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Will I Be Able To Play On A Apple Computer?

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I believe it's unconfirmed at this point in time. Though I'm sure if the amount of players using a mac justifies the development cost of porting it, then yeah why not. Though I doubt that will be the case.

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Hope so. It's a large, underserved market hungry for more quality games...


LOL, and we cross paths again. I hope you Apple fans get what you need, I just hope PC and MAc users end up on the same servers. 

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It would be nice if the game is cross platform like Albion Online but if such an important feature is present I'm sure the developers would have announced it. Another thing is that budget is funded by players and since developer even cut short NPC activities and quest systems. I doubt that platform performances on other devices will come anytime soon. This is my personal opinion though but I also think that Mac is not that great for gaming since it does not come with additional gaming gadgets.


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