combat disciplines are now considered poor quality and do not receive relic buffs. These are now called novice disciplines. Minor disc drops are altered to become minor soul drops. All combat disciplines are now crafted from soul drops and one Favor Token. Each race, class, and domain has an associated relic which effects all associated disciplines. All major and minor combat disciplines are considered the highest rarity of all applicable relics. For instance if you have a blue Fae relic and a white Music relic placed, the Lament of Sadness minor would function as blue, even if other music discs function as white, and even if you are not playing a Fae. Combat Relics can be crafted from any 5 major souls of their associated race, class, or domain. Combat relics can be upgraded by sacrificing any soul which they would effect. For instance, the Lament of Sadness discipline can be sacrificed to either a Fae or Music Relic. Enchantments and Shrines (personal Acquisition, group progression, endgame): Shrines are special relics associated with the 12 gods. Rather than increasing the effectiveness of disciplines, shrines determine the effectiveness of enchantments. Each god shrine effects multiple types of enchantments, and some of these overlap. For example, both the Yaga and Kronos shrines can effect gravedigging enchantments. Shrines are crafted from 10 enchantments of their type and 10 Favor Tokens. All enchantments retain their current acquisition methods, in addition to presence in all campaign rewards. All enchantments are applied to individual gear pieces as they currently are. The power level of enchantments is determined by the highest level Shrine in the Resident EK of the player enchanting the item. This system is designed to enable and encourage specialization at endgame for EKs that have completed progression. Shrines have diminishing returns per upgrade, and a much higher number of upgrades than normal relics. Vessels (personal progression): This is fine. I like this system and think its only drawback is the current economic progression system. Final thoughts: While I realize there are some unanswered questions in this setup (rate of relic upgrades, hardcap of enchants, how wide or narrow the favor level bands for campaign access should be etc.) I believe that the system I've laid out better represents the core intent of crowfall as it was presented in kickstarter. A game in which players are encouraged and rewarded for playing together in campaigns where they feel worthwhile and competitive, and devoting their time directly to equipping soldiers, or completing divine favor objectives to gain the favor of the gods and scavenge the dying worlds to build eternal kingdoms from their ashes. I realize that decoupling almost all progression in the game from individuals, gutting specialization, and reassigning it to EKs may be controversial, but I honestly believe this change would better serve to make crowfall's group focused, campaign focused main loop and EKs as social spaces for tight guilds or complete strangers shine in the way I truly believe they can and should. Please note that I have immense respect for everyone at ACE and this is not a dig. This is honest feedback from a user and occasional designer of games that loves the potential of the game and honestly believes that its vision is something compelling, and something that needs not be fundamentally changed to address its most glaring issues.
  8. It would be very cool to have a faction vs faction campaign to decide which wartribe race gets added to be playable (first). Satyr vs Urgu vs Aracoix with no other race vessels allowed. It'd be a very unique way to have a poll to see what people want most. Since the models and animations are already done (at least the npc quality ones), it's the only chance we'll get to do something like this, unless they tease new races by making them wartribes first.
  9. So first off loving the game, BUT, yeah we all know it the UI/chat right now is functional but terribly out dated, it feels likes shadowbane. i like the general aesthetics of most of it, but the functionality right now is imo still beta level. There is a lot of work to be done here i dont think anyone can really make a case against that. that said (so it doesnt need to be rehashed endlessly in your replies) what do we do about it? Devs - get a brainstorming thread spinning, people have a lot to gripe about, but they have a lot of good ideas and some of the best of them could make a great foundation moving forward, from what i have seen you guys have been great about this so far and just asking for a suggestion for specific things with the UI will prompt a lot of free brainstorming power Players - start writing your ideas down, talking them out with your guild and then telling the Devs, i have listened to so many good ideas get thrown around from people im playing with starting with " jesus i wish i could do this..." or "why is this not in a tooltip/description" that could really help. a few of the early ones: - is there a reason we can't set way points on the map? if so let us, and let us also draw some simple group instructions on it we can share with our allies (group/guild/alliance/faction) this would make meeting up, and coordinating much easier. - Ctrl click pop-ups. let us move the mouse around and mouse over the extended description as long as we hold down control, what we have now when we mouse over a basic power is pointlessly little info, and already takes up most of the screen anyway. -expand "crowpedia", to be an actual in game wiki so we can click an ingredient/item and know what/where it is used with out looking it up on a third party site on a browser. keep up the good work! post your ideas!
