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Chronicles of Elyria

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I don't disagree with anyone's well-founded skepticism.  We have all seen numerous great ideas vanish into vapor.  For the founder's sake, I hope they succeed, since I believe this is a sincere labor

True, they surely made some sacrifices and took a large risk. Even the Kickstarter is a risky endeavor; the promises have to be fulfilled and the rewards delivered. I think Caspian and his wife are re

900k! CoE reached it goal, stretch goals incoming.. After only 11 ~ 12 days on kickstarter CoE have reached it goal.   20 days remain! Get your pledges in folks! Cheers.

On 3/20/2017 at 6:07 PM, VIKINGNAIL said:

The combat they pitched vs the combat they actually have is not good :(

That's true although I do hope they iron down the combat. :(

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Yeah I was not super impressed (or super discouraged) by the combat scene in the Parkour Demo at pax east, but they said it wasn't meant to demonstrate combat so much and that they were currently iterating on it. Holding judgment until we get something more substantial on combat again.

Meanwhile -- Tribes and biomes got announced:


aka honeybear

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Server selection went out for Counts, Dukes and Kings. Its expected land selection to follow in the next month or so.


Caspian (head dev) leaked some early descriptions of the tribes to us recently and SBS has been posting more thorough deep dives on each tribe slowly, but not all of those are done.


In the mean time, this was very informative regarding the 12 known tribes

aka honeybear

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Launch date 2030 - nothing to see here. 


In all honesty, i hope this game comes sooner than later, but from what iv seen the team running CoE appear to be very disorganized and lack transparency. I suspect SC will launch before CoE. 

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Updated launch date. timeline, schedule, feature list and increase in transparency, as requested


Its a long post so i'll help with their new estimated timeline:

  1. V3 of the Website (Q3 2017)
  2. ElyriaMUD (Q4 2017)
  3. Alpha 1 (T1 2018)
  4. Server Selection (T1 2018)
  5. Settlement / Domain Selection (T2 2018)
  6. KoE (T2 2018)
  7. Design Experiences (T3 2018)
  8. Alpha 2 (T3 2018)
  9. Beta 1 (S1 2019)
  10. Prologue & CoE Adventure Toolkit (S1 2019)
  11. Exposition (S1 2019)
  12. Beta 2 (S1/S2 2019)
  13. Stress Test (Any paid account)(S2 2019)
  14. Launch (S2 2019)
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aka honeybear

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This game had a lot of great ideas but I never invented anything in it because it looked to be a lot of promises and not much evidence they could deliver on it all. I suppose I was right to be wary.

It stinks because me and a bunch of my friends got free copies during The Searing Plague, and I was really looking forward to giving it a try, but it was always my third most anticipated MMO behind SC and CF.

The funny part is all the kickstarter haters claim this is how every kickstarter MMO will end. This will only feed that delusion. 

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On 4/5/2020 at 5:55 AM, mystafyi said:

UPDATE 4/4/20 Game closed before launching. 

What a scam project and that is why it`s hard to get a good mmo going, because too few companies just dont care.

Blizzard dont care, they just reskin an old boring 2004 version and name it Classic Andy to milk the few wow dudes who forgot that we live in 2020 now concerning graphic and how gaming industry have evolved. 

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