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Old links to news articles broken

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News articles used to be addressed in this format:




Now they are addressed in this format:




This means that all old links from forum posts or external websites to Crowfall news updates are broken - not because of any substantive change but just because you had to fiddle with the link syntax. See http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/8710-founders-update-great-stuff-is-happening-official-discussion-thread/ for example.


This significantly impacts any new players who are trying to come up to speed on the game by reviewing old information.


I can understand the utility of having different directories for different languages, but there's no particular reason that the English directory had to be renamed "en" instead of leaving it as the default "#".


Please either revert the English directory to use the original link structure ("#"), or alternatively, create website logic so that any old links to "#" will redirect to "en", so that all the existing links on the internet to your news content will return to working order.

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Thanks Jihan. Good catch. I'll make fix it so the old links continue to work, even though the new links are the preferred format for new posts. Not sure it it will make it into the next web site publish but I'll try.

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