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Recollections of a Crow


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After the reveal of Maeve I pondered who I should choose as my deity (there is no contest Maeve is the best). That pondering ended up leading to this story being born. I hope you guys like it and there isn't many grammatical errors.


Recollections of a Crow


   The seasons have changed once again, the light now fading from the ever desolate lands. The snow and ice gnaw at my skin, stealing from me what little warmth I have left. How long have I lived? How many forms have I taken? How many visages have I stole from the twisted corpses of the dead? For I do not know. All that I know now is the pain of death, war, and hunger. Yet, my suffering I do in service of her, my queen.  The day that I gazed upon her face is still fresh within my mind, it burns within my heart.


   I was once a boy, a cheerful yet shy thing, working aboard passenger vessels, cleaning the decks and working the rigging. It was laborious work , yet the nights made it worth it. When the air was cool and crisp and the light of the lanterns danced around the deck. The sailors would drink and sing about far off lands and legendary battles. With ale in my belly and tales in my heart, I wished for the thrum of battle and the thrill of adventures. Yet, soon this would be known to me, this and the terror that it brings.

  It was just another night, the men aboard sung of a fair maiden whose name I cannot recall. Yet, in the distance a light began to blossom, it peered from the darkness like the watchful eye of cat. Soon, as the curiosity started to build the music began to fade from the air. alas, it was too late. The mercenary ship was upon us. Fire tore through the sky, painting the night with brilliant colors of orange, gold, and red. This was accompanied by the rancid smell of burning flesh and hair, and the sound of splintering wood.


  Fear struck my heart, however, I stood my ground. Wrenching a spear from a dead man, I fought for my life. Spilling as much blood as I could before they cut me down, and threw me into the depths of the ocean.


  The cold and salt agonized my dying body, but it did not matter for the world and the  screams of battle seemed so very distant. Jut as my mind almost faded to blackness, the rumbling of thunder began. It was as if drums were sounding, heralding the start of battle, and to its beat the ocean began to swell. That is when I first saw her.


  She rose from the depths, the fury of battle contorting her face. Her wrath was like no other. The boats of friend and foe were crushed beneath her and many were drowned amongst the depths. None, could stand against her, for it was the goddess Maeve, in the flesh, who had come to conquer. The sound of battle drawing her from the depths of her domain.


  In the moment I pledged my life, my very existence, to her, and she answered. Speaking, she said these words, "You are now mine, my weapon. Just as the waves break upon the shore, so too shall you break upon this world carrying my vengeance and mercy to all. For I am your queen."


  Those words are still in my heart, even now. They speak to me, calling me away from this vessel, litening my spirit. For now it is time to take flight, to soar over these dying lands and leave this world. Yet, I am not done nor shall I ever be done, for there is many battles ahead and many lives to live. Until all has died and time itself has ended I will be bound to my goddess, in service of her will.


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