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Found 11 results

  1. Everything about the skill screams Duelist, from the Rapier depicted on the rune to the description about the stabbing and forward thrusting fighting style. Can we please make this happen?
  2. 1) Hunger "Gates" Coming from Albion Online, the main small scale "competitive" content came from Hell Gates. It's a 5v5 PvX instanced content that players accessed by killing a Demon and spawns a portal for players to go into. This concept can be easily translated into Crowfall and that can be done with the theme of Hunger. Hunger Mobs and Thrall Mobs can be the monsters inside these Gates and two teams of 5 or 6 fight for the resources inside and for the PvP content. 2) Crystal League Albion Online has a "MMR" based Arena that is full loot and generated Season Points depending on the progression of MMR. Adding some sort of end-game small scale content for hardcore players would not only generate skill development, but could also launch Crowfall into e-Sports. This concept can be applied for any type of game mode, whether it's Team Death Match / Domination / Capture the Flag / etc.
  3. By: Google Tradutor PT/EN Change Suggestions and Feedback Farm Improvements * Encourage farm and group collection ( earn % more xp for being in pt, leave individual loot drop per person and not open to everyone in the group ) * Improve drop for solo players (more risks = more rewards) * Decrease mobs respaws, but increase the amount of spot. Assassin class changes. Today the game is based a lot on the assassin class in open world and farm, which is 80% of the game, the assassin class has a very broken invisible, which is based on trying to kill, if you can't then stay invisible, or if someone attacks you you become invisible, when you go to farm if you find the mob you kill and then become invisible and go look for another one. This basically proposes no pvp, it just stays invisible full time. I think the mechanic of staying invisible is cool, but having a class that is full time, which in addition to being invisible is also invulnerable, is totally anti pvp. Change in skill distance. Some skills have a totally unnecessary reach, extremely large, how can you use your two dodges, use a dash, and still have classes that with only one skill can reach you? Like, for example, the Blinkstep skill, an extremely disproportionate range. Change in portals. In some moments, people decide to get together to kill those born in the portal, without giving any chances, I think they could increase the time of invulnerability for those born in the portal, but while you're invulnerable you won't be able to use spells, but you'll have a chance to get out more away from the portal. ----------------------------- Português Sugestões de Mudanças Melhorias no Farm * Incentivar farm e coleta em grupo ( ganhar % a mais de xp por estar em pt, deixar o drop do loot individual por pessoa e não aberto para todos do grupo ) * Melhorar o drop para quem joga solo ( mais riscos = mais recompensas ) * Diminuir os respaw de mobs, porem aumentar a quantidade de spot. Mudanças na classe Assassino. Hoje o jogo se baseia muito na classe assassino em mundo aberto e farm, que é 80% do game, a classe assassino tem um invisível muito quebrado, que se baseia em tentar matar, se não conseguir então fica invisível, ou se alguém te atacar você fica invisível, quando você vai farmar se você acha o mob você mata e depois fica invisível e vai procurar outro. Isso basicamente propõem o não pvp, apenas fica invisível full time. Acho legal a mecânica de ficar invisível, mas ter uma classe que fica full time, que além de ficar invisível ainda fica invulnerável, é totalmente anti pvp. Mudança na distância de habilidades. Algumas habilidades têm um alcance totalmente desnecessário, extremamente grandes, como você pode usar as suas duas esquivas, usar um dash, e ainda ter classes que com apenas uma habilidade pode te alcançar? Como, por exemplo, a habilidade Blinkstep, um alcance extremamente desproporcional. Mudança nos portais. Em alguns momentos, pessoas decidem se juntar para matar quem nasce no portal, sem dar chances nenhuma, acho que poderiam aumentar o tempo de invulnerabilidade para quem nasce no portal, porem enquanto estiver invulnerável você não poderá usar magias, mas terá chance de sair mais longe do portal.
  4. Here are my suggestions for improving the Knight classes: For knight talent tree skills: combine the effects of Shield Swipe, Noble-Blood and Onslaught to all have -1 button press. The extra GCD and tempo loss feels bad, make them easy to interrupt and allow for fewer to be executed during an immunity period. Ex. for the Into the Fray talent, remove the second stage of the combo. Go right from Onslaught to either Shockwave or Obliterate. Remove and replace retribution strike. Thorns are under tuned and very defensive, this talent is especially out of place on the top half of the knight talent tree. Alternatively, it could be swapped with "shield bash," though I would then still argue that the talent is under tuned and being forced to take it even on the bottom half of the talent tree is also bad, just slightly less bad because it would be on theme. Resolve is redundant, replace with one of the following: Lowered stamina cost for blocking Healing over time applied to player at conclusion of blocking 35% of damage taken healed to the player's group. Revert the nerf to pursuit and increase pursuit speed. I feel that making some of these small tweaks could make the knight gameplay feel smoother, quickly putting the knight into a better place without altering the overall theme and feel of the class.
