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"Hunter Dome" at campaigns endings.

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Just thinking how cool would be to have a world-sized Hunger Dome at the time of a campaign ending.

The idea is, when the world's timer hit zero, a giant dome of death would appear and slowly shrink, until it hits it's center in a POI somewhere near the center of the map.

At that point, players can't log in that world any more, if you want to try and survive the dome, you must be on the server already. Also, once you die there is no second chance, you are off from that campaign.

As the dome gets smaller, players have to race to it's center and try to be the last man standing. The last player alive would win some sort of prize like a World Thrall, a ghost of the living essence of that planet. And he could use this super Thrall to do some cool stuff like upgrading his EK or pleasing his chosen god by giving him a little piece of that world that the player could save.


Don't know of this has been posted already, sorry if it has.

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That sounds time-consuming and graphically uninspired compared to Earthquakes, rivers of lava, Tornadoes, and tsunamis destroying everyone and the world until we all die, but if  campaigns end this way, the center (and last place to go) should be the embargo vault nearest the winning team's most populated city.

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It's possible they already have something more subtle planned, the idea is for campaign seasons to change and for the environment to become hostile over time. Between whatever warmth/hunger mechanism being exhausted faster due to colder weather and monsters becoming more powerful, the game basically forces you into strongholds already secured beforehand, or either to ally or usurp a stronghold someone else has already prepared.


That's the subtext I perceived at least.


Perhaps the encroaching hunger from the dome will have an incarnation in the campaign. Who knows exactly how it will manifest.

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