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Hello..new guy here


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Hello everyone my name is Skylar. I heard about crowfall through a friend of mine who said it would be an awesome game. I'm kind of nervous because the only games I've played have been single player games like skyrim and batman. I'm excited to play this game with my friend and others we might meet along the way. This is my first mmo experience and I have looked into this game alot before joining the forums I think I even beat Ethan to backing lol. Anyway I hope to meet some of you and have fun with the game. I think people are playing right now but I can't spend the money to be in testing so I will be watching from a distance.

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Hola ? 


would be awesome if you speak spanish coolwaters ! 


Raine welcome to your first experience of MMO , can't wait to see how you would feel at your first grand fight , tring to conquer a castle  , protecting your Keep or even fighting against other people that you don't know what they might do ! 


Hope to see you soon and active , it's so fun to see new people doing their first steps , it's like your get the same feeling as them ! :D 

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aww.. don't tell me you just gave me a little hope for nothing ! :P


I can't even follow your jibberish, frankly.


edit: point being, I don't care a bit whether you approve of my salutation to a new player. 


So adios enemigo. See you in the Hunger Dome.

Edited by coolwaters
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Thank you everyone for the welcome.




What does this mean?

Prob has to do with the banner in his signature.


But have fun watching the game from your computer screen ;)


Hold on for your first exciting MMO journey.

Edited by EDM


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