  5. I feel like my time spent in a loading screen is way too high in this game. I was just brainstorming ways to solve different reasons why I am in loading screens. Reason 1: Traveling to Sky Point I come here often, because I'm a pleb, and it just seems absolutely silly that we hit 2 loading screens every time you're heading there from the Earth Temple. Solution: I feel like adding another portal in the portal room at Earth Temple, that took you directly to Sky Point, would be a low budget fix. Maybe even re-purpose one of the disabled portals that usually lead to another factions starter zone? Anyway, I don't know how many times I make the travel from Earth Temple to Sky Point a day and this fix would immediately cut my loading screen time in half. Reason 2: Swapping Between Characters at Banks Swapping between characters to pass items, disciplines, whatever, gets really out of control sometimes. Especially once it gets late, and I am pretty stupid, and I keep forgetting items that I meant to swap. There's also the "oh, I guess I need that item too now.." **logs out for 6th time** Solutions: 1. This isn't exactly a low budget solution, but I had an idea of if you logged your character out in a bank (or some rules around where you log out) then any other character you are logged into could access that character's inventory while they are also in the bank. I think this could be a decently cheap solution performance-wise as well. On-load you could check if any of the account's characters have an "atBank" flag, and if so, load their inventory into a tab at the bank. 2. Create a building for the Eternal Kingdoms that allows you to do the same thing as my first option. I guess both of these could exist at the same time, really. Reason 3: Shopping at Eternal Kingdoms I actually don't even shop anymore, even though I'd like to. It's not just the loading screens here that are the problem. It's the running around these custom build kingdoms trying to find where they put the vendors. When you finally load in, find the vendor, you find out that they definitely don't have what you're looking for. Solutions: 1. This isn't a low budget solution either, I know, but I think it would be amazing if you could select an EK and instead of entering the kingdom, view a screen that shows it's vendors and their inventory. This could work in a variety of different ways. Being able to purchase straight from the lobby screen with any gold you have in your vault would be the dream. But I also think simply seeing the inventory list would be enough to drastically reduce wasted time. I don't mind, and actually like, going into players kingdoms, but the experience becomes ruined by the amount of time you feel like you waste when a kingdom doesn't have anything you want for the Xth time. 2. Add free markets to the starter world servers as well. To be completely transparent, I haven't even gone to a DREGS free market lol, but I know it exists. If it works how I think (I may be wrong), a player can walk up and drop down a vendor and start selling stuff immediately. This would be great learning experience for new players trying to sell their crafts as well. I think servers are about up, so I'm out. Post your ideas, critique mine, whatever! They probably won't have the resources to implement these for a long time anyway
  6. Please do not have potions or consumable buffs in this game. They detract from group play and give unnecessary advantages to those that farm/craft them all day long (grind). I want to win a fight because my team has more skill and coordination, not because we had more consumables stacked. Make players rely on one another for buffs to stats. Make that last second heal from your friend mean something; no "oh no" button to pop a potion. It appears there might be food in the game. If it restores health over time, fine, but make it only work out of combat. Thanks for reading this. Please discuss.
  7. This may be a stretch, but it would be awesome to see dynamic weather in this game. I feel that this could add an immense amount of strategy and depth, based off what we have been shown so far. For example, let's say winter is approaching...it'd be essential to gather and store as many resources as possible to make it through. Additionally, starting/continuing a war would be difficult as it would be more taxing on the resources and warriors. Rain could reduce visibility. Summer could fatigue players more quickly. Perhaps some of the stats we have seen could (and maybe already do) relate to this, such as Ice/Fire Resistance, Warmth Conversion, etc. It would allow for a break, or at least make it more difficult, to the possibility of constant siegies/raids.
