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General consensus on Vessels

Do you like the Vessels system?  

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  1. 1. Do you like the Vessels system?

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I am not sure yet but:


Will allow us to try all the archetypes without being locked in. I hated trying to lvl max multiple alts in standard mmos.


Will not be cool if we have to recustomize everytime we die. Also do we pick up gender based corpses? This would seem like a time crunch to do so for customization.


Cost of corpses could also influence me on this thus may choose to craft them. Gold grinding is not my forte.


I guess we will see but finally I will miss the opportunity to try some espionage if our names are account locked but will not matter if guilds are account locked and are as important as I am expecting them to be.


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Not sure: Was never really a fan on playing alts, I'd normally play one character right through to end game, making your 'character' as a mere tool with differing qualities and rarity dictates the worth of the character you're inhabiting by default, it'll just be another min-max meta game except the worth of the character won't be defined by what you've achieved, but by what you're wearing, figuratively.

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