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Attempt Two

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So it would seem life was hellbent on keeping me from clinging to these forums in all my spare hours.  Fortunately, I've beaten that terrifying 'life' thing back into its corner.  So let's try this again.


Hello!  You may call me Noblesse, or Noblesse Oblige.  I'm a 24 year old Canadian male, working as an assistant (and soon to be full) store manager of a store that most people don't really care about.  I am here because Shadowbane was my world, such that it was, while it was still alive and kicking.  Malog server, Sublime.  MMO's are without a doubt my passion in regards to gaming, and I am here in the (high!) hopes that this game will fill the void left in the wake of Shadowbane.  Also, I'm bored.  But mostly the other stuff. 


I wish I could say I had a great deal of other things I do with my life that give me a well rounded life.  I don't.  I work. I  come home.  My computer entertains me until my eyes burn and I facebed.  Rinse and repeat.  No significant other, no other hobbies, no other commitment.  The only thing that occupies my time otherwise is my slow research into starting my own gaming lounge/esports bar in my home town.  


I'm a gold backer, though I expect I'll be caving and paying that 75$ to upgrade to the next rank shortly.  I've got a respectable gaming rig, multiple monitors, a fantastic internet connection, and damn near anything else you can imagine to enhance the experience.  I am not a casual gamer. 






Now, I'm not here posting this because I'm a particularly social person.  I have a goal, and that's to find the perfect Guild for me.  I started my difficult journey towards this prior to my untimely disappearance, and I received many wonderful private messages from many seemingly quality groups.  If you're among them, know that your messages haven't gone ignored.  But I also can't ignore that groups that existed then do not now, and many that now do did not then.  I'd be very ignorant to not not continue my search. 


So.  You're unlikely to be here because you are driven to befriend someone new, or because you are simply so bored that reading new introductions.  Most people are reading this because they're recruiting; in fact, shortly after this is posted, I'll be redirecting people here from elsewhere for just that purpose.  Let's cut right to the chase then; why you want me.  Hopefully this doesn't end up with me coming off as arrogant or macho. 


First and foremost, I believe the most important thing to note here is my commitment level.  Because of how important Shadowbane was to me, because of how integral the interactions against other players are to my continued enjoyment of a game, it's quite safe to say this will be my game.  I wouldn't invest so much time, and money, into this without the full knowledge that I'll be happy to do nothing but. 


Great.  So now you've got some assurance that I'm not about to flake.  But that still makes me little more than a body occupying space.


Conquest style MMO's have been my forte since I discovered them.  MMO's that encourage, if not thrive, upon open PvP, mass PvP, have been all I've searched for since Shadowbane came down.  I tried filling the void with Aion, which admittedly lasted a lot longer than it had any right to.  I tried filling the void with Guild Wars 2.  I moved around to a few different MMO's without anything really sticking, only Aion sort of holding my interest due to the community, and my friends (and the wings!).  But the central idea remains the same; I do well with PvP, and I do well with larger scale combat. 


I've got a pretty impressive resume of accomplishments.  Lead this guild, crushed that one, held this line, first group to take this, etc.  At the end of the day, unless you were playing these games on the servers I was, at the time I was, it's not entirely something I can back a great deal, so we'll have to take me at my word.  Or not, that's really for you to decide.  I have proven myself as an effective leader, I have proven my micromanagement skills, I have proven my ability to react quickly and wisely in crucial situations.  These aren't skills that can be taught, they're something we're capable of; some people more than others, and some people not at all.  And the only way you're going to even begin to believe any of this is to speak to me and find out for yourself. 


Examining my past successes, I seem to do best as some measure of middle management.  You don't want me at the very top (but then, I can't imagine any guild is actively seeking someone to run it...), nor do you want me at the bottom of the food chain, where my skills will go to waste.  I do best somewhere in the middle.  Give me a team, and a purpose, I get results.  Very limited oversight required.  Do you have a Guild with subfactions?  Do you need someone you can trust to make the right decisions - particularly when nobody is watching - and ensure that others are doing so?  This is what I do best, I believe.


I've little interest in running around by myself, accomplishing personal goals or otherwise.  I live for the team, if the team supports me.


Now, down the playstyle.  This one I do not know exactly what to say; I've sort of been all over the place in terms of what role I prefer, consider myself good at, and receive positive feedback about.  In MMO's, I tend to love either my tanky classes, or my assassins, for different reasons.  So let's examine the tanky side of things.  My successes and enjoyments in this role have been largely because squishy classes simply don't sustain in a protracted siege, and that seriously hampers my ability to lead.  By playing something that can be in the front, something that won't be easily picked off or focused down first, I can remain where I need to be longer.  In Aion, I was a Gladiator, and arguably among the best and well known on my server for well over a year.  Also, I love armour.  I'm buying some soon!


The assassin side is really the more selfish side, if I had to put it bluntly.  I am told I have good in-the-moment decision make skills, which allows me take down priority targets if given the chance.  It's more 'fun', I suppose, and a critical role that needs to be filled.  Just not sure if I should be the one to fill it.  In Guild Wars 2, I rocked the Thief almost exclusively.  I was able to get in, rip someone apart, and get out. 


And yet with League of Legends, probably the only thing I've had time for over the last few months, I'm sort of a jack of all trades.  I do well with assassins, I do well with mages, fighters and tanks.  Given the time to study and learn, I can probably pick up whatever role is ultimately going to do me - and those around me - best.  Take from all that what you will. 



There's probably a great deal more than I have going for myself, probably a lot that I'm simply gaping on right now that and that's fine.  I believe I've made my case regardless as to why I may just be a good candidate for someone to pick up.  This is where things get interesting.  I've received all too many emails where someone simply says, 'check us out', and really, that does little for me.  That doesn't do anything to make me feel like I'd be a valued member, like I'd actually get some measure of enjoyment out of joining.  I'd really like to see what, if anything, someone has to offer me.  Selfish, I know, but at the end of the day, enjoying our time here is why we're here, yes?  So don't simply PM me with a link, or a 'sup'.  I've gone to modest lengths to detail why I might be good to you; tell me, why are you going to be good for me?  Will I get the the things I need?  It will be quite clear who actually read through my verbal diarrhea and who did not.  Let's see if anyone truly thinks me worth picking up.


I don't 'need' the largest guild, the most financially backed guild, or even the sexiest (though bonus points if you are the sexiest?).  I need the right fit.  If, after even the brief summary above, you're unsure of what that means to me, then perhaps that tells you enough right there.  Money and numbers are great when they're behind something that's already fantastic, but they're not exclusive.  But you know what I'm talking about, yes?  Yes.


Thanks for reading.  I know it was dry.  I don't usually ramble like this with guild mates.  Feel free to beat me profusely if I do.



Oh, and it seems I might have a number of dorklings coming to my side to join me on Crowfall.  In the thirty or so minutes it's taken me to write this, I've had four people express their interest in this game to me.  Which means I might even include my own posse if I find a good home.


- Noblesse

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