  8. Not sure if this is entirely in the spirit of the suggestion forum but suggesting what could be done and how it contributes and what shouldn't be done and why it was bad. So i'll begin with what is worrying me most. Everyone else can feel free to post as well. Just list the thing, what game it was in and why it should be put in or avoided. Don't do: Infinite skill cap/unlimited leveling. (Darkfall): Darkfall online was quite the fantastic game for the first few months. However the developers never implimented a skill cap despite player warnings. This resulted in people who initially specialized into what they enjoyed to eventually become cookie cutter copies of each other (2h wielding bunny hopping ninja nuking mages) while making for some interesting gameplay this (among many other things) led Aventurine to have to entirely redesign the class system and turn Darkfall into Darkfall unholy wars. Do: Randomized enchantments / rare additive enhancement. (Darkfall): Randomize what additive items in recipe do per world. If you have 14 items that are vaguely in the fire element of additives 9 of them are weak and 5 of them are strong, randomize what they do based on weak effects to weak additives and strong effects to strong additives. In the initial few months of Darkfall many of the enchantment recipes, reagents and what dropped them was all a mystery. People out of pure curiousity hunted down the materials to find what made them tick. Perhaps with the inclusion of temporary worlds the recipes and reagents could be partially scrambled to mix certain parts of crafting up. IE The base formula for crafting a sword is always X + Y. However the weak additive "Fire demon soul" aka Z may not always do the same thing every time. One world it might cause stamina drain from heat, in another it might add a small amount of fire elemental damage. This has the added effect of changing the monster economy between each campaign. Sometimes you need fire demon souls, other times you might need Fire drake whelps. You could also throw in more possible effects than in game reagents, so that some effects are out of circulation in each campaign. Also additive strength multipliers dependent on the monster it's coming from, this is to help give additional knobs to turn to randomize each world.
  9. I had a fantastic day! A lovely SB player was kind enough to walk me through downloading and setting up the Shadowbane emulator, AND generous with the time and expertise in helping me build a perfect starter character, a healer of course. I am grateful for the informative tour and help with learning how to train and use powers and training points, not to mention the excellent company. It was the strangest experience. I immediately felt right at home in the game environment. There are so many ways in which I see subtle reminders of the Great Spiral. The world is a very familiar place, right down to the style of the art of trees, architecture, statues, etc. I felt like I was traveling in a merged world of Wizard City and Grizzleheim with all the forests and stone walls. The lighting and mood are similar to Grizzleheim, reminiscent of Mirkholm Keep and Ravenscar. Regardless of the tooniness of W101 and the realism in SB, the resemblance was uncanny. The character development system blew me away, mainly because I already knew what to do to maximize my build. Any wizard or pirate who can gear up with competitive stats will find this system intuitive; you already know what to do. The difference is that the starter stats are customizable, unlike the starter builds in W101 & P101, which makes playing a noob so much more fun! No waiting to level up to get better gear, because you start with inherently good stats. Think universal resist, heal boosts, accuracy, damage, etc. Like that WW gear in Wizzie? Build a character with similar stats in SB and you’ll find the performance is pleasing to your magical gamer soul. Leveling up to 20’ish was practically instantaneous; I think it took all of an hour and a half, including my wild gallops into the woods and subsequent rescue by my guide. In that time, I became comfortable with choosing powers, equipping gear, scavenging loot, and killing mobs. Plus, I did master the click/travel thing, sort of. I did accidentally run right into a camp of giants there at the end. I did not die. I really like the customizable screen with all the widgets for various systems. I noticed that gameplay takes very little viewable space on the screen, which leaves lots of options for how to set up a personalized set of tools. Wizards and Pirates, we aren’t familiar with this option, as our items are locked in place on the screen; think friend list, power/skill bar, spellbook, mana/health, etc. Now think of how you might choose to lay out that screen. Yeah, it’s cool. I had a hard time conceptualizing the single player travel system. I didn't anticipate the click n walk/run/gallop method because I’ve been navigating with arrow keys for so long. LOL, I kept galloping around and getting lost in the woods until I understood how to walk in an organized fashion. Fortunately, my guide chose to drag me along with him as we traveled. I love the ability to add 10 people in a group driven by one player. Very efficient, especially when dealing with the directionally impaired, such as myself. The necessity for a mouse caught me by surprise. I play Skyrim, Tera, W101, P101, etc. with my track pad and arrow keys. Fortunately, Surly Teen found a wireless mouse for me to use. Heh, Idk why I was so surprised. Surly Teen has been griping at