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[Website Issue] Account Login

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Doesn't matter if I use the actual login info for the site it still fails with "Invalid username or password". When I go to reset the password after getting the login token via 'Reset Password'. An "Error occurred while updating" happens. If I go to remove my 2FA then "incorrect code".


How lovely.


So now the only way to actually login to the website is to 'Reset Password'. -- Guess that means I won't be able to log into the game at all...






Yep...incorrect 2FA code when trying to log into the game..swell.


How did this even happen Google Authenticator has never had an "oopsie" when it comes to keeping the codes in sync. And no...this phone didn't have an "oopsie" either. Every single one of the some 30ish 2FA codes it's charged with generating all work fine.


Clearly, the servers of Crowfall's company have had the "oopsie".

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I had a similar issue with MailChimp recently. I finally gave up and removed 2FA from the account. We can do this for you, if you'd like - remove 2FA and then you can set it up again all fresh-like and see if that fixes the problem. Just shoot us an email at support@artcraftent.com if you want to go that route. 

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