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ATTN Web managers

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So while looking at the pledge packages if  you click Articles -> News    it takes you to 





but if you are on the main page or the sites "Home" page and click Articles -> News it takes you to





Not sure why there are 2 different pages but I thought you should know that some links point to what I am guess are older versions of the website. 


Also going from the pledge packages page clicking Articles -> Media take me to 




vs the main page  Articles -> Media 


https://crowfall.com/en/media/       which shows the month in what I am guessing is Chinese on the image added dates



So I am guessing the Title bar on the pledge package page contains old links.  I am using Chrome as my web browser if that helps. 

I haven't checked all the links but I figured I would let you guys know about what I've found so far. 

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