  10. Enjoying the game so far, but posting some of the things that I feel the need to warn my friends about when suggesting the game to them. 1) Not being able to respec new characters without VIP is painful and punishing, especially with a lot of build traps and potential to waste your ability points and such. A periodic free respec on a long cooldown, or free respects for characters on starter vessels, or something. This seems to be a big sticking point for several people I've introduced the game to. Sidenote: It would be nice if assigning ability points was a two-step process with +/- buttons on the abilities and then an "apply" button to actually lock them in. 2) I'm sure I'm not saying anything new here, but to add my voice to existing feedback: the chat system is very unfriendly and I see a ton of complaints about it. MMO chat seems like a "solved problem" and I'd like to see CF take cues from other games in this respect. At the very least, the ability to combine tabs and customize what goes in what tabs, and the option for popout windows or some system for whispers. 3) The bank needs more customization tabs and/or better search. Grouping crafting components and sacrifice items on their own tabs would be a huge help. Also it would be nice to be able to search by type or slot (something like "slot:head" for everything that goes in the head slot, for example). 4) This isn't really a cautionary tale or warning but being able to manually set a waypoint on the map for yourself or for your group on the map would be hugely helpful. Personally I'm having some great fun with the game and I've gotten a few friends into it as well, I just wish I didn't have to warn them about these things in the process.
  11. A Feedback section with sub-forums for specific elements. IE UI, Crafting, Guild, etc. The chat needs to be changed. I want Guild, Local, Say, DM in one window. I like having Guild dedicated tab as well so that I can swap to it to see anything I missed. The IRC system worked in Eve but doesn't work here. I need a way to show a chat bubble over my head when near someone so I can get their attention, either to group up or to just assist them. Someone died and I had to use Zone chat to convey that I was mad I couldn't use a bandage or something to get them up. I didn't know if a person talking back was the person that died or not. Inventory could some way to filter. We have multiple kinds of Crafting resources and I need a way to see only x when crafting. Ideally tabs to the left of the inventory section that can dim/remove the other items. Armor/Weapons/Siege/Food/Crafting(would have Wood/Metal/Leather/Essence/etc as additional filtering). Additionally if we could filter sub-sets of Armor by AC (so cloth/leather/mail/plate) - Inventory bags could use a search function if the above filters wont be added. - Bank would use a way to show crafting items separate from other stuff. - Search needs to improve. I want to search for my "Mounts" and nothing shows up. Crafting UI would be perfect if I could click a resource square and see all of the resources that would work in that slot. Here's 3 options [https://i.imgur.com/2bEaHZA.png]. The items can be in a square/rectangle box or in a straight line below the box or a straight line that covers the box. This isn't the only way to handle it but it's just to give an idea. Launcher needs to keep me logged in with 2FA, at a minimum, remember it for a day. At best, if I have 2FA then let me skip logging in for a week. - It shouldn't close when it says "game is in maintenance". If it says that then I want to use the social shortcut to head to the forums. - The launcher closes when the game closes. Might as well just close it after the game launches (or you know, keep it open so I can start the game faster). - I've use Blizzards launcher and it's about as perfect as I like it (well the new redesign that mimics discord sucks but I digress). Talents/Builds - I'd love a way to save a build, including Disciplines, Talents, and bar layout (although optional). - I'd love a way to post my build on the forums or for guildies so they can quickly import that build. - If I could see a list of saved builds so I can swap as needed would be a great QoL too! - With the limited number of character slots a quicker way to swap builds would be a great way change the way I play the game. I could have a solo/group/siege build(s). Keybinds need a way to merge some keys together. The one button per action isn't great. IE I use 2 buttons for looting, but the button for interacting isn't a loot all. These 2 same keys could be used to progress the Quest dialog, instead of Y/N. - A dedicated key for Energic Harvesting would be great. My Druid doesn't really have bar space to keep that ability on all the time. Ring/Necklace would be great if we could craft some common (no gem) solid band to provide a little bit of stats. Let the gems grant the best stats. Tray swap seems a little difficult to get. I hit my key to change trays (on my Druid) and I only see the + at the top. When I swap to death I expect to see the lightning bolt on top! Logout takes 20 seconds while in a Temple while out of combat. Would be great to shorten it. Esc key doesn't back out of some UI's. IE I clicked on the new GvG and can't hit Esc to go back.