me for years to get a mouse. Fine, I now have a mouse. Score one for Surly Teen. My next lesson will include traveling in PvP areas and fighting other players. I’ll write about that when the time comes. Here’s a very clumsy comparison and list of elements I like in all three games, and what I’d like to see in Crowfall: ( I know full well that I don’t speak for anyone other than myself.) Shadowbane -- Skills training system, generous training points and gold, character customization for stats and skills. This seems to be the superior character creation system. What I want to see in Crowfall: I like the intricate character customization. I like that some characters can fly I like the speed of my centaur. I like the range of healing talents. I like the target and attack mechanism. I like the travel options, including teleportation and group travel. I like the ability to share gear items between players. I like the fact that my new SB centaur is a millionairess. Give us the monies, lots of the monies! I like the lack of a skill/powers bar at the bottom of the screen. Instead, the ability to drag specific powers onto the screen is appealing. Pirate 101 -- The skills training is very similar to that of SB, companions in P101 are trained like playable characters in SB. The best way to describe it is that the P101 training system splits the SB system into two parts: 1) Character, 2) Companions. Not exactly, but close enough for example. What I want to see in Crowfall: Pet training system like that in P101 I’d like to see the SB training/powers system put back together for our characters in Crowfall. More generous allocation of training points for characters. W101 -- The environment is very similar in look and with notably similar structures, including trees, architecture, statuary, and pets. It’s downright odd, really. I feel like I’ve traveled through SOMEONE’s visually artistic mental space. Did I mention TREES. We wizards know a thing or two about sacred trees… About combat, using powers and skills: Wizards, think deck build. Instead of setting up a deck for battle, you drag choice powers onto the game window so that they are ready at hand. What I want to see in Crowfall: Pet genetics and talents. NOT the W101 training system. Protected gardening for crafting materials and other loot Crafting, of course! BUT crafted gear items must be clearly superior to dropped items Share items with others. Travel system; I don't mind using a mouse, but I’d like an unobtrusive quest helper to keep me from wandering off into the woods so much, especially when the world map is new. Getting lost over and over sucks. I hate the map and quest helper systems in Skyrim and Tera. Gimme a little tiny arrow at the bottom of the screen, plz. My personal little dream: I want to build a sacred space in the woods, a protected space for my Green Lady to practice her white magic. If summoned to protect the guild, she will teleport into battle, heal, spread the light, and then retreat to her secret haven. I’m sure this will come as a surprise to a lot of peeps, but Shadowbane, Wizard 101, and Pirate 101 carry a distinctive shared set of various mechanics, character abilities, and styles of art in architecture, setting, etc. The adjustments to be made aren't so much gamer skills but instead lay in the interpretation of powers, stats, and training pathways. I fully expect Crowfall to carry forward a blend of all three systems, hopefully the best of all of them. This could be an amazing game. I just can’t wait for beta! Warmest Regards from Aerynth, Io Sophia Moon
  10. I'm not sure if this has been done in any sort of a game before, but perhaps a fun experiment would be to entrust the mail system to the player base, assuming there's a need for such a thing. Having bundles, or even just independent letters dependent on couriers and player driven logistics would add another edge to the intrigue of the game allowing for establishment of trustworthy (or not) runners and guilds dedicated solely to the movement of information from one kingdom to another. an NPC movement system could also be installed for those who can't come to trust their fellow players, but it will have a MUCH slower pace of moving, so much so that persuades you to use the folks around you.
  11. Unsurprisingly, considering Crowfall's pedigree, I've already seen a lot of talk about PvP. I'm a guy that doesn't want to be the baddest mutha on the server. I'm the kind of guy that wants to do his part for his guild, contribute however, and know that it's appreciated. That's all. So when a guy like me sees a lot of calls for open-world, non-consensual PvP, I have a few concerns. If I'm not pushing to be the biggest and the strongest, will there be a place for me in an open-world, non-consensual PvP game? I'd like to think I could still contribute - crafting, exploring, scouting, knowledge - but if every time I leave the guild hall I get ganked, can I contribute? So my suggestion is, make the combat as realistic as possible. By that, I mean no health bars, no healing potions or magic, no trading blows for five minutes. I'm talking a flurry of action, a lot of luck and a lot of skill, and a body on the ground bleeding moments later. A system where the guy who doesn't have all the best gear still has a realistic chance of defending himself if he's done his homework. A system where the aggressor really has to want the other guy dead, because he's truly risking his own life by starting something. That would be something truly different.
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