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4 Charity Gaming


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<--- See the seriousness badge?

Not to be rude, but not seeing supporter badges on these other multi-game guild posts that are on every gaming website across the land. Seems they'll post anywhere hoping you'll band up under their name and continue to promote for them? Don't fall rut into a zerg guild that has no real desire than to bring numbers into their clan.


Come to 4 Charity Gaming, form an allegiance from the heart, from your passion, and from your thrill to adventure. Create the community you have always dreamed of. I feel that very passion, something was abandoned in gaming that I felt in my youth and days of MMORPG's when the games mattered, and the attitudes were only of reaching  goals in coherence with the people you met. Now everyone you meet is an inconvenience and a threat to your existence. Let's remove ourselves from this worthless mindset and enjoy a gaming life full of vivid dreams, great gameplay, and the best online experience you've ever had.


Still here? I ask you read my pledge, and Join up and follow me (Killcrit) and friends to the cure. While, we don't expect anything from our friends but their time and fun in game, we game 4 charity and run a gaming community of those who love and support the idea. Members choose who we support, and if we raise anything for them, then great! If not, game on... Seriously though, we game pretty hard, and looking forward to being a big part of the Crowfall Epidemic.

Play Type:  PvP & PvE Focused, I prepare our troops for land control!
Dedicated Crafters / Gathers: Very Welcome. I AM ONE WHO LOVES MEANINGFUL GRIND
Website: http://4charitygaming.com
(sorry nothing here atm, seeking new host, just left that lame guild launch site service)
Recruiting Status: Yes, we are recruiting players and leadership.
Timezone: US, CA, EU (in that order)

Recruit Requirements:

  • Age 15+
  • Team Minded Players Need Only Apply
  • TS3 for Voice Communications (mandatory)
    Sorry, broken mics, and a;l that other drama not acceptable. War / Spies / Sabotage, ya dig.

Leadership Roles Available
Seeking Male or Female, we are not gender bias, seeking community (internal guild stuff) leadership, as well as strategic leadership (game related stuff) roles to keep the troops focused, and work towards a plan of maintaining a decent size and disciplined army, strong game plan. Also seeking leadership roles for allegience / diplomatic relations.


ts67.teamspeak3.com:4565 <---- bookmark this, not much going on atm :D

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Welcome to the fun.  Can always appreciate gaming for charities.  Had a bud who did a whole 24 hour DDR session to raise money for a charity once... was pretty cool of him.


Chapter Leader


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Thank you, we have been streaming on Twitch for over a year now, but streaming is hard without a good game, something we hope Crowfall can fix.... I like the strategy implementation attempt of the game, as it makes players active to win, something not many players do in video games today.

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I have secured $300 of the $800 needed for the 2015 Large Castle, if you are interested in ruling some lands, please hit me up.... 


killcrit.tv@ the gmail thing



I am starting to gear up more for some not PUG based beta testing, if you are in testing and looking to further your skills as a soldier, hop on my TS during USA test times and stop letting the other united forces kick your butt :D

If interested, I will be teaching teamwork, communication, and strategy to those who wish to roam the lands and become a land baron.

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