  12. I will say I am somewhat of a gaming newbie, but I'm going to throw my 2c in here. I hope I am not alone in this request. There is a particular type of damage I use in my current game that I find quite entertaining. If it fits, I'd be very happy to see it in Crowfall. A low cost damage dealer with copious damage output and a chance of backfire which defeats yourself entirely. It's backfiring effectiveness can not be pre-shielded to prevent self damage. It can be boosted, critical and enhanced like any other damage in the game. Give it to a class known for high amounts of damage; however, it should not be shielded by the opponent in the typical way one would shield for that class. "That's insane! Why would anyone ever use such a thing?" It's crazy fun! (My insanity perhaps?) Although it's use in PvE is not necessarily ideal, in PvP is another story. The point is to blindside your opponent to some extent. The intent is not to defeat them if at full health, but to set them back enough to feel the need to heal. In nearly impossible situations, it is well worth the risk of defeat to get a leg up on your opponent and possibly distract them until you can maneuver to a better position. It makes for quick battles since you can just as easily defeat yourself upon use. (Game over! It always makes me laugh when it hits me. ) It is also fun to use in friendly PvP parties as a stipulation for match entry.
  13. I'm in favor of having a -COMPLETELY- open crime system. What I mean by this is that if you want to say.. Burn down someone's house in a certain town etc, you can do so. Or if you want to murder someone in a town, you can do so (Probably a starter area limiting this). However, committing a crime will have consequences, and probably benefits. What ArcheAge did wrong was the irritating limited crime, you could only kill people if they went into a warzone, and you could only ruin property that was "Illegally" placed, I'd like to think that in Crowfall we might be able to actually commit proper crime, have benefits and consequences for this, perhaps have this on only select servers for people that don't like this.. I feel that if a City can be under siege, why can't a town have to deal with bandits, criminals etc. It's a good idea to have players rule over their own town, but what point would it be if there isn't much to do with it? It'd making owning towns, and dealing with justice systems more interesting. What do you all think? -This area will have suggestions and ideas edited in- . Thanks to Nehemia -" If around a zone which is owned by a guild they have placed a law that player killing is disallowed, they'll gain crime reputation against that clans governance. " (If anyone can think of what these Crime reputation points will do, that'd be a nice addition to the suggestion! ) -This area will have suggestions and ideas edited in-
  14. Yes, I'm one of the many SWG castoffs. The kind that never fought against others in the game, but could spend 6 hours a day working through my spreadsheet, making sure my factories were all running, looking for resources to harvest, checking in on my harvesters and doing everything I could to make the finest combat medic supplies Scylla had ever known. I was never an armorer or a weaponsmith and the first of two things I loved the most about crafting was the volume. Moving huge amounts of mats between factories to output all the necessary components to refine out a beautiful stack of buff packs. Burning through them in coronet working a buff line of adventures about to go out and wreak some havok. I enjoyed creating items in volume. Buff packs, poison packs, stims, etc. The second thing I enjoyed the most about crafting was the harvesting. You see wow and other themepark games turned crafting into a miserable grind for mats. Kill object.. loot.. get 1-2 items.. repeat. Harvest node.. get 1-2.. repeat. The 'grind' I enjoyed was the one where you worked hard to find the right resources to extract, but the 'process' of extracting was not tedius, it just required some patience. I've heard other people argue against harvesting as it 'plays the game for them' but I'd argue against that point saying the act of finding and extracting was a huge part of the game I loved. Anyway.. just my 2 cents... I'm excited about what I am seeing in this game so far, and time and time again I'm shocked no one has had the foresight to bring back the crafting systems of old. I look forward to possibly having a game again where I can play solely as a crafter. I'd enjoy having my med supplies sought after again..
