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Factions? Do We Really Want Them?

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I only played DAoC casually because I was raiding full time in EverQuest, and I would have to say DAoC was the best pvp experience I ever had casually. Without feeling committed or over invested I still felt like I was contributing to something greater than arena match and an arena rating.

So much fail in this post.


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There are a lot of advantages to having a three faction (DAOC) style server.  Personally, I think its a brilliant move.  It's essentially a newbie server that lets unguilded players start to group up and figure out the game.  I suspect that the foundations of new guilds will be constructed here as well until they feel like they can move into the big boy worlds.  Small guilds can play and contribute without feeling like they need to blow up in ranks in such a world.  If I understand world travel correctly players that are on during off hours (when the bulk of the guild isn't on) can go join the realm battles on such a server.


That and it's also a comfort blanket for players coming from games like WoW (or the many other realm based games) to get their feet wet.  Some people may end up staying on that server forever but the nature of people is to go for higher glory so I'm confident that most players will be looking to join guilds for Guild vs Guild warfare on the other worlds. 


The developers seem smart enough, indicated by the graphic, to ensure that resources from servers that are more "safe" like a three realm server shouldn't be transferable over to the other rule sets so I don't see a down side.

Maj, Keeper of Da Plank - The Shipwrecked Pirates


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Since the different servers run different ruleset. I can only guess that factions is to divide the players into 3 different factions for faction loyalty rather than server pride. 


If I understand correctly, the servers ruleset is to enforce how the game is suppose to be played on that server.


As we know in GW2, WvWvW is a fight amongst 3 servers, whereas in Crowfall, since players wont be identified by the server they are in, rather it is by which faction they joined, than it all makes sense to have 3 different factions fighting amongst themselves to balance the game.


The kingdoms server is where everyone starts, where there is no factions and such and in common terms usually called noob land/starter land or cities. Than players move out of the server into factions, etc...


I am sure everyone will see this relationship once they can identify with this idea.

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Why is this thread in the Shadowbane section?

Because Someone in one of the posts wrote the word: Shadowbane.


You see you can use every other MMO in creation as an example of concept and not get it moved but if you use Shadowbane that means the whole thread is about Shadowbane is must be in the Shadowbane Forums. That is why outside of this here Ghetto we never use the word Shadowbane but instead "The Game That Must Not Be Named".

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