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Crowfall Fansite CMS or Web Tech Suggestions?


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Which web tech, CMS (content management system) etc would you suggest for using for the creation of a good crowfall fan site or guild site ?



any suggestions are welcome and would definitely benefit the whole community


Thank you

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I'm using Webflow (https://webflow.com/) to build and maintain our guild (http://caldera-guild.org/) site. No coding involved, just design. I think it's awesome and I can only recommend it.


In the end it all depends on what features you want though. Do you want have guild forums? Other integrated things like a memberlist? That might restrict you from certain solutions out there. That is something Webflow doesn't offer. For us that wasn't a big deal, since we use other solutions like Discord to replace those. In my experience guild forums are always underused anyway, only a few will post and maintaining one is just not worth it. It all depends on your members ofc.

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Yea I second wordpress. Just be clear, Wordpress.com and self-hosted Wordpress are lightyears apart. Your configuration options with the wordpress.com accounts are severely limited.


With PHP7 now out in the wild, the performance of Wordpress took a giant leap forward, even if they themselves didn't make any actual improvements. PHP7 speeds up PHP by 200% in ideal cases, but even in non ideal cases its still considerably faster.


For someone just getting started, Wordpress has tons of plugins and theme support as well.

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The easiest way: take your favorite website and check their services in use at http://builtwith.com/


Most of the Website do not hide their CMS, libraries or frameworks.. :P 


My favorite CMS for a Fansite has been Invision Power for years now. Recent trends show that IPS is one of the most successful in the gaming industry (even this board is using IPS)


For me this is just one of the most powerful CMS with awesome standard design.


As I am doing most of the backend stuff myself besides tons of other projects we are currently using more or less a little adoption of the standard template: 



German Community Fansitehttp://www.crowfall-community.de/ - News | Forum | Patchnotes | Guild Hosting | Guides | Database

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