  15. This is just a bunch of stuff that I think would be nice to have in a game. quick list: indepth customized charaters to the the player hunger loss of strength stamina flying crafting system with mini-games being able to use items that require a higher level then you have/ proficiency non-consensual PvP with certain safe zones dodging system customized items weighted inventory realistic drops more realistic deaths realistic stats and abilities indepth customized charaters to the the playerI've always wanted a character that was just for me that was as close to my skills and capabilities as possible. What I mean by that is if I suck at using daggers I want my character to suck too if i can't do academic or wizardry my character shouldn't either, so i thought maybe that there should be a sort of quiz that people should have the option to take that can customize thier characters to themselves. hungerFOOD That is all it comes to. How in the world do these characters eat to get their nutrition and energy to fight. loss of strengthWhat I mean by this one is that if you are being lazy for so long ingame you should loss some of your strength like in real life where if you don't work out for a few months you could easily loss 10 pounds of muscle. I just thought this would be an interesting concept to add to a game and it doesn't have to stop with strength and working out. It could involve brain power, maybe eye sight, cardio, agility, dexterity, reaction times, damage resistance, and many many more. And some of the things you could do to prevent or just improve some or these stats could be working out reading, running, dancing, sparing, and many many more. staminaWhen I say stamina, I don't just mean how long you can run. I mean how much you can move in general. How long you can walk for with or dodge for. I also think it would be a cool idea to add a 'nap' feature where you can go to sleep for a bit, but your screen darkens and you can barly hear things or mishear things and you can either keep sleeping or wake yourself up. flyingI do love to fly in games especailly when it has a great flying system. One of the games I have had a great experience flying would be Dragon's Prophet. they had many different kinds of dragon that you could ride and they flew very well even when they dove. I would suggest checking it out for the flying if nothing else. crafting system with mini-gamesI saw this idea on another thread and was going to comment on it till I thought of making my own tread. The credit goes to @nimsul. I do like the idea of adding a mini-game to the crafting system but perhaps not a timing-based game. I was thinking maybe a game that actually represents the material and the item being made. Like, if you had some leather straps and wanted to make a piece of armor you would have to weave and lace the straps together or how ever actual leather armor is made. The strength of the armor could derive from how tightly woven it is....with that being said perhaps you could also use additional straps incase you had a bigger body or have woven the armor so tight that you need one or two more to make it fit. being able to use items that require a higher level then you have/ proficiencyBy this I mean if you have a lvl 100 sword and you can only use lvl 10 swords you efficiency in using it will be serverly reduce such as it will use 50 duribility instead of 1 per hit and the strength you gain is reduce. Of course the debuffs will the proportionate to the difference in lvls. If you've played borderlands you know what i mean by proficiency. You gain bonuses for how long and how skillful you use a weapon. non-consensual PvP with certain safe zonesI like the idea of a non-consensual PvP game as long as their are areas I can be safe in because sometime I do like to just stay still for 30 or 40 minutes reading a bunch of stuff from the game. dodging systemI love not getting hit. Just saying I'm not a big fan of pain. I think it's a really cool idea to have a well throught out dodging system. In Dragon's Prophet, they had one where you could either actually walk out of the way of the attack(didn't always work) or you could roll away from it(worked pretty well) but it did use up quite a bit of ur stamina. customized itemsBy customized items i mean items you can make without a normal ingame recipe. like if i wanted to make a dagger but have the handle made of bone with a leather grip instead of wood or steel with no grip with and dragon scale blade or something. weighted inventoryLike in Skyrim but better. You can only carry so much weight untill you have to either drop some or it'll start to drain your stamina and you can only walk while overwieghted by like 10 pounds if you have more then that you are slowed even more depending on how much more wieght it is. realistic dropsI like rare drops just as much as the next girl or guy, but i don't understand it when a giant rat drops a sword that it wasn't even using to fight me. All I'm asking for is to make