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Hello All :-)

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Another old school MMO player here hoping to find something that's been missing in the recent MMO's. 


The SWG economy team has me excited, as does the limited play testing I've done. Hopefully, I can someday set up a resource gathering operation in game.


Until then, anyone have suggestions on getting an avatar and background set up? I've tried uploading local files and nothing seemed to work.





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Heya o/


Welcome to the awesome world of CF , well i hope it become such ;P 


I hope that you find what you though was missing all this years on the recently MMo's ... 


About your suggestion .. i take it as you found out no ? 


If still need help just ask here ^_^ 

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Welcome to the forums.  As a fellow old MMO gamer, what games have you played?  Do you go all the way back to Gordon's first big MMO (that I'm aware of) - Ultima Online?

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I came on board the MMO train right after Ultima Online when I decided to pick up a copy of a little game called EverQuest at my local store back in '97


I still remember the wonder I felt the first time I ran my character from Rivervale to Freeport...and I've been chasing the dragon ever since...although the offerings have been a little poor lately


(I also remember how mean and nasty GM's were back when there was only 1 game in town)

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