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The Purple Polo Player Twitch Stream


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Greetings fellow Crowfall fans,


It looks like Crowfall's development is coming along quite nicely and I've decided to play and stream the hunger games this evening. I can't wait to try it out. So who the heck am I?


I am a 40 year old PC Gamer and avid supporter of Kickstarter titles from Denver, Colorado.  My original MMO love was Dark Age of Camelot, and I've been hoping and waiting for an equally enjoyable fantasy MMO with a focus on PvP ever since I stopped playing. My main stream game is Armored Warfare by Obsidian Entertainment.  If you were a World of Tanks fan or you merely want to check out my channel, I encourage you to stop by.  My channel highlights gaming comapanies with a reputation for excellent service, fair monetization, and community interaction.  


My channel excels at providing an excellent sounding stream with smooth commentary and excellent music.  Many of my current viewers will listen while they play.  Whether you're a lurker or a regular chat participant in our awesome, tight-knit community, I encourage you to stop by and have a look.  I will update future stream times in this thread.  


In the mean time, I hope to see you this evening from 6:30pm MST (1:30am GMT) at Twitch.TV/PurplePoloPlayer.  I can also be followed on Twitter @purplepoloplaya.   



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