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Crowfall Wrestling Entertainment - Hunger Dome SUPER SLAM


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With the Hunger Dome coming to a close and soon to be retired, I felt like an appropriate tribute was in order.  As soon as I played Champion, and used his "C" ability for the first time, I knew what must be done.  If you saw JOHN CENA around the Hunger Dome, it wasn't as random as it may have seemed.  With that said, ENJOY!

I had waaaaayyyyyy too much fun making this...


P.S. - Tyrant, I am so sorry!

P.P.S. - Actually not really, LOL!  Occupational hazard of leading the production of a kickass PvP MMO!

<BOT> Wabice, a.k.a. Florida Man, a.k.a. JOHN CENA, a.k.a. Heid D'Salaami, a.k.a. ...

Florida Man Wins Hunger Dome Match.  Performs Victory Fire Dance.  Dies.

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