sure that the monster had it on itself before it can drop it, and if it does have the weapon or something it should drop it. more realistic deathsI think it would be a nice idea to take the loser's things when they die, especially if they died by your blade or arrow. If you did, I think you should respawn back at the beginning and completely unarmed, but that's me and that may be a little too harsh. So maybe spawn at the last city or spawn point you visited, but i am serious about being unarmed so the person who killed you can take your stuff. realistic stats and abilitiesThis kind of goes along with my idea of the custom characters. If you are a wizard you shouldn't be able to be a warrior and vise versa so all stats for warriors shouldn't move too much when you are a wizard, and there should be caps on other things like you can't blacksmith if you are a wizard and you can't brew potions as a warrior. That being said I guess I didn't think of what if a wizard were to stray from his/her path and join an army. Well perhaps it should only be harder to be a blacksmith instead of inpossible. Since wizards are more knowledge strong instead of physically strong they would have a harder time in blacksmithing then warriors. BTW i'm only using these two as examples as they are the simplest i can think of.
  16. I am a crafter at heart. I have not finished reading all the posts yet, however I see a lot of people asking for a good crafting system. I have seen a total of three mmos that did parts of crafting the right way 'for me'. Others may and will disagree. I'd prefer a system where crafting takes dedication. Let's look at the three I enjoyed parts of. The resources themselves comes from none-other than Star Wars: Galaxies. Each resource had stats that would seldom, if ever, be repeated exactly the same way twice. This made each crafted item unique. Crafters were useful. Resource gathering in Ryzom was in itself like a minigame. You could have many different 'builds' depending on what you were trying to accomplish. In fact, some builds were for times a group would work together. Player guards would protect us while we fought off noxious gas and small explosions. The system of crafting itself I enjoyed the most was, hands down, from Vanguard. You would have to plan ahead and pay attention when you made each choice. You could always just fly through and get low quality items. Those items would be near worthless and could be a waste of time and resources. I know it'll be brought up so please make crafted items more than a pastime. Items with specific stats depending on the quality of the resources is a great start. Allowing everyone and their dog to be able to craft the same sword as someone who does nothing except craft can be disheartening. Let crafted gear rival that which is dropped from mobs. Allow the crafters to influence the economy rather than be ignored. I've turned this into a beg and maybe thats how I truely feel. Please give crafters some real Love.
  17. I think these are creative twists on old ideas in all RPGs: Here are a few of my previous posts: http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/99-combat-system-preference-vote-now/?view=findpost&p=3303 http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/125-party/?view=findpost&p=3335 http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/116-class-or-classless-system/?view=findpost&p=3374 http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/109-what-type-of-movement-system-would-you-like-to-see/?view=findpost&p=3425 http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/145-one-server-or-many/?view=findpost&p=3449 http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/202-cheating/?view=findpost&p=3488 http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/139-looting/?view=findpost&p=3515 Other's ideas: http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/174-crafting/ http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/201-pve-wishes/ I'm sorry if this is more of a redundant post, but I want to emphasize my idea a little and get feedback
  18. Hi It was a long time ago. Star Wars Galaxies. - The Bio-Engineer - The Creature Handler and at its best the combination of them both in one character. It gave birth to something I have never seen or experienced before. I think the experience is summed up decently in this old post: http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=496773 I found it when I was looking for some memorabilia from the game and my beloved character :-) I think it was the searching, "hunting" for DNA in combination with the careful crafting at my own house from a crafting station. This is where the experimentation was done. And the amount of creatures I made. Wonderful. And exciting. So for a suggestion in this suggestion box - bring an equivalent sensation/experience into the game and I will get hooked :-) Best wishes with your development! /Asymmetric
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